The Top 5 Alpha Dogs in the NBA


The NBA is an assemblage of the best basketball players in the world. Over the years, there have been many Alpha dogs to occupy the top spots. But the big question is, who is the best player in the NBA?


“The Claw” Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs is widely considered the second best overall player in the league right now. His scoring prowess, defensive efficiency and ability to make his teammates better make him a force to be reckoned with.


Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is the best player on a stacked team of superstars. Durant’s ability to hit from deep has earned him a reputation of being a marksman from three. He is notoriously hard to score on because of his innate understanding of defensive angles and his amazing length.  Almost tall enough to be one of the better NBA centers, but still great.


Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is probably the most cutthroat player on this short list because he is so intent on making his mark however he has to. His insane speed and sometimes reckless play leaves many trying to guard him at his mercy. He is not a great shooter, but he is a great scorer. Westbrook is also a relentless defender. He just may become the first since the great Oscar Robertson back in 61-62 to actually average a triple-double for an entire season.


“The Brow” Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans has been a great player for a few years now. Because he plays in the obscurity of New Orleans, he is not as well-known as he should be. With a wingspan of a seven footer and the play of a guard, he has all the skills of everyone else on the court — meaning exactly that. He can shoot from deep, rebound and play defense with the best of them. He recently became the only player in league history to score 40 points, snag 20 rebounds AND drain 4 threes in one game.


“King James” LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been the greatest player in the league for almost a decade now. James has never been a great shooter (including free throws), but that’s the only thing he’s not great at. He has the court vision of a point guard, the scoring ability of a two-guard, the rebounding ability of a power forward and defensive ability of a lockdown specialist. It’s no coincidence that the teams he’s been a part of over the past six seasons have ALL gone to the finals.

Fabletics Keeps Trendy Garments In Stock Thanks To Customer Feedback.

An uncommonly prominent and highly prosperous online wholesaler for fashion aligned athletic wear, Fabletics, is esteemed for their online networked and physical depots that are a supplementary aspect of their main depot, JustFab. According to reports from the Internet Merchant’s top 500 the depot is listed a number 98. The famous Kate Hudson is the inventor of the establishment. They regularly set the direction within the fashion association for their astonishingly well produced, classy active attire. Many think of Fabletics to be a expeditiously developing trade that constructs high value and style setting attire known considered as “activewear”.


In 2015 Fabletics began to increase their brick and mortar clothing presence to a generous figure of fashionable malls in America. In roughly 12 months Fabletics had collected the interest of the beloved magazine, Forbes, who concludes that within five years time the corporation will be presenting roughly 100 physical depots for the “activewear” attire category from Fabletics.


Website based retail wholesaler Amazon attracted international fame by bringing in 20% of the website oriented retailer market. Equivalently, Fabletics has turned into a popular alternative depot globally by bringing in 250 million dollars from virtually three years of forming their business venture. Their clients use a participation plan. Fabletics uses the figures taken from their participation plan to establish a constructive, revolutionary and highly sought-after group of in style attire over their website based store attire to concur with their brick and mortar depot location’s products.


From the commencement of wholesaling, clients were often mislead that if clothes cost more funds to obtain, that it ought to be presented with amazing quality. This isn’t a rational aspect to make a worthwhile verdict. There was a recession in the market that led clients to look for attire with amazing reviews from customers, interesting items and for wholesalers that speak to their customers to determine their feelings about their purchase.


There has been a massive amount of unforeseeable departures of a great many of the brick and mortar depots. This is for the most part because clients purchase items using a website that offers lower prices, but enter into the brick and mortar warehouses to browse the outfits. Fabletics has not had their clients react in such a manner because of how Fabletics approaches their business practice. Fabletics uses their participation plan’s data that they obtain from a clients’ orders and their comments to make certain that clients are obtaining the outfits they are wanting to buy, in stock at the brick and mortar warehouse locations. This is made possible from sharing the statistics from website browsing of their outfits and making use of it to remain up to date with outfits in their brick and mortar warehouses.



