Sending Help For the People in Xerém

Extra recently did a article about the secretary of health Sergio Cortes and his visit to Xerém. Cortes was surveying the majority of the areas that were affected by the floods a few weeks ago, and he recognized that it was very important for the government to continue to have the hydration centers that had been in operation since the 15th of January. These centers are able to give people the needed hydration to prevent them from having severe health problems and they also have the capacity to serve over 300 people a day.

Cortes speaks of taking steps to prevent disease and he and his team are hoping for the best results while they are preparing for the worst. Since there is a large amount of accumulated garbage in the city, there is an increasing worry about the possibility of a Dengue spread. Cortes had a meeting with the municipal health secretary and the Coordinator of the national health force; they all agreed that they would need to send out community kits to the affected area of Xerém, and apart from that they would be giving out 3000 antibiotic tables to help fight against Leptospirosis.

The department of health has sent out surveillance teams to help give bottled water. Bottled water can be one of the main components in stopping the spread of disease. Many diseases such as leptospirosis, hepatitis, and diarrhea can come from a lack of drinking water. There are other diseases that can be brought upon by physical contact. These diseases include the following: chickenpox, meningitis, and of course Dengue can be spread by mosquitoes.

Individuals that are now in shelters or in their homes are encouraged to use drinking water when it comes to cooking and of course drinking. They started using filtered water tanks to clean water, and the secretary of health is encouraging anyone that wants to make donations to give bottled water to help those individuals that were affected by the flood in Xerém. The secretary of health is very worried about the health issues that could be brought on by the flood, and he is also hoping to give moral support to those individuals that are under stress because of the recent developments in Xerém.

President Of US Money Reserve Announces Currency News On CNBC

Big News About US Currency

Recently there was an interview that contained big news on the possible future of the United States’ economy, a big change that was introduced by US Money Reserve President, Phillip Diehl. In order to understand what this change could mean for the US economy, it is important to get a grasp on what US Money Reserve is, just in case you are unfamiliar with what they do. The US Money Reserve is an important part of the United States’ economy and distribution of wealth. US Money reserve actually is the largest factor in distribution that the United States has, and they distribute precious metals. The precious metals that they distribute are of the highest quality, such as gold, silver and platinum. It’s important to realize that US Money Reserve only employs the highest standard of currency professionals, and they employ over 100 professionals to assist people with their currency needs.

The Interview On CNBC

It was interesting to see the President of US Money Reserve deliver the news about the change in currency that he expects to see happen soon. The change, of course, is that the penny would no longer be a part of the regularly printed currency exchanged between customers and businesses because it is no longer worth creating. In fact, the cost of creating a penny often outweighs the coin’s actual value. Of course, there have been some opposing views on the matter.

One opposing viewpoint is from a man named Andrew Sorkin, who has a belief that the penny is still valuable in our society. Sorkin believes that this change is too abrupt, and he believes that it will change the scope of our economy of adjusting our inflation rate and distorting our pricing. The response from US Money Reserve’s President was sensible.

President Diehl announced, on the CNBC show, that the change would not matter because so many of our purchases in America are done electronically. He cited a statistic of 75 percent of transactions happening by use of electronic data communications, and only 25 percent happen with actual currency. He said that the business owners would likely round their prices down to show to their customers that they care about their expense.

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About Artificial Intelligence And Slyce’s Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is a technology used to identify images instead of text searches in major search engines and shopping websites. Investors as well as founders have in the last couple of decades gained and lost a lot of billions in an effort to make the technology much reliable and better. Many interested in the technology industry waited for a bid launch that AI has been improved and able to deliver better results. To their surprise, the technology has been creeping in slowly and slowly into the world without many of them even noticing.

Whether it is with Google’s predictive search, Apple’s voice recognition or even the automatic friend tagging in Facebook, the technology has really evolved. For the last ten years, however, it has managed to go up even further by finding its way into eCommerce and shopping. Amazon was the first site that made use of the technology for its selling needs. Currently, the technology has been embraced in almost every other part the world.

As reported in the Deccan Herald, many other online sites have been developed in the world therefore, enhancing the technology even more. The sites have been using the technology because it works effectively for all matters related to personalisation and product discovery.

The technology has even improved when it comes to online shopping purposes. These days, shoppers have the upper hand to visual search for products for images taken directly from their smart phones. This option has worked perfectly well for both the shopper and the online store based on the fact that the online shop is able to move volumes first while the shopper can shop with less hassle and with more convenience.

