Newlin’s Changing Line of Career

Being an attorney gives practitioners a choice to make in terms of the preferred legal field that one feel more comfortable to pursue. There are different fields including injury law where legal practitioners can venture and make a successful career. Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Florida whose exploits in the legal practice have captured the attention of many. He has built himself a name in the legal fraternity for bringing high profile cases to book and his propensity to get justice for the vulnerable has characterized his career. Newlin has excelled in injury cases and he has maintained a high level of professionalism in the field for being quite enthusiastic and focused on getting justice for his clients.

Newlin’s journey in the legal practice began when he was a young man in his early 20s when he first joined the police department. His passion to help people and especially the vulnerable pushed him to enroll in the police force where he figured he could use his power and influence to protect and serve others. True to his word, while serving as a police officer, he helped in dismantling major criminal gangs consequently bringing law and order to the advantage of the poor and helpless citizens. As he went on with his good performance and dedicated efforts to make other people’s lives better, he was continually attracting luck to his side.

As fate would have it, Newlin got a chance which was simply a promotion to join the sheriff’s depart in the Orange county. His passion was undeterred even at this point and he continued to work hard focusing on dealing with drug barons and organized criminal gangs. His efforts were proving to be very fruitful and he was achieving major success in the sheriff’s department that he attracted yet another promotion that elevated his position in the force. After a decade of hard work and relentless efforts to fight crime, he was again promoted to become a sheriff detective.

Working as detective gave him so much vigor to serve and help people. As he continued to work very hard, it did not take long before he attracted yet another opportunity to pursue justice for the vulnerable only this time in different parameters. Newlin was offered a scholarship to join the Florida State College of Law to pursue a career in a field where he has shown great interest in. this opportunity became one of the best moments in his life and it was a life changing course in his career. He graduated with a degree in law three years later and established a successful career in both Chicago and Illinois. Newlin has since specialized in injury law where he has excelled admirable.

Purina’s Brand Beneful Keeps Dogs Healthy and Entertained

Dog is a social pet that each individual should consider owning. It deserves a healthy and nutritious to keep it strong and safe from diseases. The dogs digestion system has evolved over the years to accommodate human foods, and still thrive on it. The pet deserves regular medical check-up to identify, and curb diseases in their early stages. Diligence should be exercised when purchasing dogs’ foods to ensure ingredients present would not cause allergic reaction. Some people prefer purchasing ingredients from stores, and making a homemade dish for their dogs. However, most prefer commercially manufactured foods due to their well-balanced nutrition. Commercial foods come in three categories: dry, wet, and semi-moist. The categorization is based on the moisture content. The wet foods are preferred due to their high moisture content that keeps the pet hydrated. In addition, they have higher concentration of both fats and proteins than the dry foods. The wet foods are sterilized before they are canned. Some of the companies such as Purina Beneful allow the clients to bring their dogs when visiting for consultation. Purina is a company that deals in production and marketing of food for pets such as cats and dogs. It has large client base distributed across the globe. Purina’s Beneful brand commands a huge online market. The company has revolutionized the marketing industry by developing an innovative advert consisting of many dogs. The advert known as the Goldberg machine is designed purposely for the entertainment of the dogs. Dogs recognize the noises and sound produced by the ad, and their appetite is enhanced. Purina’s Beneful brand produces healthy and nutritious wet food for the dogs. The ingredients are displayed clearly on the packets for clients to see. Their twenty varieties can keep the dogs busy and happy. The sources of the proteins include the chicken, lamb, pork, beef or lamb. The sizes are convenient for the dogs. The snacks are available in diverse texture and flavor. Purina’s other brand include the Purina ONE and ALPO. Purina ONE comprises of highly nutritious dry and wet foods for both dogs and cats. The ALPO product is comprises dry and wet foods used to flavor, add nutrition to the dog’s bowl.

The Successful Management of James Dondero in Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the capital market. His experience is in dealing with credit and equity markets, focusing mostly on high yield investments. Jim is also a Certified Management Accountant. He also chairs Cornerstone Healthcare.

James Dondero began his career in 1993. By then he was working as an analyst in a guaranty training program. He was a corporate bond analyst hence a portfolio manager at American Express. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from the school of commerce, where he majored in Accounting and Finance.

Highland Capital has been pioneers in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation market. Highland Capital has also concentrated on developing oriented credit solutions for institutional and esteemed investors at international level.

Highland capital management, which is a Dallas-based investment firm, announced the Highland Long and Short Healthcare Fund as the winner of the HFM awards.

