How Kate Hudson Overshadows Other Celebrity Based Clothing Companies with Fabletics

Athletic clothing is an industry that produces billions of dollars each year. This is no shortage in sales for clothes in this industry, and many experts predict that there will be a surge in the growth. This all stems from the way that celebrities like Beyoncé and Kate Hudson have been able to make athletic clothing look so alluring.

Working out is something that has become trendy. Celebrities can put their stamp of approval on just about anything and people will come running. This is how Fabletics has become the company that has moved up the chain in the business world with such a great amount of success so early. Kate Hudson is someone that a lot of people recognize. She has appeared in movies for over two decades. This gives her the ability to span generations and attract everyone from the baby boomers to the millennials. That is good for her because she is the co-founder, front line face of the brand and a designer. Kate Hudson even models the brand so she has used her celebrity status that earn profits for this brand. The marketing technique works very well for her.

The reason that this may work better for Kate Hudson than it does for Beyoncé has to do with the level of commitment. Kate Hudson, an actress, has had time to put her movie career to the side and focus on her life as a business woman. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, and she has actually won an entrepreneur of the year award for her hard work. With Beyoncé, a singer that is on tour, the Ivy Park brand that she launched has to take a backseat to her career. She doesn’t have as much time to promote it.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Made Headlines For Its Ad Campaign With a Bleeped Word

This is just the surface of the differences. The reality is that Beyoncé is placing her brand in stores like Nordstrom and depending on the department stores to place advertisements for this brand. Kate Hudson, by contrast, has built a brand that stand alone and competes with other department stores. She is opening 100 locations for Fabletics. This gives her the competitive advantage over Beyoncé because the Ivy Park brand has a middle man.

There is also the way that the product is marketed. Beyoncé comes from the angle of working out and being disciplined. She narrates a commercial and brings about a serious tone. She has managed to provide insight on her life as an artist and how working out has played a part in that. Kate Hudson, by contrast, has simply chosen the comedy route for her commercials. Both of these celebrities play upon their strengths in concerns to the fields of entertainment that they are known for. What Hudson has done in overshadowing others that promote athleisure is provide customers with subscription services. This is automatic reoccurring revenue for Fabletics. That is the puzzle piece that is missing from lots of other companies that sell athletic clothing. That is where bountiful profits exist.

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Quality Personal Care Products Can Be Found At Evolution Of Smooth

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk and focus on the aspect of health and using products that are all natural, as everyone wants to be healthy so they can look better for longer. This is largely why there is such a big market for personal care items on all areas of the body, such as foot creams and powders, sunscreens, lip balms, moisturizers, face toners, and much more.

An often overlooked aspect of a persons health is the lips. Some people may not have any issues with dry or chapped lips, but there are many out there who deal with it regularly, especially those who travel and are in cold weather. This is why lip balms have managed to become so popular today, as they are the perfect on go tool to heal the lips and keep them feeling and looking healthy.

There are many different choices when it comes to lip balms, but its a good idea for anyone to do a little research before just buying a product, as there are many out there that are low quality and don’t offer much. One of the more popular and effective brands out there is EOS lip balms, which come in different varieties of smooth sphere applicators.

EOS lip balm not only come in unique and fun applicator spheres, but they also have a large variety of flavors to pick from, for the varying tastes of their consumers. Some of their flavors include Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, Sweet Mint, Blueberry Acai, Honeydew Honeysuckle, and many more. All of there lip balms, both fruity and minty, contain a high amount of antioxidants and nourishing benefits to maintain lip health. There is no difficulty in getting the flavor someone wants or even finding these lip balms, as they are sold at major retailers like Lucky Vitamin all over the world.

For more info, visit the brand’s Facebook page and website at

Adam Milstein and His New Title

There are many people who would love to receive the title from the Jerusalem Post as being one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people around the world. The problem that’s so many people have is that they simply have not given back to the community enough to receive this particular title. Fortunately, Adam Milstein has received the title from the Jerusalem Post as being one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people around the world and this has come as no surprise to the people who know him and know what type of work he has done for this amazing Community around the world.

