Brazil Fight Back to Defeat France in Paris

Brazilian soccer has been struggling to come to terms the stunning 7-1 loss to Germany that proved a highlight of the 2014 World Cup. The resignation of head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari was followed by the appointment of Dunga for a second term in charge of the Brazilian national team, the BBC reports. Dunga had been criticized in his first term as coach by fans who saw the soccer played by the team as being too negative and not in keeping with the fast flowing, attacking style expected of Brazil.

in this second term in charge Dunga seems to have found a middle ground as his team fought back from a goal down to secure a comfortable 3-1 victory over France in Paris. Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane headed home for only the second goal Brazil have conceded following their World Cup exit to put the hosts ahead. Showing an attacking style that will please soccer fans around the World Brazil struck back through Neymar, Oscar and Luiz Gustavo to win the exhibition game with ease and continue their 100 percent win record in Dunga’s second stint as coach from what Sultan Alhokair reported.

Eagles Face Position Battles in the Backfield

When it comes to who is going into the backfield of the Philadelphia Eagles next season there is going to be a toss of a coin for a lot of players. Now granted there are still a lot of weeks and a few months left before roster cuts have to be made. But there are four quarterbacks and six running backs currently on the roster. Topping the list at the QB position, the team traded away Nick Foles after a couple of almost productive seasons cut short by injury to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford who has not been healthy since his senior year at Oklahoma before he was hurt in a game in Dallas. But they also still have Mark Sanchez who is scheduled to make $12.5 million less than Bradford this season.

Marc Sparks feels that as if the QB controversy would not be enough of a distraction, then it comes down to whom to hand the ball off to in the back field. With 6 RB’s on the roster and 3 of them virtually guaranteed a roster position it really comes down to Demarco Murray, last year’s rushing leader acquired through free agency from the Cowboys. Ryan Mathews who will make $500,000 more than Murray and came over from San Diego, and then there is Darren Sproles who in his 11th season is still the featured kick returner and punt returner for the team. The rest will probably be cut or relegated to the practice squad.

Russell Westbrook Stuck At Nine Triple-Doubles For The Season

As of late, OKC star Russell Westbrook has made quite a statement of being a true candidate for this year’s MVP award. He has put up some astonishing numbers throughout the duration of this season and especially for the past couple of months. The greatest factor of his dominating performance of late has been the onslaughts of his triple-double performances. His recent performances have truly shown what he can do on the court without injured star Kevin Durant, who was the previous year’s MVP as shown via LinkedIn. His milestone of consecutive triple-doubles this year was enough to beat the previous record holder’s record of consecutive triple-double games made by none other than Michael Jordan. In Sunday’s win over the heat he was on his way to notch the 10th triple-double with a well-rounded performance.

After the game, NBA reviewed and announced on Monday That Russell Westbrook was given credit for a rebound that he didn’t make, giving him 9 (single-digit) for the game, thus taking away a triple-double performance. With nine triple-double performance in the 2014-2015 season, he is 1st place in that category by 6 more than Michael Carter-Williams, James Harden and Rajon Rondo. Come on Russell, show us what you’re made of!

Murray and Eagles Will Be Facing Changes for Success

While the contract that Demarco Murray signed was probably the best deal he was ever going to receive it will never pay off in the dividends that the Eagles are hoping for. Yes, the city of brotherly love will undoubtedly welcome the former Cowboys running back with open arms. But he will not have the kind of years he had last year. The main reason is his running style, coupled with the offensive line of the Eagles not being the shutdown run blockers that the Cowboys were last year. The Philadelphia Eagles have preferred smaller and faster running backs that can exploit their screen game and act as a dual threat in the back field. Not the pound the ball down your throat and run you over style that Murray was known for last season.

So unless as Blogspot reports, the Eagles are suddenly going to change the way they play offense, or Murray is going to change the way he plays running back the five year $42 million contract will be another wasted opportunity for both parties. By taking less money, Murray could have kept going what he finally got started in Dallas. Showing that the faith they showed in him was not misplaced. But all that is in the past now, and what remains is looking forward. For the Cowboys, running backs are a dime a dozen in this league and they wasted no time finding another one.

Ellis signs with Giants

The New York Giants have signed a defensive tackle who they hope will bolster their running defense which was the third worst in the league with 135 yards allowed per game. Kenrick Ellis, formerly with the New York Jets was signed by the Giants to a one year deal. The New York Jets had the fifth best defense against the run but Ellis was depth behind one of the best defensive lines in the league.