Judges who presided the awards undertook five years data under checkup. Michael Gregory manages Highland Long/Short Health care Fund. Jim has achieved so much honor and fame by investing into this fund.

Health care is considered the largest investment sector with over 3 Billion Dollars in assets under management. Highland Capital Management has been investing in the health care fund for the recent past years.

Michael Gregory is also the CIO and the Head of Highland Alternative Investors.

Founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, Highland Capital Management has an approximate of 20 Billion Dollars of assets under management. James Dondero firm is one of the most experienced and huge credit company with experienced credit managers.

Alternative investments such as emerging markets, long and short equities, and natural resources are services offered by Highland capital Management. This firm has diversified client base that includes endowments, public pension plans, and financial institutions.

James Dondero considers Investment objectives, risks, and expenses before investing in a fund. For more information about Highland Capital Management, visit the following link

In conclusion, James Dondero’s hard work and commitments have brought him success in the capital market

The Top 3 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Like Dan Newlin During the Consultation

Attorney Dan Newlin is a person injury and accident lawyer serving Florida and Illinois. He and the other attorneys at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are highly experienced. They have and excellent reputation and have recovered over $200 million for clients. Newlin also offers free case consultation to potential clients.

Before hiring any personal injury lawyer, a consultation or interview will need to take place. These interviews and consultations can be intimidating at first, and many people don’t know which questions they should ask of a potential attorney. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask when selecting a personal injury attorney.

What type of cases do they usually handle?

A general practitioner will hand all sorts of cases, and personal injury cases are only part of what they do. It is typically much better to hire a specialist, who will have more knowledge and experience in this specific type of law.

How much experience do they have?

Nothing will hinder a client’s case like an inexperienced attorney without the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to properly represent injury and accident victims. An experienced attorney who understands the insurance companies and court systems involved and who has an excellent track record will definitely do a better job in handling a case and getting a client the compensation of the amount they are entitled to.

What does their track record look like?

If the attorney has many past cases with successful outcomes, this is a very good thing for the client. When a claim is filed, which lawyer the plaintiff is being represented by will have a substantial impact on what an insurance company does. They know which local lawyers will take cases to court and which ones will just settle as quickly as possible. Being represented by a lawyer who has a history of successful outcomes in similar cases can pose a serious threat to insurance companies, and they will be much more likely to cooperate.

A Good Online Reputation Is Needed To Make A Good Impression

It is easy for one to get stressed out and worried over the things that are being said about them online, but it is time that people started doing something about those things, instead of just worrying about them. It’s time that everyone Googled their name and looked into the bad things that have been posted about them online. They should try hard to take all of those things down, and they should try hard to give themselves a good reputation from this point on. It is never too late for one to have a good online reputation, all that will be taken for that it happen is some hard work and dedication.
Darius Fisher believes that everyone should be careful about what is being said about them online, and he has worked hard to help everyone to know what is right for them to be doing when online. He’s helped many people to clean up their images, and he has also helped many people to keep from doing foolish things when online. He knows what is best to be said and done online, and all of the advice he has to give is valuable.
Everyone who hears the things that Darius Fisher has to say should consider how to apply them to their own online image. They should Google their own name and figure out what can be done to clean up their image. Everyone has at least a few things that should be taken off the web, and it is best to take care of that right away, instead of putting it off and letting things get any worse. Online reputations matter, and that is something that everyone should be thinking about as they are doing things online, and as they are trying to make a good impression on someone.

Qnet: the Direct Selling Company

Qnet is a direct selling company which was started in Hongkong by the Ql Group. The company sells a wide range of products from energy, nutritional products, personal care products, home care, and fashion accessories such as watches to luxury goods. The company has sales officials in countries such as Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and franchises in countries such as India and Turkey.

The company promotes its products online on its website. It also applies the direct selling and multi-level marketing model where independent representative recommend their range of products to the prospective buyers. The independent representatives are given compensation depending on the number of clients they are able to deliver. The independent work their own way to win and convince buyers to shop their products.

Qnet has made major achievements marketing their products as well as in serving their customers. The company has been nominated in various award winning events. In 2011 it was a finalist in the Internet Show eCommerce Website Awards; it was also appointed the Best Trainer-in Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards as well as the best team in the same awards. It was also awarded the certificate of the best trainer in Contact Centre World awards in 2011. These achievements and many more are a hallmark in its dedication and commitment in producing the goods and services to its customers.

