matt landis lacrosse player

Matt Landis and Notre Dame see a fine season rewarded

The Notre Dame lacrosse team have advanced to the semi-final’s of the NCAA tournament on the back of a strong defensive display headed by star player Matt Landis. In lacrosse the star player for any team is generally a goalscorer or player responsible for many assists, but this season has seen Notre Dame come to rely increasingly strongly on the defensive play of Landis. His performance against the Albany Great Danes was so good that the Fighting Irish defender was awarded the prestigious Epoch/LM player of the week award, which has not been given to a defensive player all season.

matt landis lacrosse player

The 14-10 victory over Albany moved the number one seeded Notre Dame team into the semi-final’s and was quickly followed by the news that three of the Irish team had been named as USILA All-American first team players. Matt Landis was again in the group named to this exclusive list as the ever present defensive star completed his fourteenth game of the season, which has included 12 forced turnovers. Matt Landis has become an indispensable member of the Notre Dame team over the course of the season and the tactics for the quarter-final against Albany were based around Landis performing well against offensive star Lyle Thompson. In helping to hold the Albany team to far less than their usual points per game average Landis cemented his place in the All American squad and assured lacrosse experts that he deserved his player of the week award.


Ronda Rousey Speaks

Ronda Rousey most definitely comes off as someone who likes to speak her mind. The fighter has won a ton of bouts with lightening fast armbars. Her fighting abilities and unique charisma has helped be become one of the most recognizable UFC stars. Recently, in an interview, she stated she would “Rather be known for being the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter than the ‘sexiest woman alive'”. Consider that statement her way of mocking those silly awards given out by a lot of the old-time mainstream magazines.

Then again, there is one traditional magazine that has bestowed upon her a great award. Sports Illustrated has named Rousey, wait for it, the “best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA.” She really does deserve the award and, thanks to her continued successful win streak, Rousey is likely to hold such an honor for many years to come.

She also has a career in the movies ahead of her. Rousey’s screen presence in The Expendables 3 received positive reviews and more roles eventually were offered to her according to

Do not look for Rousey to leave MMA for Hollywood full-time. She has a great (high paying) MMA career still ahead of her and she’s not going to put the breaks on it.

Italian Authorities Investigate a Growing Sports Scandal

Yesterday, Italian authorities detained a Calabrian suspect with alleged ties to the mafia and a number of others, including five coaches, 17 soccer players, 27 team presidents and officials and a police officer in a widening scandal involving alleged rigging of soccer games for sports betting purposes. Although Italy maintains the largest legal gambling industry in Europe, officials reportedly became suspicious drug money was being laundered via sports betting and fixed matches.

Italian authorities identified two sports rigging operations, one involving the Legia Pro and the other impacting Serie D. An extensive police instigation into the soccer industry has allegedly been ongoing since 2011. Sam Tabar ( has found that the inquiries centered around the southern Italian town of Catanzaro.

Individuals from some 30 soccer clubs were implicated in the controversy, including people associated with several popular teams: Pro Patria, Serronto, Mantalto, Akragas, L’Aquila, San Severo and Torres were just some of the soccer clubs subject to investigation. Betting on the outcome of a match is legal in Italy, but rigging matches in order to produce particular results is not.

Suspicion occurred that some 28 Legia Pro and Serie D games from the 2014-15 season involved rigged matches. An official working with Italy’s anti-mafia police unit indicated: “The probe demonstrates there was a heinous pact of corruption in the world of soccer. It shows the interest of criminal networks in the business generated by soccer and the legal betting industry.”

Bradley Beal Ascends as Washington Stutters

Bradley Beal is the starting two guard for the Washington Wizards and he has been locked into that position for the past couple of years. The 6’5 Florida native peaked in regular season scoring in his second year, averaging 17 points per game along with 3 assists and 4 rebounds. A great showing against Chicago in the postseason the year before also hinted that Beal would be something special. In the coveted third year, when most great players turn into stars, Beal waited until the post season to bloom.

