Patriots Advantage

The National Football League has been absolutely stormed this week by the controversy that has been sparked by allegations that the New England Patriots purposely deflated their footballs in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game that took place in New England last Sunday. Major sports leagues have been smashed in the last several years over controversies regarding cheating, but the NFL has seemed to keep themselves out of it for the most part. As fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know, there was a huge scandal in 2007, which ironically also involved the Patriots cheating when the whole Spy gate controversy dropped. Although the Patriots are taking all of the flak this week due to allegations that they have cheated in the past which has put them in the position that they are at, the team they are going up against in the Super Bowl are no saints. The Seahawks had a bunch of controversy last year in regards to the massive amount of their players that were taking the prescription drug Adderall on the daily basis to gain a mental and physical edge. A handful of Seahawks players dropped the ball on the entire league when they stated that half the players in the National Football league use Adderall on a regular basis. This is not unlike Major League Baseball, in which a massive percentage of the players are suspected to use stimulants daily to gain an advantage.

Brady is a Cheater


Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots may have conducted the fakest, most obvious interview of all time when he was questioned about the deflate-gate scandal that alleges that he and the Patriots purposely deflated footballs in the AFC championship game that they won against the Indianapolis Colts. He sat there with the smuggest look on his face while he looked like a kid that just stole candy from a candy store and was asked where he got it from his mother. This is my opinion and that of Sergio Lins Andrade.  He simply looked like a liar and that was backed up by every single quarterback that has ever played the game that chose to weigh in on the situation. He had some people come to his aid and said that they fully trust him and that was highlighted in the media. However, not a single player that has ever played the game came forward and said that Tom Brady did not know that the balls were deflated. He is obviously the culprit and he is going to get smacked for it. He stated originally that he had no idea about the situation but things have changed since his latest interview in which he stated we will just have to see how it plays out after the Super Bowl. He is going to get caught as he should and he will have to pay the punishments for purposely cheating in the National Football League, but he’ll probably get a ring.

Lynch Costing NFL Money

Marshawn Lynch’s actions and antics in his interview are starting to get a big ridiculous. It was pretty comical at first when he refused to answer questions and then essentially mocked the reporters when he kept repeating the same phrases over and over but it truly was funny to watch. He is starting to get annoying, as he has been at the same thing day in and day out. It almost would be better if he just didn’t show up and took the fines because he is getting so much attention for his lack of cooperation in regards to conducting interviews that he has taken massive amounts of attention away from stories that are actually noteworthy and worth reporting on, due to the fact that reporters can actually get some insight into his head. Marshawn Lynch signed a contract with the National Football League that stated that he has to do interviews and this is for a purpose. As fans like Brian Torchin know, the NFL is a business, flat out. He is being paid a ridiculous amount of money and is one of the best running backs in the league, which obviously is leading to a great deal of interviews so that reporters and the NFL can get insight to do stories and thus generate income. Without his input, it is drawing down the revenue that the NFL can generate and he is therefore costing his employers a great deal of money.

Aldridge Plays Despite Injury

When superstar LaMarcus Aldridge injured his thumb several weeks ago and the news reported that he would have to have it surgically repaired and was likely to miss the rest of the season, it shattered the hearts of every fan in Oregon. The Trailblazers have been having the best year they have had in decades and are truly on a run that could take them to an NBA finals this season if things go their way. Fans like Dave and Brit Morin know that they are currently sitting in third place in the Western Conference and are leading the North West division by nine games, which will assure them at least the fourth spot in the playoffs if they win the division, which is highly likely. Basically, it came down to the fact that with Aldridge out of the picture they simply did not have a great shot at doing anything special this year and so LaMarcus Aldridge has made the decision to forego surgery and play out the season. He has been playing in games and being effective, while he wears a brace on his thumb. Portland has had too great of a season to back out of things now and Aldridge is literally taking one for the team. They have waited far too long for this level of success in Oregon and the fans and the players alike are making a statement that they think this team has all the potential in the world.

Hawks Win 17 In A Row

Right now, the Atlanta Hawks are the best team in basketball. They have won 17 in a row, and they are playing team basketball that makes them very dangerous. They are playing a system with players that are not superstars, and they have bought in to the system.