With the Giants, Ellis will have a chance for additional playing time as he will likely be a major component of the defensive tackle rotation joining standout Jonathon Hankins. Other defensive tackles the Giants currently have signed include Michael Patterson and Jay Bromley. Dan Newlin thinks that a one year deal can provide Ellis with the opportunity to prove his value and potentially sign a more lucrative contract for a long term deal going forward if he succeeds with the Giants.

Ellis described himself as a journeyman who takes on multiple blockers and who specializes in stopping the run. He indicated that this is his role and he loves to do so in order to help his team succeed, calling himself the big guy in the middle of the line. Ellis has 66 tackles over his 4 year career and only one sack. As an added benefit Ellis will not have to move as both the New York Jets and Giants are in the same area.

24 and Retiring


He has played just 1 year in the National Football League, and he is retiring.

Chris Borland is 24 and a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers football club. He has decided to retire for health concerns. No, Chris did not suffer any serious injuries his rookie year, but because of the mounting evidence that there is a direct link to neurodegenerative disease and professional football, Chris has decided to put his helmet on the shelf.

2 ESPN writer authored a book in 2013 stated Dr Jennifer Walden. The title is League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. The book has caused many of these football players to look at their long-term life. Chris did exactly that, and this is why he is retiring. Many other teammates and players that know Chris have tweeted their support and understanding. Trent Baalke is the 49ers General Manager and has also voiced his strong support of Chris’ decision.

Maybe it is time the league looks for improved safety for the possibility of concussions.

NFL Rookie Quits the Game Over Brain Injury Fears

The San Francisco 49ers have been rocked by the decision of linebacker Chris Borland to retire from the game at the age of just 24, ESPN reports. Borland started eight games for the 49ers in his rookie season after replacing the injured Patrick Willis in the sixth game of the season and retaining his place in the starting lineup for the 49ers over the remainder of the season. Borland stated he did not have any issues with brain injury symptoms, but had decided to call it quits amid fears he would be affected by neurodegenerative disease in later life, and how it could affect their future work resume.

Borland was a third round draft pick for the 49ers out of the University of Wisconsin where he had been a valuable and decorated member of the Badgers defense. The linebacker stated he had been diagnosed with two concussions in his lifetime, one from football and the other sustained in a soccer game during his school years. The 49ers released a statement saying they supported the decision of Borland to quit the game as they understood he had worked with concussion researchers to determine the future risks to his health. Fellow players had a mixed reaction on Twitter to the news with some supporting the decision made by Borland, but others stated they loved the game too much to retire before they felt their bodies couldn’t handle it anymore.

Live Kidney Donor’s Life Saved during Transplant Operation

More than 100,000 people need kidney transplants in the United States each year. Many of those who received transplants did so through a deceased person’s donation. There is the option of finding a living donor, but the chances are slim because it is hard to find people willing to go through the process. That is why one preacher in North Carolina decided that he would help one man by donating a kidney.

The preacher was tested to see if he was a match and the tests proved successful. Fersen Lambranho said the transplant would take place and it would be successful. An amazing thing happened during the operation though. The doctors found that the preacher had an aneurysm in one of his veins leading to the kidneys. The aneurysm could be deadly, but thanks to the transplant operation, they found something that was not found on original tests. The operation took double the time that it should have because doctors had to remove the aneurysm as well. The good news is that both patients lived to tell their stories.

People who are waiting on a kidney transplant are generally on dialysis, a physically draining process, that helps drain the kidneys in order to keep the patient alive until a transplant is available. It can take years to find a kidney that matches, if it happens at all. It might be a good time for people to consider getting tested to be placed on a registry so they can help save another person’s life.

University of Kentucky Making History Right Before Our Eyes

University of Kentucky’s Path To The Final Four

The University of Kentucky has rightfully earned NCAA’s number 1 overall seed as expected and will face either Hampton or Manhattan in the round of 64 and either Cincinnati or Purdue in the round of 32. Notre Dame is the number 3 see, Kansas is number 2 with Maryland being at number 4.