Client comments are evidence that Fabletics outfits are evocative, chic and have an easy system to study a range of outfit colors and styles. Their “how to fit” instructional is well-known among clients to aid them in obtaining fit clothes.

Maggie Gill: President and C.E.O of the Memorial Health Hospital

Maggie Gill joined the Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. In 2005, she was promoted to the post of Chief Operating Officer, and she held this position until 2011. Soon after, she became the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health.

She has been responsible for leading for all the senior vice presidents and physicians operating at the Medical University Medical Center. Before joining the hospital, she served as the Chief Financial Officer at the Tenet South Florida Health System for five years. During this period, she received the Tenet Outstanding Chief Financial Officer award three different times. Maggie Gill has also served at the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables in Florida and North Shore Medical Centre in Miami.

Under her leadership, the hospital achieved great success and received different awards. In 2016, Memorial Health Hospital received seven awards presented by Georgia Medical Society. These are awards that are given as recognition of the medical personnel who are dedicated to their careers.

She also managed to participate in the discussion between the hospital and the Novant Health. After a dispute had ensued between the two parties, she handled it in a professional manner. It was for that reason why she received the ‘Vote of confidence from her peers.’

In July 2016, she launched the ‘Pathways to Excellence’ to help the hospital to save money. Before she joined the hospital, they have lost over $100 million. She, however, managed to turn that around. Through this program, they have managed to identify $12.6 million.

Despite her great success, she wants to leave the hospital. In February 2017, she announced that she was resigning from her position to pursue other professional interests. The management commented that her resignation would be a great loss for the hospital as she has been an exceptional leader. Even though she has not yet given a formal date, it has been reported that she will continue to hold the position during the transition. The Board has resumed the search for the new Chief Executive Officer, and they are expected to communicate about their progress in a few weeks.

Troy McQuagge Bags One Planet’s Gold Award in the CEO Category

Troy McQuagge bagged the 2016 gold award (CEO of the year category) from One Planet Awards. The USHEALTH Group Chief Executive Officer won the award thanks to his efforts in growing the health care company and expanding its operations in the United States.


McQuagge said that he was happy and deeply honored for the recognition because it showed that his work was noticed and respected by his industry and peers. He, however, explained that although he was the recipient of the award, it belonged to the active and supportive USHEALTH Group family. He added that without their support, he would not have accomplishment as much as they did as a group. He finished by stating that his company remains committed to ensuring that all its customers receive affordable health cover that grows as their needs grow.


One Planet Awards


The One Planet Awards are globally conferred to organizations from different parts of the world. They recognize and honor excellence in business, service delivery, and professionalism in various industries. The awards are open to any organization that wishes to take part in them and submits their nominations. These includes privately and publicly owned organizations that operate as startups, for-profit, and non-profit. The One Planet Awards come in different categories and sections including new products, public relations, corporate communications, marketing, executives, teams, and organizations.


Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is a career corporate executive and an avid entrepreneur who hails from Panama City, Florida. The University of Central Florida alumnus has accumulated 30 years of sales and marketing experience. McQuagge started his career working for Allstate Insurance Company back in 1983. In 1995, he left the insurance company to join the Student Insurance Division of UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc.). Two years later, he rose to become UGA’S President – an insurance agency of UICI.


In 2006, UICI changed its name to HealthMarkets after private equity investors purchased it. McQuagge led the company’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG) in achieving unprecedented annual premium sales exceeding $1 billion. In 2007, AMG was named the year’s best Insurance Sales Organization by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.

USHEALTH Advisors is Internationally Known Supplier of Unique Insurance coverage

USHEALTH Advisors is a full-service, exclusively owned division of USHEALTH Group that specializes in national sales and distribution of insurance plans. The firm markets and sells health insurance coverage and auxiliary products endorsed by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which is also an affiliate of USHEALTH Group. The company concentrates on delivering high-quality health insurance plans to self-employed people, families, employees, and small business owners.