There are many reasons for why he has received this title and one of the main reasons is because of the Family Foundation that Adam Milstein has set up with his wife. This Family Foundation is specific to the people of Israel and truly give back to the Jewish Community because of the fact that it has worked with a variety of different individuals in this area. This is why Adam Milstein has received this amazing title and the fact that he also works on the variety of different projects when it comes to his philanthropy and activism within the Jewish community.

Lots of people are interested in learning more about Adam Milstein because of his recent title that was received by the Jerusalem Post. In order for you to learn more about this amazing individual, you can visit his social media accounts and even go to his family Foundation website so that you can learn as much as possible about this person.

You will find that Adam Milstein has truly been an activist within the Jewish community and takes it upon himself to give back to those who really need it as well as provide a safe haven for individuals in the Israeli area who might need it at this current moment in time. This is specifically why he has received this amazing title and is truly living up to it each and every day with his work as an activist for Jewish people all over the world.


Tips for Being Succesful with Josh Verne

People have done different things to survive. However, one thing has remained clear as day, the people that make their passion their career end up excelling more than the others. It’s also good to note that not all people with a passion have succeeded in life. There are other factors that come to play for an individual to succeed in life. Josh Verne had a lot to say about what an individual should do to succeed in this life. But you might be wondering who Josh Verne is such that he is in a position to be giving advice on how to be successful.


Josh Verne is known as a serial entrepreneur who specializes in starting businesses and later selling them. He has over 20 years of experience in commerce and the internet. He has been involved with some successful businesses, but the most common ones are where he was the founder and the Chief Executive Officer. His other successful venture was the where held the same position as in


Other than that, he has served as the president of Home Line Furniture for 16 years. His favorite book is Made in America written by Sam Walton. Here is an insight on how to be successful in this life by Josh Verne. He acknowledges that one should always act as a leader rather than a boss. According to Josh, the difference in these two personalities is that; for a leader, he puts the interests of the team above his own. On the other hand, a boss puts his interest ahead of the teams’ interests. A boss will often demand respect and threaten if need be. On the contrary, a leader respects the team, and the team respects him in return.


Josh Verne also acknowledged that people who have made it in life have perfected the skill of making everything a win-win situation. This is where a dealer will take care of his clients, his employees as well as his needs. At the end of the day, everyone involved in the deal gets to benefit. Also, to be successful, you ought to master the skill of listening more and talking less. Josh jokes that this is the reason why we have two ears and one mouth. There are other things that Josh talked about to ensure that you become successful. For instance, there is the need to find a balance in your life. Always ensure that you have a healthy life regarding relationships, health and even monetary wise.

How EOS Conquered The Lip Balm Industry

Just under ten years ago, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky set out to revolutionize a product that had been playing it safe for the past 100 years or so: lip balm. Now their company (minus Dubitsky, who left the company before its product’s launch) is worth $250 million, and shows no signs of slowing down.


By simply switching up the packaging, EOS lip balm sets itself apart remarkably from its most popular competitors, namely Chapstick and Blistex. The trio had noticed that every lip balm container was nearly identical in its small, cylindrical shape.

Seeing this as an opportunity for great innovation, they created EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth. What sets their lip balm apart from the competition? For one, its sphere-shaped container, which comes in a small range of pastel colors, and is now an iconic image synonymous with celebrity beauty culture.

According to Teller, the lip balm industry was becoming “lazy,” and each manufacturer’s products “indistinguishable.” Seeing this as an opportunity for innovation, EOS created a fresh and radical branding approach for lip balm, focusing more on the female demographic and creating a package that stood out drastically in beauty aisles.

In addition to clever and eye-catching packaging, the company decided to use organic ingredients exclusively, while keeping its price competitive with Chapstick and the like at $3 on eBay.

Following its launch, in almost no time, beauty editors at popular magazines like Cosmo and Allure were raving about EOS lip balm. Soon enough, high-profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were seen using the product, solidifying EOS’ impact on the beauty industry.

Now the second best-selling lip balm in the United States (after Burt’s Bees), EOS is selling 1 million units weekly. The future only looks more promising, as the lip balm industry is expected to increase steadily over the next 5 years. Visit / for more information.