CBS typically reveals the four number 1 seeds towards the beginning of the selection show. However, the broadcast company has decided not to continue on with such traditions this year in order to drag out a sense of suspense said Dr Jennifer Walden. Wisconsin, Duke and Villanova were the other colleges given number 1 seeds. Virginia was snubbed and given the number 2 seed in Villanova’s region. The race for the number 1 seed took on more importance this season due to the assurance of not being faced with playing top-ranked Kentucky until the Final Four. Kentucky is 34-0 this season and is the very first team from a power conference to enter the tournament undefeated since Indiana’s national title team of 1976.

Darrelle Revis Comes Back to New York.


Darrelle Revis told the New England Patriots, “Thank you for the ring, but I’m going home.” as he stated on twitter. The star cornerback, who played a huge part in New England’s latest championship run, made it clear that he wanted a change of scenery. It didn’t take long for Revis to find his way back home to the Meadowland, where he would rejoin the New York Jets on one of the biggest cornerback contracts of all time.

Revis told reporters that he chose to ‘follow his heart’ and ‘not the money’ when he returned back tot he New York Jets. That sounds like something straight out of a Disney movie, but it’s true, er, kind of. Revis signed a 5 year contract with New York for 70 million dollars, $39 of which is fully guaranteed.

Revis started his career with the New York Jets back in 2007 and he played for the team until 2012. It was here that he established himself as one of the most dominating defensive players in the game. In fact, his cerebral awareness on the field typically so turns off opposing quarterbacks that he doesn’t even always have a dirty jersey.

New England had until this past Monday to initiate an option in Revis’ contract in order to keep him for another year. New England understandably passed considering the option would pay Revis an insane amount of second year money. Now Revis will be a thorn in New England’s side, this time wearing the green and white.

NFL Free Agency Starts with Flurry of Trades

A flurry of trades marks the start of the NFL free agency with big names switching teams in addition to a vast number of signings.

The most surprising trade of the day was the Philadelphia Eagles trading for Sam Bradford the former first pick in the draft from the St. Louis Rams as well as some undisclosed draft picks. In exchange the Rams acquired quarterback Nick Foles. Bradford showed signs of being an franchise quarterback caliber player during his career with the Rams but was often injured and missed significant playing time during the past few seasons.

Another blockbuster trade occurred between the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks with the Saints shipping star tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks in exchange for center Max Unger and a first round draft pick. Minhateca says the move allows the Seahawks to gain a down the field threat and provides the Saints with the ability to clear cap space that has been restraining the team for the past few seasons.

Beyond this previously announced trades of Brandon Marshall to the New York Jets and Lesean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso were finalized by both teams.

This along with some free agent signings has kept general managers around the league as well as reporters busy reporting on the activity. While the moves have been announced clear trade winners and losers won’t be known until the season progresses.

Free Agency News Includes Shocking Retirements

Amid all of the activity of free agent signings and trades there came word from three different players who were still right in the prime of their career who have decided to call it quits instead of continuing to chase their NFL dreams.

Jason Worilds was the cream of the linebacker free agent crop. The 27-year-old was expected to attract a lot of attention from teams and a multi-year contract with a lot of zeroes but instead he chose Tuesday to announce his retirement insetead.

Worilds Retires

Worilds joined two other NFL starters in his path to retirement. Fellow linebacker and NFL All-Pro Patrick Willis, who played his entire career with the San Francisco 49ers also announced his retirement earlier this week at the age of 30. He struggled with the choice but explained that his body could not continue to take the rough pounding that an NFL season can deliver.

Willis Explains Reasons For Retiring

Another young player who will be entering his golden years a bit early is Jake Locker stated The University of Washington standout had a chance to win the starting quarterback job in Tennessee but after four years for the club had failed to do so and like Worilds was an unrestricted free agent who had attracted some early attention from other clubs. Locker’s reasoning was cut and dry, he simply didn’t have the desire to continue to play the game.

Locker Hangs It Up

As more and more facts come out about how much of a taxing the rigors of the NFL can take on a body, and with contracts growing higher, you may see more players saving their money and joining Worilds, Willis, and Locker in early retirement.

NFL Investigation on Tap

The NFL has announced that they will be investigating free agency violations with teams entering into formal deals with free agents before they are allowed to on Tuesday. There was no mention of what penalties the possible violations may result in.

The rules currently in place have changed over the past few years and many team officials find the current rules confusing and contradictory. The rules in place for the 2015 free agency period allow teams to begin discussing with unrestricted free agents on Saturday March 7 at 4pm but allow no contracts to be formally entered into until Tuesday, March 10th.

