Bob Reina: It’s His Pleasure

The work that is being done by Bob Reina and Talk Fusion is very, very special work. They are a video communications company and they have a lot they need to do for their customers as far as video emails, video chats, and video conferences to name a few. They are always ready with the very best in video technology. It is why they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was their second award that year, and more awards are in their future, especially with someone like Bob Reina leading the charge.


People sometimes forget that this man used to work in law enforcement. It was a profession that meant the world to him and it gave him a lot of lessons that are still with him today. He does not forget about those days and how they shaped him as a human being. They have made Bob Reina the human being he is today. It has helped him out with being the man in charge of Talk Fusion. Even though they are very different, the one thing they have in common is this: people. They are all about serving the people, helping the people, and being there for the people. That is what they stand for and that is what matters the most to them. That’s quite noble. Learn more:


As a police officer, Bob Reina had to look out for people, be there for them, and in many cases, save their lives. Now, he is saving people’s lives in a different way by having them use Talk Fusion to snap out of their depression, their funk, and their unhappiness. They are as happy as they have ever been since using Talk Fusion, and they love every single minute of it. They do not take it for granted. When someone has been at the bottom and they get the chance to reach the top, they are really going to run with it and not drop the ball.


They will seize this opportunity and they will get all they can and then some out of it. Bob Reina believes in the people that use Talk Fusion. He knows what they can do and what they will do moving forward. He is going to be by their side to root them on, cheer them on, and support them as they take this next step in their individual lives.

Jorge Moll’s Contributions in Neuroscience to Affect Charitable Donations Positively

With a profound expertise in medical field, Jorge Moll obtained his MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University in Brazil. Later, he received a Ph.D. from São Paulo University in Experimental Pathophysiology. Jorge Moll has great interest in helping individuals that face hard times with conditions that affect their life. Jorge is the current president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. At the same time, Jorge Moll serves in the board committee for the same institute. Additionally, Jorge is the Director for the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Jorge Moll’s all-time desire has been to bring up a world that is highly recognized as a result of both quality research and education in his country.

Jorge Moll together with other persons brings out a light in the culture of charitable donations. This behavior extends beyond the interpersonal interactions among others. He is one of the participants in the charitable donations initiatives. They sacrifice greatly to ensure that they make substantial donations. Jorge Moll runs a day with meetings in different areas to handle diverse topics. He is committed to address student, scientist, associates, entrepreneurs, and the researchers who come from different organizations (Crunchbase). This is to emphasize his expertise and well-rounded skills & experience. Jorge believes that the exchange of ideas and connections is the bridge to success.

Jorge has special interest in matters that relate to cognitive systems, artificial intelligence, and the functioning of machines & brains. Jorge Moll current excitement is the development of the regenerative medicine and gene therapy. The secret of remaining productive in any area, as he says, is through openness, being skillful, and embracing transparency. In an article on live science, giving is a good act and it always feels good when an individual finds help. Jorge Moll had been doing scans on people volunteering through donations and those holding money for themselves. This led to a broad research on animal muscle that giving freely to donations originates somewhere and that is what makes one feel very good about themselves. This is the case especially when one helps a needy person ( They used the magnetic resonance imaging and questions to the individuals in their charitable work. They believe that giving is medicine to a number of emotional and physical illness.

Meat Director-David McDonald

He grew up in Iowa farms and like any other child of his age, he went through school. David McDonald completed his high school graduation and he went to further his education at Iowa State University. Mr. David graduated with a degree in Animal Science. David the passion to work in the farm which also influenced what course he pursued in the University. Mr. McDonlad was lucky to secure a position at OSI Industries in 1991, and because of his hard work and he go-getting spirit e was able to climb the career ladder to become the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the food processing company.

OSI Group is an International meat processing organization and since its foundation n 1909, the firm has been processing foods including pizza, beef patties, sausages, as well as sandwiches among others. The meat firm has been growing with them expanding their portfolio to other continents as well as nations. OSI Group has their products delivered to over 17 countries in the world. David McDonald has been in the front line of the organization’s expansion. During his tenure, he has witnessed the purchase of other firms and well as the construction of other food plants. Some of the organizations include; Flagship Europe, Tyson Food which is a Chicago food plant as well as Baho Foods a food firm based in Dutch and has been dealing with the processing of snacks, and deli meats among others.