Concealing Under Eye Circles


Makeup is all about self expression. How you wear it shows off who you are and how you feel about yourself. Some people use a little to play up their features while others go all out with a big and bold look. Makeup can also be used to hide imperfections on the face.


A newer trend that is emerging is using red lipstick to hide under eye circles. The red is applied to tone down the blue tones of the circles and concealer and foundation are then used to complete the look.


The first thing you need to do is apply your foundation all over your face as you normally would. Next is to apply your red lipstick under your eye and on the surrounding eye area. Using an eye shadow brush works well for this step. Keep applying the lipstick until the blue discoloration can no longer be seen. This may take a few layers to achieve. Once the lip stick is applied, you will need concealer. Using a blending bud or a sponge, apply concealer on top of the red layer. Cover the red entirely. Once the red is covered, finish off the face with powder that matches your skin tone. Your under eyes are now set and you can continue on with the rest of your makeup routine.

Red may be a bright color but for some people, this color is not bright enough. This is true for Doe Deere, the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 when Doe was unable to find makeup colors bright enough to match the clothes she was making, and as the official Lime Crime blog indicates, she’s done well in that respect. This prompted her to create her own line with bright, bold colors in all finishes. From there, she kept expanding and changing the look of makeup. All products sold on Urban Outfitters have always been cruelty-free and in 2012, all products were reformulated so that they all met vegan guidelines.


Makeup does not need to be simple and muted. Play around with different colors and tones and see what you come up with! You may be surprised!

Check out Celia Leslie’s tutorial if you want to really see Lime Crime in play visually.  She has some great ideas on how these colors can be worn, and what you can do to look your best.  Find her Lime Crime video on YouTube here:

Andy Wirth Lands Prestigious Placement on Reno Airport Authority Board

The Reno Airport Authority Board recently received an honored new addition to their committee with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth being inducted to the board. Wirth, who has worked in the region for many years, is joined alongside by Jenifer Rose, Jessica Sferrazza, and Lisa Gianoli. All four individuals have businesses in the area and a reason to want to see the area thrive. Wirth’s appointment should be particularly inviting as he brings with him a host of experience in the particular field.

Andy Wirth was excited to get added on to the board and he spoke highly of the others joining him by saying, “New people will bring new ideas that can help take our airport to a higher level.” Wirth went on to applaud the move and espouse his own dedication to the job, “We are adding very experienced and talented people who are dedicated to enhancing travel to and from our region.” Wirth brings with him not only skills as a business owner for the world renown Squaw Valley Ski but he also has extensive history working with various airlines in order to develop resorts in Utah, Canada, and Colorado.

For Andy Wirth and the rest of Squaw Valley Ski this can only be described as a move that will benefit all parties involved. Wirth stated, “Enhancing air service is vital to the ski industry, gaming and business community.” There has been rumbling of late about the recent traffic problems over the past year or so, so getting the airport as enhanced and thrumming as possible should be seen as a victory.

Andy Wirth has been more than just a businessman over the past decade or so. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski he has been the face of one of the most prolific ski resorts in all of North America. Outside of work Wirth is known for his love of taking risks in terms of extreme sports, including skydiving. A few years ago Wirth survived a near fatal skydiving incident, keeping cool long enough for help to arrive. But that’s a whole other story for a whole other day.

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How EOS knocked Chapstick off its throne

A little over 7 years ago, an unknown sphere of lip balm began appearing on drugstore shelves. Now, just under a decade later, EOS lip balms are everywhere, from impulse racks to magazine covers. How did they do it?

EOS lip balm recognized early on that women were the main consumers of traditional lip balms, but those lip balms had not changed with the times to meet the needs of the female customer. That customer group liked the trend of individual pots of lip balm, but was searching for a more hygienic way to apply the product. EOS emerged to fill this niche.

The product is designed to engage all five sense, from the pleasant feel of the container in the consumer’s hand, to the appealing smell and taste. Even the satisfying clicking sound of the visually appealing container engages the senses.

