Benefits Of Choosing White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a well established PPC management firm. There are several benefits to hiring the team at White Shark Media for your PPC advertising projects. First, White Shark Media has a team that is passionate about helping businesses increase their sales and revenue. Second, these professionals are well trained and experienced in all aspects of advertising and have great expertise in Adwords PPC campaign management. And, they have access to some of the best quality resources in the industry.

When businesses and organizations hire White Shark Media for their advertising projects, they have confidence in this team’s ability to meet their needs effectively. If you are truly serious about gaining increased exposure for your business or products, then consider signing up with White Shark Media.

Transparency is another factor that makes White Shark Media a great choice for serious marketers and advertisers. White Shark Media makes it a top priority to be completely honest and transparent when dealing with clients, which shows they care about your success.

It is crucial that you understand how your ad campaign is performing and what the PPC account manager is doing to help you reach your goal. With White Shark Media advertising management, PPC reports are available to provide clients with detailed, up-to-date information about their account and campaigns.

As a reputable PPC agency, White Shark Media also provides honest information about the ad spend and other issues regarding your PPC campaigns. White Shark Media gives clients complete access to information about their campaigns. They will also ensure that you have a full, administrative ownership of your account.

White Shark Media is one of the most trusted and affordable PPC management firms and comes highly recommended in the industry. You’ll be pleased with the quality of services they provide and the results of your campaigns.

Anthony Petrello Deserves Every Cent He Earns

Anthony Petrello can be ranked among the most successful men in the American economy. He is the CEO and President of Nabors Industry a rank, which he took over from his predecessor Eugene Inserberg. Eugene was in trouble with the shareholders for taking the company offshore to Hamilton Bermuda. The shareholders sued him for the move, for they felt that the Bermuda corporate laws would deprive them of their rights as shareholders. However, inserberg meant to evade some tax responsibilities while retaining the offices in Washington. Anthony Petrello had joined Nabor in 1991, but he managed to be president in 2011. The above insinuates that he raised through the ranks over the years and had a lot of background information on what needed to be done to improve Nabors. Nabors is one of the leading oil and natural gas drilling organizations. It is an oil field and natural gas driller which has over 500 rigs in 25 countries.

Anthony Petrello is among the best paid Chief Executive Officers in America since 2012 when he became the president of Nabors. In 2012, Anthony was ranked among the top 50 highest paid CEOs in Aps and Equilar’s lists. In 2014, his salary increased by 286% to $68 million, which was still ranked among the highest salaries that year.

Petrello was not born in riches, but he made his way to the top through hard work and determination. He did not have rich parents of a trust fund as he grew up in a predominant Italian background in Newark. Although the Newark has many hardships, it has a strong work ethic culture that also advocates for honor. People in the community work to ensure that all needs are met. The community also highly shuns lies and values honesty. The above background could explain why Anthony Petrello, unlike many other powerful CEOs has never been caught in scandals and lies that would defraud his company and to know more click here

Anthony Petrello understands that there are no shortcuts that would lead one to success. He studied books for many hours daily since he was a child. Despite his parents struggles Petrelo worked hard to guarantee a bright future for his family.

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George Soros Makes Enemies While Fighting for an Open Society

In an article in The Atlantic, George Soros explains why he believes laisser-faire capitalism is now the greatest threat to an open society. He is not against capitalism. He acknowledges that he has made a lot of money trading the financial markets. He is in favor of capitalism. He just does not believe free societies can govern themselves entirely through the free market. He doesn’t use the term “libertarian,” but it’s clear that’s the economic philosophy he is against.

After he became a successful trader, he decided to pay back by using some of his profits to improve the world with more open societies. He started with South Africa, and admits he failed there. The apartheid system defeated his efforts to open up the society of South Africa. Learn more about George at Biography.

After that, he targeted East Europe. He began supporting Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Solidarity in Poland. A few years later, he founded an Open Society Foundation in his home country of Hungary and in the Soviet Union. He gets credit for helping to support dissent in Soviet communism, playing a part in its fall.

However, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Western powers failed to follow up with efforts to help those societies rebuild with freedom. He wanted the United States and Western Union to launch a new Marshall Plan, but they failed. For six years, George Soros concentrated on building open societies in the countries of East Europe and the former Soviet Union. Around the time he wrote the article in The Atlantic, he shifted his focus to supporting a more open society in the United States.

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(He also supported an Open Society Foundation in China, but closed it in 1989.)

