The Avengers May Get Some Support From The Defenders

Globo said that even though Avengers: Age of Ultron has yet to be released in theaters, Marvel Studios is hard at work on putting together the next two films, Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. Right on cue, rumors about the Infinity War films are arising. One intriguing (and, hopefully, true) rumor is the Netflix version of The Defenders is going to get a prominent role in the film.

Netflix recently debuted a Daredevil streaming series and has more in the pipeline. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones are all getting their own solo series. Netflix has plans to bring them together for a new, live-action version of The Defenders. In the comic books, The Defenders started out as Doctor Strange, The Hulk, and The Sub-Mariner and then eventually become an ensemble cast similar to The Avengers. In time, The Defenders became somewhat of a humor book. The original run of the book had a loyal fan base but, sadly, cancellation ended the series when sales dipped.

The Netflix version of The Defenders is not going to wallow in humor. Look for the series to have a gritty feel to it.

The presence of The Defenders in Infinity War Part II is going to greatly help get across the “threat to the universe” theme present in the story line. Of course, Netflix and Marvel surely will benefit from increased subscriptions thanks to the huge promotional boost an appearance in Infinity War Part II will deliver.

Peterson Restated

Adrian Peterson, the star running back who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, was reinstated into the league effective this Friday after a ban that started in the second game of the 2014 season. The cause of the ban was Adrian using a switch, or stick, to strike his five year old son as a disciplinary measure, for which he was arrested. Eventually, the arrest was settled with a probation and some instructional classes.

Critics of the punishment indicated that the punishment against Adrian was significantly more severe than the one initially applied to Ray Rice who was punished for punching his then fiance and now wife in the face. After NFL commissioner Rodger Goodall was criticized by the media for the leniency shown to Ray, the punishment against Adrian became more severe.

Adrian is contesting the disciplinary measures placed against him by the Vikings and is trying to be traded to another team. Minnesota is trying to welcome him back to the team but there is no certainty regarding where and who he will play for in the coming season. There are also concerns regarding how effective of a running back he will be when he returns as he is 30 years old which is when running backs begin to decline.

Still, many teams appear likely to take a chance on Adrian given his near dominance of the league throughout his time playing for the Handy Vikings.

Odin Lloyd’s Mother Forgives Hernandez

As soon as the verdict was read “guilty of murder in the first degree” several mixed emotions swirled around the court room. Aaron’s mother, who raised Aaron and his Fiance who grieved as the thought of never seeing Aaron again brought tears to the both of them. But the most impressive response was that of Odin’s mother, Ursula Ward cries out as Hernandez was convicted to murder in the first degree.

Later when speaking to the media, she says “I miss my baby boy so much”. such words touch our hearts, but what really surprised everyone is when Ursula goes on to speak about how she felt when burying her sons and how she had forgiving Hernandez for killing Odin. “I forgive the Hands of the people who had a hand in my son’s murder, even before or after” these are very meaningful words aimed towards someone who stole the life of her loved one so violently. Not only did she forgive Aaron, but she prays and hopes that the rest of the world can forgive him as well in time for what he has done.

Such a sincere but sad thing for her to say given the situation, but Ursula sat back down almost relieved that justice may be served and her son, Odin Lloyd may finally rest in peace. USP reported that this gives America a sense of relief that the justice system did its duty.

Mets Lose David Wright to Injury

It has only been a few weeks into the start of the MLB season and already there seem to be problems. One of those problems came to the New York Mets in their last game.

Tuesday night, the Mets played against the Philadelphia Phillies and ended the game with a close 6-5 win. However, the win was marred with the knowledge that Mets third baseman David Wright had injured himself before the end, specifically getting a hamstring injury while trying to steal third base.

Team manager Terry Collins did not know how serious the injury was, but said that Wright would’ve kept quiet about it if was something he could easily shrug off, but he will have an MRI later. There is also the possibility that his injury is bad enough to land him on the disabled list for a while, which would create more hurdles for the Mets as the season goes on.

Wright’s injury would not be the first time where he was missing playing time, because in 2011 he suffered back problems, a thigh strain in 2013 and shoulder pains from last season. Even worse is that since Wright is 32 years old, injuries tend to become more significant and likely to happen. Coupled with a drop in productivity also coming with age, this leaves room to wonder his performance levels can regain their strength.