When you think about how the NBA playoffs are going to go, can you imagine a scenario where this team is going to lose four games in a seven-game series? I do not think it is likely that they would lose that many times over seven games. Fans like Fersen Lambranho know that the only team that can compete with them is the Warriors, and we are only at the all-star break.

When we get to the time of the playoffs, the Hawks are going to play enough defense to win enough games to get the Finals. After that, everything is up in the air. We do not know what will happen when they meet someone from the west in the Finals, but we do know that they can beat any team in the NBA when they want to.

The Hawks are better than everyone thinks, and they are on a path to winning many titles very soon.

Kobe Out Nine Months

The shoulder surgery that Kobe Bryant underwent is going to keep him out for nine months. Anyone who is doing the math knows that he will be ready for the next NBA season. Many people have said that Kobe needs to hang it up and decide what he wants to do in retirement, but fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know he is too competitive for that.

When we look at the arc of Kobe’s career, he is not going to ride off into the sunset like John Elway, but he is going to keep playing until he cannot anymore. That is something we should all admire. He can still score 22 a night, and he could easily lead the league in scoring if he really wanted to. He is out there because he believes that he is not done playing yet. There is nothing wrong with that, and that is something that we should all think about before we tell Kobe to retire. The Lakers do need to retool, and they can do that with Kobe on the roster, but they need to remember that he is not going to stop until his body just does not work anymore. For Kobe, that could be quite some time before he stops.

Fans Support NFL for Suspension of Players


This past NFL season there was a huge push to reign in player misconduct for their behavior off of the field. However, most Americans do somewhat look to the league to be the moral police of their players. In a recent study, roughly 30% believed that players convicted of domestic violence should be banned from playing for life. While 6 in 10 believed in only a suspension of their playing and 1 in 10 said no punishment should be handed down by the league. It is apparent that most fans favor instead that the matter be adjudicated in the civil and criminal courts. However, it is curious that the majority do not want a lifetime ban on players convicted of these offenses.

  According to Slow Ventures, the league has attempted to ban players for life after internal investigations of domestic violence. To include the recent case of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice who was released by his team and temporarily banned from the NFL after punching his then girlfriend rendering her unconscious and then dragging her body out of an elevator. However, a civil court overturned his lifetime ban. Another case where running back Adrian Peterson hit his son with a switch was temporarily suspended pending criminal charges. His suspension has since been lifted and he returned to play one game in 2014. Until the acts of domestic violence are looked upon by everyone who views them as reprehensible acts they will unfortunately continue. Many hope the league and teams will continue to hold players accountable for their behavior on and off of the field.

Lynch on Interviews

There was a ton of speculation as there always is when running back Marshawn Lynch is scheduled to give an interview, as he is not the biggest fan of talking to the media. In fact, he has become incredibly well known, and notoriously funny when he does conduct his interviews. Some have described his tactics as childish. Some have described it as comedic, but no one can say that his interviews are not entertaining and no one can say that they are predictable. Fans like Marc Sparks (, agree that no one knows what is going to come out of his mouth, if he will answer questions regularly, or if he will even show up to the interview in the first place. He hasn’t stated a reason that he doesn’t like giving interviews, but he doesn’t want to get fined anymore and has found a loophole. He simply answers each and every question with a short response that he will say every single time, regardless of the questions that are asked of him. It is kind of brilliant in a way. He is technically doing the required interviews by his contract, but he is not giving them any of the information that they are trying to extract from him so they can write their stories and do their broadcasts and spin it whichever way they see fit. He made it clear why he was at the media day event on Tuesday when he repeatedly told everyone that he was only there so he wouldn’t get fined.

D’angelo Russell Success

Superstar and true freshmen for the Ohio State Buckeyes D’angelo Russell is playing phenomenal basketball this season. He came into the league with high anticipation as to how he would perform this year, as he was highly recruited when he was playing in high school, and he has far surpassed expectations that he would be extremely successful. Fans like Marc Sparks know that he has simply been playing mind blowing basketball for a freshman and has been averaging twenty points a game and adding over five rebounds and five assists in each game. Find more about Sparks on Wikipedia. Russell is well liked by his coaching staff and teammates and has stated to the media that he feels like he is a natural born leader and that he had all the confidence in the world coming into the season that he would be a dominant player in the league this year. He has a ton of NBA organizations looking his way and there is a lot of speculation that this will be his first and last year in college and he will declare his eligibility for the draft at the end of the season. That is all speculative, however, as that cannot really be called until we are nearing the end of the season. If he starts putting up even more bonuses on the stats sheet than he might realistically be up for the draft, but it looks like he is fully comfortable playing at the college level and is dominating it.