Qnet Company is also an industry member in several countries in Asia. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association Malaysia, Direct Selling Association Philippines, Direct Selling Association Singapore and a member of Hong Kong Health Food association to mention just but a few. In addition Qnet is also an owner of logistic and propriety IT infrastructure. Some of them include the Cyber Trust Security protocols, several mobile apps, platforms and mCommerce, Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) and has several logistic hubs with advanced computerized warehouse management systems in Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates.

Qnet is determined to ensure that all its independent sales representatives are treated with utmost respect and care to ensure that they deliver the best services to their clients. It also seeks to educate and enlighten them on their products, so that they can have an easy task while selling them. Qnet has a boundless desire to ensure that its sales representatives achieve financial independence through well compensated pacts.
Qnet team of management and employees are drawn from re than 30 countries meaning that it takes pride in valuing ethnic and cultural diversity.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp Teaches The Next Gen Lacrosse Players

While the popularity of many sports is increasing, very few can match the growing popularity of the game of lacrosse in the United States. While seasonal sports such as baseball and football have their own notable times of popularity, lacrosse is a full year sport that has seen incredible leaps in participation. According to some statistics, the average state to state growth for lacrosse is anywhere between 15% and 20% over the last 3 to 4 years.

While there are many individuals that believe that lacrosse is a game for the rich and wealthy, the truth is far from the fiction. There are people from every walk of life and all over the country playing lacrosse. You can find organized lacrosse teams in just about every portion of the country now. Even urban areas of many kinds have lacrosse leagues and teams. And while many people think that lacrosse is a team sport that is primarily played by Caucasians, there are many leagues in different areas where other races are playing the game.

The popularity of lacrosse is reaching a fever pitch. Its exposure across the country is increasing, and with that exposure comes the need for more leagues and more instructors to people who have embraced the game and want to play it at a higher, more competitive levels. In the state of Michigan alone, the numbers of youth playing lacrosse has grown nearly 15%, and now there are over 8000 individuals, including many teenagers playing the sport. In California, there was almost a 20% jump in the amount of people playing the game, and now it is estimated that over 15,000 individuals play.

There are many places opening up now to train individuals on the finer points of lacrosse play. Places like Next Level Lacrosse have been specially created to cater to players wishing to up their game and play on the highly competitive levels.

Jon Urbana is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse, and has been a teacher of lacrosse as well as a respected player of the game for years. He saw the need for lacrosse teaching, and began the training center with a group of dedicated and highly motivated individuals. Now his camp, situated in Colorado, trains individuals in the playing of the game.

Urbana had a single desire when he created Next Level Lacrosse: to bring players of all levels together under one roof, so they could teach each other the various aspects and techniques of the game. His intention was to help bring out the young and talented players of tomorrow by having them work with the experienced and seasoned players of the past.

Urbana has a distinguished pedigree in the world of lacrosse. He was a player of the game for many years, and was recognized by the Tewaaraton Award watch list. He regularly posts tips and tricks to his FaceBook and Twitter accounts while he and his staff teach youth players the various aspects of lacrosse so they can excel at playing the game.

The game of lacrosse is becoming more popular, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The more talented players of the sport need a place where they can hone their talents for higher levels of competition. Next Level Lacrosse and places like it help players get the support that they need to carry the game on in the future.

Record Growth in New York City’s Luxury Real Estate Market

A recent Luxury Daily article highlights that the luxury real estate market in New York City continues to command the attention of affluent buyers, and both locals and internationals are highly attracted to homes in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is noted that median home sales in these two boroughs place one in five homes in the luxury home category. As buyers are increasingly interested in these cities homes, market prices in Manhattan have grown more than 6% and in Brooklyn home prices are up by 9%. It is expected that market prices in these areas will continue to rise within the next month.

The authors also point out that rental properties have become more expensive than ever, and the effect on long-term housing affordability is causing individuals to expand their search for rental properties into South and East Brooklyn and above 110th Street in Manhattan. Median rent prices in Manhattan have increased an astounding 10.7 percent from 2014 and in Brooklyn, a modest 1.5 percent.

New York’s leading luxury real estate services firm, Town Residential, provided its expertise for the article, emphasizing that the recent record highs in the city’s luxury market will continue to sustain the area’s high prices. Town Residential notes that market prices have increased year after year, and designates the city’s luxury real estate market as very healthy. With nine offices conveniently located in nine of the city’s vibrant communities, Town Residential is positioned to offer easy access to its best-in-class services for its clients, customers and representatives.