As the President of OSI Group, David has been managing a large number of employee and he was recently interviewed and how he has been managing the large number. According to David, the staff at OSI knows their value and the value of their customers and partners. Their success has been built by ensuring each partner understands their culture and their goals making it easier for them to work together to achieve their long-term goals. David McDonald further said that they have been able to overcome challenges through their partnering with their clients and the government. Besides being the Chief Operating Officer and the President of OSI Group, David McDonald is also very active in the society. In 2011 the President of OSI arranged an agricultural tour for a group of students to China and has also been providing internship opportunities for students. David has been the Chairman of Board of Directors for America Meat Institute. His leadership has not been without recognitions which include being awarded the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni.

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Are you betting on the right sites? Covers guide to avoiding scammy sports betting sites.

It can be difficult to tell if you are betting on a legit sportsbook. There are literally tons of online sportsbooks. There is an alarming rate of scammers out there. Luckily, there are legitimate sportsbooks guides like that can steer you in the right direction.

For starters, you can find the real sportsbooks that pay you when you win with This way, you’ll know where to put your money when you get ready to take some real action. also has a blacklist section of ‘scammy‘ websites. will let you in on the real action when it comes to the NFL odds. Members there are also eligible to enter contests and win cash prizes. Just open a free account and you’re all set to take your online wagering to the next level. Receive the NFL odds in real time along with many other active sports.

Members at have an advantage and good playing experience because they have access to professional handicappers that love all sports. Some of them boast undefeated records in the last 30 days of NFL handicapping.

These experts also offer daily free picks as well as paid picks. Advice from some of these handicappers can be instrumental in winning some of the platform’s contests. They also have paid picks that can help you on your journey to building a sportsbook bankroll.

If you’re into wagering and don’t have any funds to deposit into a sportsbook, you might want to get a little practice on You’ll bring your wagering education up to speed in this manner while competing for cash prizes. Although nothing is guaranteed, players can still partake in the challenging contests and be rewarded without having to come out of their pockets.

The main thing is finding a legitimate site to spend your money. It’s challenging enough to win bets. When you win, you want your money. All bettors do when they win fair and square. So don’t forget to go to and learn which sites are legit and which are phony.

Get all the advice you can on the NFL odds and college football odds before placing any wagers online. You may want to subscribe to and stay ahead of the game with up to date betting trends and injury news. At any rate, find a legitimate online sportsbook to spend your hard-earned money with.

Jose Hawilla and the Role of Entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur that is trying to establish a start up business must be ready for all that a new business entails. A large part of the success of these entrepreneurs is based heavily on the amount of work ethic that is put into the next steps of taking a business to the public. Very few businesses are able to survive without a large amount of funding. In order to get the type of funding that you need it will often come down to creating a very well thought-out business plan.


Jose Hawilla is the business professional that puts his mind towards creating the steps to a business plan that can help you maximize your growth potential. Any time that a person is looking at their growth potential they will have to consider how they are going to structure the business.


In other words, Jose recommends that entrepreneurs create a multi-step plan where they can follow up one action after another. Once the business plan is put in play it is wise to pursue a venture capitalist that can fund the business. Once the business is funded advertising should be done to promote the business. Once customers are in place for the business things must be done in order to get these customers ready for repeat business procedures.


There is a need to continue marching in the right direction when it comes creating the next step for the business. Entrepreneurs must realize that they can never become stagnant. Jose Hawilla believes that the smart entreprenuer is going to keep their mind focused on ways to improve the business even after it has already been established.  You can visit  to see more



Jose knows what it takes to create great business opportunities. He has been able to look at a variety of different aspects of business and create growth by following these principles. He knows that every business leader has to have a next step in order to keep the business growing. A good entrepreneur always knows that it is to their advantage to continue making moves. It is always a good idea to be one step ahead of the competition. To see more you can checkout





Youngster Milan Kordestani Makes His Mark In The Equestrian Ring

Although he is still a very young man, Milan Kordestani has done a great deal. An accomplished equestrian, he has competed and placed in the top 3 of several national and international competitions. Kordestani is also the founder and CEO of Milan Farms and is a published author who regularly writes about politics, mental health and agriculture for the Huffington Post. A Stanford, California native, he moved to London with his parents and lived there until they divorced. Now a Bay Area resident, he attended Sacred Heart Preparatory School, graduated and is currently in college.