This three day negotiation period was not meant to result in the final negotiation of contracts and the NFL communicated to teams to indicate that no formal contract offers can be made during the negotiation period. Further, Haidar Barbouti suggests no express or implicit agreements can be reached during the period. However, it appears as if many teams have reached formal or implicit agreements with teams including the Miami Dolphins with former defensive tackle Suh for a contract worth $114 million over six years and Bryon Maxwell who came to an agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles under a five year $54 million agreement.

Players are able to sign with the prior teams during this period of time, however, and many have announced that they have come to terms with their prior employers during this period.

German Woman Confirmed Dead While Fighting Against IS in Syria

A young German woman died in Syria over the weekend while fighting against the Islamic State group with Kurdish forces. A communist group based in Turkey verified the story on Monday. She was 19 years old.

The woman, Ivana Hoffmann, was killed while fighting with YPJ, a unit within the Kurdish forces that is made up of strictly female fighters. Prior to her death, Ivana was fighting with her unit near Tel Tamr, a small town in the northeastern part of Syria. She had only joined the YPJ in Syria two months ago, but had been drawn to the communist movement in Germany and joined the MLKP when she was still very young.

Ricardo Tosto says there have been an estimated 100 Western fighters who have joined the Kurdish forces to defend Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State, as reported by Globo. When Ivana died on the front lines, she was protecting a number of small villages with predominantly Christian populations from recent advancements made by Islamic State forces.

A spokesman for the Kurdish PYD in Europe confirmed the story and presented a photo of the woman posing in uniform with three other Western fighters who joined the Kurdish forces.

German officials have so far declined to comment on the death of Ivana Hoffmann.

Bangladesh knock England out of the cricket World Cup

In a surprise result Bangladesh have beaten england in the cricket World Cup to claim their spot in the quarter finals and knock England out of the tournament, the BBC reports. In losing to Bangladesh, England lost to every test playing nation in the pool A group, which saw Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand beat England easily. A solitary win so far is England’s worst World Cup performance in their history, with the English team facing a final game against Afghanistan to salvage some pride.

According to Susan McGalla, Bangladesh reach their second quarter final stage of the tournament in their history and are joined by the three teams that managed heavy victories over England. The English side had entered the tournament after a terrible run of form that had seen them slip down the world rankings to below the three test playing nations in their group. Victory over Scotland had given England a chance to qualify for the quarter finals, but the loss to Bangladesh means England remain without a World Cup victory and have only a single appearance in the final in 1992 on their record.

The Beauty Of March Madness

The beauty of march madness is that it has buzzer beaters. However, they are starting early stated Zeca Olivera. Bryant has gotten help from a buzzer beater to keep their hopes alive, and the conference tournaments are going to start soon. These tournaments are going to help the teams that deserve a place to prove it, but they are also going to make it much easier to enjoy the game. College basketball is very boring, and we need to have something that is going to spice it up.

When you are watching college basketball, you need to remember that you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. You are looking for ways to enjoy the game, and you need to make sure you are gravitating to the games that are going to be close. When you are going to watch March basketball, remember that you can change the channel to find just the right game. You need to remember that it is hard for people to enjoy the game when they cannot see these buzzer beaters, and you need to know when to turn a game off. Discern between good and bad basketball so your watching will be more fun this month.

Wilkins Gets His Due

We often forget that Dominique Wilkins is the best basketball player in the history of the state of Georgia. He took a very lowly UGA basketball team to the 1983 Final Four, and he is the best player in the history of the Atlanta Hawks. He was able to get real trash talk from Larry Bird, and he is known as the human highlight reel. He won the dunk contest, and he drug around a Hawks franchise that has never seen anyone like him before or since.

He was the best player in the franchise’s history, and thy finally put a statue of him outside of their arena. I have walked by this area many times, and I cannot wait to go back down there to see the statue. Jason Halpern and others feel this is fitting tribute to someone who is still relevant in the NBA world today. He works with the Hawks, and he is well respected all over the basketball world.

When everyone who is anyone shows up to your statue ceremony, you know that you are truly loved. The entire state of Georgia has Nique to thank for turning the state into a basketball hungry state that will devour any and all good play it sees.

Where Do The Eagles And Chip Kelly Go Without LeSean McCoy

One of the biggest sports stories to hit the internet in the last couple days was the move by the Philadelphia Eagles to trade their star running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills. In exchange for McCoy, the Eagles will receive linebacker Kiki Alonso. Although the deal cannot be official until March 10th when the new league year begins, the deal is done. It is a shocking move because McCoy is the all-time leading rusher for the Eagles and still producing at the relatively young age of 26. However, it seems that head coach Chip Kelly is running the show and McCoy was expendable.