One of the companies with the most reliable Artificial Intelligence visual search solutions is Slyce. The company has developed very unique and reliable solutions that have been able to help its clients a great deal. Since it was formed, the company has been in the business to provide the most sophisticated solutions when it comes to solving problems and the most easy to use as well.

It has a Universal Scanner that is a very straight forward solution that uses the most accurate image recognition technology. The scanner can scan QR codes, bar codes, coupons as well as any other image. It has proved very efficient for online shops because it provides the shopper with an instant answer to the query at hand.

George Soros Predicts it’s 2008 All Over Again for the World’s Economies

Billionaire financial guru George Soros recently dusted off his crystal ball, peered deep inside its dark interior and predicted it looked like 2008 all over again. In his view, global markets are facing a renewed crisis similar to the financial collapse of 2008, and investors need to be very cautious. In other words, it’s déjà vu all over again.

George Soros was speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka last week when he made his dire prediction. The first week of 2016 mirrored his words as global currency, stock and commodity markets were all trending downward. China especially was showing weakness in any sustained growth looking forward. Its sinking yuan currency only added to the concern about the strength of the world’s second largest economy.

To those who have forgotten, on April 11, 2008, Soros was quoted in the New York Times as saying. “I consider this the biggest financial crisis of my lifetime, a ‘superbubble’ that has been swelling for a quarter of a century is finally bursting.” He proved correct when the global economy did collapse later that year, triggering years of depressions and the loss of jobs among the world’s most developed countries.

Now, nearly 8 years later, Soros is warning the world that the bubble could burst again as Chinas shifts away from investment and manufacturing toward consumption and services. On Wednesday, Jan 6 of this year, nearly $2.5 trillion was wiped from the slate of global equities. Loses deepened the next day across the Asia and China was forced to halt stock trading in the middle of the day.

This isn’t the first time since the 2008 call that Soros has voiced his concern about the global economy. Speaking to a panel in Washington D.C. on September 2011, he warned the Greece-born European debt crunch was even more serious than the crisis of 2008. Only drastic action by Greece and the EU members averted a total collapse of the Greek economy.

The World Bank has taken note of the problem and cuts its forecast for 2016 global growth from 3.3%t to 2.9%. The US manufacturing ISM indicator is below the crucial 50 level at 48.2. A fall below the 45 would indicate a pending recession. China’s manufacturing PMI has fallen to the same U.S. level over the past year as the result of sluggish world trade. In short, as China turns inward as a consumer nation, the world can no longer look to the Asian economic powerhouse to fund and support their economies.

China’s Communist Party has pledged to gradually dismantle the capital controls that artificially oversee their markets and cause wide fluctuations and panic in their stock markets. Even after the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows, Chinese authorities continued to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy.
Soros is not the only one forecasting a rocky road ahead for 2016 but his record of spot-on predictions that went against conventional thinking in the past has the world listening to him with a much sharper ear.

The Battle Between The Businesses Of Lake Tahoe And Backers Of Incorporation Is Finally Over

The the Reno-Gazette Journal released an informative article concerning the struggles and tribulations Lake Tahoe has had to deal with for the last four years. The area has had to deal with unfavorable weather condition, and the community and businesses have also had to deal with a political threat concerning a blanket incorporation over the resorts and businesses. The article went into the long and public battle between Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and the backers of the incorporation. Andy Wirth has been an outspoken critic of the incorporation, and he had a lot to say in the article too.

The backers of incorporation claim Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Resort have motives to resist the incorporation, and they have insinuated the motives were self-serving. According to the backers, Andy Wirth’s business fears having to answer to a committee and future residents of the area. According to Andy Wirth, an incorporation would be a financial, political and civic disaster. Andy Wirth is likely correct in this. The blanket incorporation proposed would essentially offer a stake of ownership and authority over businesses to a committee. That is not how businesses are run. Andy Wirth maintained it would have an impact from the largest business to the smallest business, even a wine bar would fall under the incorporation rules.

Fortunately for Lake Tahoe resorts and businesses depending on the tourism, the incorporation will not happen, and the backers were forced to withdraw their goal in incorporating the area. A lot of money was used by the backers and Andy Wirth to fight this battle, and a California commission put a halt on the backers.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, fought hard to preserve the freedom and integrity of his community and the businesses involved. He is deeply involved in many philanthropic projects in the area. After the victory over backers of the incorporation, Andy Wirth is now actively pushing for projects to help the area thrive even more. He is currently pushing for an improvement to the transportation situation.