The key to breaking through in the market was getting the product in the stores (, which was a challenge as buyers didn’t see the need for another lip balm on their shelves. They were satisfied with traditional stalwarts of Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. The strategy to overcome this resistance for EOS was to create buzz with millennial women, aged 25 to 35. This was done through a brilliant Facebook marketing campaign, including beauty bloggers, influential celebrity endorsements, and using varied social media platforms like YouTube.



Town Residential offers luxury real estate services

Town residential, as its name suggests, is a real estate brokerage firm found in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, he is the chief executive and co-chairman of the company. Town Residential has highly specialized in real estate development in Manhattan.


The brokerage and real estate firm has been on a forward trend of growth. It recently opened an office in the Meatpacking district. It marks the 10th Manhattan outpost since the enterprise was established three years ago. The opening of the new office speaks of nothing but success and progressive development. The office itself brings a new and easy access to the executive real estate to the residential neighborhoods.


Andrew has previously stated how the space he has developed is a few steps away from a story-high park. The whole Town residential real estate firm resides along the High Line. Andrew Heiberger established the apartments here for a comfortable working for clients and brokers. The company itself has several buildings in different areas and has leased floors of other buildings. Take for instance that the company has leased the second floor of 446W in large square space. The space is large and features 16-foot ceilings and access to private roof deck at the top of the three-story building. The new spaces have been meant to appeal to brokers highly


In five short years after its establishment, TOWN Residential has grown to gain a position as one of New York’s famous and luxury real estate services. The luxury real estate firm has offered a seamless execution and exhilarating foundation. Putting luxury aside, the company provides world-class customer service mainly due to its representatives.

At the central part of the business is a team of professionals that possess unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience. Owing to the unique culture with Town Residential and its other outlet Real estate community, it has received a wide acclaim. It recently ranked as one of the top 50 places to work in New York City. The appraisal is mainly due to unmatched levels of expertise and services it offers to their clients.

Andrew Heiberger is the founder of Town Residential firm. He is also the CEO and founder of other real estate companies such as Buttonwood Development, a real estate company based in Manhattan. Mr. Heiberger previously served as the chief executive officer of Citi Habitats, a residential brokerage firm in Manhattan which was founded in 1994. He is also the founder of Citi Habitats; this is a brokerage firm that deals with rentals. He later sold this company to NRT.

Heiberger came back to the brokerage business in 2010. He established Town Residential real estate firm at this time. Within this period, the company ranked in The Real Deal’s list as one of the top 10 largest brokerage and residential firms in Manhattan. As of September 2016, Town Residential has opened up to more than 7 locations in Manhattan. The company boasts as one of the best places to work. TOWN residential today continues to grow and expand to other locations.




New, optimized offices for star entrepreneur Marc Sparks

Entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Marc Sparks has, for the first time in ten years, changed the location of his highly successful firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. The reason behind the drastic switch is that Sparks, an expert in business-building, wished to optimize his work space for collaboration and make it more start-up friendly.

Timber Creek Capital, LP is a company which helps people turn their ideas into business. It provides countless services to those who venture to build their own firms; from legal assistance and finding start-up capital, to web development, design, and everything in between. Most of all, it boasts of 35 years of experience in the field of navigating businesses from start to finish.

The founder, owner and CEO of the company, Marc Sparks, has dedicated his life to this cause – and not only within his company. In his book “They Can’t Eat You,” Mark lists “Fifty Sparks” which can help a budding businessman turn his ideas into reality. But before that, he also shares his personal story. One of building a successful life from scratch, without having gone to university or been exceptional at school.

He speaks of having learned many things through years of hardship which is often accompanied to entrepreneurship. “My passion is to help entrepreneurs build their dream and companies to critical mass through my experience,” he said.

He truly believes in helping people help themselves, and does so in other ways as well. His philanthropic work includes working with Habitat for Humanity, as well as the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter which helps hundreds of people a day. He also has his own non-profit company called “Sparkey’s Kids,” which donated a thousand laptops to children at risk.

A man who clearly understands business, the new office design must be truly carefully thought out. He claims that a well thought out work environment is no less than 25% of what is needed to succeed.

“For example,” he says. “Would you thrive better or be more inspired with your office in a warehouse, where the windows were blacked out due to the sketchy, but up and coming, neighborhood, or on the first floor of a retail space on 5th Avenue, NY, with lots of windows and successful people walking by?”