The countries of East Europe are no longer communist, but authoritarian governments are threatening freedom, and they don’t like George Soros and his open society foundations. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban targets Soros personally. But he is also passing laws to attack the influence of Soros in the country. On April 4, 2017, Hungary’s Parliament passed a law that would effectively ban the Central European University.

That small school was created in 1991 to support noncommunist subjects. An endowment from Soros makes the CEU financially independent of the government. It is the only private university in Hungary. And since Orban came to power in 2010, all other major institutions of Hungary have become dominated by the central government. Visit to know more about George.

In June, Hungary passed a law requiring Non-Governmental Organizations that receive more than $26,000 in overseas to register as “foreign-supported” and to reveal the names of their foreign donors. This is seen as a direct threat to George Soros, who is probably the largest foreign donor to NGOs in Hungary.

Goettl Air Conditioning’s Home Improvement And Cooling Advice

Amidst all the summer fun and activities most people plan, the primary concern is still often how to keep their homes cool throughout the season. It can be done through various cost-saving ways in air conditioner use that Goettl Air Conditioning, an Arizona-based HVAC service company lays out. First, Goettl advises people to have insulation properly installed in areas of their home such as the attic and other places exposed to direct sunlight heat. They also advise people to place air conditioning thermostats where they won’t be affected directly by sunlight. A maintenance plan, such as what Goettl offers also ensures that the air conditioning unit has its filters changed and is running at the most efficient levels throughout the summer. Visit Indeed to know more.

According to ACHR News, Goettl Air Conditioning has lived up to its promise of quality customer service throughout the 80 plus years its been a company. It was founded in the greater Phoenix, AZ area by Adam and Gust Goettl during the Great Depression and has strived to maintain values of a family-run company over the years. Goettl was purchased at one time by a non-local company and began to lose income due to lack of investment in the southwest area, but then Ken Goodrich came and bought the company back and soon Goettl was upgrading its equipment and rebuilding its reputation as one of the best installation and repair companies in the nation. For more details visit Glass Door.

Goettl has helped customers find HVAC units that match their home’s size and infrastructure, making sure they aren’t too large or too small. Goettl also has zone-controlled heating systems during the few months that the winter temperatures set in, and a Las Vegas family once benefited from Goettl’s installation of a zone-controlled system in their home. Goettl is also a partner of one of the region’s top plumbing contractors, The Sunny Plumber.

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Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Beauty Product Looks Fashionable

Lime Crime, which is a beauty company, have created a product called Unicorn Hair Dye which is very innovative. This is one of the newest and organic beauty products by their company. People will want to try this because the dyes are made from vegan ingredients so no one needs to count on bleach or peroxide for hair dye. This product has thirteen different shades of colors which comes in tint formulas. These tints can last up for a little over a week, and after several washes, and it provides full coverage if the costumer is not happy.


What’s unique about this product is each container of dye is affordable just under $20. It is not designed to damage your hair. Because this conditioning formula is made especially with the purest, vegan ingredients, people do not need to worry about using this product. The dye will not ruin the colors on your clothes and sheets. This product is only made to color your hair. It has been proven that the unicorn hair dye will fade away gradually by itself. For anyone who may want their hair to fade away faster, they can use a cleansing shampoo just by simply washing it several times until it is gone.


What makes Lime Crime an interesting company is that it is very fashionable, and so many people will like how their products are used for their hair. Lime Crime’s goal is to help create makeup in a fun way and how it makes you feel positively. It has become an unusual leader in the public eye.


With so many variety of products they offer, it sets new standards for performance and quality. It has begun to change the face of beauty with multiple choices by the products they produce. This company also wants their customers to express themselves openly, to help create attractive looks and the feel of fashion alike.

Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair Dye

The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere never disappoints her clients when it comes to beauty products. For over three years, she has been burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a hair dye that is unique to all existing ones, and guess what, she got it. To convince her fans and clients, the “queen of unicorn” as she proclaims herself has been using the product on her hair before its launch.


Although it remains unclear when the product will be launched, most people are already anxious to try it. This is evident because there’s already a substantial amount of information about the product and most people think that it is unique from what is already available in the market. The dye comes in different colors–from stone gray to baby pink. From the look of things, Lime crime is setting high standards for its peers.