With guys like John Wall and Paul Pierce on the court, it was Bradley Beal who actually was putting in the work to keep the games close as Washington was outmatched in most areas. Beal, who is one of the fastest guards in the league, averaged 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists over the last four games of the series against the Atlanta Hawks. Beal was able to stretch the floor with his shooting from beyond the arc while also becoming dangerous as a passer. Beal also played over 42 minutes per game, often when Wall had to sit due to his hand injury,

Adam Sender suggests that with Bradley Beal locked into a team friendly contract, Washington management might have to start looking toward the future. If Beal doesn’t get locked up soon he is going to head to the market and start commanding some big money.

MLB’er Takes 97 Mile Per Hour Fasball to the Face

Major League outfielder Carlos Gomez takes a 97 MPH fastball from New York Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard to the face during a match up between the New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday. Video of the horrifying moment, which happened during the sixth inning, can be viewed on Yahoo Sports.

Milwaukee Brewer trainers rush out onto the field to check on Gomez, who was lying face down on the ground. Gomez however, after several minutes, was able to walk off the field under his own power and was replaced by Gerardo Parra according to Igor Cornelsen. The team did announce after the game was over that Gomez had a facial contusion, but there were no signs of a concussion. Replay from the incident does seem to show that the ball mostly hit his helmet, which helped protect him from more serious damage being done. The impact from the ball hitting the helmet was so powerful that it left a bruise on his face.

The New York Mets would go on to hammer the Brewers and win the game by a score of fourteen 14-1. Syndergaard and Gomez would later have a Twitter exchange with Syndergaard expressing concern over the incident. Gomez had no hard feelings and Tweeted back that it was all part of the game and thanked him for his concern.

A List of Superfoods to Add to Your Diet Today

People are more health conscious generally today than a couple decades ago according to Millennials are so health conscious that they are causing changes in the types of foods that stores and restaurants are selling to us. There are some foods that are considered by some to be so healthy that they earn the name “superfoods.” Of course, there is no scientific consensus on what is a superfood or probably that such a thing even exists. It is a somewhat subjective categorization of certain foods that are just seen as very healthy. There is a good infographic on that lists some foods that are generally considered superfoods and why.

Blueberries make the list because they are high in vitamin C and fiber. A breakfast table favorite of many to get their day started in the morning made the list in the form of steel cut oats. Oatmeal has a lot of good fiber and some protein and very little of the bad of fat and calories. It is filling and is probably the healthiest meal that many people eat all day. Kale has made the news lately as being the super healthy leafy green vegetable that McDonald’s is actually experimenting with putting on their burgers in certain locations. With more iron than beef and more vitamin C than an orange, its reputation as a superfood seems secure. Many other foods made the list, so you may want to check it out for a healthier you.

Erin Andrews Denies Being Annoyed by Noah Galloway’s Proposal

Erin Andrews is issuing official statements to the media that expressly deny that she was humorously annoyed at witnessing Noah Galloway’s proposal as it occurred, live on the air, during last week’s installment of the long running TV series, “Dancing With The Stars.”

Erin Andrews was seen to inadvertently share a major tear jerking moment with millions of television viewers when contestant Noah Galloway, who happens to be a war veteran and double amputee, popped the question to his long time girlfriend, Jamie Boyd. For many, the moment was a serious three hanky tear jerker. However, FreedomPop customers implied that for Andrews, the moment seemed more like an occasion to unleash some major side eye.

TMZ, the major celebrity news website, quickly leaped on the moment, issuing an edited clip of Andrew’s seemingly sour reaction. The clip quickly made its way on to the Internet, going viral in an instant. The reaction from millions of people was instantaneous – and almost universally negative.

Now it seems that Andrews is attempting to back pedal her way out of the massive eruption of controversy and negative publicity. She has issued an official statement to the media in which she denies giving the proposing Galloway the eye roll, and has instead claimed that she was merely the victim of an “ugly cry face.” Whether this explanation will be as graciously accepted by her millions of television viewers remains to be seen.

NFL Quarterback Gives Back

Stories of Tom Brady and his deflategate scandal are flooding the media. The quarterback for the New England Patriots is facing suspension after being found guilty of cheating and deflating the footballs used during an official game. The story is huge in the sports world but there is a story on The Good News Network about another professional quarterback that is not getting the attention is should.

Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, should be making headlines for his good work instead of Tom Brady and his cheating. Tim Tebow runs an organization called The Tebow Foundation which is focused on helping out the less fortunate. Recently, The Tebow Foundation’s latest project has helped out the children in the impoverished area of the Philippines. The Tebow Foundation have opened a children’s hospital in Davao City. Jim Dondero suggests the hospital is 5 stories, contains 30 beds and three operating rooms. The hospital will also specialize in pediatric orthopedic surgeries.