He goes on to say that the point is to “remember not to cut corners on where you and your team spend most of their waking time,” and that it can be what determines whether you succeed or fail.

He wants companies to find their “flow” and practice qualities like faith, passion, tenacity and focus, as well as an outrageous sense of urgency, or, as his team calls it, “the Spark speed”.

Danilo Diaz Granados Brings The Luxury Lifestyle To Miami Event

The luxury lifestyle is something the majority of us are constantly searching for, but a lucky group of men recently got to undertake a taste of this lifestyle courtesy of Danilo Diaz Granados and his Toys For Boys brand. Granados had hand picked a group of men from Miami, Florida who he felt would appreciate the fun and exhilarating experience, which included the chance to enjoy a racing car experience at the Palm Beach Race Track and a sunset cruise to end the day.

Danilo Diaz Granados has been providing a range of services for the people of Miami, Florida, and in particular the Latino community of the state; as an investment specialist for FCP Investments, the Babson College graduate has been providing investment options across new technologies and alternative investments that can be of great importance to those he also serves with Toys For Boys.

The Toys For Boys event is just the latest organized for the company that has become one of the must visit stores for those in Miami’s Latin community who have felt under served by the existing luxury lifestyle brands in the area. Launched solely for men in the Latin community, Toys For Boys has been created by Danilo Diaz Granados as a provider of gadgets, clothing, and luxury autos that can be explored by clients who want to get the help of the experts at Toys For Boys.

The latest event organized by the company of Danilo Diaz Granados began at the impressive One Thousand Museum with a breakfast to prepare the group for their impressive day to come. Granados then organized helicopter rides for the men to the Palm Beach Race Track where the day continued with the excitement of a racing experience; finally, the day ended with a return to Miami and the River Yacht Club for a champagne sunset cruise to end a day of luxury that will live long in the memory of all those involved.  Read more about this famous man, and his quest for boutique glory, on the official Danilo CrunchBase profile.

Wen By Chaz Dean Is Still Piling Up Good Reviews

Since Chaz Dean ( released his Wen hair care line, the product has earned a big number of positive reviews from happy customers. The special formula that makes up Wen cleansing conditioners has wonderful effects on all kinds of hair. Bustle writer and hair stylist Emily McClure tested out the product herself to see if all the goods things she has heard are actually true. She set out to try the product for a week, and then detail her experience to her readers with a review.
Her article can be found on Bustle, which goes over her full experience using the Wen hair product. In the articles she also adds before and after photos of her hair, which shows off her results using the product. She also noted how convenient it is being able to use Wen along with other styling products in the hair. Despite her original skepticism of the product based on past experiences and broken promises, Emily was extremely happy to see the beautiful shine and increased volume that Wen brought her. Even better was she saw results before the full week was up and she didn’t need to use as much as was directed to get them. Although, she only did so because she was nervous about using so much on her fine and thin hair.

The 5 in 1 formula used to create Wen took a lot of trial and error from Chaz Dean and his team. He wanted to make a product that could produce quality results without needing to leave home or spend a lot of money. Also, Wen’s special formula means it can take the place of detanglers as well as shampoos and conditioners. To make sure the product is safe and friendly to use with other products, Wen cleansing conditioners are made up of all natural ingredients, and contain no sulfates or other chemicals. Wen hair care products are available on both Sephora and eBay online. Check out the website:



The Contribution of Mike Baur in the Business Incubation Sector

The world famous Start Up Factory in Switzerland is an renowned business accelerator organization that offers mentor-ship to a wide range of upcoming entrepreneurs. The organization supports and motivates these entrepreneurs by offering several mentor-ship programs in a vast array of choices. Switzerland Business Startup Factory believes that these would-be business tycoons can achieve their dreams. Ultimately, these business entrepreneurs require the right platform to see them through the tricky journey that has lots of challenges. The first step toward achieving this milestone is to change their mindset so that they can see these challenges as stepping stones toward success. This company has the belief as well as the passion to help such budding entrepreneurs to venture in the businesses of their choices and excel without question.


