Bruce Levenson’s Departure Leads To Changes At The Atlanta Hawks

The changing face of the Atlanta Hawks has been highlighted by the departure of Bruce Levenson‘s Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium and the arrival of billionaire Tony Ressler and his fellow investors. Ressler’s arrival at the Hawks NBA franchise comes after he failed in an early bid to buy the New York Clippers and instead turned his attention to the fast improving Hawks to add to his expanding sporting empire. The arrival of Ressler comes with a large amount of sadness for many Hawks fans who had watched Bruce Levenson preside over a period of sustained growth and on court success that resulted in the franchise reaching the playoffs as a number one seed for the 2014-15 season.

Bruce Levenson arrived ion Atlanta in 2004 after achieving a large level of success in the oil and gas industry. Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskowitz set out to create a new form of oil industry newsletter in the 1970s from a spare room in Washington DC and succeeded in changing the way the industry received its information forever. By the time the buyout of the Hawks, NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the rights to operate Philips Arena were secured the business empire of Levenson was secure but his sporting franchises were not performing well. From a position at the very bottom of the NBA standings the Hawks rose up the standings until they were challenging for control of the eastern division in the final years of the Levenson fronted ownership.

The decade in charge of the Hawks has seen Bruce Levenson and his ownership partners turn the Hawks into a major force in the NBA, but their hope is that the introduction of new owners can spur the franchise on to even greater things. Eras Management’s Tony Ressler has already gained some experience of the sporting world through his minority ownership of the MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers. In the first weeks of his ownership of the Hawks, Ressler has already ruffled a few feathers with an overhaul of the front office of the one time winner of the NBA Championship. The introduction of a number of front office officials who have experience working with the San Antonio Spurs is designed to bring a championship winning mentality to the franchise as the new owners look to make their mark on the team. The new owners will also have to live up to the community based work Bruce Levenson completed during his time with the Hawks, which pushed the franchise to a new level within the Atlanta area and across the US as a whole.

John Textor Unlocking the Potential of Creative Media

John Textor has certainly forged an extensive career in the years following his college graduation. Although this Wesleyan University alumnus was awarded a BA degree in economics Textor has used his education and talents to become one of the foremost innovators in the movie production industry.

It was obvious in BusinessWire that Textor was a perfect fit for the executive ranks, even when he was still a relatively new and untested talent. He became the founding director of the Lydiann Trust Company and oversaw finance and planning at the Michael Serdlow Company. His rise through the company ranks would also see him serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman for the Sims Snowboards conglomerate.

One of his most successful career paths began with Wyndcrest Holdings. This Florida based firm was co-founded by Textor during the 1990s and he was designated as the company’s managing partner. The firm focused directly on specific communication industries such as entertainment, internet and the burgeoning field of telecommunications.

Digital media would soon become Textor’s overriding interest and he continued to use his business acumen to propel his career forward. Two years after his Wyndcrest Holdings debut this businessman was asked to become the director for BabyUniverse and The Parent Company. This was one of the early internet retailers who specialized in sales of products for children.

Textor quickly moved up the business ladder. In 2002 he took over as chairman of this retail giant. By 2005 Textor was elected as the company’s CEO (chief executive officer).

In 1999, John Textor became director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse, an internet retailer of children’s products. He became chairman in 2002 and moved up to chief executive officer (CEO) in 2005.

As CEO and Chairman at Digital Domain Media Group it would be Textor who helped lead the way during the years of restructuring and acquisitions. During this time period Textor was deeply involved in the production of some of this decade’s most memorable movie releases.

Those superbly computerized special effects viewed in Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean, Benjamin Button and Transformers were created by the Digital Domain Media Group when Textor was at the helm. Textor’s most recent contributions to the film and media industry have involved the creation and production of virtual images of such iconic stars as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