Facts about USHEALTH Advisors


USHEALTH Advisors is a private entity that opened its doors back in 2010. The company has a team of insurance specialists that range from 200 to 500 individuals. It specializes in accident coverage, guarantee issue plans, health coverage, critical illness coverage, dental insurance, and advanced fixed indemnity health plans.




USHEALTH Advisors offers both its new and existing employees with opportunities to improve their skills and gain consistent career progress. The company provides extensive training opportunities to assist its field leaders, and agents exploit their full potential. USHEALTH Advisors has formulated all its training programs, including localized in-office and online webinars training, to offer its workers the knowledge and expertise they will need to improve their career.


Field communication and technology


USHEALTH Advisors has a modern website that gives its sales agents open access to support tools, new sales reports, and business statements. They also get timely updates from the firm’s Home Office through webinars, emails, informal meetings, magazines, and newsletters. The company adopts robust, state-of-the-art technology. It avails an e-commerce platform to its agents. The e-commerce platform allows USHEALTH to process its agents’ businesses and pay them on issued business on time.


Charity endeavors


USHEALTH Advisors runs a charity arm known as HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday. The firm’s mission is to create a real difference in the community where it operates its businesses. Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Advisor, launched HOPE back in 2010. In the first HOPE initiative, McQuagge and firm leaders collaborated with PNOLA in rebuilding homes in areas that were hugely affected by the Hurricane Katrina. In 2011, USHEALTH Advisors donated new shoes, outfits, baby formula, and other essential products to The Crisis Nursery, a Phoenix-based non-profit that offers shelter to needy children.


Why ClassDojo Should Be Included In Your Classroom’s Curriculum

ClassDojo is an app that provides a myriad of benefits for those who choose to use it and implement it into their curriculum at school. It is meant to benefit parents as they are given the abilities of having an interactive role in their children’s education.


With the ClassDojo app, you may choose to encourage school values, you can provide students with an opportunity of having a voice in the learning processes through the utilization of digital portfolios, adding videos and photos of work to their stories while being capable of sharing them with their parents, sharing moments from the classroom with parents. Teachers may instantly share updates, videos, and photos with the students’ parents.  Check


Sharing moments from the classroom with parents is easy with the ClassDojo app. Teachers may share videos, updates and photos quickly with ClassDojo. The app is capable of being used on any device and can be utilized in any language. Parents may choose to translate the messages on ClassDojo into any language and on any device with a simple tap.

The ClassDojo app offers private messaging that can be delivered instantly.


See this related link


The benefits that can be attained from utilizing this wonderful app goes beyond the aspects of being able to have an interactive stance in the students’ education. The true benefits comes from being able to enrich the students’ education in ways that may not have been possible before. Sure, students have always been provided opportunities of learning to maximum extents throughout the duration of their schooling systems, but the interactive approach may have effects of students really wanting to learn the material, as opposed to feeling like they have to. It is a great approach to learning and should be included in every classroom’s curriculum structuring.  Source

The Success of Arab Billionaire: Hussain Ali Sajwani

Hussain Ali Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of the UAE. Sajwani is also the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the DAMAC Group. Here is the account of his success in business. The talented entrepreneur was born in 1954, and he grew up in Dubai. He is from business oriented family because his father was a shop owner. He also had some real estate projects in Dubai. Sajwani grew knowing that he would follow a different pathway and not that of his father. He wanted to be a professional with white collar job.


After high school, he attended a medical college in Bagdad after getting a government. He dropped a while later and convinced his father that he wanted to study in the US. Sajwani went to America and enrolled at the University to study industrial engineering and economics. After completing his degree, he went to work in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (Gasco). However, he did not stay for that long since he wanted to be his boss.