At age 10 Milan Kordestani began learning to ride horses. While trail riding, a runaway horse threw him off. The average child would be terrified, but when he immediately got on the horse again and rode it back to the camp, it became clear Kordestani was a special child when it came to equestrian. Plus, he had natural form, wanted to ride the most challenging world-class horses, was willing to work hard and was determined to win blue medals. After only taking riding lesson for a few years, Milan Kordestani was riding world champion horses in the highest levels of competition and winning.

Riding CH His Supreme Reflection, Milan Kordestani won equestrian triple crown’s first leg in 2015, entered the World Championship and took fourth place. Then in the third leg of equestrian’s triple crown, the American Royal, he won the 3rd place title nationally. The next year, Kordestani entered the Worlds Championship Horse Show’s Five Gated Show Pleasure division and took second place in his age split. While still a high school sophomore, Milan Kordestani created a poultry, eggs and saffron production company called Milan Farms. He’s the first saffron farmer to use microfiber sponges to grow saffron hydroponically.

Milan Kordestani has received rave reviews in the press. The National Horseman Magazine says he is passionate, dedicated, driven yet humble, has an extraordinary future and is destined for greatness. The Saddle Horse Report newspaper described Milan Kordestani as an impressive young man when he rode Supreme Kiss and became the reserve world’s champion. ​

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The Chainsmokers Come Back 9 Months Later With An Incredible New Sound

To celebrate the recent release of their newest era of music, Drew Taggart– one half of The Chainsmokers, a DJ and production duo since 2012– sits down with Hugh McIntyre of Forbes Magazine to discuss their new sound. The Chainsmokers’ newest hit single “Sick Boy” kicks off a new era of music for the popular DJ duo. Released in February, this is the first single the duo had released in nine months, Taggart stating this has been their longest time not producing or releasing new music.

When asked about the darkness of “Sick Boy” Taggart explained their music is meant to be a reflection of what they, their friends, family, fans and the world are going through during the moment. “Sick Boy,” Taggart says, is meant to be a reflection of social media and the severe importance we have placed on our internet image. He explains the song came from frustration and anger he had been feeling about himself. Taggart stated he had become a caricature of what the world painted him to be, and that’s where “Sick Boy” started.

The Chainsmokers are a world-known, popular DJ and production duo who have been creating music since 2012 starting their business in the east coast. Pall from New York, and Taggart from Maine were introduced to each through a mutual friend and business partner who is still their manager to this day. This renowned duo is known for their Top 40 collaborations like “Something Just Like This” with the famous band Coldplay, and their grammy-winning dance tune “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring, then, the up and coming superstar, Daya. Most notably, The Chainsmokers are known for their hit “Closer” ft Halsey which held the number one spot on the radio sharts for 12 consecutive weeks becoming 2016’s biggest summer jam of teenagers and young adults all around the world.

Is Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME For You?

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more commonplace as the years go on. They are advancing with the technology and becoming safer and in many cases less expensive. It isn’t just celebrities getting Botox and fillers, it’s your everyday person who just wants to feel a little better about their appearance. Dr. Mark Mckenna is using technology to bring patients and licensed physicians together in order to create a personalized, luxury experience that caters to the needs of the patients.

Dr. Mark Mckenna’s first experience with the non-invasive aesthetic procedure industry was when he opened the Shape Medical Wellness Center. Originally located in Georgia in the city of Atlanta, ShapeMed offered cosmetic procedures such as a weight loss and nutrition as well as Botox and laser hair removal services. Shape Medical Wellness Center quickly became popular in the area both for the quality of the services that they provided as well as the competitive prices for the area that they offered.

Eventually, Shape Medical Wellness Center was purchased by Lifetime Fitness and had retail outlets located in their chain of fitness centers. While Dr. Mark Mckenna initially took a position with Lifetime Fitness, he quit the company after it was purchased by another investor. After leaving his company ShapeMed, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to open up another cosmetic procedure business that was more focused on a luxury experience.

This company is known as OVME, which is pronounced “of me” and is truly created to suit the patients. Not only does OVME consist of traditional retail offices that are brick and mortar, but they also allow the patients to order house calls fro their licensed physicians. The goal of OVME is to become the Uber of its industry and Dr. Mark Mckenna is quickly growing it to become just that. It has quickly grown into one of the leaders of their industries and is expected to continue its expansion across the nation.