Bonds Says People Should Be Happy for Rodriguez

Alex Rodrguez is only five home runs away from tying Willie Mays with 660 home runs for 4th on the all-time home run list. If he ties Mays, A-Rod will get a 6 million dollar bonus. While most fans are rooting against Rodriguez, all-time home run leader and Godson of Mays, Barry Bonds, says you should be happy for him.

Many people have to questions Bond’s motivation here. He is probably taking glee in baseball having to deal with such a thorn as at the end of his career, baseball wasn’t very nice to him. And the better Alex plays, the bigger the thorn.

Bonds is also a known instigator. He loves to cause problems and stir the pot. To say he is an antagonist would be an understatement. And this is a great chance to spur news.

Finally you must also acknowledge that Bonds is an egomaniac. Is there any chance at all that this is just one more opportunity to get his name into the headlines as this quote was discussed all across the sports world.

Fans at STX Entertainment ( agree that most people would expect Bonds to be more defensive of his Godfather (even though he says Mays will be happy for him) but I guess this is really Bonds being Bonds. As far as for Alex, once he passes Mays we probably don’t have to worry for a while as he has to hit 54 more home runs to catch Babe Ruth at 714.

Spectacular Outing for Jordan Spieth

Atop the leader board at the Masters Golf Tournament is a new name – Jordan Spieth. His name may not be familiar now, but it will be soon. At 21, he is now the second youngest player to put on the green jacket and win this prestigious event. His putting was brilliant in Augusta and he posted an 18-under par to win the event. There were many broken records on his way to this win — including the most birdies with 28, surpassing Phil Mickelson’s mark of 25.

Although he is a few months older than Tiger Woods, who won this event at age 21 in 1997, Spieth is already being compared to Tiger in many ways. He concedes that he’ll not hit the ball as far as Tiger or Rory (McIllroy), but he does make it up in his ability to hit the ball with great accuracy. Caddie Michael Greller counseled Spieth to trust his instincts, and that seems to be working for Jordan right now Alexei Beltyukov predicts!

Ben Simmons On His Way To NBA Stardom

Ben Simmons is a big man player from high school who has the court-vision of a point guard. He is already being looked at by several NBA teams at the age of 18. However, the only think holding him back from entering the draft next season may be his age. He has the ability of guarding SG’s, SF’s, and PF’s. He is extremely talented and has no problem defending 7-foot players. NBA scouts are recommended to skip him to evaluating the next player as he is deemed as being proficient enough to play in the league.

Simmons is currently the headliner of the Hoop Summit held on Saturday. Sultan Alhokair said it is a camp that matches top teenage basketball players on an international level against an American squad full of top level players from the senior grade of high school. NBA scouts are also reporting that he may be 2016’s 1st overall pick of the NBA draft. He led his high school to 3 straight title matchups in the High School Nationals tournament which is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. He has been quoted as saying that he definitely wouldn’t mind being the top pick of 2016’s NBA draft. However, he has also be stated as saying that there is a long way to go for him.

Barcelona is the Dream Team of Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala is one of the top formed players in this season for Palermo, and many of the big clubs are interested to sign. However, the young talent has showed interest to join Barcelona only if they attempt to sign the player.

The 21-year-old youngster has been playing great for the Serie A team, Palermo by scoring 12 games in 24 games. Moreover, he has assisted 7 more goals in the 2014-15 campaign. Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Napoli, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund are interested to sign the Argentine striker.

But, Paulo Dybala has showed interest to join La Liga instead of joining Serie an other club as well as Premier League and Bundesliga. Therefore, this could be a great plus for Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, according to NJbizz.

The young talent was asked about his dream club in the upcoming transfer season because many big clubs are waiting to grab the player. Paulo Dybala said, “I would swim for Barcelona if they want me. Barcelona is the only dream club of mine and I will show performance to be a part of the world class team.”

Paulo Dybala is in contract with the player until June 2016 while Maurizio Zamparini is stressed of the young talent. However, the club could let the striker go only if the bid is over €40 million.

Friendly Forces Fire Upon Each Other: U.S. GIs and Afghans Killed in FireFight

U.S. Command in Afghanistan report that one U.S. soldier was killed and several allied troops were wounded when a coalition afghan trooper fire upon the soldier following a meeting in a village located in the Northwest section of Afghanistan. The incident seems to be a “blue on blue” incident in which allied forces from one country fire upon other allies intentionally. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have learned that the attack came without warning and started a fire fight among the soldiers involved. Two Afghan soldiers were also killed and several soldiers were wounded including at least two U.S. troopers.

