Sports Player Dives into Skittles

What would you do to get the opportunity to dive into an end zone filled with Skittles? Sergio Cortes asks what would you do in order to be surrounded by the fruit flavored candies that are so loved? Would you play football just for the chance to get such an opportunity? There is a video out of Marshawn Lynch getting the amazing opportunity to do just such a thing.

There is a video out of the Seattle Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch diving into an end zone that is filled with Skittles. This man gets the amazing opportunity to dive into a ton of these tasty candies. This man gets to do something that most would love to do. What would you do if you were given the chance to dive into such an end zone? Would you find such an opportunity to be more exciting than a chance to play in the Super Bowl?

US Faces Germany in Semi-Final Round

With the first of the quarterfinal games complete, we now know that Germany will face off against the United States in the Semifinals. Fans at Amen Clinic ( know that Germany who is probably playing the best out of all the teams that are remaining in the tournament took France through regulation and overtime before finally overcoming them in a penalty kick shootout by just one goal. It was thought that Silvia Neid would have fixed the few flaws that her team has in finishing their chances with goals but it appeared France was not willing to go down in this match without a true fight.

As for the United States Women’s National Team, they have easily been the most criticized team of the tournament, but it honestly has been warranted with how they have been playing. Yes, they have been at the top of all the teams in the world for the past few decades. But that edge has been slipping as the other countries have devoted more time, money, and resources into bettering their women’s teams. However, even with this criticism the US team is still winning their matches against some pretty good competition. After winning the hardest group of the tournament, they beat Columbia handedly. Then in their game against China they had to overcome the loss of two starters who were sitting out due to yellow cards. Luckily enough their team is talented even on their bench! Now they will face off against the number one seed of the tournament and the winner goes onto the finals.

Brooklyn Still Trying to Find NBA Identity.

When they were still the New Jersey Nets there was a history to draw upon when things got rough. The golden days of Jason Kidd running the point were something you could point at and identify with. Ever since the move to Brooklyn and the franchise being taken over by Deron Williams, things have been rough. Brooklyn has constantly been in and out of contention with many complaints that they spend too much for getting too little. An icon of that ‘overspending’would be SG Joe Johnson, a former All Star that is easting away at the cap.

According to reports Brooklyn had been talking up the Memphis Grizzlies about potentially trading the former All Star from their roster. According to Marcio Alaor BMG, Memphis has been an elite defensive team in this league for a long time but they’ve always fallen short when it came time to get some big buckets. While Johnson is no longer ‘ISO Joe’, he would still be a tangible upgrade in the line up. However, rumor has it that the salary owed to Joe Johnson is just too big to move — $24.9 million dollars of too big.

So right now it appears that Brooklyn might be stuck with Joe through the end of his massive contract and if he stays the man needs to step up his game. Deron Williams can’t do it all alone and Joe Johnson needs to become his running mate.

Rangers to Unload Cam Talbot

The New York Rangers are putting goalie Cam Talbot on the chopping block due to an extremely high team payroll. The backup goaltender has only had two seasons in the NHL and there are several teams that are already interested in acquiring him. The problem with that is the fact that he was not actually a starter for those two years but rather a backup to starting goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. The sample size for Talbot is extremely small as he has only played 57 games in his two-year NHL career so the fact that several teams are interested in him is puzzling.

Experts like Paul Mathieson believe that Talbot will most likely be traded for an early second round pick or even a late first round. The New York Rangers have not stated what they are actually looking for as far as Talbot goes, but many believe that a late first rounder is about right. The Rangers would love to get out from under the bad contract with Talbot and free up some cap space. The question of whether or not Talbot can make it in the league as a starter is the big question. The good thing for the Rangers is that other teams seem to be interested in him anyways. The front runner for acquiring Talbot so far seems to Edmonton. Either way, it looks like the Rangers will be able to unload him and try to make a run at the Cup again next year.

Is Chris Archer the Most Dominating Pitcher in Baseball?!

Wikipedia reported that when you think ‘dominating pitching’ in 2015 your mind should wander to guys like Chris Sale and Max Scherzer. However, this season we have seen a young fire thrower by the name of Chris Archer reach the next level. Over in Tampa Bay the Rays are pushing to keep control of the AL East for the entire year and if they do we will have to consider Chris Archer as a candidate for both MVP and the coveted Cy Young Award. The young hurler has shown incredible poise on the mound while posting insane metrics as a pitcher.