David Zalik, Early Start

David Zalik is a man who followed through with his plan in becoming the creator and sole owner of GreenSky Credit LLC. He owns more than half of the entire corporation and therefore he is supercharged to the skies along with all the other billionaires who hit it big in their lifetime due to their patience and discipline. David Zalik started this business in attempts to get it to get people the credit and loaning products that they need and are willing to pay for. David Zalik grew up in the country of Israel where his family settled after meeting and birthing him there. His biological father was born and raised in the country of Argentina and his mother was a nomad on the run from the communist government with her family who moved to places like Australia and Russia to avoid the tyrannical hand of the government of communistic pursuits. When David Zalik was four years of age he was sent to the life in the United States with his family and learned then to read math equations and the like from textbooks lying around at the house when he was about five to thirteen years of age. His father was a teacher at the college of Auburn at the time and at the adolescent age of thirteen, David Zalik passed the college exam courses that would enable him to study at higher levels at a young age. He took up the offer even though his parents discerned that it would not be a good idea to go into higher levels of learning at such a young age. David Zalik however, did not mind the work involved in educating himself in this way and did not mind being different from other young adults who attended the school where his dad worked at. He would ride his bike to school and back to attain advanced education studies and took a fancy to some of the girls who went to the same college as him. Out of that interest, he made himself a legitimate entrepreneur in the computer business and later Green Sky Credit LLC.

An Approach to Achieving Your To-Do List Through Upwork

Upwork is a highly reputable online marketplace for freelancers that allow professionals to connect to their subject fields in an efficient manner. Most professionals are highly organnized and in doing so, their influences permeate to a broader range throughout the community.

Upwork concludes that in order to accomplish more tasks and to be adequate about an individuals time, a to-do list is necessary when juggling many tasks that require that persons attention. A to-do list is simple, but in order to be more effective in obtaining your goals to complete the schedule, a person must begin with preparing their list in advance. By doing this, a person will see greater results when preparing their list early in the morning. In the morning is when an individual will have the most focus and highest energy level. Upon starting this agenda, a person should define their priorities and make sure that every obstacle must be written down. To better attack this problem, assigning energy levels to each task to show which will take longer can help prioritize your goals. In order to increase efficiency, this list must all be on one app, or page, or together in a sense.

As the list is created, a person should write down when they will begin the task, when they should finish it, and any room for error. This increases the hunger to obtain your goals because it is being mapped out. Zoom-in on goals and take each task one step at a time, rather than working between tasks and getting confused or missing crucial elements. If some goals are bigger than others, a good concept of breaking them down into subsections is extremely beneficial to progress. In addition, using the batching process to group similar tasks together can provide a way to savor time and get more of your list accomplished. Also, as you work through these tasks, keep re-evaluating so that nothing is left behind and each task is exposed in order to complete.

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Robert Deignan: The Start Up Wiz

Graduating from Purdue University in 1995 with a BS in Organizational Leadership Robert Deignan is not your average company man. He is a highly motivated company man that has gone beyond and above to ensure the utmost for success for the companies he has worked for. However, he is not just your average Chief Executive Officer. He is a man that has held very important titles in a few different companies.

Some of those companies are Franklin Inc., IS3 Inc., and most recently a company referred to as ATS Digital Services. For about almost the past 7 years, Robert has not only been the CEO of a company named ICE (commonly referred to as ATS Digital Services), but he has also been the Co-Founder. ICE is doing absolutely outstanding.

The company focuses on providing technical support for companies around the globe and has been successfully helping countless amounts of people since 2011. Robert Deignan’s company recently under his leadership became the first call center to be certified by AppEsteem. For those of you who are not familiar with AppEsteem, it is essentially a team of Microsoft Cyber Security Veterans whose job is to certify applications and other related services to make sure that all the software used is completely safe for all users. In order for the company to have received this grand certification, they had to meet all 39 compliance milestones.

Needless to say, it is a very impressive achievement and something Mr. Deignan should be extremely proud of. He has had many successful endeavors throughout his career which without a doubt will continue alongside his companies. He seems to be a man of great integrity with a great practice of self-discipline and diligence. It is not easy to be the face of a company, let alone be the founder and take the risks to try to propel it to that next level. However, through hard work and dedication, Mr. Deignan has shown what it takes to build a great company! I am sure this is not the last time we will be hearing about Robert Deignan.

Aging Specialist Dr. Dov Rand

Experiencing the signs of aging can be most uncomfortable. One of the worst symptoms by far are those felt by women going through ‘menopause.’ Although many words may come to mind, there are no words, that can adequately describe the appreciation which is felt, knowing relief is available for menopause symptoms. Dr. Dov Rand, an aging specialist understands the biological effects menopausal women experience. His research on bioidentical hormone therapy goes above and beyond in customizing individual treatment plans to relieve these symptoms for women.