The journey of Atlanta Hawks NBA

An Atlanta hawk is a professional basketball team that competes in the national basketball association. The team is based in Atlanta, Georgia and plays in the southeast division league. Their home matches are normally played at the Philips arena.
The Hawks was established as tri cities Blackhawks in in the year 1946. At first they registered as a member of national basketball league. Later on in 1949, the team joined the NBA. After moving to Milwaukee in 1951, the team changed their name to Hawks. In 1955 the team after winning the NBA championships changed their location to ST.Louis ten years later they moved to Atlanta.
The hawks are second among the teams that have had the longest drought. Hawks have not won NBA championships for 57 seasons. They only appeared in the NBA championship finalists in 1948 while still based in ST. Louis. For The rest of the 48 years the team does not advance past the second round. It’s in 2015 that the team had their break through after such a long wait. The long drought can be attributed to the players the team puts up to play in their games. The players were usually the same one since 1980. The team ought to have brought in new players for more skills and experience as well.
The team has had many changes in regards to uniforms and logos. In 2014 the famous Pac Man logo was reintroduced the logo is expected to be the teams main logo after completing the 2014-2015 may 2015, the hawks launched their new home alternate uniforms in addition to their new road. The main colors include Georgia granite gray, torch red and volt green. Apart from the logo and uniform, the team also unveiled new socks and playing shoes. The team signed a contract with the NBA which required them to have official socks which had a stance. Heretofore, the team wore white socks or black that also depended on what the team chooses. The teams has also decided to be wearing white for games played at home for road games Georgia granite the torch read will be used as alternate uniform color. The team ownership was conveyed in August 2014 and was spearheaded by the owner Bruce Levenson through investment banking.
Bruce Levenson a Jewish origin is an American based businessman. He is the former owner of the hawks an NBA team. He co- owed the Atlanta Hawks together with the Philips Arena. He served as a member of board of governor for the Atlanta Hawk’s team from 2004. Apart from involvement in business activities, Bruce Levenson is also involved in a number of philanthropic activities such as hoop dreams foundations and community works of Washington dc. He is married and has three sons. One thing that I love about BruceLevenson is that he has never forgotten his origin. They say east or west home us the April 3013 he was among the Jewish community that wrote a letter urging the prime minister of Israeli to work closely with the American secretary of state in order to come up with ways that will secure Israeli and live in peace.

Sam Tabar: Investment Game-Changer

Sam Tabar is not only an attorney but an entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades. He was educated at Oxford University (B.A. in Jurisprudence, 2000) and received his master’s degree in Law at Columbia University in 2001. Tabar was successfully accepted into the New York Bar Association and assumed the position with the prominent New York law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates specializing in corporate matters.

Working in business law aroused Tabar’s interest in capital funds management, particularly in hedge funds. He became legal counsel for PMA Investment Advisors (part of Sparx Group Co.), and in 2004 became the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. He designed a marketing plan for the company that targeted institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth clients. As a result of the plan, Tabar was able to compile a contact list of over 400 new investors to add to the existing company list of over two thousand. Under his management from 2007 to 2011, PMA raised over $1.2 billion in assets.

In 2011, Tabar joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region, locating industry-specific investors and introducing them to various hedge funds. He also aided in relationship building between clients and managers, solidifying long-term achievement of financial goals. Tabar built a contact list of over 1,200 investors while working at the company in the course of his two-year tenure.

Having the desire to invest in startup companies prompted Tabar to leave Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and to assume the position of Director at Adanac LLC, BVI in 2012. He made significant investments in real estate properties and diverse business ventures including THINX and Verboten. THINX is a clothing manufacturer exclusively devoted to women’s undergarments but also has a donation project to women in developing African and Asian nations with sales profits, and Verboten is a Colorado-based boutique brewing company that creates unique beer recipes.

Tabar returned to the legal world in 2013 by signing on as Senior Associate with Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP, providing legal counsel on investment matters, regulatory and compliance issues, and employment affairs. He currently serves in various community and business organizations, and serves as corporate counsel and investment advisor in a freelance capacity, contributing his financial expertise to various media outlets.

Imprudence In Finance: The Kyle Bass Story

While America’s financial ballparks have had some very judicious investors and great businessmen who have taken startup companies to excellent positions in the global markets, there have been some who have crashed and burned, or are on the downswing as we speak. For some, they may have just had a sense loyalty to their partners in the struggling markets and simply didn’t want to abandon them at a time of need, for others they may have seen too much fool’s gold in investments that were too good to be true and gambled too high on them. For others like hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, the true answers aren’t entirely known, though a combination of misplaced loyalty and fool’s gold chasing certainly seem to come into play. But it wasn’t always like that for Bass.

Bass, a Texas-born entrepreneur and initially savvy investor got a formal education at TCU and got rolling in the business world back in the 90s when he served on at Bear Stearn’s and Legg Mason’s. After staying on at Legg Mason’s for about 8 years, he decided to start up his own investment firm Hayman Capital and everything seemed to go right when this was launched. This was in part because unlike many other firms out there, Hayman seemed to be ahead of the game at recognizing which real estate investments were headed for trouble in the 2008 recession. In purchasing Credit Default Swaps against those investments, Bass appeared to have the perfect game plan for combatting the recession, but it seems recently the game plan expired.