The most interesting part about this new product is that clients will have a chance to choose between two formulas, that is, tint and full coverage. This makes the product even unique and will probably get most people eager to try it. However, the company recommends that people use the dye on lighter colors or blonde. The good thing is that the package comes along with full instructions, so you don’t have to worry.


The company has been overworking in an attempt to come up with unique beauty products, and it seems their efforts are paying off. The new unicorn hair dye that is about to hit the market will be among many products that Doe Deere and her company have been working on for many years. This latest product has no equals because it is a permanent dye.


All said and done; everyone always wants beauty products that can be trusted. Lime Crime Company is among the giants of beauty products and with the much-awaited launch of its latest dye, people’s expectations will remain high for even more of such products.

Trust Agora Financial for all your financial solutions

Agora Financial Limited is a publishing company that would be described as the area for business ideas. For over a decade, the publication company has been offering advice financial advice to their clients four years ahead of time. This has helped investors as well as potential investors to be able to plan their money well. It also helps investors to avoid financial hiccups without involving a financial broker who may charge you extravagantly yet not well experienced.

For someone to protect and grow their wealth, they should read the publications by Agora Financial, subscribe to their monthly newsletters, attend their seminars or better still watch their documentaries on their YouTube channel. Over time the publishing company has been able to attract more than one million readers because of their consistency in the mainstream financial media.

The readers can find out about companies that are poised for rapid growth as well as the essential secrets of generating wealth. These are the best wealth protection strategies no one wants to board a sinking ship and regret later. Their research is always 100% unbiased and independent because their financial analysts are not people who spend time in their offices depending on Google for all answers. Contrary to that, the company spends one hundred million dollars yearly on travel expenses. Their team of experts which includes a geologist from Harvard, self-made billionaire, and philanthropist, ex-bankers to presidents are always on the move. They visit the hidden gold mines in South Africa to real estate in Magnolia. Their information can, therefore, be relied on.

The company that has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland can be a trusted financial friend of all times. With bubbles it has burst before, one needs to log into their website as fast as possible.

Agora Financial traces its roots back to 1979, being a subsidiary of Afora Inc. At the time Agora Inc. was famously referred to as “a marketplace for ideas.” since then the company has consistently outdone itself in being ahead of mainstream financial media.

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USHEALTH Group Prides Itself On Being A Top Insurance Health Provider

Because nobody plans to fall sick or get an accident, it is vital to invest in health care insurance. That is why USHEALTH Group was established. Geographically located in Texas, USHEALTH Group, through its affiliates like Freedom Life Insurance as well as National Foundation Life Company offers a broad range of services in health insurance. From innovative packages to incident management as well as disability and accidents, USHEALTH Group prides itself on being a leading health insurance provider for many across the United States of America. The team is committed to providing insurance solutions to self-employed individuals, small businesses as well as families and employees.




When faced with the need to treat specified diseases as well as sicknesses and accidents, USHEALTH Group with the affiliates has a complete understanding that all clients have different specified demands when it comes to treatment. The team believes in allowing the clients to make a choice depending on the budgets and value for specified treatment. With a team of professionals as the management, USHEALTH Group offers a broad spectrum of options for clients. Towards that end, the management has provided an array of the broad portfolio for the clients to settle for better and preferred choices of insurance. The products the management offers border flexibility, reliability as well as affordability for clients.




Being a health services provider, USHEALTH Group lives by the mission to give hope to clients. This is based on the objective of establishing the company. For the management, hope governs the entire operations of the company. From the staff to the agents who sell the insurance packages, the organization relives the mission by providing excellent health care insurance services. The organization is focused on making a positive impact to change the lives of people.




Among the factors that control the operations of USHEALTH Group and affordability, reliability and different portfolios. For individuals who need daily coverage for medical expenses, to persons who need coverage for serious medical events, USHEALTH Group can help. USHEALTH Group offers a variety of packages for health insurance encompassing health benefits. It is a leading insurance provider for clients.


White Shark Media swims above the rest

If you are looking for a company that will do a stand-job on your advertising needs, then White Shark Media is the company for you. Their website,, speaks volumes about the type of effort they put into projects for their clients. It is a nice, clean representation of the company themselves, and includes easy to find answers for all your questions. On the off chance you don’t find what you’re looking for, White Shark Media has a live chat option to assist you.

White Shark Media has a target audience of small business owners. Running your own business can be hard work, as well as take up a multitude of resources. Advertising for the business that you have built for the ground up should be the last thing on your mind. With the help of White Shark Media’s expert team, you are able to focus more on the things that you love and that matter most.