Dr. Dov Rand believes in the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy. A homeopathic approach to hormone replacement which the body will welcome and respond to naturally vs. using synthetic means (Newjerseybio-identicaldoctor). Our bodies rely on hormones to function properly. Research has shown that as we get older, our hormone levels decrease. It is realized that the reduction in hormones starts the aging process, not the fact that we are getting older. The most frowned on aspect about life for men and women alike is the thought of getting “old.”

Through research, we now understand the importance of hormones within the body and their connection with the aging process. Dr. Dov Rand, with his love for humankind, has dedicated his life’s work to extending the quality of peoples lives. He goes a step further in providing individual treatment by looking at biological factors within a persons DNA. Using this method he is able to provide the ultimate care with an extremely successful outcome for all of his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand has spent endless hours on his education and research to explains the impact we suffer biologically due to the decrease in hormones generated over time. Moreover it brings new hope in the realization that getting older doesn’t have to include the aging process. Getting older can now be a positive aspect to looking forward in life. This research not only has the capability of providing an unparalleled quality as we get older, it may also add longevity. Dr. Dov Rand has a regimented approach in age prevention with living a longer quality life as the goal.


Lime Crime’s Commitment to Vegan and Cruelty Free Products.

Are you looking for beauty products that are both vegan and cruelty free? Lime Crime is so committed to taking care of animals that their cosmetics are certified by both People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and The Leaping Bunny Program. Their products are 100% vegan, which means that they contain absolutely no animal ingredients or byproducts including beeswax, whey, carmine, and lanolin. They are also completely cruelty free, which guarantees that none of their products or any of their ingredients are tested on animals.

The Leaping Bunny Program is an internationally based certification program that is based on the combined efforts of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, and 8 animal protection groups in the U.S. alone, including the Humane Society. They also work with groups in Canada and Europe. To attain Leaping Bunny Certification, Lime Crime needed to go through a strict screening process, including making sure that third party manufacturers that they work with are also cruelty free. They chose to attain Leaping Bunny Certification because of their love of animals.

PETA is a well-known organization whose purpose is to prevent animal abuse. Not only does Lime Crime have their certification, but they are listed on PETA’s shopping guide for sources of cruelty free and vegan products, highlighting the companies who dedicate themselves to the ethical treatment of animals.

Not only does Lime Crime make sure their products are cruelty free and vegan, but they also have created a culture of employees who love all kinds of animals. Many staff members have adopted and fostered animals. So, if you are passionate about how animals are treated and want to purchase beauty products from a company that makes love of animals a priority, check out their wide selection of cosmetic products and hair dye.

A Review of Dr. Jennifer Walden-A Rarity in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an unusual occurrence in the field of plastic surgery. She is a woman, board-certified, and among one of the few female plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. In the male-dominated field of plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden continually asserts herself as a top medical professional. Dr. Walden takes the necessary time to understand the patient needs, making her truly one of the best! Walden is a true artist in plastic surgery offering a range of services including face-lifts and nose jobs. Walden implements the latest technology in all of her surgical procedures including 3-D imaging. This process ensures that patients have a clear understanding and have better expectations from the results of their surgery. Patients have the opportunity to make well-informed decisions to achieve natural results without the fear of being pushed into unnecessary procedures. Patients also have access to prior portfolios of patient work that provides them with confidence of Walden’s ability and more

While Walden is receptive to seeing both male and female patients, the majority of her patients are female. Being a female plastic surgeon allows Dr. Walden to build strong relationships with her female patients. The ramifications of women’s’ bodies after childbirth can be difficult to share with a male doctor. Walden provides solace in her patients that they will not be judged negatively. Being a mother herself, Walden shares her experiences and this reduces negative stigma often associated with elective plastic surgery.

Walden is truly passionate about plastic surgery because it gives her an opportunity to provide women with self-confidence again. Rather than living the rest of their lives unhappy with their appearance, Walden gives patients the chance to regain their happiness and zest for life. This drives Dr. Walden to provide an exceptional experience for all of her patients.

Making implants safer by Mark Mofid

Have you ever thought about getting implants to make yourself happy? Well, Mark Mofid does it all the time and it working to make them safer.