Andy Wirth has been in the hotel and resort industry for over 25 years, and he loves what he does. He is deeply involved in his community and other projects concerning his area’s environment. After having his arm ripped off and surgically reattached, he hasn’t missed a step, and he has now become involved in aiding injured Navy Seals.

OrganoGold Continues to Spread East Asian Herbal Knowledge Around the World

OrganoGold has been providing the knowledge and benefits of ancient Chinese herbs, previously only known about by practitioners of Eastern herbal medicine, to the rest of the world since its inception. OrganoGold is specifically interested in the cultivation and distribution of Ganoderma through their lines of gourmet beverages and personal care products.

Ganoderma is believed to have anticancer properties, as well as effects that promote liver health, kill off harmful bacteria and viruses, reduce cholesterol, and provide antioxidants. The Chinese name for Ganoderma translates to “spiritual potency,” while the Japanese name means “King of Herbs.” Advocacy for Ganoderma’s healing properties date all the way back to the Ming Dynasty. The knowledge about and distribution of Ganoderma has been pioneered by OrganoGold and it’s CEO, Bernardo Chua.

Chua has been the head of OrganoGold since it’s founding. As a CEO of Filipino descent, OrganoGold received two People’s Choice Awards in January of 2015. On his Facebook he’s said before that Chua founded the company in Canada as a shop with only three employees. Chua’s vision for the company has helped it expand to over 35 countries currently.

Chua has been instrumental in spear-heading this expansion due to his vast experience with and expertise of network marketing. Chua’s efforts earned him an award in his native Philippines as the “Number One Global Marketing Company.”

OrganoGold has recently expanded their efforts into Vietnam and Columbia. They’ve also introduced a new “Preferred Customers” program that rewards frequent customers with 25% off retail purchases of OrganoGold products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The program also comes with the introduction of a hotline number (1-855-414-6266) to help answer preferred customer questions quickly and directly. This new program will help OrganoGold further their mission statement “to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of wellness, prosperity and balance, through the opportunity and products.”

Women Rule The Box Office And The Cast In Magic Mike XXL

‘Magic Mike’ was an unexpected cultural phenomenon, and fans were eager to line up and watch the sequel, ‘Magic Mike XXL.’ Despite plots that center greatly on male strippers and sexuality, both films are unexpectedly feminist in tone as well. While the male stars in this entertaining sequel are certainly fun to watch, there are also many talented actresses taking part. Long time crowd favorites Jada Pinkett Smith and Andie MacDowell have central roles, but there are also some newer faces stealing the show.

One such face is that of Crystal Hunt. Though soap fans are already very familiar with her from her work on ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘One Life To Live,’ many film fans are only starting to get to know her. There’s no doubt that this former child pageant participant is a rising star, however. With recent projects such as ‘Sydney White’ with Amanda Bynes and the reality show ‘Queens of Drama,’ this blonde bombshell is showing audiences both her talent and her versatility.

In ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Ms. Hunt inhabits the role of Lauren. In this role she is both a close friend of Mike’s love interest Zoe, played by actress Amber Heard, and has a budding romance of her own to nurture. Hunt is able to convincingly bring heat to Lauren’s romance with Ken, played by veteran actor Matt Bomer, while fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the ensemble. Her IMDb really shows that she’s had a lot of success throughout her career.   You can also follow her Instagram to keep up on her career.

Though just one of the many talented actresses who played a role in the film’s recent success, fans will be eager to see more of her on the silver screen. It is rare that a film supposedly centered around a group of men has so many diverse women in the cast, but box office numbers clearly show that audiences are ready for more films that flip the gender roles. For once men are the eye candy and women are running the show, but as anyone who has seen the film can attest, what a show it is.