When you visit the White Shark Media website, you are able to check out their frequently asked questions section. Some other sites have FAQ sections that are very short; however, with White Shark Media there is a set of a dozen different categories from which you can choose questions. Expectations, budget options, and strategies are the names of some of the different categories.

As if the perks listed already weren’t good enough, White Shark Media also offers free evaluations for their services. This opportunity will leave you feeling confident that White Shark Media is the best company to handle your needs.

Lastly, at the bottom of the White Shark Media website, there is an extra section with additional resources for you as you make your decision to utilize the services of this company. In addition to the free evaluation, White Shark Media also offers a local listings scanner and an AdWords book.

Overall, I think it would be very hard to be displeased with White Shark Media.


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George Soros: Multi-Billionaire Partner for Change

George Soros has lived a difficult life during his early years as being part of a Jewish family living in Hungary. The occupation of Hungary by Nazi Germany has almost brought his family to accept their fate of death, but they resisted instead and prevailed. The oppression that he has witnessed during the war would mold him to become the successful future businessman. After the Second World War, he immigrated to London to study, and at the same time, worked part time in two different jobs. After he graduated at the London School of Economics, he decided to live in the United States where he will build his multi-billion dollar empire. He launched his own hedge fund in 1970 called the Soros Fund Management, and he was recognized as one of the most successful businessmen and investors in history. Read his profile at Business Insider.

George Soros used the fortune that he made to create a network called the Open Society Foundations, which aims to help groups and organizations around the world that are fighting for the freedom of expression, a transparent and accountable government, and aiming for a just and equal society. As of today, he has already given $12 billion to these organizations, which are actively helping people from the edges of society, mainly those who are addicted in using drugs, workers in the sex industry, and people who are members of the LBGT group. He established the network because of the influence that he had when he was still attending the London School of Economics, wherein he met Karl Popper who wrote a book entitled “Open Society and its Enemies”. George Soros believed in his principles which states that societies would only flourish if it is being governed democratically, freedom of expression exists, and there is a respect for individual rights. These three approaches are the core ideas of the Open Society Foundations, which is evident in their mission and vision. Learn more about this article at

George Soros is also known as a philanthropist, giving aid to those who are in need. During the apartheid era in South Africa, he helped the South Africans obtain scholarships, and he also spearheaded the information drive across the Eastern and Western Europe in order for them to unite during after the Cold War. He is also helping societies across Asia, Africa, South America and North America to promote equality among others. One of the latest news about his involvement in a protest was the Ferguson Protests, and he admitted supporting the groups rallying behind a murdered African-American. He is wishing for the police to use caution and be more mindful about using force. He is also known to become one of the leading supporters of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, giving millions of dollars in donation to the Democrats.


ClassDojo Communication For The Modern Classroom


ClassDojo is an app designed for use in the classroom. It is a communication tool developed for use by teachers, students, and parents. The ClassDojo app can be used on cell phones, laptops, and smart boards. The App is now being used in 90 percent of schools, grades kindergarten through eighth, in the United States. It is being used in 180 countries around the world and has been translated into more than 35 languages.

With ClassDojo teachers are able to keep track of their students’ progress in real time, from anywhere. This gives teachers the freedom to move around the classroom and interact with students more efficiently. The app allows teachers to share this information directly with the parents as it happens, with its data-sharing features and direct messaging capabilities.

To engage the students, the app features avatars the child can customize, and a point system used to help encourage participation in positive behavior. The avatar system also helps teachers organize their classroom and arrange group activities in the app. They can then award or remove points for students, in groups or individually, according to performance.

Teachers can post photos and videos of the day’s events and share them directly with the parents. This encourages more parental involvement in the daily education of their children. Teachers and parents can give each other immediate feedback about the child’s progress or any behavioral concerns. The app also comes with features that allow teachers and parents to decide what behaviors they would like to see encouraged and discouraged, to meet the individual needs of the student. The instant messaging feature can also be used in emergency situations as a direct link between teachers and parents.

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How to become a Pro Racquetball player: Tips from Sawyer Howitt

How to become a Pro Racquetball player: Tips from Sawyer Howitt.

     In the modern world of racquetball and for the younger generation, it would be correct to say that if you want to play, like Sawyer Howitt. However, as Howitt observes it does not happen overnight as a lot of effort goes into becoming a professional racquetball player.