No Owners Should Be Doing This

I have no problem with owners sitting at courtside. They have that right, and it is a fun game experience. However, Matt Barnes says that Robert Sarver (principal owner of the Suns) was yelling obscenities at him during a game. Barnes responded with an obscene gesture and remark of his own, and Barnes was fined $25,000.

However, when an owner encites a player to respond like that, it is time for the owner to pay up in a big way. These owners have plenty of money, and disrupting the game should be a fine of at least $1 million. Mark Cuban is annoying, but he is a good owner. He does not do this sort of thing during games. Sarver has made the Suns into a train wreck and he is cussing out players on the opposing team.

It is clear for fans like Marc Sparks to see that the issue here is decorum. Find more about Sparks on Wikipedia. If the players have to be perfect all the time, surely the businessman who bought the team can be perfect for just a few moments during a game. If Sarver does not like the Suns product, he has only himself to blame for that. Perhaps he can look in the mirror and cuss himself out next time.

Gegard Mousasi Vs. Dan Henderson

Gegard Mousasi will be taking on Dan Henderson in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 14. The fight is a must win for both competitors. Dan Henderson and Gegard Mousasi haven’t been doing that well as of late. Mousasi has lost his last two fights, and Henderson has lost four of his last five. Fans like Marc Sparks feel that a win could catapult either fighter back into title contention. Find more about Sparks on Ireport. 

Mousasi vs. Henderson will most likely be a stand up battle. Dan Henderson will definitely have the advantage in the power department, but Mousasi will try and showcase his technical prowess. Gegard Mousasi must stay away from Dan Henderson’s big right hand. Henderson has flatlined many fighters with his vicious right overhand.

Gegard Mousasi could possibly win this fight by decision, but Henderson does have a good chance to knock Mousasi out. The main factor in this competition will be the age difference. Henderson is 44-years-old, while Mousasi is only 29. Dan Henderson is still competing at a top level, but his best days may be behind him. Gegard Mousasi can and most likely will win this fight, but if Henderdon lands, Gegard will be sleeping.

UFC on Fox 14 will be an explosive fight card. The main event of the night will be Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. The final two fights of the card have the potential to win “the knockout of the night award.” For more information on UFC on Fox 14, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Marshawn Lynch “Talks” to Media

Marshawn Lynch Gives Responses to Media Day

As fans like Dave and Brit Morin know, Media Day is considered one of the biggest days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday every year. Check out the Morins on Marshawn Lynch took part in it, though in a very unique way.

The Seattle Seahawks running back was told that he had to show up for Media Day and when he finally was given an interview he made the most of it. He did this by answering every question with “I’m here so I won’t get fined” repeatedly for the four and a half minutes he was told to speak.

The main reason Lynch chose to speak during the day was because if he had failed to he would be subjected to a $500,000 fine from the NFL for refusing to speak to the media. He managed to avoid this very hefty fine this time around.

Lynch is no stranger to fines, as he has been fined repeatedly for not speaking to the media. The first time he was fined, it was in the amount of $50,000 for ignoring the media all throughout the 2013 NFL season, and although the fine was rescinded he was threatened with another fine of the same amount if he refused to speak again. However, he did give a more thorough interview to Deion Sanders during the Media Day leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Kobe Wanted Jordan as Mentor

Kobe Bryant made some interesting comments to the media the other day that has been making people all around the country think about what-ifs. This comes after Kobe stated in an interview yesterday that he had considered joining the Washington Wizards after the 2004 season so that he could play with Michael Jordan. It is a pretty interesting insight into Kobe’s brain and mindset if you think about it. Fans like Fersen Lambranho know that Kobe wanted to go to the Wizards, not for the success the duo would have had playing together, but rather he wanted to absorb the knowledge that Michael Jordan possessed. Check out Lambranho’s LinkedIn for more information. It goes to show that Kobe is always trying to think outside the box and get better. He wanted a mentor in the game of basketball and he wanted it from the best basketball player to ever play the game. Unfortunately, the Wizards parted ways with Michael Jordan a year before Kobe became a free agent, but the Wizards were reportedly very much interested in him. In a terrible turn of events for the Washington Wizards, they signed Gilbert Arenas to a max deal instead and we all know how that ended up. Washington just finished paying him off last year, although he has been out of the league for a handful of years already.