He started a food catering business in 1982. He named the business Dariah Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC. The company developed later to DAMAC Group. Some reports say that the firm that Sajwani launched in 1982 was not DAMAC Group but was something different that did not do well. It is stated that he recovered in 1997 after he decided to invest in stock market. It came a time when the real estate business in Dubai was thriving, and Sajwani could not waste the golden opportunity.


He began a business of buying and selling properties. As of now Damac Properties is the largest company for development in the region. It has 670 million square feet of properties which are worth more than $45 billion. He has succeeded in the industry.

He is the Chairman of DAMAC Group. The company is based in Dubai. However, it is now found in more than twenty countries in Europe, Far East, and many other places. Sajwani also takes part in philanthropic endeavors. He does this as a way of giving back to the community.



Wedding Photo Locations in Atlanta and Baltimore by George Street Photos and Videos

As you plan for your wedding day, you will receive lots of advice on where to have your wedding photos taken. It is vital to listen to your own thoughts allowing you to capture photos that are right for you. If you are getting married in Atlanta or Baltimore, then think about these suggestions.


Piedmont Park makes a beautiful outdoor wedding photo location because it is so easy to capture Atlanta’s skyline as your backdrop. Consider the numerous fountains and water features located there. Other couples choose Old Roswell because of the small town atmosphere allowing couples to create unique shots without being in front of a large crowd.


The Baltimore Harbor and Fell’s Point offer amazing outdoor venues to get wedding photos taken. Additionally, the Cylburn Arboretum is a beautiful spot. Do not overlook the unique architecture and beautiful grounds at the Glenview Mansion.

Regardless of where you are getting married, choose George Street Photos and Videos to be your photographer. For more info, visit


VTA Publications – Jim Hunt Is The CEO

Many people want to open their own companies for various reasons on In most cases, they want to be their own boss. There are many great people that have done just that, and one of them is Jim Hunt. Jim is the CEO of VTA Publications. Jim Hunt VTA Publications deals with the stock market and trading, and how to make money at it.

How Does Jim Hunt Know So Much About The Stock Market?

Jim has been trading in the stock market for many years. He has a special knack for sensing which trades to make to make the money. With Jim Hunt VTA Publications, he shows other how to do it too. He is always putting more information in it for his subscribers to read. Instead of a bank controlling a person’s future, Jim wants them to be able to control their own, and that is why he gives so much information to others. If a person wants to see even more about Jim, they can look at his YouTube account, where he also gives plenty of great information that people can use for their own benefit on

What Is Jim Like Personally?

He is a good, family man. Every night he spends time with his family for dinner after he puts in a hard day’s work. His day begins early in the morning with a workout. Then, Jim Hunt Vta Publications sets his daily goals and completes them. That is how he became so successful. He recommends that other people that want to be entrepreneurs study the human psyche, and learn how to sell in order to be a success.

The future looks great for Jim Hunt VTA PUblications. He will continue to get more subscribers that want to follow his advice, and make money too. His ideas, and thoughts that he shares will continue to help people for a very long time to come.

The Illustrious Career of JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is among the most accomplished business professionals and technocrats in the whole world and a female role model. Guenot has gathered more than 20 years pharmaceutical as well as biotechnology experience. Guenot has served with all levels in mega firms in the pharmaceutical, commercial and corporate development, project and alliance management, business development, and venture capital. She has immense interest and skills in building companies and is the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics. Amphivena Therapeutics is a company that is developing breakthrough bi-functional antibody treatment for hematologic malignancies.


Early Career


Dr. JeanMarie Guenot began her entrepreneurial career at the Atlas Venture where she oversaw venture capital investments and started life science firms. She began working as scientist in Preclinical R&D while at the Hoffmann-La Roche. Here she discovered and developed drugs for autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, oncology, and inflammation.

Dr. Guenot has studied for physical and medicinal chemistry specializing in X-Ray NMR refinement, quantum mechanical systems, semi-empirical methods in molecular dynamics, and protein structure prediction. She got her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California.