Top of the most important aspects is understanding the basics.Just as it is in other games, field or career, professionalism requires a mastery of the basics first before scaling higher into other spheres of the game. Importantly, find out whether your motivation to play comes from within or without, as this will help to discern how much you dedicate yourself to the game.There is a sense of fulfillment that accompanies proper mastery of racquetball.

You will also need to plan appropriately and planning has several facets that come into consideration. Factor in elements such as time, a coach, sponsorship and so on. In other words, it is important to focus forward in your journey as a professional racquetball player.

While he leads the pack in this game Sawyer Howitt racquetball techniques have only been developed over a long period of time. His interest in racquetball began as a child.He is multi-talented and capable of playing doubles, singles and even mixed doubles.The Portland, Oregon-based player is a skilled entrepreneur and takes pride in assisting others to rise through business ventures.He is currently a senior Lincoln High School and works at Meriweather Group, a capital venture founded by his father David Howitt.

Racquetball is fast gaining popularity and as Sawyer Howitt observes, sponsors are most likely to come your way on reaching a higher level of play.In between, you would still do well as a coach and earn your space as you focus on honing your skills and scaling the ladder.

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Yanni Hufnagel Looks to Strengthen the Pack

Many of us love to witness the rise of the college basketball underdog, or even see the already very good program become even better by taking the next proverbial step, but sometimes the pivotal maneuvering that leads to these momentous achievements can fly below the radar in respects to the casual fan. A name like Yanni Hufnagel is one such you may not know, but you are certainly familiar with some of the amazing feats he has accomplished in his young coaching career, and it’s a name you won’t soon forget.

Yanni Hufnagel began his coaching pursuit at a young age, reading any coaching book he could get his hands on, so it’s no surprise the Scarsdale, New York born kid went on to become the prominent coach he is today. After acting as a basketball manager in his undergrad days at Cornell University and a summer internship stint with the New Jersey Nets, Hufnagel accepted a graduate assistant coaching position at Oklahoma.

From there he went on to cement his coaching and recruiting pedigree as a volunteer assistant coach with Harvard University. Yanni Hufnagel, who has been praised from the likes of CBS Sports and countless others for his relentless and high-energy attitude, would help lead Harvard to three consecutive Ivy League titles, a record of 90-30, and their first NCAA tournament birth since 1946 in his four years with the Crimson. Hufnagel’s efforts as the recruiting coordinator would prove to be pivotal not only for Harvard’s resurrection but in his next few stops as well.

Yanni would then spend the 2013-14 season as recruiting coordinator for Vanderbilt, landing a nationally ranked class and coaching multiple future first round selections before his two year stint at Cal where he had a hand in yet another nationally ranked class, this time in the top five. Cal would go on to earn a 4 seed in the NCAA tournament, the highest in program history.

Yanni Hufnagel helped deliver, through coaching and recruiting, at some of the more successful college programs in recent years. He even had a hand in the development of NBA players such as Jaylen Brown, Jeremy Lin, and Blake Griffin. He will look to build on his impressive résumé going into his second year alongside head coach Eric Musselman and the Nevada Wolf Pack.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Gives Opinion On Trata Brasil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a prominent person in the world of banking. He is a financial expert with many years of experience and he has worked to come up with the solutions that many people need to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need to make things easier. He has studied infrastructure of both major cities as well as businesses. The studies that he has done were created to show the major differences that can be found in different areas. It is something that changes the way that people are able to do things and the way that businesses are able to succeed.


Thanks to everything that Felipe Montoro Jens, businesses are more successful and are better able to handle the things that come their way. Felipe Montoro Jens wants to make sure that people are getting exactly what they need when it comes to their businesses, their infrastructures and even their own personal lives. He wants to be sure that things are working out and that he can work successfully with these issues. As the CEO of a major financial company, Felipe Montoro Jens knows a lot about the opportunities that he has for success with these people.


Starting out, Felipe Montoro Jens did not do many interviews and was not necessarily an expert on the subject. Now, though, he is regarded as someone who knows a lot about the subject of finances. It helps him to make sure that people know what he is talking about and the things that are going on. Recently, he did an interview about the Trata Brasil. He weighed in as an infrastructure expert and let people know that the idea to team up with the organization was a good one. He knew that it would be a success and that Brazil would be able to benefit from it.