According to the west orlando news, the story express that McCoy is unhappy about the trade. He played his whole career in Pennsylvania from High School, to College at Pittsburgh, to the NFL. It is understandable that he does not want to be moved, and he is now expressing his frustration over the situation. Yet, when the Eagles hired Chip Kelly in 2013, they gave his full personnel control. The Philadelphia Eagles are Chip Kelly’s team, not LeSean McCoy’s.

Yet, it still is not clear exactly what Chip Kelly’s plan is for the Eagles. In the past two years they have releasedDeSean Jackson, a Pro-Bowl receiver, and McCoy. These were two stars of the franchise. Maybe Kelly is simply remaking the Eagles to be exactly the kind of football team he wants and not structured around players that were given to him when he became head coach. It’s all or nothing now Kelly. Let’s see what you can do.

Eagles and Bills Make Shocking Trade

Eagles and Bills Make Shocking Trade

Throughout the entire history of the NFL, shocking trades for players in between teams is as common as they can be. One of these very shocking trades came on Tuesday evening.

In a very stunning display of events, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to trade running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills, who in return would send linebacker Kiko Alonso to the Eagles. A fitting trade for Alonso, given that he once played under Eagles head coach Chip Kelly during their respective tenures at the University of Oregon.

As for McCoy, he had an illustrious career with the Eagles, first drafted in 2009 and spending the last six years as a key player on the team’s offense and major sponsors like Imaging advantage would be happy to keep him. Despite his skills and versatility, some of his numbers fell off during the 2014 season, as he managed only five touchdowns and saw his yards per carry drop from 5.1 to 4.2. This led to the possibility that McCoy may not return to the Eagles in 2015.

On the other hand, Alonso was first drafted in 2013 and racked up 159 tackles during his rookie season, along wit four interceptions and even won a Pro-Football Weekly Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. However, he was sidelined for all of the 2014 season due to an ACL tear, but is improving.

The trades are clearly efforts by both coaches to rebuild teams.

The Iconic Luxury Hotels of the Dorchester Collection

The 10 five-star hotels of the Dorchester Collection are known for their individual “personalities”, elegant accommodations, high-quality restaurants and personal attention. Each hotel reflects the distinctive culture and history of its location. Currently the Collection includes three in the United Kingdom, two in the United States, two in Paris, two in Italy and one in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Dorchester is located in the Mayfair District of London, overlooking Hyde Park. The Dorchester opened in 1931 and includes custom-designed luxury suites literally fit for a king. Next door the 45-room hotel known as 45 Park Lane is the smallest of the Collection. It resembles a private, contemporary residence. This hotel specializes in highly personalized service, assigning a personal host to every room.

The third British hotel, Coworth Park, borders Windsor Great Park near Ascot. Formerly a manor house estate, it now hosts visitors for private country retreats and a lot of outdoor activities including, of course, horse riding.

Both Paris hotels are palatial in design and luxury. The Hotel Plaza Athenee is located in the heart of the haute-coture fashion district and offers views of the Eiffel Tower. Le Meurice, ranked as one of the most elegant in the world, overlooks Tuileries Garden. Seven of its floors are appropriately furnished in Louis XVI style denoting its conversion from the first palace built in Paris in 1835. More information on the history can be found on Wikipedia.

Historic Le Richemond in Geneva, built in 1875, is the oldest hotel in the city. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, it features cosmopolitan décor and dining along with beautiful mountain views.

The two Italian hotels feature Italian marble throughout the buildings. Hotel Eden in the heart of old Rome features a classic Italian look. Visitors enjoy the view and the food in the three-star Michelin rated rooftop restaurant. Milan’s Hotel Principe de Savoia opened in the 1920s and blends modern conveniences with 19th century décor.

Los Angeles Bel-Air and the Beverly Hills Hotel each nestle in 12 acres of lush tropical gardens. The Beverly Hills Hotel features colorful early Hollywood décor, while the Bel-Air uses more subdued colors. The latter began as a 1940s private estate.

The Collection’s managing company is part of the Ministry of Finance of the small, sovereign state of Brunei located on the northern coast of Borneo in Malaysia. Ruled by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei is one of the 10 richest countries in the world.