England Rout Poses Questions About San Marino

England got off to a great start in their game against San Marino. Despite the lack of noise from the crowd, England’s players put on a good show against San Marino. They were runaway 5-0 winners in a game sponsored by FreedomPop that was never a serious contest. However, questions have to be asked about a San Marino team that never seems to improve.

San Marino have been involved with UEFA qualifiers for more than a decade. In that time, they have failed to show a single ounce of improvement. They battle hard for the first ten or fifteen minutes of a game before collapsing and accepting defeat. They have now lost their last 30 matches in a row.

Surely we have now reached a point where the powers at be have to wonder if San Marino are being helped or harmed by being in these groups. They are the yearly whipping boys of every other team in the continent. They have yet to win a game against any half decent opposition.

San Marino are not alone in this situation. There are a few other European nations that regularly lose games 4-0 or 5-0. Perhaps a two tiered group system is necessary? This would eliminate some of the weaker nations early on and leave a more competitive field. It would also allow the weaker teams to play against each other and win some matches.

Roy Hodgson will go home with a smile on his face. Wayne Rooney is a goal closer to the England record. San Marino’s players will pat each others backs for a good effort. But did we learn anything from today’s game? Probably not.

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NFL Set to Review Allegations Against Burfict

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict has come under scrutiny after yesterday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. Video seemed to show Burfict intentionally twisting the ankles of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and tight end Greg Olsen.

This could mean that Burfict intentionally tried to injure the two Carolina Panthers players. Which means he could be in for a lengthy ban, and a heft fine.

While the video that Marnie Bennett showed me wasn’t completely conclusive, it’s definitely suspicious. Something is definitely going on there.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Colin Kaepernick Fined $10,000 for Wearing the Wrong Headphones

In another example of how ridiculous NFL rules are, and how athletes are expected to maintain ridiculous levels of brand awareness, the NFL has fined Colin Kaepernick for his decision to wear Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones to a press conference.

The NFL is sponsored by Bose. So apparently, it will cost you $10,000 if you’re seen not wearing the NFL’s official headphone provider.

Doesn’t matter if you like the style of Bose, or if you like the sound quality, you have to use them. Even though it’s the NFL’s partnership, and not yours.

But, that’s just a drop in the bucket for Kaepernick, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine.

Disappointing Rift Developing Between Chris Bosh and LeBron James

When two former teammates do not get along, it is always disappointing for their fans and the average sports enthusiast. Chris Bosh and LeBron James are two of the biggest names in the NBA. Their talents are without question, especially James who is thought of as one of the best players of all time. The two combined brilliantly for four years in Miami. The Heat reached four NBA finals in that time, winning two and losing two. With James moving back to Cleveland in the off season, it appears that Bosh and him are no longer pals.

Despite the rift, it is a little surprising to hear that Bosh and James have not spoken since the MVP announced he will be returning to Cleveland. LeBron made that decision months ago, and soon after Bosh signed a five year $100 million extension with the Miami Heat. Both men got what they wanted and were paid handsomely in those deals. So why are they angry with each other? It’s not like Bosh stopped talking to real estate broker Marnie Bennett after he left Toronto.

James and Bosh are rivals now. They will vie for a place in the NBA Finals in the same Eastern Conference. However, most NBA players are rivals and yet they still talk to each other. Whether it is a phone call, text message, tweet, Instagram message or a WhatsApp chat, most elite athletes communicate.

It appears that Bosh is still upset with James for the way he left Miami. Bosh and James were lured to the heat by Dwayne Wade, but Bosh thinks that they still had unfinished business. James left for Cleveland a lot sooner than most expected, which may be the root cause of Bosh’s anger. Whatever their personal relationship, it will be interesting to see how they match up on the court in this coming season.

Source: Yahoo Sports

The Cardinals are One Win Away From The NLCS

In a hotly contested battle with the Dodgers, the Cardinals have emerged as potential winners in the NLDS. The only competition at this stage that’s really been worth watching. Both the Dodgers and the Cardinals have been putting their all into the competition.

From the narrow victory in the first game, which the Cardinals took. To the Dodgers’ 1 run victory in game 2. This series has been amazing.

Now the Cardinals have gone up 2-1, and have a chance to clinch an NLCS berth. I think they’ll have what it takes, but part of me wants this series to go the distance. If only because they’ve been great games so far, and Jared Haftel and I definitely want to see more.

More Than a Game Between Bengals and Pats

In Sunday night’s NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals, the Patriots not only got their mojo back in an impressive victory, but they also took the time to honor a brave little girl who has captured the hearts of NFL fans, coaches and players. Devon Still is a reserve lineman on the Bengals who many people had probably never heard of until the story of his daughter’s battle with cancer went viral. During training camp, Still missed many hours of practice in order to be with his daughter. The Bengals ended up placing Still on their practice squad in order for him to keep his insurance, and his daughter’s story has snowballed from there.