Healthier Dog Food Options Are Becoming More Popular

There have been big changes in the dog food industry. More and more dog food companies are popping up, and the strategies that have been used in the past by well-established dog food companies are changing. The eat-like-your-owner strategy is very appealing to many dog owners. Basically, dog food companies are making food that is very similar to the food that is served in a person’s house on their dinner table. Petfresh Inc. is the only company that offers industrial refrigerated pet food. They are obsessed with the quality of their products, which means that they avoid preservatives, use only the freshest ingredients, and limit the time that dog meals sit on shelves. This means that they are full of flavor and nutritious. In fact, people can even eat this food. Healthier dog foods, organic dog foods, and the entire eat-like-your-owner idea is so appealing to dog owners that it has become a huge moneymaking business. It is estimated to be making more than $23.7 billion a year. There are quite a few different takes on the healthier dog food options that are available on Amazon. For example, some companies are making dog food that is based on the Paleo diet. This means that dogs are eating like their ancestors. Vital Raw produces food that contains raw chicken, beef, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes and natural probiotics. Colgate-Palmolive has a special line of dog food that is designed to help dogs lose weight. Nestle’s Purina offers pet owners the ability to customize special blends of dog food. Beneful has some of the highest quality control procedures in the entire industry. Their products are under strict processing standards that ensure the quality of the wet and dry dog food and treats they offer their customers. Beneful customers can be sure that the meals they are serving their dogs are extremely nutritious and of the highest quality. They test for harmful contaminants and toxins, including mycotoxins, arsenic, and lead. They use a strict tracking system that ensures that the raw ingredients used in their line of dog food are of high quality and healthy through their entire process until they end up in a customer’s hands.

When the 99 Percent Get Access

Ever wanted to start investing but just don’t feel you have the chops to make your portfolio stand out and succeed? If you have doubts, that’s not uncommon, according to investing expert Brad Reifler in his 5 Tips article. With years of experience on the trading floor and in the stock market, it can still be overwhelming. But you gain more confidence as you get to know the market and the strategies, and that’s where Brad Reifler is ready to help you achieve your financial goals. Are you ready to get started on the road to investment success? Read on to learn more about Brad and what you can expect in the future.

Wikipedia shows that as a graduate of prestigious Bowdin College, Brad Reifler has made the financial services world his dream and passion. And he’s now more committed than ever to making financial knowledge accessible to the masses of Americans who want to invest but just don’t have the resources or skills to do it successfully – yet. Through his firm Forefront Capital, Brad has developed a public fund that the majority of Americans can invest in successfully and works with his clients to develop individualized plans for investing. Working with Brad means you get critical tips about investing – such as learning that you cannot put all your money in the stock market. You have to invest in diverse areas so that your wealth has a chance to amass across the board and that when one area fails – as it sometimes does – you don’t lose all of your hard-earned revenues.

Brad’s public fund is designed to give middle class Americans access – something he learned is lacking when his father-in-law gave him $80,000 to invest after retiring from the RV shop he ran for 35 years. Brad couldn’t get the best return on his father-in-law’s life savings because his father-in-law did not have access to the same opportunities that accredited investors have. Thus began Brad’s mission to create those opportunities – something that can be achieved through a public fund.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of investing, don’t be afraid but make sure you are reading and researching your options, maybe following a few experts on Twitter, Reifler asks his clients to do regularly. And, make sure you are bouncing your ideas off people in the field who are better attuned to and study the markets. A financial manager is a great resource — if you choose that person with care and diligence. Be involved every part of the way, and you’ll be on your way to charting a path to wealth via the investments you make in the future!

Beneful’s Dry and Wet Foods

Beneful is a company that offers a large variety of food for your dog. They offer food that is both able to suit nutritional needs and is flavorful to ensure that the dog has an enjoyable eating experience. They offer both wet and dry food varieties. The dry food that is intended for dogs who have no nutritional issues is Originals and Incredibites. Originals is a food that is recommended for adult dogs who enjoy the typical taste of dog food. It is a good food to transition toward and provides all of the necessary nutrients for your dog. Incredibites is a food that was created on Petco specifically by Beneful to be full of flavor. It has the same taste as their puppy food and provides your dog with the same nutritional values as the Originals. It is ideal for nearly all dogs and is great to switch from puppy or playful food. Dry food varieties from Purina by Beneful include food to reduce weight, food to increase weight and food for puppies. Healthy Weight is great for dogs who need to lose weight, are not very active or are older. Playful Life is for dogs who need to gain weight or have a very active lifestyle. It has added nutrition and calories to increase the energy of your dog. Healthy Puppy is food that is intended for dogs who are under one year of age and has added nutrition to match milk. Your dog may be one who enjoys a softer food as opposed to dry food. Chopped Blends is one of the wet foods that is made by Beneful that is delicious and is softer for dogs. It does not come packed in the same way as typical wet food and provides more flavors. Dogs who enjoy wet food will enjoy the Medley’s that were created by top dog chefs. These foods have Italian-themed flavors and are made in the typical wet food form. They are available in three different varieties and provide your dog with the nutritional values that they need no matter their age or their level of activity.