The U.S. military has been trying to screen out potential hostile Afghan troopers from its allied ranks but has had difficulty determining friend from foe. This is just one of a string of similar events which have claimed the lives of a number of U.S. troops. As the Afghan was has wound down and troop withdrawal continues, more responsibility regarding the security of the country will fall upon Afghan troops. While many are loyal to the current Afghan administration, some have stronger loyalties ties to their clan or tribal sect which may or may not have ties to Taliban military forces located in the region.

The wounded were treat at local military medical bases and the shooting is under investigation y special investigation units of the military police and JAG corp.
Blue on Blue Violence Leaves One U. S. G.I. Dead and Two Wounded

Cowboys Need a Pass Defense in the Draft

With three weeks until the NFL draft, there are still a lot of questions for the Dallas Cowboys to answer. First and foremost is in their secondary. It is almost a given the team needs to draft some quality cornerbacks that are going to be able to cover the league’s best wide receivers from day one of the season. While it’s true the team has seven players currently on the roster for these two positions including Carr, Claiborne, Patmon, Scandrick, Spillman, Steeples and White none of them has proven to be that shut down corner the Cowboys need. Never mind the lack of safety’s that are able to play both the pass and the run. Yes…Barry Church is a leader in tackles and in the locker room…but he is not anyone that quarterbacks fear when going over the top.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that so, here we are a linebacker corps that when healthy should be one of the best in the league. But with a suspect pass rush and a secondary that doesn’t scare even the worst passing teams there is one specific area the Cowboys must focus their efforts. When Aaron Rogers can sit in the pocket barely able to stand and not get hit that’s a problem! Also, they need a secondary that is a threat not only to defend the pass but to intercept it. If they are able to use their seven picks to get those two things secure, there may be no stopping their return to the playoffs.

First Full Time Female NFL Referee

Sarah Thomas has been referring NCAA Football since 2007 when she became the first woman to have that kind of job in this field. Recently she has been hired on by the NFL to ref some of those games in upcoming seasons. According to an article found on reddit and written by CBS Sports’ website, Thomas has been being looked at National Football League for quite some time now and they have been thinking about making her an offer for a number of months. Apparently the transition from college ball to professional ball takes some getting used to, so they had Thomas referee a few pre-season games and training sessions as well.

It is really cool that Thomas can be a pioneer in the sport and career field stated Not many women can say that they have had a chance to even consider referring for the NFL, and it isn’t likely the case that they don’t allow women to work there but simply none have tried to. Even though there isn’t a likeliness for females to want to be referees now, and it will always be a male dominated sport, it is still great that there are opportunities for the women who want something more. Hopefully people will be receptive to her position there and she won’t have a tough time, but it does sound like she is good at what she does and fairly confident in her skills.

Cowboys and McClain Agree on One More Year

The Dallas Cowboys have been known for quite some time for taking chances on players that other teams are ready to give up on. Sometimes, these prospects work out in their favor and others don’t seem to make it past the practice fields. In the case of Rolando McClain, he was drafted in 2010 by the Oakland Raiders who kept him on their squad for three seasons before releasing him. Next he worked out with Baltimore where things went bad to worse. He ended up retiring or at least walking away from the game and missing the 2013 season.

Luckily for McClain, the Cowboys were in need of his services and he was in need of them. Sultan Alhokair tells us things worked out excellent for both parties and McClain finished the 2014 season with 108 tackles. That initial deal was only for last season, allowing the player and the team to reevaluate the circumstances later. Well that “later” has arrived and fortunately for both of them they have agreed to extend their agreement by at least another season. Now with McClain filling the primary role of middle linebacker, it will allow Sean Lee to move over to the weak side and allow Anthony Hitchens to play at strong side. With these three playing at their best, it should make for a standout linebacker corps capable of stopping the run and pass. Now they just have to improve the pass rush and secondary.