Working with Securus Technologies to Keep the Prison Safe

Working in a prison is a dangerous job for a number of reasons. These inmates are not very fond of authority, so they will lash out any chance they get. If we are not paying close attention every second we are working, the inmates could easily cause their share of bodily harm. Add into the mix weapons or drugs, and you can see why we really need to tighten up security around the clock inside a prison.


The only way inmates can easily get access to the drugs are through the visitor center. This is where they are in close quarters with people from the outside, so we have to have eyes in the back of our heads, run everyone through security scanners, and even do body searches. Visitors are warned to never give anything to the inmates, but many will risk time in jail for the sake of helping their family or friends.


When Securus Technologies was installing our new call monitoring system, we didn’t really pay too much mind to it because we already had been using a system to listen in on the inmates calls with minimal success. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has these units in 2,600 jails to date and says his team of 1,000 employees are dedicated to making our world safer. We didn’t realize how powerful the system was at the time.


Days after learning how to correctly use the LBS software, I discovered conversations inmates were having with family and friends about how they could get the drugs into the visitor center, how they are hiding the drugs to avoid detection, and which inmates are being ordered by others to sell drugs to inmates. Our efforts combined with Securus Technologies is making our prison safer for everyone behind these walls.


Boraie; Visionary Property Developer who Built New Brunswick

Robert Boraie is a property developer. He has projects in several areas in the country. He was featured in an article that appeared on Central Jersey Working Moms. Boraie is pleased that he has been able to realize his vision in the development of New Brunswick. Boraie said that he got the vision to redevelop the area after returning from a trip in Europe. He had lived in Europe as a traveling scholar of chemistry for some time. He started the company while he was still a student.

The first few years were very hard for him because he was still new. New Brunswick would be deserted after 4 PM at that time. Boraie started off with a block of 21 vacant buildings that were in poor shape. His vision was unusual. Many people thought that he was crazy when he tried to build condominiums and office buildings in the area. He was profiled in a story by the New York Times that commented on his project to transform the downtown area of New Brunswick. He was able to complete The Albany Street Plaza Tower One in the eighties after several years of construction. The building had more than 250,000 square feet of space. It rented out office spaces. The project was completed at an ideal time because there was a shortage of office space in the city. You can search him on Yahoo to know more.

According to WSJ, Boraie noted that the residential units in New Brunswick were not enough. They could not handle the residents of the area. He had a vision to construct a building that resembled those that had been developed in New York. He was able to build a 25 story building known as the Spring Street Condominium Building. The building offered office spaces, a parking garage, and a hundred apartments. The complex was eventually completed ten years ago.

The Aspire building was designed to cater for younger and hip residents who were looking for luxury and convenience. It is located in a prime area with proximity to entertainment joints and restaurants. Boraie Development is a real estate company that is involved in property management, sales, and marketing. They are known for their ability to deliver to clients by meeting their needs through superior service. The sales and marketing teams work to advertise their projects. Boraie Development, LLC has developed units in Newark and Atlantic City today.

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The All New Mermaid Collection by Lime Crime

Just in time for the hottest part of summer, Lime Crime’s makeup products have been showing some mythical promise as of late. With the company branching into the hair dye territory with their recently released line Unicorn Hair, it was only a matter of time before other fantasy creatures were brought into the scene. Now you can have full access to the Lime Crime Mermaid Collection. There were different products all around the site, showing glimpses to this new line, but until now little was known and each of the products had a “coming soon” message attached to them and little else.


The Mermaid Collection ties in the preexisting Pop On Nails by Lime Crime, plus a few of the diamond crushers and a selection of mermaid appropriate hair dyes in the Unicorn Hair Collection. These hair dyes include such sea faring favorites Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Blue Smoke, and Pony. When coupled with one of Lime Crime’s Mermaid specific Metallic Velvetines, you will be well on your way to completing your mermaid inspired look for the summer.


With just a dash of glam and a whole lot of seashell inspired motifs, the packaging on all of the new Mermaid Collection products are definitely reminiscent of undersea adventure. Their new Moonlight Mermaid Collector’s Set includes 3 otherworldly highlighters, which can be used on the bridge of your nose, your cheeks, chin, and the corners of your forehead to give your skin a truly mermaid-like shine. The colors include Mermaid, Seashell, and Pearl, which appear as a pink, gold-yellow, and a blue highlighter powder. What else does this set come with? It wouldn’t be a set without something new to add. You’ll get not only the highlighters, but also three full sized velvetines from the Mermaid Collection. This includes Siren, Mermaid’s Grotto, Seashell Bra.