Yeonmi Park Releases First Book, “In Order to Live”

North Korea has been one of the biggest violators of human rights in the last several decades and they perpetrate their crimes on their own people. Under a cruel dictatorship the North Korean people have grown up in fear for their lives, never able to really understand freedom. Yeonmi Park, a slight porcelain looking figure, grew up under the oppressive regime before escaping, through a round about way, to another country. Since Yeonmi Park went public with her terrifying escape from North Korea, and subsequent bout as a victim of human trafficking, she has become an icon for the oppressed all over the world. Using her newfound platform Yeonmi Park has released a book titled, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

As a child we learn that Yeonmi Park was raised up until the age of 13 in North Korea. Growing up Ms. Mark was taught all of the North Korean myths that help to perpetuate the consistently paranoid, fear driven, state of North Korea. Park was told that she should not sing, or dress as she liked, or even whisper anything controversial — for Kim Jong Un had eyes and ears even if the bugs and birds of the world. It is this paranoid and fear driven groundwork that sets precedent for the horrors on that awaited Park later in life.

By the age of 13 she had seen her father dragged off into a forced labor camp. Before the following year was up both Yeonmi and her mother were begging the help of Chinese smugglers to help them escape their own land. What Yeonmi Park on amazon and her mother didn’t realize was this: their escape from North Korea was only the beginning of their hardships.

The book itself was co-written along with Maryanne Vollers and it aims to detail step by step the journey that Yeonmi Park took to find her eventual freedom. North Korea has many victims of oppression under the dictatorial regime and most of those victims never have a chance to tell their story. Park is now considered one of the premier human rights activists in the world and it is important to know where she came from in order to understand how she got to where she is today.

Turning To Well-Qualified Lawyers When Legal Assistance Is Needed

Many would agree that Brazilian law can at times be a bit confusing. Even individuals who work in the Brazilian legal system find it to be challenging to understand which laws are still in force and which ones have been revoked. Fortunately, there are many well trained and experienced lawyers who help individuals who are facing legal situations every day. One such lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has defended some of the largest companies and most well-known personalities in Brazil.

There are quite a few laws that exist in Brazil that do not exist in other countries. For example, gambling in the country of Brazil is prohibited. The reason why it is prohibited is because the government is not able to track a person’s winnings and then tax them properly. The only exception to gambling in the country of Brazil is gambling online. Individuals can do this without facing any legal repercussions. Something else that individuals find to be a bit surprising is that smoking in public places is also forbidden. This law went into effect in December 2014. There are designated places where individuals can smoke, like in tobacco shops, film studios or in healthcare institutions when individuals are being treated for conditions and their doctors allow them to smoke.

When an individual is facing a legal situation because they have unknowingly broken a law, it is extremely important for them to get legal representation. At times, when something like this occurs, a person may think that the justice system will understand that they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. And while it is true that the justice system will be more lenient on a first offender, individuals should not believe that they will easily get off the hook. It is important for individuals to contact a well-qualified lawyer in this situation.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho owns a law firm in Brazil. It is one of the most well-known and largest firms in the country. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho as well as the many other experienced professionals who work with him are experienced in corporate litigation law and many other practice areas.He is active on social media, with an instagram following as well.

QNet, and Why it is One of the Best Direct Selling Companies

QNet is arguably the most reputable and well-known direct selling company in the world. Direct selling, which is where QNet works directly with their independent contractors, is very different from multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. QNet should not ever be misconstrued as a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme, as QNet is 100% reputable, legal, and ethical.

QNet has plans to open up a production base located in India. QNet has had operating subsidiaries in India for several years, but QNet has finally made the decision to increase production capabilities in India because of the significant growth the Indian direct selling market has experienced. According to economist and financial analysts on behalf of QNet, a cost benefit of around eight to twelve percent will be brought on by the all new production base in India.

QNet’s production center will not only help QNet has a company, and will aid inhabitants of India who live nearby the production center. The center will give jobs to those in need, and improve the local economy.