On Sunday night, the Patriots’ cheerleaders got in on the act by wearing commemorative jerseys in honor of the little girl. The Bengals’ 75 jersey was dawned by all of the cheerleaders who were also participating in the NFL’s nod to breast cancer awareness.

October is the month where NFL players, coaches and cheerleaders all wear pink in order to generate awareness for breast cancer. This is a disease that hits close to home for many players who have lost mothers, grandmothers and even wives to the horrible disease. This year’s breast cancer awareness campaign led by Igor Cornelsen is under a bit of a cloud due to the way the NFL handled the Ray Rice elevator issue earlier this year, but the NFL is trying to put their best foot forward to support the cause. If the Patriots’ cheerleaders actions are at all representative of the NFL as a whole. then the league will be okay.

Cowboys’ C. J. Spillman Accused of Sexual Assault

The image woes continue for the NFL. News outlets are reporting that C. J. Spillman, a member of the Dallas Cowboys’ special teams squad, has been accused of sexually assaulting a female in Grapevine, Texas at the official team hotel. The news comes at a bad time as the NFL is still reeling from incidents involving former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and the Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson.

Allegations against Spillman could prove even more troublesome for the NFL due to the involvement of prominent civil rights attorney Gloria Allred. Allred has stated that she is representing a woman that claims to have been raped by an NFL player but stopped short of identifying Spillman as the player in question.

Another element of bad timing where the Spillman allegations are concerned is the NFL’s celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During October NFL players take to the field wearing items colored bright pink. Additionally, breast cancer awareness messages are delivered during football broadcasts. Some are concerned that the NFL’s efforts will ring hollow this year because of how the league has handled cases involving players accused of domestic violence. While the NFL’s audience is predominantly male, alienating female fans of the game could impact the league’s merchandise sales and overall popularity.

In response to these incidents the NFL has worked to redefine its policy on domestic and sexual abuse. Nevertheless, many are calling for the replacement of Roger Goodell. The NFL commissioner has come under fire for his handling of the Ray Rice incident and similar occurrences.

Rosie O’Donnell Believes The NFL is Propelling Us to War

In her latest rant, Rosie O’Donnell spoke out against the NFL, saying that the recent penalty for Husain Abdullah could spark a harsh blow back from the international community. Seemingly, NFL referees punished known Muslim Abdullah, for dropping to his knees in prayer after scoring a touchdown.

However, as we know now, the penalty was because Adbullah slid on his knees into the celebration. You’re not allowed to do that during a touchdown celebration. Although that rule does seem a little bit ridiculous anyway.

But the NFL also apologized, saying that the officials probably should have been more sensitive to the situation. On the outside, and out of context, it looks odd that players aren’t punished for dropping to one knee in prayer. But when a Muslim player drops to both knees for his prayer, he is penalized.

However, I think Rosie O’Donnell is way off the mark here, and sort of sounds desperate. Comparing what happens in an NFL game, to what’s going on with ISIS, or what could be happening in the Middle East right now is sort of ridiculous.

Fellow NFL fanatic Brad Reifler couldn’t believe the video when I showed him either. I mean, Rosie is totally off her rocker here.

But it does make for some entertaining television I suppose.

FCC Removes Support for NFL Blackout Rules

Looks like NFL fans won’t have to be annoyed when local games are blacked out any longer. According to a new FCC ruling, the NFL will no longer be allowed to blackout games under FCC authority.

Previously, NFL teams in some markets would enforce a blackout on local games, so that no coverage could be found if the team didn’t sell a certain amount of tickets within 72 hours of the game being played.

While the NFL can still enforce this policy with support of CBS and Fox networks, the FCC no longer protects the practice.

Could be a step in the right direction, as it could mean an end to blackouts in general. I know I hate being held hostage on going to the stadium when I just have more fun watching the games at home. I mean I’ve got my friend Paul Mathieson, and we have a ton of fun going to the tailgating parties.

It’s great to get out there, have some beers with other fans, eat the food, play the games. But c’mon guys.

I shouldn’t be punished for giving you TV ratings, and more TV money as a byproduct.

Cowboys Rout Saints On Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football presented a unique performance from the Cowboys. One in which Tony Romo didn’t have to be the poster boy for Dallas’ dominating victory. But rather, star running back DeMarco Murray stepped up to the plate with an incredible performance.

My friend Brian Torchin was raving about the Cowboys. After DeMarco Murray put up an incredible 149 yards and ran for two touchdowns. The performance meant something vital that the Cowboys haven’t done enough these past few years. That was taking pressure off of Tony Romo.

The Cowboys have got to take pressure off of Tony Romo. Otherwise he feels forced into playing the superstar, and then he ends up throwing into double and triple coverage.

But DeMarco Murray hitting his stride at the perfect time is ideal, because it’s really going to be able to change the face of the Cowboys season if he keeps playing like this.