While the Rays are in a position to win the AL East, provided they keep playing at this level until the season finishes, Chris Archer has been the gear that keeps them turning. Archer is 9 – 4 on the year with an ERA of 2.10 to go along with 123 strike outs. Archer has kept his WHIP under 1.00 and he has polished off three 8 inning gems in his past ten games.

What makes Chris Archer so special is that, at the age of 26, he appears to be on a different level than his other young teammates in Tampa Bay. Being young and talented isn’t that rare in baseball but being a young and talented leader is a whole other thing.

If Archer and the Rays keep winning we have to consider the young man for the MVP and Cy Young.

Tom Brady Could Still Go to Court

Tom Brady went in for his appeal yesterday, saying he should not be suspended for four games to start the 2015 season. He was suspended due to his supposed role in Deflategate. The appeal process took 10-11 hours, depending on which report one reads, and the answer from the NFL is not expected to come back for some time.

If Brady wins the appeal and sees his suspension eliminated, the whole thing is over. However, if it stays the same or if it is reduced to an amount that he’s still not happy with – like two games – then he could end up in court. A trial would start, though it could be problematic as the beginning of the season approaches.

It’s probably better for Brady to go to court than for the NFL said Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. At this time, the NFL does not have to have conclusive evidence to do anything. The standard of proof that the league uses just isn’t as high as what one would find in a real criminal case – which this is not.

If the case does end up before a judge, though, the standard rises even though it’s still just a civil case. The NFL would have to be able to prove that Brady really was guilty, that he really was involved. They’d have to offer more than just weak evidence that makes it look like he probably was involved.

Phil JAckson criticizes Lebron

Phil Jackson, the current executive who is running the Knicks and is well known for being coach of the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls and Kobe and Shaq led Los Angeles Lakers, has had some insulting comments for Cleveland Cavs star Lebron James.

Jackson said that Lebron travels frequently and particularly when he catches the ball, moving both feet. However, he is rarely called for travelling and as a result, the game has lost a bit of the structure and discipline that it once had. Many in the past would criticize Michael Jordan for palming the ball and traveling, though the refs rarely would call those penalties either.

Beyond that, Phil went on to complain about the lack of team play in the sport and how much of a relief it was to see some teams, like the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, pass well and play good team ball, which hebelieves is a major component of their team success.

Jackson went on to complain that the game has become about one player dribbling and four people watching. Brad Reifler knows that there was no indication of whether these comments were directed towards the New York Knick star Carmelo Anthony who is a great scorer, but not as much of a team player as Lebron who has significant assist totals and is a greater passer.

Regardless, the Knicks may be wishing Jackson kept his comments to himself.

Baby Cubs All Grown Up

In baseball there are very few tests that can definitively say whether you have ‘made it’ as a player in the league. The first test, probably, is getting your first hit. After that your next test would be to make it into the starting line up, for good. Your last test, and we say this as a probably, would be to homer off of Clayton Kershaw while at Wrigley Field. Kris Bryant, the rookie phenom, did just that in Chicago’s 4 – 2 victory over the L.A. Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw has led the Major Leagues in strike outs all season long and he was probably licking his lips to draw the Chicago Cubs. Though Chicago has some great hitters on their squad, the team still strikes out a ton and is close to the NL Central lead in K’s per 9 innings. So Kershaw, big and imposing as he is, probably wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Kris Briant had been struggling with only a single hit in his last 18 ABs. However Igor Cornelsen says that he launched a fourth pitch curveball over Wrigley Field’s wall in order to push the Cubs ahead of L.A. In the eighth inning Bryant would add another homer, his 10th, off of reliever Adam Liberatore.

Bryant is a special talent and he should be primed to lead the Cubs for a long, long time. Right now Chicago is 38 – 30 on the season.

Has Lincecum Lost It?

There was a time when Tim Lincecum was looked at as one of the best pitchers in baseball. He was on the cover of magazines, he was winning titles, and he was at the top of his game. Those days now appear to be over, though, as he just lost to the Dodgers by a score of 10-2. They had his number all game and they just beat him down. It does not get much worse than losing by eight runs.