According to Useful Stooges, Bass has put himself and his company in a bit of a hole with some ill-conceived tactics and unwise ties. One of his mistakes is that through either personal ties or major investments he has made down in Argentina, he has backed Argentina President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner even though the country has had very unsound economic policies that have hurt them badly. And in recent interviews he has seemed to think that his investments down there will yield a gold mine in a short time. Also, he’s been a major supporter and shareholder of GM, the auto company that has seen some major losses in their stocks and also had a hearing on defective and unsafe auto features. And to top it all off, he’s made enemies at pharmaceutical firms for short-selling their stocks with the only motive that can be seen as making a profit off of their products.

What will become of this economist and entrepreneur? It’s expected that greater oversight and regulation of his short-selling practices and patent challenging will be enforced by the federal government. Meantime, he is trying to find a way to regain losses that his misplaced investments have given his company over the course of last year.

Atlanta Hawk’s Change Ownership

NBA teams change ownership so often. The sale of an NBA team is among the most lucrative investing opportunities in the Unites States. Investors yearn to have the opportunity. There are always individuals in line, ready to make the purchase.

However, the value of the teams and stadiums tend to rise within a short period. It is not clear what causes the abrupt changes, but experts credit team performance. The better a team performs, the higher the value irrespective of the time it stays in glory. Team performance is improved by shopping for new players. They can instantly change the game for the better. Additionally, some owners decided to put the team under new management. Team Coaches are highly instrumental in achieving good results. Therefore, many billionaires invest in proven coaches.

In regard buying and selling, 2015 saw the Atlanta Hawks change ownership. The former owner is a Washington-educated entrepreneur. Bruce Levenson is a businessman and family man. He is married to Karen Levenson, a mentor and teacher. Together, they have three children. The family engages in Corporate Social Responsibility in the remote area of Washington DC. With his wife, Karen, they donated $5.6 million so that students could learn the subject of philanthropy. They believe it is fundamental that the less fortunate in society get financial assistance.

In 2004, Bruce and team acquired Atlanta Hawks, the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Thrashers. It three cost $250 million at the time. Together with Michael Gearon, they sold the Atlanta Thrashers for $170 million in 2011. It is a massive profit for one team, at the time, given the buying price. They were set to sell the Atlanta Hawks for a huge profit in 2015.

Late 2014, news reports emerged that there had been a deal to sell the Hawks. Antony Ressler was the new buyer. Together with former NBA player, Grant Hill, they made the purchase and took ownership of both the Hawks and the Philips Arena. However for the previous owner, all was not lost. They made insanely huge profits on the sale. Goldman Sacs handled the sale and fetched $850 million. In spite of the fact that analysts said that they could have got an additional twenty-five to twenty-seven percent increase in value. It was pure analysis, and there were chances that it could ruin the deal on the table.

The new owners announced that they were working in the interest of the community around Atlanta. Their objective was to build a successful team that would bring the championship home. In the first meeting, they promised that the management and Coach would remain intact. Also, team performance was set to improve as it was a priority. The length of time within which they will stay with the club is uncertain due to the changing dynamics. They may decide to sell it whenever they feel that they have a fair price and desirable profit on any deal that comes their way. It is possible due to the fluctuating prices of the NBA teams.

Another Heaping Helping Of Magic In Magic Mike XXL

The original Magic Mike was a guilty pleasure that women shared with their friends. There was beefcake and even a pleasant story line so some shed a tear when the headliner, Magic Mike, decided to hang up his G-string at the end of the movie. Since the movie ended, fans have been clamoring for a sequel, and this summer those prayers were answered with Magic Mike XXL.

The story of Magic Mike XXL fast-forwarded three years and the rest of the gang has decided to follow in his footsteps and get out of the stripper business, but after a little road trip to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach. The crew, including the original Magic Mike, wants to go out with a bang. Along the way, the guys do some shows, make some new friends and learn new ways to shake their groove things. Overall, this movie was a welcome addition to the Magic Mike franchise and a wonderful way to enjoy the heat of the summer.