Prior Amphivena Therapeutics


Before her current position at Amphivena Therapeutics, Guenot founded the SKS Ocular. SKS Ocular is a start-up company incubator specializing on dry AMD, constant release of ocular drug delivery technologies, molecular degeneration, therapeutics for glaucoma, as well as ocular inflammation. She served as a business advisor at Hoffmann-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel and was the Vice President of Corporate together with Business Development at the PDL BioPharma.

Here, she led licensing, mergers & acquisitions and alliance management, and commercial portfolios. She was also involved in the Biogen Idec-PDL development and collaboration for commercialization. That involved three Phase-2 cancer together with autoimmune disease drug patients. The $800-million transaction included a $100-million equity investment in PDL as well as therapeutic candidates. Its indications split between the Biogen Idec/PDL and the Hoffmann-La Roche. Guenot also licensed the famed ophthalmic indication for oncology drug to Ophthotech. She holds a portfolio project as well as alliance management expertise in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmic diseases, oncology, autoimmune diseases, and neurology.

Under Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot, Amphivena Therapeutics was named one of the 10 hottest Bay Area biotech startups.  Considering their new partnership with Takeda, they are definitely off to a great start:

Reported 2016 Ohio Real Estate Surge Rewards Agents

The Ohio housing market is on the rise compared to recent years. In fact, sales at the end of 2016 showed a 7.5% increase over sales in 2015, Ohio’s biggest rise in sales since 2005. This is a significantly higher improvement than what was reported nationwide.

As usual, buyers were less enthusiastic in December due to surging interest rates and the winter weather which typically slows things down. But better job creation overall and the leveling off of interest rates has many buyers back looking for new listings so far this year. Realtors are working with slightly more than a 3.5-month supply of listed housing however, not a balanced market, which ideally is a 6-month supply in order to satisfy potential buyers. The 6-month supply keeps buyers and sellers expectations on an even keel.

Agents who’ve stayed with the Ohio market are being rewarded for their efforts in the state. A good example is Tammy Mazzocco. She learned the real estate profession starting out as a secretary in the mid-90s, studied throughout the following decade and now is a success with the team at Judy Gang & Associates. But Tammy Mazzocco gained her skills, and also devised her own techniques, by observing her mentors Judy Gang and Mike Zelnik. Tammy Mazzocco is focussed and organized and says that treating “my clients’ time and investment as I would my own” is something she’s habitual about.

Any agent needs to fully understand the complexities of interest rates, the unique market in their area and all the recent activity in numbers. Tammy Mazzocco clearly has a head for all that but understanding and relating to their buyers and sellers is key to an agent’s success, client satisfaction and repeat business.

For more information on Tammy Mazzocco, visit her agent profiles on and on

Read her interview here:

Copa Star Hospital: One of the Top Hospitals in Brazil

Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the top hospitals in the country. It is a five-star hospital that provides the best services to its patients. It is at the level of other noted hospitals such as Sirio-Libanes and the Albert Einstein. The hospital was started because there was a need to provide specialized medical services to residents of Rio de Janeiro.

One of the characteristics that make it appealing to patients is the concept of privacy. The hospital was built with this in mind. The entry areas of Copa Star are designed to ensure that the movement of patients is not monitored. The staff of the hospital has also been trained to make sure that they know how to respond to every situation. Residents of the area do not have to travel to other locations if they want privacy and personalized healthcare because they can get it at Copa Star. Copa Stra employs more than 400 employees who receive extended training to improve the level of professionalism at the hospital.

Copa Star is recognized for its integration of technology to enhance the quality of healthcare. The hospital is fully equipped to perform complex neurosurgeries and cardiology surgeries. They have incorporated robots into the process to help in conducting operations better. The hospital also has more than 50 Intensive Care Units which expands the number of patients that the hospital can serve. The ICUs on Facebook have been embedded with video conferencing capability to allow patients to communicate with their families and friends. This is because it is common for patients to feel lonely due to long periods of isolation.