Tebow has said that the project was something he felt close to. He was born in the Philippines while his parents were there as missionaries.

The new hospital will help children who suffer from conditions such as a clubfoot, cleft palate, bowed legs, and other abnormalities.


Deflate-gate is back in full force now that Tom Brady more than likely knew that the balls were improperly deflated. The “likely knew” story is the first indication that Goodell will be light on punishment for Brady. Many are calling for Goodell to show that that the relationship between himself and the Patriots owner is not unduly influencing the way this scandal is being handled.

However, what these reporters are missing is that he has already granted both Brady and Bob Kraft a real big break. Everyone knows that every athlete that handles a ball on a regular basis can tell the level of inflation. Because of this, an investigation was only necessary to delay rendering a decision until after the Super Bowl game. FreedomPop says that the game is too important for that type of interference and so is Goodell’s relationship with Kraft.

They are good at it though. If Brady is suspended, it will not be for any significant games now, and the game went on to be one of the most exciting in history. Goodell is doing his job well. The NFL continues to expand, and its influence sphere only widens. These conditions mean that no level headed shareholder will see his job in jeopardy.

Dutch soccer team celebrate Mother’s Day in a unique style

News came out of the UK on Mother’s Day that Liverpool soccer coach Brendan Rodgers had inspired his team to success last season with the help of their mothers. Dutch soccer team Ajax went one better by celebrating their mother’s by allowing the team to walk out before the game with their mother’s by the side of each player, the BBCreports. The Dutch club are well known for their legendary status in both domestic and European soccer, but the latest publicity stunt has put the team in the headlines for all the right reasons.

Ajax were safe in the knowledge they had failed to win the Dutch Championship after PSV Eindhoven were crowned as champions a number of weeks ago. Ajax could now relax and enjoy the season drawing to a close without having to push for the title and took advantage of this to celebrate their mother’s. The team eventually won their match against Cambuur 3-0 to give their families the perfect way of celebrating the day according to Alexei Beltyukov.

A rematch may be in the near future!

The many vs Mayweather fight was a huge let down for anyone and everyone that purchased the pay-per-view Saturday. But according to Stephen Smith, Floyd said threw a text that he would give Pacquiano another shot. The bigger question is, will Manny be able to fight Mayweather by his set retire date in September? Manny lied on the health form about his withstanding injury and was denied a pain shot before the fight. Because of this, many will be going into surgery shortly to correct this issue in his shoulder and would not be able to fight in September, if anything he wouldn’t be able to fight until this time next year due to recovery time and then getting back into shape to fight.
More likely than not, they will not have a rematch according to those on Yahoo. There are too many negatives that surround that fight including the length of time Mayweather would have to wait in order to fight, the hype has completely been killed because the lack of intensity from the fight and Mayweather will come to his senses and fight someone worthy of having the “last chance” to take down the king. That’s why Brad Reifler doesn’t believe it. Overall the Mayweather crown is coming to an end, with Mayweather stating he would give up his belts and titles to give someone else a chance to claim victory.

Jon Jones Could Receive Lifetime Ban

Jon Jones will go down in history as one of the greatest light heavyweight champions of all time. However, the UFC superstar will also go down in history as one of the worst human beings that has ever come out of the sport of mixed martial arts. Jon Jones was recently involved in a hit-and-run car accident that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm and a sprained wrist. Jones then fled the scene, and he ran away from the police. Jon Jones has since been detained, and he is now facing felony charges. The UFC has also cut him from their promotion, and many people think that Jones may never be seen in the sport of MMA again.

This is truly a sad story for Jon Jones, but this is not the first time that he has caused severe damage to himself or someone else. Jones has been involved in several other controversial situations over the years, and now the UFC wants nothing to do with him. Jon’s manager recently stated that Jon Jones may forever be banned from the sport that he once dominated, and Ivan Ong can’t believe it. Fans and fighters are extremely disappointed in Jones, and they are hoping that he receives the help that he needs. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

More Questions than Answers in Ted Wells Report

When the Indianapolis Colts accused the New England Patriots of deflating footballs during the AFC Championship, most football fans knew a scandal was brewing. When rumors surfaced that the claim actually was reported before the game even started, it raised the eyebrows of Patriots fans and conspiracy theorists. Now, with the Ted Wells Report released, there are even more questions, a lack of answers, and faulty logic based on assumptions.