And just so you don’t think this movie is all about the guys, there were some notable women, including Crystal Hunt who played the role of Lauren. Fans might be more familiar with Ms. Hunt’s work on the small screen as Lizzie Spaulding on CBS’s soap opera, the Guiding Light. Crystal Hunt played this role from 2003 to 2006 and received a Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005 for her role. On Twitter you can see that Ms. Hunt then moved on to a role on One Life to Live in 2009 playing Stacy Morasco. Those roles were just highlights in a long career that began at age 2 in kiddie beauty pageants before moving on to commercials and then daytime TV. Crystal Hunt’s role of Lauren in Magic Mike XXL is just one of a cast of strong female roles including Jada Pinkket Smith and Addie McDowell.

The reviews have been mixed on this movie, but the box office has been solid as this movie answered the wishes of the fans of the original and piqued the interest of those wanting to see what all the excitement was about. While the chances of you seeing a movie like Magic Mike XXL up for an Academy Award are slim when taken for what it is, Magic Mike XXL is truly magical. Magic Mike XXL is fun, sexy and has enough story and dramatic moments to make it worthwhile, if the men in G-strings aren’t enough entertainment for you. For those that enjoyed the original or people just looking for a fun way to spend a summer’s evening, Magic Mike XXL is the movie for the job.

Hawks make front office changes after Levenson deal is completed

Using the San Antonio Spurs as the model for any ambitious NBA franchise is usually a good idea for those who are seeking the chance to become a top team in the world of basketball. The Atlanta Hawks have been waiting on the chance to make changes to their playing roster and to the makeup of their front office since the reported $730 million sale of the franchise was completed over the summer of 2015. Bruce Levenson and his fellow Atlanta Spirit consortium members had pushed the Hawks franchise to a level few had imagined when they took control in 2004 with the franchise firmly rooted to the bottom of the NBA table.

The arrival of Tony Ressler as the new owner saw Bruce Levenson move out of the glare of the NBA spotlight to concentrate on the philanthropic and business work he has pushed forward with in recent years. However, the work of Levenson and the other members of the Atlanta Spirit franchise should not be underestimated in pushing the Hawks back to a position of power in the NBA they had not seen in many years. The decision by Levenson and Atlanta Spirit to sell off the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise to allow the focus to firmly fall on the NBA seems to have paid dividends as the franchise topped the rankings in the eastern conference after a decade in control. Levenson was an active member of the NBA Board of Trustees and backed many NBA charitable efforts, including the Make a Wish Foundation.

Ressler and his fellow consortium owners are hoping to push the Hawks forward to achieve more in the NBA playoffs, which has seen the Hawks fall earlier than many would have imagined in recent years. The many changes Ressler has introduced since taking full control in June 2015 have included a number of changes to the front office personnel in place within the Hawks organization. The new owner has an estimated wealth of around $1.4 billion and has promised to invest in the Hawks to make them even stronger than in previous years, which could see the groundwork laid by Levenson used a a platform for the franchise to move forward and challenge for a second NBA championship.

What Sets Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Apart

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was formed in 2007 under the name Brick City Development Corporation, before it was changed in 2014. The renaming was inclusive of the change in the company structure. The corporation closely works with the City of Newark on projects, which improve public life. It revolves around economic improvement, housing and real wealth.

The City of Newark has a well developed transport system, with a port and airport. It is a prime hub for business. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation plays the role of improving the economic prosperity of Newark by attracting business. Additionally, it works to retain business. It is a catalyst for business performance in Newark. The diverse neighborhoods get assistance for improving their businesses, and standard real estate. As NECDC’s sole customer, the City partnered to generate development projects in all the city neighborhoods. The partnership creates job opportunities, and increases spending in the economy.

Kevin Seawright was named into the leadership of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation on May 19, 2015 as their new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Kevin is responsible for making strategies. He came up with proper strategies for upright financial management. In his 13 years of experience, Kevin has come up with business strategies that continue to be used to date. His skills in finance and administrative operations are admirable.

Kevin’s accomplishments in NECDC range from improving revenue generations, and improving employee retention to quality hiring. The simple processes have enhanced the delivery of service to clients and standardization. In his career, he has been responsible for managing over $600 million of capital. This is in relation to the development of educational facilities in the different cities of New Jersey. Kevin has established himself as an efficient director, and an individual who quickly creates rapport with clients.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation offers loans to the public. The loans are accessible for new business startups as well as continuing ventures. The loans continue to play a significant role in improving the economic power of the residents. However, loans of up to $3.4 million were written off in 2014. This is a massive figure from the $10.6 million issued in 2014. Poor financial management skill is the reason NCEDC is investing in financial experts.