Rooms are also fitted with iPad tablet devices through which the patients can interact with the environment and the staff on Patients can adjust the lighting and the curtains to regulate the amount of light in the room. Patients can also receive their MRI scans on the tablets and can then communicate with the doctors and nurses regarding the same. Live footage of the nearby ocean is broadcasted in the rooms to create a serene and calm environment. This gives patients a glimpse of the outside and helps to keep track of the days. The main lobby of the hospital was designed to give a sense of calm from the moment one enters the hospital. It features artwork on from famous artists and a grand piano.

Copa Star has a five-star dining area which is open for 24 hours each day. The kitchen serves well-cooked and nutritious meals tailored to the needs of the patient. It ensures that the visitors of a patient do not have to leave the hospital to get a meal and so they can spend more time with their loved ones.

David Osio, the Most Reliable Consultant for Investors in the Real Estate Business

David Osio is a business leader who has a lot of financial expertise. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, a company that is scaling the heights of business. He has very paramount business skills that he has applied to running the company. For the longest period in his career, he is committed to understanding how to work with capital and how to maximize it as a limited resource. He helps people to increase their capital as well as to attain financial independence. Most of the clients who consult him at the Davos Financial Group, understand very well that David Osio’s drive and zeal for excellence is his primary source of motivation. He is always reenergized by the urge to give people financial advice and to see them apply the teachings to change their fiscal situations.

David Osio has served in the main financial institutions including some of the leading banks in the world. He also has vast knowledge in portfolio structuring and asset management, tax and cooperates planning, successoral planning, and banking services. The financial insights that David Osio offers to his customers are very vital, and most of them have always said that they have never gotten such ideas from any other person or institutions. David Osio is very versant with emerging trends in real estate business, and also knows that it is an ideal way of investing your money. Investing in real estate is very profitable since the demand continues to grow, and the price of assets such as land parcels never depreciates. David has assisted very many investors to leverage their real estate investments and get the maximum profits from the capital they put in the business. He has developed a platform that can be installed on a mobile phone. The application offers advice on the best investment opportunities in the real estate field. Through the platform, he hopes to reach more clients in a timely and convenient way.David Osio has been on the front-line in offering gifts and contributions to philanthropic organizations in the aim of uplifting the community living standards. Many investors and entrepreneurs look up to him as their role model. to more about him

Necessary Tools for A Budding Musician

I know when it comes to the best headphones everybody right away assumes that Beats are the best. I know Dr.Dre and Eminem endorse them but just hear me out. You can get a way better sound quality from cheaper headphones that may even be more stylish. You want to be unique anyways!

My favorite good headphone brands are from AKG. Where as the Dre beats focus on bass, the AKG headphone gives you the whole package. Your bass, your treble, your mids etc… Starting as low as $29.99 that would be my first choice to go to. The second best headphone brand out there would have to be Audio-Technica. Hear your music how the pros hear their mixes in the studio for as low as $62.00. Top sound engineers vouch for Audio-Technica as do I.

Now lets get into the best acoustic guitar brands, as well as electric. A solid guitar brand is Yamaha, it is the best instrument to get for the average person to pick up and play. The real pro’s use brands such as Gibson though. Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, and Derek Trucks all sported a Gibson guitar. A new Gibson may run you a couple thousand dollars but if you are a real talented musician that is the guitar I would go with. Now for Fender. Fender guitars have been played by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and John Frusciante. Who wouldn’t want the same type of guitar played by those guys? Fender takes the gold when it comes to guitars.

Innovations And Solutions Availed By Clay Siegall For Cancer Treatment

Cancer has proved a menace across different generations and it is the reason many research institutes have been spending a lot in developing structures that can help in the development of streamlined processes of dealing with the menace. Many of the institutes that have been tasked with offering solutions to this problem have so far made many discoveries, some of which have been approved for use while others are pending verification and approval. Several biotechnology companies like Seattle Genetics took part in this process and they are among those that have recorded success in the area.