Town Residential engages a team of residential specialist possessing unrivaled knowledge and expertise that affluent buyers demand in NYC apartments for rent. Town Residential offers world-class relocation services assisting inbound and in-market executives and employees. Relocation Specialists are carefully selected as an appropriate fit for the executive or employee to provide the highest level of customer service, professional guidance, and neighborhood experience throughout the process. Town Residential has its finger on the pulse of New York City’s luxury real estate market, distributing it market research in its Aggregate Report.

A Man That Has Always Cared About Justice

Dan Newlin is a very successful personal injury lawyer. He is a man that is known all throughout Orlando and far beyond. Dan Newlin has a very interesting history when it comes to his success in the field of law. Dan Newlin has always had a passion and interest in public service. He was only 18 he was working as an EMT for the city of New Chicago Indiana. After that he became a police officer in New Chicago. Next he went on to be a deputy sheriff with you the patrol division and the fugitive division. Dan Newlin was able to receive many rewards and honors for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Dan Newlin Is a man that has true passion to see people get justice. He later decided in 1994 that he wanted to go to school to practice law. He graduated from law school in 2000 and within a short amount of time he began practicing on his own.

Started off in a very small office, and now his firm boast of over 90 Different employees. Dan Newlin works with a team of power packed lawyers that are driven to help their clients to get everything that they deserve.

These are lawyers that specialize in personal injury. Their goal is to help their clients, and they do not take any pay unless their clients actually win. Dan Newlin and his team have been able to get their clients over $150 million in retribution for pain-and-suffering, personal injury, and wrongful death.

While there are many personal injury lawyers, they are all not created the same. Dan
Newlin is a man who has had a history of interest in law enforcement, and also justice. Dan puts his passion into his practice, and that is why his firm is so successful. He has helped hundreds of people, and he and his team continue to do just that. There is no doubt about it, Dan is a man of true drive, diligence, and passion.

Sender and Art Appreciation

The most satisfying thing as an artist is to have someone appreciate your art. This means live and respect it, but to also make the value of the art appreciate. This is simply not possible without a following of art collectors that can actually add value to the artist’s works. If this is not present, the artist will flounder and only do art for the love of art and possibly a boost to their real jobs. This is not understating the value of appropriate art collectors. Collectors are not the people that purchase bulk art for their walls without any appreciation for that work or art in general. These low-level art buyers can support a certain level of art, but because they are not serious collectors with the means to advance an artist by buying their art, they must be catered to with cheap prints and bulk art.

Formerly, these prints were provided by great artist, but with a simple print manufacturing process that allowed the work to be produced massively and sold cheaply. This help the artist because by selling in bulk, they made sufficient money, but it also gives credence to that artist’s original work and their well-made limited production prints. These value added prints or lithographs allowed artists to sell their single masterpieces in a mass method that did not diminish the artist or the work whatsoever. It also served as an advertisement for the artist much like a work does for a musician. However, the internet killed this portion of the art business for credible artists because many minor and much less talented artists started to ply their original works for the price of many of the great artists’ prints. This had the effect of providing these low level buyer with the idea of having an “original” art work for the price of a print. However, it does nothing for the art world.

These art products will never appreciate if they last physically at all. Additionally, because they are sold by the millions, ever body has some type of off-putting poorly done art original or print in their home. This had the effect of making credible art only possible if the artist also had a credible art dealer or collector. A perfect example is found in the Sender Collection. Adam Sender is a progressive New York investor that understood the value of a credible art collector and sought to exploit this knowledge to make himself even wealthier. Sender collected many of the most undervalued, but still famous art works within the contemporary art genre. His acquisitions alone increased the values of these works greatly, but when he surprisingly placed these works back onto the market, their value skyrocketed.

Consumers, Retailers Benefit from Slyce’s Visual Search Tools

Slyce Inc. showcased its full line up of visual search tools as well as services in beta development for retailers at

The visual product search platform integrates with the retailers’ mobile e-commerce applications, so users can snap a 2D or 3D image of an item and be immediately presented with matching products from the retailer’s inventory. Several global retailers, such as Home Depot, JC Penney, Tilly’s and Neiman Marcus, already utilize the visual search tools.

Slyce Inc. used the platform to showcase other proprietary products including:
Universal Scanner
Consumers can snap or scan anything around them to receive immediate information about exact matches or similar results online. The Universal Scanner handles bar codes, QR codes, coupons and any real-world image.
Slyce Insights
Slyce’s industry-first visual search data analytics platform extracts meaningful data in a contextural format from product images. Retailers have a one-of-a-kind look at how consumers are using visual searches to enhance their shopping experiences.
Retailers can use this technology to snap a photo of printed coupons – whether from a newspaper, catalog or receipt – and instantly generate a mobile-optimized version that can be redeemed in retail stores.
Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool using Attribute Matching
Consumers can use this technology to find relevant alternatives to out-of-stock products.