At the helm of this triumphant journey is Mike Baur, a man who has created a good reputation for himself through his exceptional business and entrepreneurial prowess. Today, Mike Baur is one of the best managing partners as well as the co-founder of one of the most successful Startup Factories in Switzerland. However, Baur did not start his career at the Switzerland Startup Factory. Baur is an accomplished banker who not only devoted over two decades of his life eking a living in the financial sector. Ultimately, Bauer made a huge contribution in this sector by serving in reputable banks including Clariden Leu and UBS. In addition, he served as an executive member of the board in some of the largest Private Banks in Switzerland.


 Mike Baur‘s entrepreneurial journey began at a very tender age. From the onset, Baur he began to show interest in finance and later, found his niche in banking. He worked hard during the formative years and no one would have predicted that at the age of 39, he would create the Business incubation center with the help of like-minded partners. After several years, this organization became the largest start up center in Switzerland. This organization has had tremendous impact across Switzerland. Currently, Baur invests plenty of time motivating and teaching the future breed of business moguls who have the undying passion and desire to pursue the tricky road of entrepreneurship. Through his organization, Baur supports many startups by calling for original ideas that will take this industry to the next level. The good thing is, his credentials show that he is the right man for the job since he holds an MBA from the renowned University of Berne. Today, he works as a Co-Director of the Switzerland Business Startup Association.


Why You Should Advertise: Nizan Guanaes

If you want to be successful in business, you need to advertise effectively. Of course, you need to know how to choose a good advertising medium or an advertising agency that can help you get the result you are seeking.

No matter what kind of product or service you offer, or what kind of business you operate, you should be using advertising to reach out to your target audience. Advertising serves to attract new customers to your business while keeping you in the mind of current customers and clients. Some prospective customers or clients may need or want what you are offering but are not aware that it is available through your company. Some prospects would purchase from your business if they were aware of what you had to offer. But, if you fail to advertise, then you are not going to do business with these potential customers.

There are numerous advertising agencies to choose from, and each company will produce different results for different clients. Often, you have a better experience and achieve a better result by using an agency that has a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Also, keep in mind, hiring advertising agency is not just for big businesses, organizations or corporations.

Advertising agencies also provide services to small businesses that have products or services to offer or want to reach out to the public.

Nizan Guanaes is Co-Founder and Partner of ABC Group, a prominent communications holding company in Brazil. As a businessman and advertising executive, Nizan has catered to numerous businesses across the entire Latin America. The company he co-founded focuses on advertising and marketing promotions for clients, including corporations, multinational comapnies and institutional clients.

Nizan Guanaes is actively involved in many social causes and humanitarian organizations, particularly in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and the preservation of Brazil’s cultural heritage. Mr Guanaes has received many awards for his contributions to our society and has world wide recognition as a reputable entrepreneur.

Martin Lustgarten’s Brilliant Life As an Investment Banker

Investment banking is at the top of the global financial system with billions of dollars under different portfolios. Several key figures have proactively participated in this industry to make it what it is today. One of them is Martin Lustgarten.

Martin Lustgarten has been making fortunes as an investment banker. He is the Chief Executive Officer at Lustgarten Martin, a multi-million dollar investment company headquartered in Miami, FL. Martin began his investment journey at a young age and has worked his way through to the top of the list of most recognized investment managers. He started by doing sales and imports from Singapore, France and his home country Venezuela. At one point, he earned a lot of money at a time when Venezuela was facing a dollar crisis.

He is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela. His dual citizenship has enabled him to carry out his trade smoothly between the two countries. He has made multi-million deals with high profile banks in Florida and the whole of United States. He is also in association with big companies such as s Shell Capital. He uses his company as a platform for exercising his financial skills. He is involved in a wide range of investments including real estate development in Miami. Many people in investment banking view him as a smart, passionate and creative individual who inputs all his efforts to achieve what he desires. His influence is widely felt among young entrepreneurs who are yet to find their feet in the market. He is a role model to them.

Besides business, Martin is a social person who takes his free time to interact with people through online platforms. He has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts where he constantly shares his ideas and fun moments with the rest of the world. He also has a website where he interacts with people in a more professional capacity. The 51-year old is also a family man and always dedicates his free time to spend with his family. People like him are important in the modern economy because he has the passion and skills to make a difference as an investment banker.