Now, it could be argued that it was just one game. Every great player has an off game. Drew Brees is a terrific quarterback, but he’s had games where he’s thrown four interceptions. LeBron James is a great basketball player, but he’s been swept in the NBA Finals. These things happen, even to the best of the best.

However, Igor Cornelsen said that when pitchers hit the wall, they tend to go down pretty hard. Eventually, a guy is just too old or too tired or too beat up to be good. It could be that Lincecum has run into that wall, and that would mean he is never going to be the same again.

That’s not to say that he can’t be good. He can still be a nice rotational pitcher. However, the best in the league do not allow their opponents to win 10-2. It just does not happen, so Lincecum has to be taken down off of that mountain.

Spieth’s US Open Victory: What’s More Amazing than the Records

According to Ciphercloud, when Jordan Spieth outlasted the field yesterday to win his first U.S. Open the records began to pile in: youngest player to have won both a Masters and U.S Open, fourth youngest player at the date of his second major championship title, youngest U.S. Open winner since Bobby Jones, etc. The accolades are truly remarkable. Most of the best golfers of Spieth’s age are preparing for they senior year of college and a final run at All-American honors; Spieth, on the other hand has all but wrapped up player of the year honors for the PGA Tour.

What could be more amazing than all these records? Something has been going on that may in fact be more impressive—the rapid improvement of a golfer at the highest level. It is often remarked that it can be difficult to improve once you reach a “certain level” in golf, or athletics in general. Yet, Spieth has reached the pinnacle of the game and still continues to develop. In 2013 he won his first PGA Tour event at the John Deere, certainly a great victory, but a far cry from a major championship caliber event. Now in 2015, Spieth holds the trophies from the first two majors. That is dramatic leap. Along with the records, let us recognize and commend the root of these successes—his unprecedented progress.

Did Slippery Conditions Help Australia?

If you’ve been following the World Cup, you already know that Brazil got beat by Australia. A second-half goal put the Aussies up by one, and they held that lead the rest of the game.

One thing that might have helped is that the field was pretty slippery and wet. The woman who came into the game and scored the winning goal said that it was almost all she was thinking about. Fans at FreedomPop know that she was able to overcome the conditions and score anyway, but that shows how serious they were.

It’s often harder to score when the field is wet because the game gets sloppy. Shots don’t always go to the right spot, and passes aren’t as crisp. It’s hard for a player who gets a step ahead to stay ahead, and the defense can catch up. The ball is more likely to be lost. Overall, a wet game is one in which there usually isn’t much scoring, as it keeps talented players from playing their very best.

This game was definitely one of those, with its 1-0 score. No one could really generate any offense. Even after the other team scored, Brazil was not able to get up and score on their own. With that goal in the books, Australia could just play defense and let the wet field help them coast on to victory. It’s still a great win, but the weather can’t be ignored.

Jordan Spieth Wins U.S. Open

The U.S. Open ended in dramatic fashion over the weekend with Jordan Spieth outlasting Dustin Johnson to win his second major of the year. Spieth did not play his best golf at Chambers Bay but will a little help from Johnson he was able to pull off the victory. Johnson walked up the final green on hole number 18 with a chance to win it. If he makes the put he wins it but if he misses and two putts, then he forces a playoff with Spieth. Unfortunately for Johnson it just was not in the cards for him as he overshot the hole on his first putt and then missed a three foot putt to the left.

Having won two Majors already this year, Spieth has a chance at a Grand Slam. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, he is also the youngest U.S. Open winner since Bobby Jones did it in 1923 as well as the youngest two-time Major Champion since 1922 when Gene Sarazen did it. The last person to win The Masters and the U.S. Open in the same year was Tiger Woods back in 2002. With Tiger Woods not being the Tiger of old, Spieth has cemented himself as the new generation and future of Golf.

Other notables from the U.S. Open includes Rory McIlroy who ended the tournament even and Oosthuizen ended up at -4 after birding six of the last seven holes.