Slyce delivers sophisticated 3D visual search technology technology that empowers limitless applications for customer engagement with companies through the simple snap of a photo using a mobile device.

Squaw Valley Ski CEO and a new chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board- Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth has been in the hotel and the mountain resort industry through his entire life. He now, as the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ CEO, has more than 25 years of experience he brings to the current job, making the ski area the most popular winter destinations for tourists around the world.
He was born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, and started to get fully involved in the industry when he attended Colorado State University. In this period of time, he gathered the experience at the Rocky Mountain National Parks as a backcountry ranger, and a wilderness ranger experience as well, in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. His grandfather was the US National Parks Service Director so for that reason, National Parks have always been in Wirth’s blood.
After graduating from college, Wirth started his career at the Steamboat Resort and Ski Corporation as an intern in 1986. Over the period of 20 years, there had been changes in his official title, though mostly for marketing reasons, until he got a promotion to Intrawest, the parent company.
The firm bought Steamboat Resort and Ski Corporation in the year 2006, and quickly after that, he became the Chief Marketing Officer, and the executive vice president of marketing and sales as well. This title incorporated the management of global and domestic strategy for marketing for every resort owned by the firm. In addition to that, he took on a number of other roles, that included the role of the director of the Mountain Village Partnership which had the goal to support businesses in the area.
The Squaw Valley ski resort, that was lead by the Cushing family for almost 70 years, got Wirth as its new CEO in 2010. He took over for Nancy Cushing, who was the head of the firm for 16 years. Right at the start, he had the responsibility to oversee an upgrade of $70 million of the resort. Only one year after that, the Squaw Valley increased its reputation and got itself to the leading 20 percent in the skiing industry.
Presently, Wirth has turned his focus on philanthropy, apart from his being the CEO. He is one of the greatest contributors to community and environmental service organizations in the area of Lake Tahoe. Recently, he was announced the new Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board chairman, and claims that he is honored to serve at that position as improving air service is of the great importance for the ski industry.

Does Handy Help Home Cleaners?

Handy is an online market for home cleaners and home cleaning customers. The website was conceived by a small team of engineers who wanted to fill a hole in the home cleaning market. Families who hire home cleaners often have very little choice when shopping, and home cleaners have a hard time finding clients who will consistently offer work. Handy brings together home cleaners and clients in one place for an easy shopping experience, and this article explains how Handy helps cleaners who have created careers in the industry.

#1: The Marketplace Is Easy To Use

The marketplace on Handy is extremely easy to use for all parties involved. The customers can find cleaners who are available in the area, and cleaners who need more visibility can set up an account immediately. Customers may search for cleaners, and cleaners can complete full profiles that explain the services they offer. Everyone on the site has plenty of information, and cleaners have access to thousands more customers than normal.

#2: The Marketplace Keeps Prices Fair

Homeowners do not want to overspend on house cleaning, but cleaners deserve to make a living wage. Cleaners on the site make between $14 and $22 an hour for their time, and homeowners are charged a small fee from Handy. The website makes plenty of money, and cleaners are making fair wages for each job.

#3: Handy Increases Its Busienss Every Month

Handy did $3 million in orders its first year, but the site is currently booking about $1 million a week in cleaning jobs. The cleaners who have profiles on the site are making more money than ever, and expansions of the Handy platform allows cleaners to book their schedules full every week. Someone who wants to make a living as a house cleaner can run their business through Handy, and Handy takes a small percentage for their time.

#4: Handy Is Simple

Customers and clients have very little to do when using Handy on appstore. The site is easy to browse, and booking an appointment with a new cleaner is easy. Clients may find their favorite cleaners on the site easily, and a new appointment can be booked quickly. Families that prefer to use one cleaner can go back to that cleaner many times over, and families that are in need of a quick cleaning job can hire the first cleaner they find.

#5: Does Handy Work Like Uber?

Handy and Uber are similar platforms because they provide immediate service to their customers. The Handy site is easy to use on a desktop or laptop, and the Handy app helps customers make appointments on the move. The two platforms are nearly identical, but only one allows customers to get their houses cleaned.

House cleaners are working in a booming market created solely by Handy, and the market will continue to expand as Handy expands. Handy has created a marketplace for house cleaners, and homeowners can find the cleaners they need in just a few moments on the app or online.