The Latest Projects in New York Real Estate

In the Big Apple, big deals are always happening in the real estate market. Whether it’s the selling or leasing of new, prime rental property, the building of a new high rise, or new zoning laws, New York is a leader and trend-setter in real estate deals and developments.

The top deals in New York real estate
Through an east midtown rezoning effort, Manhattan’s historic district may soon see larger and taller towers. The complex proposal was finally put into motion by the Department of City Planning after a comprehensive two-year study. The new rezoning is key to development in the 57-block district where buildings are an average 50 years old.

Due to a lawsuit, the SL Green Giant near Grand Central Terminal has only one tenant, but since the lawsuit has recently been resolved, more leases should be signed. Another deal along 28 Liberty St. and 550 Madison Ave will offer first-class renovated space for the midtown and downtown markets. However, they will have to compete with brand new office space becoming available in other areas of Manhattan.

A 200-million-dollar sculpture called the “Marseillaise” is planned to be the centerpiece of a vast public plaza at the Hudson Yards. Neiman Marcus along with a selection of upscale restaurants are to be included as tenants.

Luxury NYC apartments for rent
Living in an upscale apartment New York City is the pinnacle of achievement. It’s a lifestyle that sets the daring apart from the average person. When it’s time to make the move upscale and stylish living, Town Residential offers some of the finest NYC apartments for rent in the city of New York.

Town Residential has become a leader in New York real estate services in just five short years. With over 12,000 listings and a staff that excel at leasing, sales, and real estate marketing, Town Residential has set a new standard of excellence in the New York real estate industry. Specializing in luxury rentals, Town Residential offers the first, best choice for high-class New York living.

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Breaking Barriers For Women

Since the early 1960’s, women have increasingly become a more valuable part of the workforce. However, they have still had to fight for top positions in the executive and medical world.

Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon that is based out of the Austin area, is one of the several women in the country redefining the standards of professional success for women in the medical field.

From Waitlist To Top Of Her Class

She was raised in Austin, Texas, and went on to graduate from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree. Walden would later apply to medical school, only to be put on the waiting list.

She got in, however, and went on to graduate as Salutatorian of her class. Once she decided she wanted to focus on Plastic Surgery, she applied and got accepted into the prestigious plastic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

Success In Business And Medicine

In 2004 she founded her practice with the help of associate Sherrell Aston, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, in fast-paced Manhattan, New York.

Walden would continue to grow her business until 2011, when she decided that she wanted to return home to Austin, Texas. With the help of her family, she started another practice in her hometown that allows her to treat patients in her building and also in local hospitals and operating rooms.

Starting A Family And Inspiring The Next Generation

In 2010 Walden decided that she wanted to have children, but without a man in her life, she opted for in-vitro fertilization. She now has two young boys that she takes care of with the help of her family and nannies.

They were her primary motivation for moving back to Texas because she wanted them to be in the same nurturing familial environment that she had when growing up.

Walden continues to be heavily involved with the medical community, often giving advice to female pre-med students that have been inspired by her work ethic and drive. She has been named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and is a member of the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:


Adam Goldenberg Says JustFab Is Not Considering Flash Sales

Adam Goldenberg is a well-known entrepreneur who started his career with an online bulletin board service. After two years of operations, he was able to turn the company into a gaming website which he referred to as Gamer’s Alliance. The company was later purchased by the Intermix founder and President Brett Brewer when Adam was just 17 years old. Brewer then hired Goldenberg and promoted him to the position of chief operational officer of Intermix at the age of 19.

When Intermix acquired, a fitness start-up that was founded by Don Ressler, both Ressler and Goldenberg proved to be innovative and brilliant, and they teamed up to found Alena Media, a performance advertising company. Alena Media is what later led the two to establish Intelligent Beauty with the aim of creating a brand building enterprise which they could execute autonomously. Mr. Goldenberg was previously the vice president of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media and the director of Club W, Inc. he has vast experience in product development, internet marketing, and management.