Over the last six years, the corporation has been involved in managing the public school system. The public schools cumulatively had over 80,000 pupils. The public schools operations have been integrated into Baltimore’s CitiStat software.

Andy Wirth: Running For A Cause


Seasoned triathlete and longtime cyclist, Andy Wirth, is currently training for an Ironman event in Lake Tahoe. By winning the event, he hopes to honor all of those who have served in the US Navy Seals and extend support to their families. Wirth is grateful to be able to compete in any athletic competitions because he almost lost his life nearly 2 years ago.

In the fall of 2013, Andy teamed up with a few friends and embarked on what they thought would be a fun day of sky diving. Being that this wasn’t his first time out, Andy felt no anxiety or fear before his dive. It was just a normal day out for the divers. However, shortly after diving, Andy found himself crash landing in a deserted, rural vineyard equipped with barbed wire, unsavory wildlife, and sharp posts. Andy laid calmly in the vine as his arm bled profusely. “My arm was spurting out blood like in that Monty Python sketch,” he said.

As he lay there, a song came to him that he started to sing: Pearl Jam’s ‘Just Breathe’. He sang that song as he waited alone for over 15 minutes for someone to come and rescue him. His friends came with the help of ambulance workers and he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. After being admitted to the ER, and seen by doctors, he learned that he was in danger of losing his right arm completely as it had been severed, with just a little bit of tissue and muscle connecting it to his body.

With the help of well trained physicians, medical staff, occupational therapists, and the support of friends, Andy’s right arm was reattached to his body and he was able to recover. While recovering, Andy made close friendships with former Navy Seals and gained a better understanding of the US Navy Special Warfare Community. It is for this reason, that he has named his team Special Warfare Warriors and has dedicated a fundraiser to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Please take the time to read Andy Wirth’s story, and donate to his cause.

Brazilian Authors And Their Contribution To Brazilian Culture

Brazil, a country of a multi-racial mixture, whose first peoples were African, European and Native American, brought to the world a myriad of artistic distinction in the world of literature. With a comparable history to many nations, including that of slavery of its African population, Brazil has grown and made great strides through the authorship of many of its contemporaries who brought about change and progress through their writing.

One such Brazilian author whose writing reflects the conditions and times of the country is Rubern Fonseca. He writes about the world of crime in Brazil. His observations are relative to his former work in law enforcement.

Some of the authors tended to be more introspective. For instance, Paulo Coelho started his career as a songwriter. He then became one of the best-known authors in Brazil, writing mainly from the heart.

Jaime Garcia Dias, a contemporary author in Brazil, has a very unique and compelling style of writing. He writes in a way that makes the reader care about his characters as they move through the conflicts and triumphs of their daily lives.

The most profound and the most read author in Brazilian culture is Jorge Amado. Noted for his prowess with the written word, Amado has won the appreciation of many of his readers with plots such as that of a woman living with two men in her life, one being her husband and one being a lover from long ago who is deceased.

Some of Brazilian Society’s ills are depicted in the writings of Euclides da Cunha. The author, who was also a politician, wrote stories of the struggles many Brazilians faced with over taxation and oppression.

Brazilian culture is very similar to that of other countries. A lot of Brazilian authors received their notoriety with styles similar to that of the great authors of the time.

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks

One year ago, the Atlanta Hawks National Basketball Association team was valued at a mere $425 million. This year, however, it is selling for nearly double that amount. Thanks to many new lucrative deals with television networks, the value of NBA teams has shot up in the past few months. The sale of two other professional basketball teams, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks, has helped to prove the increased worth of these professional sports teams.
The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, made the decision to sell his team earlier in 2015. His bankers told him that he could expect to sell the number one ranked team in the Eastern Conference for about $1 billion, but this estimate proved to be inaccurate. The recent auction of the team had the highest bidder at $730 million, which is still considerably more than what the team was valued at a year ago.
Levenson got his start by writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. After writing for them for a few years, he started his own company in 1977, which is known as United Communications Group. He also co-owns a business known as Atlanta Spirit, LLC. He has been a part of United Communications Group for decades and he continues to be a key part in their investment strategies and business ideas. He is also active in many philanthropic pursuits, including serving as president of the “I Have a Dream” foundation in Washington D.C. for a few years.
While the recent sale of Levenson’s NBA team removes him from the professional sports business arena, he is still proving to be a smart businessman. Despite the over-valuing of the NBA team by its banks, Levenson was still able to make a profit when the team sold. Its buyers, a group formed of several entrepreneurs and led by Antony Ressler, will continue to have an influence in both the business and sports sectors. Other members of the group that now owns the Atlanta Hawks include former NBA star Grant Hill, owner of Spanx Sara Blakely, and her entrepreneur husband Jesse Itzler.
While Bruce Levenson no longer owns the Atlanta Hawks, he is certainly still an active businessman. He has had an eventful year, from his NBA team being overvalued to selling his share in the professional sports sector. The sale of the Atlanta Hawks may mark the end of an era, but it also marks the beginning of a new one, for both Levenson and for the NBA team based in Atlanta.