So, QNet is a direct selling company, but what exactly do they sell? Beauty products, drinks, and health and wellness products are just a few, but QNet stocks more than thirty different brands of items, that fall into about nine categories. QNet may not sell a wide array of items, but QNet is the best at selling the items it is familiar with.

QNet is so successful because of their direct selling business model. Independent contractors do not have to follow many of QNet’s rules because they can sell QNet’s products practically however they want to sell them. Independent retailers on behalf of QNet can use free social media services to advertise their products, post flyers around town, or call and text everybody in their phone to see if they can make a sale.

Because QNet’s independent retails can advertise their product however they want to, QNet has become a resounding success. The flexibility associated with QNet allows QNet to maximize profits, along with their independent retailers. Usually, the best marketing job can be completed by someone with experience in the same area the product will be sold in, even if the marketer is not experienced in marketing or have a marketing degree.

QNet is undoubtedly the king of all the direct selling companies in the world. QNet currently operates in more than one hundred countries through Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia (pretty much everywhere except North and South America). QNet has experienced significant growth since its inception in 1998 in Hong Kong. QNet is a subsidiary of the internationally-stretching QI Group, which is a business conglomerate that helps manage and control its handful of high ranking subsidiaries.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG CEO Sponsorship


Tennis fans in Brazil are discussing the news about the new BMG sponsorship. Details about this new partnership appeared on Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG shared this news. Banco BMG believes in lending a helping hand to athletes in the country. Therefore, they’ve joined in a partnership with tennis champ, Marcelo Melo. Marcelo Melo is currently ranked number 1 with the ATP or the Association of Tennis Professionals. It is expected that Melo will wear the BMG logo on his tennis clothing to announce this association to the world. Ricardo Guimarães believes that this is a great association with mutual benefits for the player and the organization.

Athletic Support
Certainly, Ricardo Guimarães is proud to provide athletic support to the country’s number 1 tennis champ. There are also a few more details that are mutually beneficial. Ricardo Guimarães believes that the sponsorship of Marcelo Melo would boost the image of the organization. The sponsorship will also boost Melo’s chances of winning in the Olympic games by providing assistance in preparation for the Olympic game that is being held in Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo Guimarães further states that this athletic sponsor hip is only the beginning. The corporation plans to sponsor many more athletes in the future.

Partnership Announcement
The announcement concerning the partnership between Melo and BMG was formally announced in early November. This led to a flurry of questions about the partnership from BMG investors. Ricardo Guimarães announced to the investors that Melo was a true winner. He is a good representative for the organization. His diligence and hard work are impressive and the characteristics of a dedicated athlete. Melo proved the point by returning home with another very impressive win.

BMG is a leading organization in Brazil. Certainly, they believe in giving back to the country and community. Furthermore, Ricardo Guimarães and the organization believe in sponsoring the country’s athletes. These are very talented individuals that should be supported by their country, especially in their international endeavors. Ricardo Guimarães has a strong belief that professional athletes should be supported because of their strong dedication, discipline, commitment, goals, and values. This is something that is strongly held by the BMG organization. Melo is a tennis champion that shares those very same characteristics. Ricardo Guimarães further stated that they plan to fully support and sponsor athletes in numerous fields in the future. This is something that he feels very strongly.

Newlin’s Changing Line of Career

Being an attorney gives practitioners a choice to make in terms of the preferred legal field that one feel more comfortable to pursue. There are different fields including injury law where legal practitioners can venture and make a successful career. Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Florida whose exploits in the legal practice have captured the attention of many. He has built himself a name in the legal fraternity for bringing high profile cases to book and his propensity to get justice for the vulnerable has characterized his career. Newlin has excelled in injury cases and he has maintained a high level of professionalism in the field for being quite enthusiastic and focused on getting justice for his clients.

Newlin’s journey in the legal practice began when he was a young man in his early 20s when he first joined the police department. His passion to help people and especially the vulnerable pushed him to enroll in the police force where he figured he could use his power and influence to protect and serve others. True to his word, while serving as a police officer, he helped in dismantling major criminal gangs consequently bringing law and order to the advantage of the poor and helpless citizens. As he went on with his good performance and dedicated efforts to make other people’s lives better, he was continually attracting luck to his side.