Rams Go Yearly


When the Rams had the chance, they informed the city of St. Louis that they are taking the yearly option on their lease at the Edward Jones Dome. This is interesting because the Rams now have a chance to get out of the lease if they are able to move the team.

The owner of the team already owns enough land to develop a stadium in LA, and he is working on the project as we speak. Slow Ventures stated yesterday, when the Rams made this change to their lease agreement, it was clearly the first thing on everyone’s mind. The Rams are going back to Los Angeles, and it is possible that they could move there soon. The Rams are no longer tied to the city of St. Louis on this dome, and there is no reason for them to build their own stadium in the city. When the team was sold from the Frontierre family to the Kroenke family, everyone must have known this was going to happen. There are no NFL teams in LA, and there have not been for some time. This is the change that was likely needed to make the NFL come back to LA with a brand new stadium.

Harden Buzzer Beater

James Harden made headlines earlier this week when he made comments that the Warriors weren’t that good of a team despite losing double digit games to the Warriors twice earlier in the season and the proceeded to get absolutely smacked by Golden State two more times in one week. Harden had to recant his statements after their fourth loss to the Warriors of the season and stated that they got punched four times, in reference to the Rockets getting beaten badly in all four quarters. The modesty that he showed by making those comments is a lot more then typically comes out of James Harden and he has been stepping up his game as of recent. As fans like Marc Sparks (Wikipedia) know, they headed to Phoenix on Friday night to take on a phoenix team that is currently in the last playoff spot in the Western Conference. James played a great game, but finished it off with an amazing last second buzzer beater that ended the game by a score of 113 to 111. The Rockets had been up big earlier in the game, but the Suns had fought back in the last few minutes of regulation, coming all the way back and tying the game at 111. It was obvious that James Harden was the man that was going to get the ball in the final seconds and he capitalized on the opportunity by hitting an amazing last second step back jump shot.

Flyers Rinaldo Out Eight Games

Another year, another suspension for Zac Rinaldo. On Monday the NHL announced the Philadelphia Flyers forward would sit out eight games for an illegal hit on Pittsburgh’s Kris Letang. The incident occurred on January 20th late in the first period. Letang was against the boards, his back to the play, and did not have the puck when Rinaldo left his feet and struck Letang in the face with an elbow Your text to link… . Rinaldo was called for boarding and given a game misconduct. That set the tone for a brutal second period that saw four separate fights. In the end, the teams combined for 93 penalty minutes, with the Flyers winning 3-2 in overtime.

This is not the first time the NHL has suspended Rinaldo, as fans like Dave and Brit Morin know. Find the Morins on GooglePlus. Last season he was out four games for a hit to the head on Buffalo Sabres defenseman Chad Ruhwedel. In 2012 a charge on Detroit Red Wings D-man Jonathan Ericcson cost Rinaldo two games.

This latest suspension will result in Rinaldo losing out on $73,172 in pay. Rinaldo is in his fourth season with the Flyers, and has shown his strength lies in being an enforcer and not a producer. He has 545 PIMs in his career, and only seven goals, 13 assists and a plus/minus rating of -28.

Hawks on Fire

The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association took control of the media attention earlier in this season when they went on an unprecedented sixteen game win streak and solidified themselves as the top team in the Western Conference and legitimized everything that has been done in Oakland over the last few years. It looked like Golden State was going to run away with the success story in the NBA this season, but that has been swiped off the table with the shocking performance that has been conducted by the Atlanta Hawks since Thanksgiving. The Hawks dropped six games earlier in the season and seemed to be on the same path that they have been on over the last ten years. They have been a team that is decent and continues to make the playoffs, although they end up losing year after year. This has occurred in part because the Eastern Conference has not been very strong and it has not taken very many wins to actually make the playoffs in the East. The Hawks have shocked the world this season, as they have risen to prominence in an absurd way. Fans like Fersen Lambranho know that they have only lost twice since Thanksgiving and do not look to be slowing down their roll anytime in the near future. More on Lambranho is available on his LinkedIn. Without a doubt the Hawks are the team to beat in the East and they look to make an NBA title run later on in the season.