Economist Mid-year Opinion Of Houston Real Estate Market

There are allegations that Houston might be heading into an increased normalized real property market as forecasted at the start of the year. According to Ted C. Jones, main economists for Stewart Title, that isn’t possible to occur by year-end.

The Houston Association of Realtors’ (HAR) latest MLS report said that Houston’s residential records for April were indicating a 2.9-months distribution. Whilst this signifies a small upsurge during last April after inventory levels indicated a 2.6-months distribution, the recent numbers are still way below what a balanced market has, where record levels would fall at a 6-month distribution.

Meanwhile, residential prices increased to highest points in April, with upsurges reported in average as well as the median prices.

Thus, many tend to ask what it means for individuals who are relocating to Houston with plans of purchasing homes. In simple terms, it implies that Houston still holds a great demand for real estate business, regardless of the deteriorating oil prices.

“Historically a downturn in oil prices has been very vicious to the Houston economy. What we have going for us this time is a broader-based economy than we may have ever seen in our lifetime, and as a result we are seeing the Houston economy hurt nearly as bad,” stated Jones.

He further said that everything was determined by employments. Even as oil prices continued to weaken, Houston performed much better compared to what most people imagined it would on matters concerning job losses.

Though Houston’s employment development has stagnated since the start of this year, Jones said that there’s still a good deal of percentage consumers demand, alongside numerous people who think now is the best period to purchase a home, particularly whilst interest rates stay on the low.

Another aspect that Jones stated is motivating demand for owning homes in Houston concerns the great rental rates linked with numerous multi-family posh properties, which have been developed in the last 3 to 4 years. He stated that there simply have not been sufficient new rental houses that were designed for the middle-income people or families.

For this reason, many potential renters have turned into home buyers. This leads to an increase in the number of buyers in the real estate business, contesting for the low record of obtainable properties.

Jones said that in spite of increasing residential values, buying is still getting a more favorable option to these people, especially with tax advantages of homeownership.

For individuals who are migrating to Houston as well as trying to comprehend the area real property market, it is imperative to note that majority of Houston area is actually filled with a number of distinct micro markets. These markets are controlled by individuals like Haidar Barbouti, who owns Highland Village Shopping Center among other prime real estate investments.

Bruce Levenson, a true example of a successful businessman

Bruce Levenson has experienced an extraordinary life so far. He is a successful business man a philanthropist, and a former NBA team owner.

The life of Bruce Levenson began October 1, 1949 in Washington D.C. Though born in D.C., Bruce spent most of his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended and graduated from Maryland schools but decided to go out of state for college. Bruce’s educational journey led him to Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his Bachelor degree. A B.A. degree did not suffice for Bruce so he decided to attend American University. At American University he received a Law degree.

While attending college, Bruce’s drive and thirst for success began to reveal itself. He took the opportunity to begin career in journalism by taking a Job at the Washington Star. This job was taken while studying for his law degree. This type of time management will later help Bruce to be successful in more than one business venture at a time.

The experience and knowledge that he received from his attending college and working at the Washington Star paved the path for Bruce to become an entrepreneur. In 1977 Levenson partnered with Ed Peskowitz and created United Communications Group (UCG). The two started UCG with a limited amount of resources. Instead of leasing an office or hiring a team of employees the two started UCG in Levenson’s apartment. UCG at the time had one job, and that was to publish a newsletter called Oil Express that concentrated on the various developments present within the oil company. Over time, with the help of Levenson’s skills and training, UCG grew by taking on other newsletters. In addition to attaining other newsletters, UCG extended its services by launching that consisted of Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). This data launch could have foreshadowed UCG acquiring the mobile app GasBuddy, which helps driver to find gas at low prices. In addition to UCG owning various mobile applications, today it specializes in a number of areas such as news and analysis, telecommunications, technology, data, and more.