Sort of funny to think about the team everybody criticized after week 1 is now 3-1 and looking pretty good.

Tony Stewart Will Not Be Charged in Racetrack Death of Kevin Ward Jr

An announcement was made on Wednesday, that a grand jury will not indict Tony Stewart on murder charges, in the death of driver Kevin Ward Jr. This means that Tony Stewart will face no criminal charges for the incident.

Kevin Ward Jr died on August 9th, when the young driver climbed out of his car, following a crash on the racetrack.  He proceeded to run onto the track, where he was struck by the three time Nascar Champion’s car.

After announcing the results of the grand jury probe, prosecutors also announced that Kevin Ward Jr was under the influence of drugs at the time.  Having found trace amounts of marijuana in his system.  According to prosecutors, the levels were enough to have impaired Ward’s judgement, possibly contributing to his decision to leave his car following the crash.

Although Tony Stewart will not face legal charges, there is still the possibility of a civil lawsuit.  Ward’s family believes Tony Stewart intentionally tried to intimidate Ward during the race.

Manchester United’s Injury Woes Continue

Manchester United’s injury woes continue with the recent announcement that Chris Smalling is unavailable for Saturday’s match against West Ham.  Picking up a thigh strain in training, Smalling will join Phil Jones and Jonny Evans in the treatment room.  Blackett is also unavailable to play at the weekend, after picking up a red card against Leicester City.

United’s recent injury crisis is nothing new however.  Since the beginning of last season, there have been 116 injuries to first team players.  Originally attributed to David Moyes’ new, and more intense training regiment, the problem has only continued to grow under Louis van Gaal.  Begging the question, what’s really going on at United?

Louis van Gaal is expected to call up a few players from United’s U21 side, to act as reinforcements while the first team continues to suffer with injury setbacks.

[Video] Pee-Wee Football Team Can’t Break Through Banner

Let’s all take a break from this slow Tuesday and spend the next 90 seconds laughing. If that sounds like a plan to you, you won’t even need to move a finger.

All you’ll need to see is this video, captured ever so eloquently in slow motion. While it’s always frowned upon to laugh at kids, we can’t help but be amused at what takes place in this quick clip.

A kids football team from upstate New York just couldn’t make its way through the barrier here. Can’t say whether it’s a lack of strength or poorly planned material on the part of the parents, but there’s a good chance it was a little of each.

Anyway, hilarity ensues. Watch it now. You’re welcome.


Guilder Rodriguez Gets First MLB Hit After 13 Years in Minors

Here’s your heartwarming baseball story of the day.

Guilder Rodriguez is the epitome of minor league journeyman. Rarely do you even hear about a player spending 13 years in the minors before finally getting a crack at the Bigs. Well it happened tonight, and the Texas Rangers’ Guilder Rodriguez made the most of his opportunity.

Rodriguez has acted as a mentor to a bunch of the young prospects in the Texas farm system. As a result, interim manager Tim Bogar decided to reward him with a chance to finally play on the big stage in Arlington.

Not only did he get one hit, but the 31-year-old did it twice, going 2-3 in what included a game-winning RBI.

Check out the hit in all its glory. If this doesn’t make you smile, well, you’re probably not human.


Cardinals Block 49ers FG with Just 9 Men on the Field

What’s more impressive than blocking a field goal? Doing it with not just one man short, but two men short on the field at the time of the kick. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when the Cardinals took the field and successfully blocked a 34-yard effort by Phil Dawson.

This was just one of many failures on the part of the 49ers offense to capitalize on an already depleted Arizona roster that was missing its starting QB in Carson Palmer.

Take a look at the image below and you’ll see just 9 men on the field.

Cardinals FG block with 9 men

The embarrassment continues for a Niners team that entered the season with high hopes and Super Bowl ambitions. After mopping up the Cowboys in Week 1, they’ve now lost two straight games and find themselves at 1-2. Sure, it’s early, but this is no position you want to be in. Not only are the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks to be reckoned with in the NFC West, but the Cardinals now lead the division at 3-0.

SI speculates that the 49ers are unraveling before our very eyes. Is there truth to this, or is it still too early to draw any definitive conclusions? San Francisco has yet another tough matchup in Week 4, hosting the Eagles. Needless to say, 1-3 would be quite the hole to dig themselves out of and next Sunday’s showdown is about as must-win as it gets for a Week 4 game. Maybe Philly will forget some players too.

Redskins Player Takes Painful Helmet to the Jaw

To add to the pain of yesterday’s 37-34 loss to the Eagles, one Redskins player is feeling it in more than one way. Check out this absolutely painful helmet-jaw hit, brought about by none other than a teammate of his. This was probably more pain than any player involved in yesterday’s brawl experienced.

Click here to cringe as you watch it in full-on slow motion. This is one you’ll want to watch more than once.