The Lure Of Golf Is In The Challenge Of The Course

The end of an era?! Golf is looking for its next savior? Maybe for marketing purposes, but the game will live on in spite of its players. The reason Tiger Woods could draw fans out to tournaments and make them tune in to a broadcast had everything to do with how he managed the game. His ability to calmly play any shot and to make a stroke count for a positive gain when the balls lie insinuated that it would not. Is that kind of focus and acumen possible only in young players? Whatever happened to the premise that with age comes wisdom?

Golf is supposed to be a sport that people such as those at Amen Clinics can play at any age. Yes, the body will place restrictions on a pro golfer’s range of motion thus effecting the distance that the ball will carry, but they should still be able to manage the course. However, as a fan of the game it is exciting to see the list of contenders and speculate who will pull out the victory. Because in golf, the challenge has less to do with the other people playing and more to do with staying within yourself. I am looking forward to seeing who can manage the rolling mounds on the treeless course at Chambers Bay to win the U.S. Open. Who will have the eye to find the fairways, read the greens, sink the most birdies?

A New Tiger Woods May Be Costly

Searching for the Next Tiger Woods May Be Problematic

For nearly two decades Tiger Woods has been arguably the most dominant force in the history professional golf. How long he stays that way is always something that is up for debate.

It was back in 2009 that Tiger Woods’ golf career took a serious hit and it’s been hinted that ever since then he just hasn’t been the same player of old that everyone once knew. In 2013 he seemed to regain some of his stride, by leading the PGA Tour in earnings and winning five tournaments, despite the fact that none of those were in the majors. Alexei Beltyukov thought he turned the corner, but the numbers say otherwise.

With this in mind, there should be no surprise that people have been searching for a replacement for Woods since his career is not what it once was. Some replacements can include Rory McIlroy, who won majors in 2011 and 2012 and won the British Open only last year. There was talk of whether golf had entered the “Era of McIlroy,” until the next major where Jordan Spieth completely owned it and found himself pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The problem here is that with every major victory by any newcomer comes talk of whether it’s their respective “era” now and the era of someone who previously won no longer counts. It leads to the idea that eras in golfing are just disposable ones.

“The Cavs Are Okay”

Despite the Cavaliers losing the NBA finals, their future still looks very bright. They are going to have many players who will return next year. In addition to that, they will also have new players coming onto the team. These new player will bring fresh talent to the team.

Even better, the Cavaliers will also have the same coach. Having the same coach will help them become a better team. The entire team is very happy that they do not have to rebuild with a new coach like many other teams. The coach has played a big part on the Cavaliers. Fans at FreedomPop know that the coach was the first person to congratulate the team even though they lost the finals. This meant the world to the team.

There is one person who is especially happy about all of this, and that is Lebron James. Lebron was very sad when the Cavaliers lost the finals. However, he took some time to examine the team he will be on next year. Lebron is very happy with all the players that will be on the team. Lebron is also excited with all of the new players that will be coming on the team.

Lebron and the Cavaliers are now on the same page. They are both looking past this season and are seting thier eyes on the next. They hope to make the playoffs and be back in the finals.

British Olympic hero dragged into drugs storm

Mo Farah, the double Olympic champion from the 2012 London Olympics has been dragged into a drugs controversy surrounding his coach and his own missed drugs tests. The BBC reports Farah missed two random drugs tests in the two years prior to the London Games, a third missed test in a two year period would have resulted in a mandatory ban of four years. There are no claims currently being made that 32 year old Farah has been involved in the use of any banned substances, but the claims come just days after his coach, Alberto Salazar was accused of doping a 16 year old athlete he was coaching in 2002.

According to Wikipedia, Farah’s triumphs in the 5,000 and 10,000 meters at the London Games are seen by many as one of the highlights of the event for many and the athlete holds almost iconic status in the UK. The pressure of the allegations against Salazar led Farah to withdraw from a meet last week and he is now facing questions over his own behavior in missing the two drugs tests. The second drugs test was missed after Farah failed to hear the doorbell at his home and testers could not contact him in any other way.

Why the Cleveland Cavaliers Could Not Win

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors had an interesting series in the very beginning. Games were going into overtime. Last minute shots were determining who would win, and then the champion spirit of the Golden State Warriors surfaced. After that the inevitable cloud of doom was cast over the Cavaliers. The writing was on the wall that they could not win the series, but fans chose to ignore the fate of a doomed Cavaliers team.