Top Potential Free Agent Running Backs in 2015


In just a week’s time the Super Bowl will be over and NFL teams will start to focus on who will be the biggest catch in the upcoming off season’s free agent market.

The Dallas Cowboys stand to take the biggest hit as their two star skill players DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant both stand to be free agents. Jerry Jones will certainly resign at least one of the two superstars but most experts don’t think he will find a enough zeroes in his checkbook to secure both. Logically the Cowboys will keep Bryant on board which cold make Murray the cream of the 2015 free agent crop.

Many teams will be looking for running backs and after Murray the list of potential starting halfbacks is slim. Mark Ingram may get a chance to be the man in an offensive attack, something he hasn’t been able to do in New Orleans. C.J. Spiller is more of a niche’ player in the backfield and San Francisco’s Frank Gore is believed to be well past his prime and no longer able to carry a full team’s running back workload. Darren McFadden has underwhelmed during his career and some believe that Justin Forsett’s impressive 2014 numbers may have been a fluke.

Murray had a great 2014 season:
2014 DeMarco Murray Highlights
He led the league in rushing and has running starved teams excited at a chance to make a run for his services. His highlights can be viewed at and I know I’m excited to watch them. Slow ventures also has highlights available.

Bulls Smash Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have been a team that has experienced a tremendous amount of success over the last few decades. They are a team that has been in the playoffs nearly every season since the acquired Tim Duncan nearly twenty years ago. They bolstered their roster when they gained Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli and have since been a team that is consistently feared in the Western Conference.

They have solidified their spot in history just as my friend Dave Morin is doing in the tech zone-check him out on The Verge. as a dominant team by winning a handful of NBA titles under coach Gregg Popovich, who is likely going down in history as one of the most dominant and consistent coaches of all time. Unfortunately for the Spurs, their success is likely coming to a quick end, as the players in San Antonio are rapidly aging and they are going to find themselves in a state of rebuilding quicker than they are likely prepared.

They have had an amazing run that has made them without a doubt one of the most consistent teams in NBA history, but they are starting to show holes in their prominence. They no longer are at the top of the Western Conference and are at the low end of the playoff positions at this point in the 2014-2015 season. They dropped a game to the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night in a game that the Bulls completely dominated, recently after Derrick Rose making statements to the media regarding his frustration with his teammates.

A Duke University Grad-Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel is a man who graduated from Duke University. While his diploma for his MBA has the year 2009 in the date, Jared Haftel is a man with many hats.

He earned his MBA in Mathematics, Science and Economics. He definitely uses these credentials while working as an investment Banker. However, he understands that it was not only getting a diploma from Duke University, which sparked his career in his field. Also it had to do with the people he met along his path to his career.

He has used these credentials well while working in the Investment Banking world for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. He primarily works as an analyst. While he was at Merrill Lynch, he handled commodities analysis as well as having responsibility for tracking major investment opportunities in chemicals, metals and mining. His responsibilities incorporated the aerospace and defense industries.

Learning how to succeed in the world of investment banking surly helped, but meeting the right people did much for his career. Early on he also learned how to write a convincing resume that these possibly tired bankers would want to read, and would get him the job he applied for.

His tips are to write a good resume. Keeping it short, one page and only putting those things in there that will land the job, like any internships you have had and your GPA.

Besides understanding the corporate banking world, he also has a side of him, which incorporates the intricate side of music. He is able to critique a soundtrack of music with a musicians listening skill. For instance, he can tell that the guitar player is able to set his playing aside from the drum player or even from the one who is singing the score.

This ability has lead him to be able to critique a musicians playing, whether good or bad and just how it leads to either crescendos or decreased sounds. Because of his ability to do this, he seems to enjoy different types of music that others may not experience.

This intricate side of him also helps him figure out how people, even if they have the best education, may end up doing yard work. He feels that your hard earned diploma, while it seems it should be the key to getting you where you want to be, it isnt always.

Sometimes it has to do with other things, like meeting people who can assist you to getting where you wish to be, or being able to write a great resume and stick to the facts when writing it.

But more that this, it may be linked to dressing the part for your first job or internship. Learning how to tie your tie right. Also acquiring a good handshake, which should be a firm one.

Jared Haftel is a man who is employed in the corporate world, but who can also separate himself from the world and is able to enjoy people and music. He is quite a unique type of person, and still maintains the deep interest in music that he held in college.