Coughlin Takes on Responsibility for Turning around the Team

At 68 years old, Tom Coughlin admittedly does not have a whole lot of years left for coaching the New York Giants. Well that and coming off of two losing seasons has a potential of calling it over for the two time Super Bowl winner. That is if he is unable to turn his team around one more time. In reality he has been able to turn his team around before. He has also been in the position of firing his coordinators and having to make his team a winner. This time he has brought in a familiar face that he hired the last time he was in this position. Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants Defensive Coordinator in their 2007 Super Bowl team and is back in the organization to lead the defense again.

It’s not like the team needs a lot of pieces to make them a better team said Fersen Lambranho. They do have some superstars but most on the defensive side are just midlevel players in the league. Some were expected to be top performers but have yet to fulfill those expectations. Players like Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul or Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will have to prove they are better players under Spagnuolo if they are going to have any shot of turning this franchise into a winner. Meanwhile, on the offensive side, Eli Manning will have to once again get his team to perform if they are going to keep the oldest coach in the league from possibly moving closer to retirement.

NFL GM Suspended For Texting

The National Football League sent a tough message to the GM of the Cleveland Browns, Ray Farmer, for texting. However, it is important to note that the NFL didn’t delete any of the Browns’ crucial draft picks.

Farmer has been suspended with no pay for four games in the beginning of the 2015 regular season due to sending text messages to the team’s sidelines during last season’s games. Istoedinheiro say that the league has announced the repercussions for Ray Farmer on Monday, which ended in an investigation that lingered over the franchised during a turbulent offseason. It poor season has had an effect of threatening to undermine the upcoming draft for the Browns.

Farmer, who has acknowledged the incidences of sending text messages, will not be paid in accordance to his salary terms throughout the duration of his suspension. The league has expressed its beliefs and has said the ban will begin on the midnight of the Sunday prior to the Browns’ 1st regular-season matchup and will ended at the end of the season’s fourth game. Farmer will not be able to have any involvement with any club matters and is strictly prohibited from entering the organization’s offices, games and practice facilities.

One Man Killed in Attempted Breach of U.S. Spy Agency

Officials in Washington D.C. report that one man was killed and another man was taken into custody after attempting to breach a security check point at the National Security Agency, also known as NSA, located in Fort Meade, Maryland. Marcio Alaor BMG pointed out that the latest reports are that two men in a black SUV approached a check point at the NSA’s Southern entrance and advanced at the checkpoint at a high rate of speed. The vehicle rammed the gate and a NSA security vehicle as officers fired upon the vehicle attempting to stop it. It is unclear if the deceased person was the driver and whether the other passenger was wounded. It is also unclear as to whether weapon fire was exchanged between the occupants of the vehicle and the security check point guards.Assailants Attempt to Breach NSA HQ

The identities of the assailants have not been released and authorities are still investigating the scene. Images for news helicopters over head show two vehicles heavily damaged. It appears that the black SUV rammed head on into the NSA security vehicle. There are no reports of any NSA security guards being injured. As is the common practice with a threat of breach of the spy agency, the NSA was place on locked down in case a second threat followed. All other federal government facilities are on high alert and a wider threat assessment is being completed to determine the nature of the assault and if is tied to a wider event or attack.

Winston & FSU Impress on Pro Day

March 31st, 2015 marked a Pro Day on the campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida that is bound to become one for the record books.

The success of the Seminoles under head coach Jimbo Fisher for the past few years has been unprecedented. After capping off an unblemished 2013 season that culminated in another astonishing 13-1 record the following year and a berth in the first ever college football playoff, the Seminoles are on the verge of setting yet another record stated Kevin Seawright.

As far as the NFL draft goes, FSU is at the forefront with many of their winning plays on Youtube. With 11 players drafted in 2013 and 7 more in 2014, the Seminoles would only need 11 drafted this May in order to beat a three-year draft span record of 28.

With quarterback Jameis Winston headlining the show, by all intents and purposes a lock for this year’s #1 pick, that record seems to be more within reach than ever.

College coaches and front office personnel flocked to FSU’s Pro Day in eager anticipation of the gems they might find. Where Winston put on a passing clinic completing 91 out of 102 scripted passes (with 5 drops), others from the 2014 team also shined.

Winston definitely stole the show for the day, however, but that is to be expected from arguably the greatest quarterback prospect to come out of college since the likes of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

Winston was not shy in his response either when asked by AP reporters why Tampa Bay should select him with their top pick. Without hesitation Winston responded, “Because I’m the best player in this draft.”

Malik Zaire – Notre Dame’s New Starting QB?