As fate would have it, Newlin got a chance which was simply a promotion to join the sheriff’s depart in the Orange county. His passion was undeterred even at this point and he continued to work hard focusing on dealing with drug barons and organized criminal gangs. His efforts were proving to be very fruitful and he was achieving major success in the sheriff’s department that he attracted yet another promotion that elevated his position in the force. After a decade of hard work and relentless efforts to fight crime, he was again promoted to become a sheriff detective.

Working as detective gave him so much vigor to serve and help people. As he continued to work very hard, it did not take long before he attracted yet another opportunity to pursue justice for the vulnerable only this time in different parameters. Newlin was offered a scholarship to join the Florida State College of Law to pursue a career in a field where he has shown great interest in. this opportunity became one of the best moments in his life and it was a life changing course in his career. He graduated with a degree in law three years later and established a successful career in both Chicago and Illinois. Newlin has since specialized in injury law where he has excelled admirable.

Purina’s Brand Beneful Keeps Dogs Healthy and Entertained

Dog is a social pet that each individual should consider owning. It deserves a healthy and nutritious to keep it strong and safe from diseases. The dogs digestion system has evolved over the years to accommodate human foods, and still thrive on it. The pet deserves regular medical check-up to identify, and curb diseases in their early stages. Diligence should be exercised when purchasing dogs’ foods to ensure ingredients present would not cause allergic reaction. Some people prefer purchasing ingredients from stores, and making a homemade dish for their dogs. However, most prefer commercially manufactured foods due to their well-balanced nutrition. Commercial foods come in three categories: dry, wet, and semi-moist. The categorization is based on the moisture content. The wet foods are preferred due to their high moisture content that keeps the pet hydrated. In addition, they have higher concentration of both fats and proteins than the dry foods. The wet foods are sterilized before they are canned. Some of the companies such as Purina Beneful allow the clients to bring their dogs when visiting for consultation. Purina is a company that deals in production and marketing of food for pets such as cats and dogs. It has large client base distributed across the globe. Purina’s Beneful brand commands a huge online market. The company has revolutionized the marketing industry by developing an innovative advert consisting of many dogs. The advert known as the Goldberg machine is designed purposely for the entertainment of the dogs. Dogs recognize the noises and sound produced by the ad, and their appetite is enhanced. Purina’s Beneful brand produces healthy and nutritious wet food for the dogs. The ingredients are displayed clearly on the packets for clients to see. Their twenty varieties can keep the dogs busy and happy. The sources of the proteins include the chicken, lamb, pork, beef or lamb. The sizes are convenient for the dogs. The snacks are available in diverse texture and flavor. Purina’s other brand include the Purina ONE and ALPO. Purina ONE comprises of highly nutritious dry and wet foods for both dogs and cats. The ALPO product is comprises dry and wet foods used to flavor, add nutrition to the dog’s bowl.

The Successful Management of James Dondero in Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the capital market. His experience is in dealing with credit and equity markets, focusing mostly on high yield investments. Jim is also a Certified Management Accountant. He also chairs Cornerstone Healthcare.

James Dondero began his career in 1993. By then he was working as an analyst in a guaranty training program. He was a corporate bond analyst hence a portfolio manager at American Express. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from the school of commerce, where he majored in Accounting and Finance.

Highland Capital has been pioneers in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation market. Highland Capital has also concentrated on developing oriented credit solutions for institutional and esteemed investors at international level.

Highland capital management, which is a Dallas-based investment firm, announced the Highland Long and Short Healthcare Fund as the winner of the HFM awards.

Judges who presided the awards undertook five years data under checkup. Michael Gregory manages Highland Long/Short Health care Fund. Jim has achieved so much honor and fame by investing into this fund.

Health care is considered the largest investment sector with over 3 Billion Dollars in assets under management. Highland Capital Management has been investing in the health care fund for the recent past years.

Michael Gregory is also the CIO and the Head of Highland Alternative Investors.

Founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, Highland Capital Management has an approximate of 20 Billion Dollars of assets under management. James Dondero firm is one of the most experienced and huge credit company with experienced credit managers.

Alternative investments such as emerging markets, long and short equities, and natural resources are services offered by Highland capital Management. This firm has diversified client base that includes endowments, public pension plans, and financial institutions.