Criminal Case? Dan Newlin Is The Attorney For You

What I’m about to tell you is true. I attribute attorney Dan Newlin in saving my sanity, my freedom, and ultimately my life. Honestly, before I met him I was a mess. I had started a family but was not caring for them like I should. I made a bunch of bad decisions to boot. Started invlolving myself with illegal activity. Started hanging with crowds that were detrimental to my growth as a man. Then, I was charged with a crime.

This is where Dan Newlin comes in. OK, I was guilty of the crime. I was stupidly writing checks I knew to be fraudulent. The thing is, I really didn’t care about the consequences. I was on one of those death wishes we hear about from the movies. I had heard about him through an associate of mine who said Newlin had helped to change his life for the better. Needless to say, I was intrigued. My life definitely needed to get better, and I definitely needed to take care of my newly formed family.

The first thing about Dan is his honesty. He told me exactly what he could do for me without all that beating around the bush that other attorneys do. He was straight forward. I had to accept responsibility for what I had done, suffer the punishment, then move on, determined to never repeat the same behavior again. If I would not have met him, I probably would not be writing this. He taught me that the criminal justice system always has the last word. To this I am eternally grateful.

If you are in the Florida area and need a competent attorney who will always fight for you in the courtroom, look no further than Dan Newlin. His reputation speaks for itself. He has numerous connections through the state, and will never take that first plea bargain. I have never met a more intelligent man, completely in control of the legal system. There is no other attorney that will get you the results you are looking for. Give him a call and get back to your life. He did it for me, there is no reason that he will not do it for you. To me, an attorney must put his client first. This is exactly what Newlin does. He has granted me back the gift of spending time with my family, and making an honest living.

The Amazing And Uplifting Life Of Sergio Cortes

It’s often said that no man is an island. We all have a huge amount of influence on each other. At the same time though, some people have far more influence than others. It’s tempting to assume that this might have a lot to do with political influence or similar things. However, in reality the people who often have the most power to really change the world are the artists. And the more powerful the art, the more it can influence the world. Going by this principle it’s no wonder that the artists are the very top of every generation will usually have the most influence. At the moment there’s little debate that the king of pop is Michael Jackson. And though he might have passed away before his time, his influence lives on.

This can best be seen in MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. And one of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that when one looks at Cortes, it’s often Jackson looking back. This is because Sergio Cortes is arguably the world’s most accomplished Michael Jackson impersonator. To understand how he’s done such a good job of it one must first look back at his childhood.

It’s easy to look back and remember how much fun it was to watch TV as a child. But few people can say that they’ve had the experience of a TV suddenly turning into a mirror. But that’s what happened to a young Sergio when the Jackson 5 came on screen. His mother was in the same room and they were both startled by the resemblance. Sergio himself was more impressed with the performance than he was the resemblance. But, of course, the resemblance would be brought up constantly as he grew up. This is especially true with his interest in performance. Sergio delighted in pretending to be Jackson for the other kids in school. But as time went on the resemblance became even more obvious to people. Again, the fact that he was working hard to hone his skills as a singer and dancer made the similarity even more apparent. It’s little surprise that people outside the area quickly took note. And as more people noticed his talent he continued to improve upon it.

Sergio Cortes has obviously been heavily influenced by Jackson his entire life. Jackson’s positive messages about hard work, kindness and humility have all meant a lot to Sergio. But at the same time, by being so influenced by that message he’s able to convey it to others as well. And this is the truly amazing thing about the greatest artists. They can share positive messages with the entire world.

Hiring Healthcare Companies to Offer Home care Services

Nobilis Health Corporation, which is a healthcare service company and marketing firm, has made an announcement that it closed a financing debt of 25 million US dollars with GE Capital, a financial healthcare facility. The facility will be helpful in supporting development efforts of Nobilis, present a new revolving platform for working capital and refund certain of the firm’s existing outstanding indebtedness, comprising of seller note of 12 million US dollars linked to Nobilis Health Corp purchase of Athas health in 2014.

When it comes to your health or the health of a person you love, you should not take chances. So the moment your health or their health is in a compromising situation, all the treatment alternatives may appear devastating. Fortunately, the best solution for this is to hire a reputable healthcare company near you which will offer healthcare services anytime you are in need. Irrespective of their condition, several patients will realize that they have a preference for staying in the surroundings that is familiar to them such as a home. For that reason, hiring a healthcare company will be important in this case.

Hiring healthcare companies for homecare medical services is the best options for people who require medical attention on a daily basis since patients will get the attentions they need from the comfort of their houses. Some of the duties these companies will perform in your home include organizing home medical tools, attending to disabilities and chronic disease, and performing personal healthcare to patients. The doctors from healthcare companies are always available any moment you need them, with no minimum time constrictions. The services are especially obliging solutions for patients who fall sick often.