Mark Mofid went to school at both John Hopkins and Harvard University he is talked about as a plastic surgeon that really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the safety of implants. Not only is this a reason people trust Mark Mofid but he also has a safety factor when patients ask for bigger implants. He simply talks to them about the way they work and makes sure that the patient really knows the risks factors before going on with anything else. He is also always looking for ways to make implants safer. Mark is trying to find a solution to making them not only safer in the procedure but safer when they are in the body as well.

Because of the education, he has science and how the skin/muscles work inside the body he understands the way they work better than other people do as well. Mark understands things differently from other people because of this education again. Mark Mofid has 8 years of experience in the field. When he was first starting out he knew that there were improvements that could be made in the future. When working on these inventions he knew that the way the implants worked had to be improved. The industry as a whole had to be redone not just reworked. After several hours of research, Mark Mofid found a way to make a whole new set of implants and it has made others in the industry wondering how they could do something similar. These new implants look completely amazing compared to the older ones that have been outdated.

When looking back on the older implants just shows how people that are from the generations can make new things go better.

Hope And Change Are Part Of Nick Vertucci’s Career Move Into Real Estate

There is always a way you can get out of a financial disaster, and while the way to do so may not be something you find right away, there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel. Real estate developer and instructor Nick Vertucci learned this over 15 years ago when he first got into the market and made money by buying cheap homes and commercial lots and renovating and reselling them. Now he teaches other people how they can do it at his NV Real Estate Academy which not only utilizes the classroom to give people the basics of real estate, but also gives them support while out in the field.

Nick Vertucci probably never imagined 20 years ago that he would be where he is today by building a real estate portfolio. He grew up without a college degree and spent most of his late teens and early 20s in poverty. His first chance at business success came when he founded a computer parts sales company, and the money he made doing this did bring some good times for him and later his wife and children, but they didn’t last forever. His business went broke when the dot-com bubble crashed in 2000, and he soon found himself going deep in debt to try and survive. But Nick Vertucci wasn’t about to give up yet, and he found out how real estate might be his ticket out of debt.

It was a weekend seminar that a friend told him about that Nick Vertucci first was introduced to the basics of real estate investments. He had to familiarize himself with industry jargon and terminology and spend some hours researching different tax laws. But something made him believe in what he was doing, and in a few years he began buying properties. It started with rentals such as vacation cabins and ab apartment condominium, and he later started buying individual houses and reselling them. Vertucci had made enough money to retire a millionaire by 2014, but the work was just begun at the NV Real Estate Academy that year. The academy has graduated thousands of people out into the real estate world and has made Vertucci’s secrets easy for most to understand.

Financial Advisor David Giertz Talks About New Tax Limits On Retirement Accounts

In the past 30-odd years, David Giertz has advised many people about financial issues. This is usually in regards to retirement issue, such as how much to save for it, how to invest it, and how to spend these savings in retirement. He also talks to clients about the role social security plays in their retirement plans and when they should start collecting. He has worked for some big financial firms during his career like Citicorp Investment Services and Financial Horizons Security Corp. He became registered with FINRA as a broker in 1989.

Asked to speak about the tax law changes of 2018, David Giertz had some advice to give people with various retirement vehicles. The first one he addressed was those people who have Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). He said that while many people don’t think of these as a retirement account they are in fact the best one out there, beating even a 401(k) or IRA most of the time. He says the good news in the new federal tax system is that the contribution limit is going up. Individuals can now put away $3,450 annually while a family can sock away $6,900 a year.

David Giertz said the 401(k) limit is also going up in 2018. People under 50 can now save $18,500 a year and those 50 and up $24,500. Also, IRA deduction limits are now being phased out a higher income. This is now pegged at $63,000 for individuals, he says, and $101,000 for married people. Another limit going up is on if someone can contribute to a Roth IRA. The new limit is now $120,000 for individuals and a head of household. For married people that limit will be increased to $189,000.

Finally, David Giertz said that the Saver’s credit for those on more modest incomes will be seeing some additional savings. The new limit for this tax credit is $63,000 for a married couple who file together, $47,250 for a head of household, and $31,500 for single people or those who are married and filing separately. All this is good news for those saving for retirement, he said.

O2Pur, A Major Player in the E-Cig Industry.