James Dondero considers Investment objectives, risks, and expenses before investing in a fund. For more information about Highland Capital Management, visit the following link

In conclusion, James Dondero’s hard work and commitments have brought him success in the capital market

The Top 3 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Like Dan Newlin During the Consultation

Attorney Dan Newlin is a person injury and accident lawyer serving Florida and Illinois. He and the other attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are highly experienced. They have and excellent reputation and have recovered over $200 million for clients. Newlin also offers free case consultation to potential clients.

Before hiring any personal injury lawyer, a consultation or interview will need to take place. These interviews and consultations can be intimidating at first, and many people don’t know which questions they should ask of a potential attorney. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask when selecting a personal injury attorney.

What type of cases do they usually handle?

A general practitioner will hand all sorts of cases, and personal injury cases are only part of what they do. It is typically much better to hire a specialist, who will have more knowledge and experience in this specific type of law.

How much experience do they have?

Nothing will hinder a client’s case like an inexperienced attorney without the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to properly represent injury and accident victims. An experienced attorney who understands the insurance companies and court systems involved and who has an excellent track record will definitely do a better job in handling a case and getting a client the compensation of the amount they are entitled to.

What does their track record look like?

If the attorney has many past cases with successful outcomes, this is a very good thing for the client. When a claim is filed, which lawyer the plaintiff is being represented by will have a substantial impact on what an insurance company does. They know which local lawyers will take cases to court and which ones will just settle as quickly as possible. Being represented by a lawyer who has a history of successful outcomes in similar cases can pose a serious threat to insurance companies, and they will be much more likely to cooperate.

A Good Online Reputation Is Needed To Make A Good Impression

It is easy for one to get stressed out and worried over the things that are being said about them online, but it is time that people started doing something about those things, instead of just worrying about them. It’s time that everyone Googled their name and looked into the bad things that have been posted about them online. They should try hard to take all of those things down, and they should try hard to give themselves a good reputation from this point on. It is never too late for one to have a good online reputation, all that will be taken for that it happen is some hard work and dedication.
Darius Fisher believes that everyone should be careful about what is being said about them online, and he has worked hard to help everyone to know what is right for them to be doing when online. He’s helped many people to clean up their images, and he has also helped many people to keep from doing foolish things when online. He knows what is best to be said and done online, and all of the advice he has to give is valuable.
Everyone who hears the things that Darius Fisher has to say should consider how to apply them to their own online image. They should Google their own name and figure out what can be done to clean up their image. Everyone has at least a few things that should be taken off the web, and it is best to take care of that right away, instead of putting it off and letting things get any worse. Online reputations matter, and that is something that everyone should be thinking about as they are doing things online, and as they are trying to make a good impression on someone.

Qnet: the Direct Selling Company

Qnet is a direct selling company which was started in Hongkong by the Ql Group. The company sells a wide range of products from energy, nutritional products, personal care products, home care, and fashion accessories such as watches to luxury goods. The company has sales officials in countries such as Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and franchises in countries such as India and Turkey.

The company promotes its products online on its website. It also applies the direct selling and multi-level marketing model where independent representative recommend their range of products to the prospective buyers. The independent representatives are given compensation depending on the number of clients they are able to deliver. The independent work their own way to win and convince buyers to shop their products.

Qnet has made major achievements marketing their products as well as in serving their customers. The company has been nominated in various award winning events. In 2011 it was a finalist in the Internet Show eCommerce Website Awards; it was also appointed the Best Trainer-in Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards as well as the best team in the same awards. It was also awarded the certificate of the best trainer in Contact Centre World awards in 2011. These achievements and many more are a hallmark in its dedication and commitment in producing the goods and services to its customers.

Qnet Company is also an industry member in several countries in Asia. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association Malaysia, Direct Selling Association Philippines, Direct Selling Association Singapore and a member of Hong Kong Health Food association to mention just but a few. In addition Qnet is also an owner of logistic and propriety IT infrastructure. Some of them include the Cyber Trust Security protocols, several mobile apps, platforms and mCommerce, Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) and has several logistic hubs with advanced computerized warehouse management systems in Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

Qnet is determined to ensure that all its independent sales representatives are treated with utmost respect and care to ensure that they deliver the best services to their clients. It also seeks to educate and enlighten them on their products, so that they can have an easy task while selling them. Qnet has a boundless desire to ensure that its sales representatives achieve financial independence through well compensated pacts.
Qnet team of management and employees are drawn from re than 30 countries meaning that it takes pride in valuing ethnic and cultural diversity.