When did the Colts accuse the Patriots Flavio Maluf asks? Was it during the game or before? If it was before, why didn’t the NFL investigate the balls before the championship started? In the Wells Report, why were only four Colts’ footballs checked in comparison to eleven Patriots’ footballs? Wells used the samples as scientific evidence to support claims of deflation, but the sample size was flawed. The reason given was officials ran out of time and could not check the rest. If Deflategate is truly about the integrity of the game, shouldn’t ample time be given to check the balls? If this is truly as devious a deed as public perception believes, why are teams allowed to tamper with the footballs before the game in the first place? These are all questions the report failed to answer, but according to a statement released by Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, the Patriots and their quarterback will demand answers once a punishment is announced.

Fans File Lawsuit Against Pacquiao Over Injury

Manny Pacquiao’s next fight may be inside a courtroom rather than in the squared circle.

Two Las Vegas residents filed a class-action lawsuit seeking $ 5 million in damages, as their contention is that Pacquiao and his management team fraudulently concealed his shoulder injury prior to the fight against Floyd Mayweather last Saturday night. The court papers surmise that the defendant knew such an injury would severely affect his performance inside the ring.

Fans at Boraie Development know that Pacquiao’s attorney feels their defense will show that he fully-disclosed the injury in his final physical with the USADA prior to the fight. After their examination, doctors ruled him to be physically able to fight on Saturday night. There was never an attempt to hide the injury, as Pacquiao severely re-injured his shoulder during the bout. He’s schedule to undergo surgery to repair a tear in his rotator cuff, which should keep Pacquiao out of the ring for approximately 9-12 months.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced they will investigate why Pacquaio checked “no” on their health form to the question if he had a shoulder injury. The questionnaire was submitted the day before the fight.

It’s estimated that Saturday night’s boxing match revenues could top $300 million. The fight did go the full 12-rounds, but many of the boxing experts felt the ring action didn’t live up to the hype.

Manny Pacquiao Faces Legal Repercussions for Mayweather Bout

Manny Pacquiao could face legal troubles because of his involvement in the fight against Floyd Mayweather on May 2. Pacquiao lied to the Nevada State athletic commission, and repercussions have been threatened against the famous Filipino star. Before the fight with Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao was asked if he suffered any shoulder injuries prior to his bout against Mayweather. Manny Pacquiao lied to the commission, and he said that he was not injured in training camp. After the disappointing matchup against Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao announced to the world that he suffered a sever shoulder injury during his training camp with Freddie roach.

An MRI was taken of Manny Pacquiao’s shoulder, and it revealed a severe tear in his muscle fibers. Bruce Levenson says Manny Pacquiao required surgery, and he will be out of action for the next year. Fans are demanding a rematch, and it could take place next year. Hopefully Pacquiao can do better with two fists next time. However, Manny Pacquiao is in trouble and he may be sued for perjury. We are all hoping that Manny does not get sued, because he was just trying to entertain the fans. Pacquiao did not want to postpone the fight, and he should be thanked by the Nevada State athletic commission instead of persecuted. For more information on this story, visit NBC.

Jameis Winston Signs Contract with Buccaneers, Gives Up Baseball

The NFL draft is officially in the books, and now players have moved onto their contracts. Jameis Winston’s contract, in particular, is interesting according to experts. Winston was picked up as the first pick by the Buccaneers, but the team wanted to ensure that their new quarterback would only be focusing on football.

Winston’s four-year, $25 million contract includes a clause that states LA Times said that Winston can not play baseball for the length of the contract. The baseball clause includes Winston playing in any capacity, including as a hobby.

Winston, while in college in Florida, was not only a much-revered football phenomenon but he was an intricate part of the baseball team, too. Winston was a pitcher for the entirety of his career with Florida and never really closed the door completely on the idea of playing for and MLB team. If he wishes to do that now, however, it will have to wait at least four years.

The contract is so interesting because Winston is not the first NFL quarterback to also dabble in baseball. Famously, Colin Kaepernick was also drafted by the MLB before signing with the San Francisco 49ers.