Finding the right healthcare company to offer you home healthcare services is very important. The moment you get the names of service providers, it is essential to carry out research on the kind of services they offer and their reputations as well.

When choosing a healthcare company, make sure that the company employs highly qualified and experienced staff. After all, the company you choose is going to give you the doctor who will deal with you or your patient directly. You need to ensure that the doctor that the company assigns to take care of you or your patient is kindhearted and honest, and most of all well-matched with your needs. For that reason, insist on meeting with their doctor ahead of hiring the company. Inquire about credentials and qualifications, and also earlier homecare service experience.

On top of giving screened and competent doctors, healthcare companies with a good reputation have appropriate official recognition and authorization of their state and types of services provided. Ask about for these accreditations to ensure that your requirements are met. Hiring a firm that is certified in your country or accredited by a national body is an indication that they are trusted service provider that is operated with high standards than what is needed by the state. If the firm is not licensed to offer such services, ensure you inquire if the company adheres to the rules and regulations similar to permitted medical providers.

Discover The Country’s Best Lacrosse Camp

Leading entrepreneur and Villanova alum Jon Urbana is on a profound mission to prepare young Lacrosse players for future competitive sport games. Notably, his interest in training the youth sparked during his educational studies at Villanova University where he played on the Lacrosse team. His experiences as a college athlete were extremely rewarding especially since he received many awards for his outstanding performance. Currently, he is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is a prominent company that focuses on refining Lacrosse skills for Colorado youth. As the head director of this exceptional corporation, Urbana employed the techniques from his former sports training in conjunction with his mentoring passion in order create the best Lacrosse camp in the country.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s premier offerings are attracting many young Lacrosse players from around the region. Although Colorado encompasses many sports training facilities, the company’s uniqueness lies in Urbana’s coaching philosophy that involves building techniques on the field with an emphasis on each individual’s distinguished interest, position, and style. Notably, the camps are targeted toward players who would like to learn unprecedented techniques that match their needs and skill level. Moreover, by applying their well-proven strategies, campers will have an advantage on the field primarily because Next Level Lacrosse Camp elicits the assistance from some of the country’s best athletes including Denver Outlaws players as well as other renowned Lacrosse professionals. Undeniably, Urbana’s team of highly qualified coaches truly understands the needs of their young camp participants and, as a result, he strives to support this demand with the implementation of customized sport training.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s long-term success is fueled by Urbana’s exceptional portfolio of experiences that include aviation, economics, business development & growth, sales, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, lacrosse instruction, marketing strategy, and start-ups. More about him can be seen at his website.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial pursuit, he was a star player on the Lacrosse team at Villanova University. Remarkably, from 2001-2005, he received much recognition as he was endowed the Tewaaraton Award Watchlist, Lacrosse-NCAA Division 1-All-American, and CAA Defensive Player of the Year. Following his admirable college endeavor, he Co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011. His primarily responsible as a managing partner is to organize and construct proprietary drills for Colorado youth. Alongside his career at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, he serves as the Head of Business Development of Ellipse USA. In this prominent role, he is presented with the opportunity to manage the Marketing Department, which involves the creation of advertising material for revolutionary IPL and Laser Technologies. Moreover, this leadership position also consists of frequent communication with Regional managers.

Notably, Urbana is a participant many noteworthy groups such as CEO Blogs & Executive and Business Leaders Network.

Dan Newlin Provides Integrity to Injured Individuals

Public Service is a Passion
Dan Newlin is a man who has clearly demonstrated a strong passion for public service. He is a dedicated attorney who has the utmost integrity. Mr. Newlin has a solid reputation for excellence. He has a history of serving any community that he resides in. This is an individual who had started serving the public when he was only 18 years old. He started as an Emergency Medical Technician. He delivered his first baby in New Chicago, Indiana. This was only the beginning of his long list of services that he provided to the public. He then went on to become an officer of the law and moved up to Deputy Sheriff with Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He had moved to Florida after serving in the cold winters in Indiana. He then became part of the Division, Fugitive Division, and Tourist Policing Division. His dedication and commitment had earned him several honors and awards. Service is clearly a passion for Dan Newlin.