In the growing world of E-Cigs and personal vaporizers, it is easy to get bogged down in choices. The market value of Electronic Cigarettes is growing more and more every year and is on track to revolutionize the entire Tobacco Industry. Many of the larger tobacco companies like British American Tobacco, Reynolds-American, and Phillip Morris International have already debuted electronic tobacco vaporizers of their own with various methods of delivering the nicotine and flavor to the user. They may prove to be late to the game though, with smaller upstarts like O2Pur offering similar products with a laundry-list of benefits.

While the more traditional big tobacco companies have kept their focus on the tobacco leaf, O2Pur offers a vastly superior range of flavors and strengths of nicotine. With the new boom of the E-Cig industry, it seems that the big tobacco companies are behind the times yet again as they fail to keep up with market demand and the desires of their customer base. As traditional cigarettes fall more out of favor with the emerging demographics, the focus on the tobacco leaf seems outdated. O2Pur offers their customers a choice in how they consume their nicotine, with E-Liquids being available in varying strengths (from 0mg all the way to 6mg) and a wide range of flavors allowing for a far larger amount of customers to be satisfied with their E-Cig. One size does not fit all, and the older tobacco companies don’t seem to grasp this.

One of the other elements of Electronic Cigarettes that has people excited is the ability to customize and build the device itself. While many of the older companies offer pre-fab designs with fixed power supplies, tanks, or brand-specific tobacco cartridges, O2Pur offers a full line of Box-Mods to their customers, allowing the user to customize nearly every part of their product. Maybe the biggest advantage they have over other companies is their price point; not only are their prices lower than traditional cigarettes, but you’ll find them to be significantly more affordable than other similarly-styled competitors, putting them firmly on track to dominate this emerging industry.

Jed McCaleb: From cryptocurrency exchange to Stellar

When he created the first Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, Jed McCaleb spent no time holding onto his groundbreaking website — he sold his Bitcoin platform nearly a year after he built it. For an amazing talent like Jed McCaleb, being at the forefront of these popular cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures as a programmer, technologist, and entrepreneur is quite routine.

Jed McCaleb started making a name for himself in the computer platform building world, in 2000, with a peer-to-peer file sharing platform he developed called, eDonkey. It was the first platform to allow multiple nodes to download files.

Flash forward almost a decade, and Jed McCaleb has a new vision and a new Internet-related platform called As Cofounder and CEO of Stellar Foundation, McCaleb, and Joyce Kim — his fellow co-founder — are driven to solve some of the major bone of contentions involved with Bitcoin, especially scalability. McCaleb stated that he predicts that blockchain technology will spur a universal process for financial transactions, which will also involve stocks. McCaleb believes that is a solution for this untapped business sector, because it is an open-source network for banks that choose to be involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

McCaleb stated that the 2 billion plus people in the developing world who do not have a relationship with a financial institution, could start one under the Stellar Foundation’s tutelage. McCaleb’s Stellar Foundation is a viable business and investment solution, because it can bring cheap, yet secure alternatives for banks and their future customers. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin can bridge the gap between these 2 billion people without banks, and eager financial institutions. And much in the same way that peer-to-peer file sharing software, eDonkey and Napster did.

McCaleb’s vision with is to include banks in an open-source network that is cheap, stable, and secure enough to keep cryptocurrency transactions running smoothly. Yet, even with all these groundbreaking technology projects, McCaleb has time to dole out business advice. When asked what is the key to his success, McCaleb responded that he never let obstacles stop him from achieving some great things.

Knowing The Stages of Change According to Vijay Eswaran

One of the most important things to know is the stages of change when one is trying to make a change. After all, things are going to change in many different times of life. However, people who want certain things to change are going to have to take the time to figure out how to properly make the changes that are needed. One of the best ways to learn about change is to find people who are very experienced with change. These are the types of people who have a lot to say about change and can lead people in the right direction. Among these people is Vijay Eswaran.

One of the most important stages of change is the change that starts from within. One of the reasons that this stage is the most important stage of change is that if people are not able to change from the inside, then they are going to have a much harder time changing from the outside. This is one of the reasons that Vijay Eswaran and plenty of other people advise starting from with in. As a matter of fact, this is what Vijay has done when he has started his business.

The other steps of change are the overlapping effect and the attraction of other change. One thing that Vijay Eswaran has stated about change is that it does often bring pain. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that people want to change is pain. When they have something in their lives that is causing some kind of pain or dissatisfaction, then they are going to do whatever they can to address this issue. It can be any aspect of their lives such as finances, health, relationships, business, or any other area of their lives that has a significant effect on them.