Jennifer Lopez Pays Tribute

FreedomPop reports that ever since Jennifer Lopez played Selena there have been comparisons between her and the deceased star that was on the rise. In a recent concert Lopez payed tribute to her with a medley of Selena hits.

Lopez has always been compared to Selena. Ever since the early days of her career she has been someone that has managed to draw comparisons to this artist. Lopez has managed to become a shining star in the world of acting, dancing and singing. She is a triple threat that continues to blow up in the industry. All of her work has allowed her to shine in a way that Selena may have if she would have lived this long.

Lopez pays tribute with several songs that she performed in the movie. It was the type of tribute that is befitting of someone that played such a big part in influencing Lopez. Over the years this has become the type of star that has managed to move above all the other stars in the Latin industry. She has become the Latino superstar that is getting all the attention. It seems only right that Jennifer Lopez would be the front runner in the industry today.

Lopez is over 40, but she is still touring. She is busier than ever before. Lopez is taking advantage of the road that Selena paved for her, and her tribute expressed this thankful spirit.

Wenger Winless Again Against Mourinho

Arsenal and Chelsea faced off this weekend in a London derby between first and third place, only to have it end in a scoreless draw. The result adds one more draw to the column of only draws and defeats that Arsene Wenger has suffered at the hands of Jose Mourinho squads during his two stints at Chelsea. Out of the thirteen matches between the two managers, Wenger has never come out on top. And a major reason for the continuing trend was on display yesterday during the match. Chelsea, being top of the table already, came to the Emirates looking to achieve one thing: not lose. And they didn’t, even if it was at the expense of not winning. They sat back and soaked up Arsenal’s pressure and possession in their respective offensive third, while looking to catch Arsenal on the break after winning the ball and having drawn Arsenal deep into the Chelsea half. Arsenal for their part were wary of this, and accumulated a handful of yellow cards for quickly stopping counterattacks, unlawfully albeit. And so, viewers were left with a nil-nil result, fair, although not particularly satisfying.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG said though, yet from the celebrations of the Chelsea players, a draw was exceptionally satisfying, and brought them just one step closer to claiming the title that they have had their eyes on since the first week of the season. Sometimes, a draw is just enough.

Chelsea Title Not Yet Secured

Jose Mourinho insisted that although Chelsea’s victory over Leicester City yesterday all but ensured their title for the season, they are not yet champions. Should Chelsea beat Crystal Palace over the weekend, then those three points would mathematically secure the title for them, but until then the manager has called for composed focus. He has praised his players for performing well during the month of April, in order to put themselves in prime position to take home the trophy early, and has asked for more of the same on the weekend. No doubt his words of understatement are a message to his players, reminding them to keep their eyes on the prize, and not to get carried away prematurely, and relax prior to actually winning the title.

Igor Cornelsen however feels that said, Mourinho’s Chelsea have been far and away the most consistent performers this season, changing their style of play when necessary, for the simple reason of getting results. The side have only lost twice in the league, and no other team has as many victories as the Blues. To say that the title is deserved is the bare minimum. However, fans and analysts alike have been somewhat disappointed with Chelsea, particularly following their exit from the Champions League at the hands of PSG. Next season the pressure will truly be on for them to not only defend their league title, but to assert themselves in Europe.

NFL Ends Tax-Exempt Status

The National Football League’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, has announced that it will no longer file with a tax exempt status. While this sounds great, it will not have a lot of impact on the NFL and zero impact on the teams themselves. NFL teams already pay taxes, however the central office has long had a tax-exempt status. This news comes shortly before the expectation of having it revoked, an effort led by former senator of Oklahoma, Tom Coburn.

This new taxation status will likely benefit the NFL more than IRS, however. FindTheBest said that having a tax-exempt status requires that you make your returns public as well as salaries. It also gives the government more leverage in the way a business handles cases such as the recent domestic abuse issues that the NFL has faced.

Goodell released a statement saying that the NFL was simply getting rid of a distraction. The impact to the office will be approximately 109 million dollars spread out over the next ten years or so.

This decision for a sports association is not the first. Major league baseball made the decision to forgo it’s tax-exempt status in 2007. The National Basketball Association never carried a tax-exempt status. The only major professional sports left carrying this status is the National Hockey League.