Carelessness and Accidents
A careless driver has the ability to cause much harm to any person in their community. A pregnant woman had lost her child due the fault of a reckless driver. This woman ended up in the hospital and was burdened with medical bills. She was greatly traumatized due to her many losses. This woman needed the assistance of an experienced attorney. Many people benefit from an attorney who cares. Dan Newlin is now a highly respected and valued Attorney who will not stop fighting for those who have been wronged by reckless and careless actions. Mr. Newlin is dedicated to providing every client with the needed assistance that they may need in order to receive justice. He is proud to serve those in need of legal help.

Currently Many Areas of Practice
The Law Offices of Dan Newlin currently provide many areas of services. This is a firm that has recovered over 200 million dollars for personal injury and car accident victims. This firm is currently serving the Orlando and Chicago areas. Dan Newlin and his team handle numerous cases. These include the following:
*car and truck accidents
*medical malpractice
*work injuries
*wrongful death
*nursing home violations
This firm is qualified to manage any injury case. You can count on Dan Newlin to right any wrong. He knows the law well. He will give every client 100 percent of his attention. He is glad to listen and provide his expertise. If there is a loop hole, Dan Newlin and his team will find it. Those who have been harmed due to the carelessness of another will be compensated for their injuries. This is a lawyer who cares.

Andy Wirth Comments About Clean Power Plan And The Dirty Coal Power

Coal power is considered a dirty source of energy and the nation has been working out a plan to have clean power. Andy Wirth made his comments about Clean Power Plan citing the benefits that are likely to be achieved when the nation finally moves to initiate this type of energy. Wirth said that the adoption of clean power has been touted as the best way the nation can advance its economic growth.
It is time the nation switched to renewable energy. In a recent vote by Reno City Council, it supported the adoption of Clean Power Plan as one option the country would move away from the destructive coal power to a better more sustainable source of energy. Coal power has its own disadvantages, one being that it destroys the environment. This has been a major concern not only to the nation but globally.
Reno City Council has given its stand as pertains to this issue, and it joins other strong entities that have pledged to offer support for the implementation of Clean Power Plan. This is a wake-up call, which will put pressure on the utilities of the nation and the society as a whole to swiftly move forward to tap the clean energy.
Things have really changed, and a new, sustainable and diverse economy has offered great opportunities for the population in this region. It would be a good progress if the country opted for clean energy economy, as it would bring with it many benefits.
Companies heading the switch from coal power to a more sustainable energy are now keeping utilities and officials who have been elected on toes to see the Clean Power Plan come true. In an op-ed that was released through Reno Gazette-Journal, it cited that, this is the right time people are provided with clean energy and it cannot happen later that now.
It is the right moment that gives everyone a chance to ask the officials to act and deliver more so that the nation’s economy can be saved. Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer of a firm known as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He often contributes to environmental issues. He also has a say in community service organizations in Lake Tahoe. Wirth also chairs the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

Why Matt Landis chose to study and play Lacrosse for Notre Dame

matt landis peace
The Notre Dame Lacrosse team for men is one that has engaged not only in competitive sports, but also sports for charity. The team had a program that allows them to give services to the community on annual basis. That was evident during the Thursday 24th September annual event whose major theme was playing for peace. The fourth annual event saw the team interact freely with young aspiring players with no boundaries with a message of peace, justice as well as human understanding.

matt landis peace
As Sam Angelotta, the executive director of O.W.L.S Lacrosse said, the long-term community partnerships are crucial and help in transforming the youth who are highly vulnerable. The result of the program is said to have positive impacts and that demonstrates the importance of such community events. The events also provide numerous opportunities, both for players and those who attend just to cheer and such include scholarships and awards arising from a wide range of activities that take place during such events. It is indeed quite inspirational seeing the success of student in and out of field, with a remarkable improvement in their quality of life. This is probably the reason why Matt Landis chose to study and play for Notre Dame.

matt landis peace
Matt Landis was born in Pelham, NY. At a young age, he demonstrated exemplary performance not on only in sports but in academics as well, which he balanced very well. He played hockey, football and Lacrosse during his high school years, scooping numerous awards for good performance and leadership. Matt Landis also had a broad spectrum of hobbies including reading, shooting, hiking as well volunteering in community activities.

matt landis peace
Matt Landis chose to accept a scholarship to study and play for Notre Dame Lacrosse team in 2010, December. This was despite considering a wide range of colleges which included Navy, Colgate, Massachusetts, Brown and even John Hopkins. The college had commendable academic programs and this coupled with close-knit school community as well as good sports programs were the factors that Matt Landis considered as he chose Notre Dame. Matt Landis performance both in academics and sports were quite impressive since he was a freshman and this is evident in the average cumulative GPA that he attained as well as attaining a good position in the defenseman class of 2012.