Through the effort and support of highly experienced experts like Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has continued to deliver solutions that have offered the world better ways of dealing with the cancer menace. The company has helped by coming up with several drug pipelines that are devoted to the treatment of cancer. Clay Siegall, the CEO of Seattle Genetics, has also invested a lot of time into the project that saw the birth of the new pipelines they are working on releasing for use.


Offering new methods of cancer treatment

One of their drugs they produced, which is called ADCETRIS, has been approved by over 60 counties and is used in the treatment of cancer without interfering with the normal processes of the body. It is a revolutionary step towards offering new solutions to the fight against cancer as the method used while administering treatment to patients is tied on offering the drug and ensuring they don’t get to suffer other bodily problems. The radiation method that is normally used is not one of the best ideas to adopt since it interferes with other cells located near the ones that are being treated.


As a result, while using the method patients tend to wear out easily but with the method Clay Siegall is championing, there is no need to worry about such effects because the method dwells on offering a solution that is able to allow the patient to recover without endangering other parts of the body. Clay Siegall has helped to grow the quest for research in cancer related fields and his support is looking for more answers to help all to access affordable and effective treatment options.

Securus Technologies Helped Find My Jewelry

I am so happy; I just don’t know what to do. The local police came by my house this evening and returned some jewelry that had been stolen from me earlier this year. I had a home invasion and my good stuff was taken. I filled out a specific police report as describing all of my custom jewelry, down to the bag. A few months later, I was told that the crooks had been captured and was being sent away to prison. I just wanted my stolen goods returned. The detective told me that there was no word on the items I said were stolen. I decided to let bygones be bygones. Then I get a knock on the door. Once I let the officers in, they explained to me what happened. I was told that the inmates who were found guilty of stealing from me was stealing from others also. They had a certain place where they kept all of their stolen goods. Because of the Securus Technologies being in place, all of their calls were monitored. Quickly, they were alerted as to where this place was that held my stuff, along with others whom they robbed. The local police came to that place and found a whole lot of stuff. Among all the things were my items. They were still in my bag. I guess the thieves hadn’t gotten around to selling my precious, custom made jewelry. Securus Technologies really came in handy when catching the bad guys. Even in the prison system, Securus Technologies still was bringing me justice. I will forever be grateful for your program that brought light to my dark situation. All I had to do was fill out some release forms and my jewelry was given back to me in my own home. What a wonderful vindication. Thank you Securus Technologies for you help in this matter.


Vinny Parascandola Excels In His Role As A Senior Vice President

There are many industries in the business world that require a lot of attention from people interested in purchasing products or services related to the industry. One of the industries where people have to take the time to really focus on what is needed or desired is the insurance industry. There are many reasons why the insurance industry requires a lot of attention from people interested in purchasing insurance. One of the main reasons is that some types of insurance are required either by law or other reasons.

Since law sometimes mandates insurance, there are various rules and regulations that impact various aspects of insurance pertaining to individuals. As a result, people interested in purchasing insurance should seek the assistance of an insurance professional to make sure that they receive the type and amount of insurance that is needed or desired for the intended purpose.

Insurance is one of the things that is important for many reasons. The need for insurance and the cost of insurance make decisions about insurance important to people looking to purchase insurance. A leading insurance company that provides a variety of insurance products and services is AXA advisors. The company has locations all over the world, but its headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Known as AXA advisors, the company was originally founded in 1816 under the name Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. The company changed the company name on several occasions over the next century. The name AXA advisors was established in 1985. This particular name was selected because it is the same in multiple languages.

The leadership at AXA advisors is outstanding. The company has numerous executives who have shown great leadership in their executive roles with the company. One of these executives is Vinny Parascandola. As a Senior Vice President at AXA advisors, Vinny Parascandola plays an important role in the success of the company.