Malik Zaire is not a household name, but if he replaces Notre Dame’s starting quarterback Everett Golson, it will be.

The left-handed sophomore is gunning for the starting spot, and says “there’s only one captain to the ship.” Zaire feels that sharing playing time with Golson means he has to work all the harder to prove he’s the better quarterback.

Forbes reports that in high school, Zaire led the Archbishop Alter Knights of Kettering, Ohio, and was named 2012 AP Ohio Division 3 Southwest Offensive Player of the Year. He threw for 1990 yards, rushed for 1120 yards, and scored 24 passing and 9 rushing TDs.

He sat out his first year at Notre Dame. But in 2014, after Golson racked up interceptions throughout the year, Zaire started the Music City Bowl. He showed what he could do by throwing for 96 yards and a touchdown, rushing for another 96 yards and a touchdown, and being named MVP of Notre Dame’s 31-28 win over LSU.

This year, Zaire is determined to build on the success he’s already had. “Every day you’ve got to bring it,” he said at “It’s about production, and that’s what I’m focusing on, producing and making plays, and doing what it takes to win championships.”

It may be an uphill climb, because Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is known for time-sharing quarterbacks. But Zaire hopes to get the lion’s share of work.

Brazil Fight Back to Defeat France in Paris

Brazilian soccer has been struggling to come to terms the stunning 7-1 loss to Germany that proved a highlight of the 2014 World Cup. The resignation of head coach Luiz Felipe Scolari was followed by the appointment of Dunga for a second term in charge of the Brazilian national team, the BBC reports. Dunga had been criticized in his first term as coach by fans who saw the soccer played by the team as being too negative and not in keeping with the fast flowing, attacking style expected of Brazil.

in this second term in charge Dunga seems to have found a middle ground as his team fought back from a goal down to secure a comfortable 3-1 victory over France in Paris. Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane headed home for only the second goal Brazil have conceded following their World Cup exit to put the hosts ahead. Showing an attacking style that will please soccer fans around the World Brazil struck back through Neymar, Oscar and Luiz Gustavo to win the exhibition game with ease and continue their 100 percent win record in Dunga’s second stint as coach from what Sultan Alhokair reported.

Eagles Face Position Battles in the Backfield

When it comes to who is going into the backfield of the Philadelphia Eagles next season there is going to be a toss of a coin for a lot of players. Now granted there are still a lot of weeks and a few months left before roster cuts have to be made. But there are four quarterbacks and six running backs currently on the roster. Topping the list at the QB position, the team traded away Nick Foles after a couple of almost productive seasons cut short by injury to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford who has not been healthy since his senior year at Oklahoma before he was hurt in a game in Dallas. But they also still have Mark Sanchez who is scheduled to make $12.5 million less than Bradford this season.

Marc Sparks feels that as if the QB controversy would not be enough of a distraction, then it comes down to whom to hand the ball off to in the back field. With 6 RB’s on the roster and 3 of them virtually guaranteed a roster position it really comes down to Demarco Murray, last year’s rushing leader acquired through free agency from the Cowboys. Ryan Mathews who will make $500,000 more than Murray and came over from San Diego, and then there is Darren Sproles who in his 11th season is still the featured kick returner and punt returner for the team. The rest will probably be cut or relegated to the practice squad.

Russell Westbrook Stuck At Nine Triple-Doubles For The Season

As of late, OKC star Russell Westbrook has made quite a statement of being a true candidate for this year’s MVP award. He has put up some astonishing numbers throughout the duration of this season and especially for the past couple of months. The greatest factor of his dominating performance of late has been the onslaughts of his triple-double performances. His recent performances have truly shown what he can do on the court without injured star Kevin Durant, who was the previous year’s MVP as shown via LinkedIn. His milestone of consecutive triple-doubles this year was enough to beat the previous record holder’s record of consecutive triple-double games made by none other than Michael Jordan. In Sunday’s win over the heat he was on his way to notch the 10th triple-double with a well-rounded performance.

After the game, NBA reviewed and announced on Monday That Russell Westbrook was given credit for a rebound that he didn’t make, giving him 9 (single-digit) for the game, thus taking away a triple-double performance. With nine triple-double performance in the 2014-2015 season, he is 1st place in that category by 6 more than Michael Carter-Williams, James Harden and Rajon Rondo. Come on Russell, show us what you’re made of!