The new makeup brushes by Lime Crime are absolutely to die for! They’re very unique in their design and will make you feel like a fairy (or in this case mermaid) princess while putting on all your favorite makeups. The handles are sparkle filled and the bristles are blue-purple and shiny with powder pink tips!

Do You Need A Loan On Your Stocks?

Sometimes businesses run into a cash flow problem. Any number of events can trigger a downturn in business. Sometimes it is the weather or a natural disaster, or it could be a reaction to international events. During times like that, some small businesses opt to obtain a loan using their equities First collateral.

A bank or other financial institution is likely to offer a loan using stocks as collateral. However, there are some key things to keep in mind.

Government regulations bank policies might prevent some equities from being used as collateral. A bank will charge a very high interest rate for such a loan. They can only lend up to 40% of the value of the equities. To add more insult, they will ask for a business proposal describing the need and the use for the funding. The final insult is that funding such a loan will take some time.
It would be far easier to sell off the equities at that point. But wait a minute, let’s look at something else.

There is a company called Equities First. They will make a loan using your stocks as collateral. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities, double the figure of the institutional lenders. There is no prohibition of using any equities, as they are not a financial institution, so the government regulations will not apply. They will not ask for a proposal or business plan for the proceeds of the loan. Their interest rate is one of the lowest in the Equities First business. The funding will not take weeks. That sounds more like it, all around.

See Equities First before you sell your stocks. You will be glad you did.

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Greg Secker Shows the Value in Saying Yes to the World

Most people feel like they’re trapped in a work cycle that they’re just not happy with. A recent interview with Greg Secker showed that there’s people on the outside trying to offer a helping hand. Secker has worn quite a few different labels in his time. He’s a businessman, a computer programmer, a master at trading with forex and an inspirational guide for people looking to do the same. Most of all he describes himself as someone who says yes to life.

All of this came together when he founded The Greg Secker Foundation. He’d managed to find a way of life that was immensely satisfying. Even more than that, it’s a life where he’s been able to actually improve the world around him. Secker’s even gone as far to do some trading while in the air in order to raise money for charity. He’s someone who’s taken on almost every challenge that life has to offer and come out ahead on almost every occasion.

But reaching the top isn’t the end of the journey. His successful trading allowed him to retire at a very young age. But people like Secker enjoy work far too much to ever really give it up. Instead of working just for his own profit, he decided that he might be able to give a little back to the world. His unique skillset isn’t something that many schools really place emphasis on. Secker’s philosophy is more about how to approach a problem rather than focusing on a few single subjects.

The foundation isn’t just there to create a single result either. Like Greg himself, the foundation is all about working within his philosophy rather than having a single set goal. Unless one might think of success as a goal in and of itself. For example, helping to rebuild a village devastated by natural disaster might not seem like a philanthropic goal at first. But much like empowering young people with business insight, it’s also setting people up for success. By rebuilding a devastated village Secker is able to ensure that things are done right. It creates an environment focussed on the same kind of successful thinking which allowed Secker to get where he is.

OSI Industries Broadening Their Market

The American corporation based out of Aurora Illinois, recently got a chance to brandish another trophy next to its name. They’ve as recently as November of last year, been awarded the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The award was given for their ability to lessen environmental risk, which is quite a feat for a company as large as OSI Industries. However, this is not a new phenomenon for the company. As prior to this in 2013 and 2015 they won the same award for those years as well. At this point each award is no longer a mile stone, but a notch in their belt of maintained exemplarily standards.

That however, was not the end to their adventure in Europe. While maintaining excellent records they have sought other ventures abroad, capitalizing on the chance to acquire Baho Food. OSI Industries will be utilizing their new Dutch based operation to help secure an even stronger international presence in the food market. With the range of products that Baho food and OSI Industries are producing, the Dutch based company will compliment their existing selection of foods and products nicely.

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Even still they haven’t hung up their hat after that romp through Europe, instead they have also moved to purchase the UK based Flagship Europe. This could be a march towards dominance in the European service market with all of their recent purchases and capital that they have to throw behind them.

With all of the recent events that have happened it is no wonder that OSI Industries are within the top 100 food companies in America. Valued at over $6.1 billion dollars, they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the service industry. It seems that with all of their recent purchases, it can be expected to have a large payoff in the future. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see their value rise to new heights over the next few years once more investments that they have made start to mature. It will be an eventful few years going forward.

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