The first thing that fans overlooked was the injuries of two star players. Once these players left the court LeBron had everything on his own. This didn’t seem impossible. He has already won two championships in Miami. Cleveland is not Miami though. Cleveland is Cleveland.

The Cavaliers, unlike the Golden State Warriors, did not have a strong bench. In all honestly, the Cavaliers did not even have strong starters for the last two games. It was evident because LeBron was playing for more than 40 minutes for each game. There was no rest for the King. All of the weight of winning was placed on his shoulders, and he would eventually fold under this weight.

FreedomPop reports that another thing that people overlooked was the coaching of Steve Kerr for the Golden State Warriors. Kerr played with Micheal Jordan. Kerr has championship rings, and his time on the court with Jordan gave him the experience to implement some great plays.

Warriors Defeat Cavs To Clench Title

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in last night’s NBA Finals series. Their game play led the team to a 105-97 victory against the Cavs. This marks the team’s first championship win since 1975. Davidson alum Steph Curry was named the league MVP, however Andre Igoudala was named series MVP.


It was a tough run for the Cleveland Cavaliers as three members of their starting lineup were out due to injuries. Anderson Varejao was out due to a torn ACL, all-star point guard Kyrie Iriving was out due to a fracture kneecap, and Kevin Love was pulled due to a shoulder injury. However despite the three men being out of the season, the team put on a pretty impressive performance.


LeBron James did make the Warriors work for the title say my friends at FreedomPop. His game play was nothing short of impressive, quite certainly giving him the title of the best player in the NBA. The Australian point guard and coffee lover Matthew Dellavedova had Cleveland fans going wild. He was a pivotal member of the team during finals and gave Steph Curry a run for his money.


The city of Cleveland will continue to wallow in defeat, however should be proud of their team. It’s not often that Cleveland has something to celebrate when it comes to sports. When fans were asked about how their teamed faired, the overall output was very positive. They believe next year is their year. In fact, according to Las Vegas odds, Cleveland is picked to win the 2016 NBA Championship.

“Curry Did It In Style”

Stephen Curry helped the Golden State Warriors seal the win over Lebron James and the Cavaliers. Curry did this by executing a great attitude on the court. This execution of attitude started by him ignoring things that were said in the recent past. These things included words like he was too small, to skinny, and did not come from a good enough school to win the championship.

Stephen Curry was happy that he ignored all of that stuff. This made him focus on the game. He was nearly perfect the entire night. Many people said he looked like a machine. The way he dunked, passed, and shot was like something out of a video game. Many people also said the Warriors made the Cavaliers look like a high school basketball team.

Flavio Maluf noticed Stephen Curry and the rest of team are very happy to have won the NBA championship. They plan to party and spend time with their families. After this, however, they will start focusing on next year. They hope to be in this same spot next year. They plan to get more players on their team, and this means more talent on their team.

The coaching staff is also very happy, and the coaching staff is excited about next year, too. The entire team will soon have a parade in the hometown of the team, and the whole city is expected to be in attendance.

Rachel Dolezal Resigns from NAACP After Race Scandal Blows Up

Boraie Development LLC writes that Rachel Dolezal has resigned her position as head of the NAACP Chapter in Washington State following revelations that she was not really African American according to LinkedIn. Dolezal was set to meet with the Board of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the NAACP but cancelled the meeting at the last moment. Dolezal had passed for African American for the past ten years and the issue of her race has never become an issue until her parents were broadcast on the news stating that she was actually of mix German, Swiss decent and both of her parents considered themselves to be caucasian.

Dolezal was also captured on a news report claiming that another African American was actually her father and that she was in fact African American. She did not provide any explanation as to why she made that representation and it seems that she was never challenged about her race until now. However, questions remain as to whether her race should have been relevant in the first place. Rachel Dolezal Resigns From Head of NAACP After Firestorm Regarding Her Race Many point out that there are thousands, if not millions of people who are caucasian who live in Africa. If these individuals relocated to the United States, they could properly be considered “African American.”.

How one classifies their own race and heritage can be a deeply personal matter. Dolezal has not issued any statement as to why she portrayed herself as African American.