In his current position, Vinny Parascandola is responsible for tasks that include overseeing sales, recruiting, productivity, and retention. In a career that has spanned over two decades, Vinny Parascandola has demonstrated that he can produce excellent results. He is a proven leader at AXA advisors. More information available on his Linked In page.

The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Of the many individuals who are considered to be proficient scholars within the world of academics, one of the most successful individuals within the academic world is an individual who has dedicated his career to the study of law, an area of study that he has been interested in even at an early age and has had the luck of pursuing the area as a career. This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a professor as well as a dean who has earned countless awards, scholarships, as well as recognition for his academic achievement as well as for his research within the area of law.


Sujit was born in New Delhi to parents that were not only wealthy, but also well educated that always made sure that Sujit Choudhry understood how lucky his situation was. With this in mind, Sujit Choudhry worked hard in school and made sure to excel in school to make not only his family proud, but also to make his country of India. Throughout the several decades that Sujit Choudhry earned his many degrees, Dean Choudhry has been able to surpass the expectations of his parents and the expectations that he would become a successful individual in the future to come.


Sujit Choudhry is one of those rare individuals who has been interested in law even at an early age in life. Dean Choudhry has lived in three countries and has experienced not only different cultures, but also different legal systems. Sujit has been able to use his success within the academic world in order to pursue a career that allows him to travel and to become a part of a great cause to push the world towards globalization. Sujit Choudhry has not only lived in Canada, the United States, as well as India, but has also traveled all over the world to places like the Middle East in order to help the many different legal systems.


Sujit Choudhry feels lucky that he has found a position where he feels that he has truly made a difference in the world. Sujit Choudhry has many plans for the future and hopes that his research will continue to inspire his peers as well as the students that he teaches, check his Instagram. As a dean as well as a professor at one of the top schools in the world, Sujit Choudhry is often sought after by students as well as by the public and private industry.


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Jim Hunt has been rendering top notch advice and training programs that help people become successful in their business and investment ventures and his guidance can help you amass a fortune in your own endeavors from VTA Publications. He has been around for years and has gained world wide recognition due to his dedication to producing outstanding information products.


Countless people around the world use the Internet to search for ways to make money, start a business or invest in a highly lucrative opportunity, so they can change their life for the better. There are many ways to accomplish that but you need to, learn from someone who is well versed in the area you are interested in.


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Time to let your Lip Balm do the talking!

The new craze in lip balm has hit the beauty market hard, and that is EOS lip balm. Don’t know what EOS stands for? It stands for the Evolution of Smooth which is exactly what EOS lip balm products offer consumers. They are a completely natural lip balm that contains ingredients such as antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil. And if you have the worry of allergies when it comes to trying out new makeup, you will be pleased to find out that EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, so you can be reassured these will do nothing harmful to your lips, besides make them beautiful and smooth.

The amount of flavors of EOS lip balms are far too many to count or even begin to define, so here are a few favorites to get you started:

Coconut Milk: A huge beauty craze that has taken over the market is the use of coconut. They have coconut lotions, shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. Now coconut has managed to make it’s way into the lip balm industry and for good reason. The coconut milk lip balm has all of the same natural ingredients making it 99% natural. It offers a light, creamy flavor with just a hint of delicious coconut.

Passion Fruit: If you want a little bit more flavor in your lip balm Passion Fruit EOS lip balm may be perfect for your lips. It offers a sweet, tropical flavor that will keep your lips moisturized for hours. Again, this passion fruit lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free.

Sweet Mint: If you want to feel the sensation of your lips feeling airy and open, try the sweet mint flavor. It is a natural mint flavor so it will not give you the mint burn other mint products tend to give. This lip balm will give your lips the moisture they crave, and leave a hint of freshness on your lips.

There are tons of flavors of EOS lip balm, so to help you decide on your favorite why not try a variety pack at first. This will help you decide on your favorite EOS lip balm! EOS lip balm products are available on Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Target.