Today, Goldenberg is the co-CEO of both JustFab and Intelligent Beauty, Inc. During a recent interview with Bambi Francisco, the founder and CEO of Vator. He talked about the future of JustFab and how it has managed to achieve the success so far. Founded in 2011, it only took three years for the company to raise $85 million in August of 2014 from Passport Special Opportunity Fund and other investors such as Matrix Partners and Shining Capital.

The new injection of capital brought JustFab’s total funding to about $300 million and a valuation of $1 billion. However, Adam Goldenberg told Francisco that it is not the time to celebrate the achievement of JustFab. It is time to make our customers happy for the brand and continue improving what the brand has. Goldenberg has said that JustFab has no intention to start a flash sale program. According to him, flash sales have been around for the last five years, and the challenge for a start-up is not to follow every shiny ball.

JustFab is not considering flash sales because that would mean competing with big brands such as Amazon. JustFab wants to build its brand without changing the current business model just because the company is now a unicorn. Intelligent Beauty almost generated $500 million in revenue in 2016 on It is normal for employees to leave tech businesses and start something new. However, Goldenberg and Ressler represent a shining example to many startups. Source:

What You Need To Know About Kevin Seawright

The long road home for the disenfranchised community in Baltimore is not paved with pretty stories. Baltimore is in trouble and Kevin Seawright is fighting and winning to help his city.

There really is only one way out. Somebody has to do what has to be done.

No amount of ‘outside’ help or influence can deliver Baltimore from it’s current situation in crisis. We can talk about how it got that way, but first we need to fix it. It has to stop now.

Empty buildings and idle hands are simple things to fix. Let people live and work productive lives for the common good. Right here is where most humans are confounded by ‘the system’.

To negotiate the morass that keeps idle hands bound is not an easy thing. To overcome this real yet completely man made disaster takes experience, commitment, vision and focus. A leader like Kevin Seawright is required.

Larry Young himself and WOLB 1010 are both Baltimore Institutions. Neither is where they are because they waste the necessary wanting for the ideal. Larry isn’t perfect but his journey showed us a bigger danger to all of us. A system that was beyond just broken.

Larry had Kevin on his show on July 27 2016 to discuss the way forward for Baltimore. More autonomy so the people who built and care for the city can do the same for themselves. Absolutely correct.

Kevin has the experience of working with Realtors, Government, home and business owners, and he has the resources to make autonomy and ownership a reality in Baltimore’s most desperate communities.

Baltimore has to have more grass roots autonomy to improve and Kevin Seawright is the same leader he’s always been. He’s in Baltimore doing the work. Mr. Seawright will not fail, it’s not a possibility.

ConnectUs By Securus Technologies Is A Budget Saver

Little expenses very quickly add up. On a yearly budget, something that seems inconsequential could, in fact, be a massive resource pull. Take complaint and grievance forms, as an example. In an average correctional facility, inmates file 13.8 on a monthly basis. Collecting them takes time, filing them takes time, and reading them takes time. Then there’s follow-through, and the need to re-print copies. Five minutes in total would be a very conservative estimate. If each form takes five minutes to deal with entirely, then over the course of a year 1 form a month equates to 60 minutes. So multiplying 13.8 (the average number of forms) by the number of inmates in a correctional facility will yield the average hours spent every year dealing with this kind of paperwork specifically. In a facility of 100 persons, that comes to 1,380 hours.

What if that number could be cut by 95% or more? This is the question ConnectUs by Securus asks and answers. And the answer is: exceptional savings. In paper, in time spent dealing with forms, and in utility, ConnectUs is a resource-conserving solution. The full title of the platform is ConnectUs Automated Forms, and it does everything within its power to consolidate as much correctional facility paperwork as possible. Medical forms, sign-up sheets, complaints and grievances forms, incoming and outgoing inmate information–the list goes on. Securus Technologies has developed a true time-saver, and it’s no wonder: the company’s been around 30 years and caters to some 2,600+ correctional facilities on a regular basis. Additionally, their services are used by some 1.2 million inmates nationwide. Securus understands intimately the functionality of correctional facilities, and so has designed an intuitive platform giving inmates access to more features and apps than ever before, while still leaving complete access control in administrative hands.