The UCG development by Levenson and Peskowitz helped to lead to them both becoming part owners of Atlanta Hawks LLC, in 2004. This deal allowed Levenson to become part owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, the Phillips Arena, and the Atlanta Thrashers. In addition to being part owner of the NBA team, Levenson was also a member of the NBA Board of Governor and a managing partner. As a managing partner, Levenson made hiring decisions regarding various positions such as general manager. In 2012 he hired Danny Ferry, a former Cleveland Cavaliers player and general manager.

Being a successful business man also opened up doors for Levenson to become a philanthropist. Today he helps to fund such programs as the Bringing the Lessons Home Program and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. He is also an active participant in organizations such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.

Tips for Investing In Brazil

There is a great trend in the world lately when it comes to investing, and this is the trend of international investing. This is a type of investing that has helped many investors grow their portfolio more than they could have ever previously imagined. There are many different countries to invest in, and it is very important to choose the very best country for your investment portfolio. Brazil is a very popular country to invest in, and this is a great country to learn the ins and outs of investing within.

When you are looking to invest in a foreign country, you need to make sure that you are finding the very best professional advice that you possibly can. Zeca Oliveira is an investment professional that has helped many individuals find success within the Brazilian market. Zeca Oliveira has been the head of Bridge trust for quite some time and has had the opportunity of working with over 6.5 billion dollars of investment capital. This has given him the skill to be able to really learn how to effectively manage institution’s and individual’s money. There are few investment professionals who really know the Brazilian market quite like Zeca Oliveira.

When you are learning about investing in a foreign market, there are many different things that you should look into. Not only are the market trends a great thing to learn, but also the trends of the country itself can be a great thing to become acclimated towards. This will give you greater insight when it comes to the current trends that are taking place in the Brazilian marketplace. You will be able to better anticipates the moves in the Brazilian market if you understand Brazilian culture. This will give you a greater understanding for the way you invest overall.

You can have great success investing overseas. When you are investing overseas you must make sure that you are learning the right information. This will give you the ability to really push yourself forward in the international markets. Having the right investment professional guide you through this process will be a great way for you to achieve all fo your success that you are capable of in the international markets.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You With Your Claim

Personal injury lawyers are hired to defend individuals who have received injuries to due to negligence. This can be as a result of an automobile accident, hospital negligence or even a work-related injury. Individuals who are found guilty of bearing responsibility for an accident can be subject to hefty fines, paying a settlement and in some cases, jail time.

When speaking of personal injuries, there are three categories: negligence is when the party who caused harm, failed to take reasonable care, such as running a red light; Intentionally harm means a person came after to injure you and strict liability, which results from something manufactured or produced that cause you harm. This often happens on jobs. There are a number of injuries that fall under a personal injury claim. Most often, they are motor-related.

If you are in Texas and need a personal injury lawyer, Mikal Watts is one of the best. Watts was recently named one of Texas Monthly’s Super Lawyers. Watts received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. Two years later, he graduated from the University of Texas Law School at the tender age of 21. After working at the Peters & Haas Law Firm, he formed his own law firm in 1997. Watts is licensed to practice in multiple states.

One of Watts crowning achievements was securing a settlement against Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. The judgement at the time was considered one of the most significant in the nation. The case brought about a significant change in the automotive industry and forced Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone/Firestone recall thousands of tires.

It is important to know that personal injury laws vary from state to state. To have a valid claim, a personal injury lawyer must prove harm, direct cause, breach of duty and duty of care. A person who feels they have a valid claim should contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson

Major league sports draw huge crowds and millions of dollars in revenue per season. Owning and managing a winning team can be a very lucrative business venture. Bruce Levenson is the former owner of NBA team the Atlanta Hawks, and he knows first-hand the business strategies necessary to take on such an endeavor. Mr. Levenson has been an executive businessman and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has been involved in everything from journalism to technology and graduated from two separate colleges with degrees in art and law. The world of sports can be very volatile for the most successful businessman. Knowledge of the world of sports is imperative in order to make solid financial decisions and have great success. Trading players and drafting contracts are necessary to bring together a winning team. Mr. Levenson has been involved with the Atlanta Hawks since he acquired them in 2004 in a $250 million package deal with the Atlanta Thrashers. He later sold the Thrashers in 2011. The Atlanta Hawks have since climbed their way to one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and are currently the number one seed team.
Bruce Levenson has always had a philanthropy for helping the community, and he served as president for the I Have a Dream Foundation’s Washington chapter. They help to serve under-privileged youth by providing for higher education. He is also a leading donor for the U.S. Holocaust Museum and he donates to their Bringing the Lessons Home program, which provides students with tour-guide training at the museum. In 2014, the Atlanta Hawks took a tour of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and were educated during the trip by Mrs. Levenson, whose mother is a Holocaust survivor.
The NBA has become especially lucrative within the last few years due to excessive television exposure and more advertising. Forbes valued the Atlanta Hawks at $450 million but due to the rising popularity of the NBA, its value has doubled. Entrepreneur Antony Ressler agreed to a deal earlier this year to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from Bruce Levenson and his partners for $850 million dollars. Making such a deal mid-season is especially nerve-wracking, but the focus will stay on the team and their success in order to provide the fans with a seamless transition. The NBA has a bright future with the support of knowledgeable and successful businessmen such as Bruce Levenson and groups that he is involved with.

Where to Find the Best New Jersey Apartments

When you are looking for the very best apartments in New Jersey you need to look at all of the different options that are available to you. There are many different options that are available for those who are looking to live in more luxurious settings. When looking for these different types of apartments, individuals must be able to really know where to search. The internet can be a great place to start your search when you are looking through your different options in investing. The internet gives individuals the ability to really get what they are looking for with not that much time spent.

New Jersey has really been pushing forward lately when it comes to new apartment development. There are many different types of apartments to choose from including the most luxurious options out there. This is something that will give you the ability to choose the luxury apartment that is the best option for you. The Aspire is a very luxurious option for those who not only want New Brunswick luxury rentals, but also want the great amenities that these apartments have to offer. From outdoor barbecues to vaulted ceiling, The Aspire apartments really give individuals what they are looking for in terms of a full living experience.

When you are looking for the best New Jersey apartments you will need to look at your budget at as well. There are many New Jersey apartments that are priced for those with a more fixed budget. Luxury apartments can come in many different price ranges and still offer very luxurious living. The great thing about luxury apartments is you can decided to really go all out and get everything that you are looking for, or your can hold back on your budget and still get a great apartment that will suit most of your needs.

Culture, Not just for Humans Anymore

Traditionally, humans have separated themselves from animals by a distinguishing culture. But over the past decade this assumption has been challenged time and again. Culture in the wild has been observed by cross examining different groups of chimps and negating the differences that come from topography and genetic anomalies. In geographically distant populous research funded by Christian Broda , is it impossible to completely rule out genetic anomalies for the differences it is highly unlikely. “We compared neighbouring chimpanzee groups living under similar environmental conditions, which allows for the investigation of fine scale cultural differences. Whilst keeping genetics constant.” said Dr. Kathelijne Koops. Differences were seen in the length and variety of tools used by each group for ant dipping. One of the main places culture is seen in chimpanzees. It was seen that the length of the tool used for this ant dipping was different for each group. So a comparison was made of available stocks. Each group adjusted the sticks to a different length even though the sticks were originally different in length and size. This behavior is indicative of a specific culture. These studies will not only aid us in our understanding of chimpanzees, but an understanding of how human culture has evolved as well.

The Growing World of Finance Law and Legal Representation

The common knowledge in the financial industry is that regulatory as well as compliance issues about hedge funds are looked upon as a red-tape behemoth monster that seeks to get the life out of Wall Street. Regardless of the drama associated with this phenomenon, the government is always in the business of making money, and just like any other firm on Wall Street, they not only spend hundreds of thousands to remain on the winning side but also do the money dance as they gain millions of dollars in fines. Such news may depict Wall Street as a place of hedonistic ideas, a playground of grotesque profiteers or the home to egregious sales people. This is not always the case considering the onerous regulations that are designed to maintain integrity while trading.

One can say there are good people in this industry, and despite its poorly portrayed image, to the insiders, it is the beacon of capitalistic beauty. This is why seasoned lawyers like Sam Tabar are excelling there. He is a senior associate at Schulte, and his job is overseeing regulation, compliance and works with other stakeholders to form the appropriate structures for hedge funds. This is besides being apprised on a daily basis since litigious changes are a common thing when it comes to FINRA and SEC guidelines. This does not only make him exceptional but more so important to the economy as it is his job to make sure the collective governmental ire is not provoked; nobody wants SEC on his or her tail.

It is no doubt attorneys like him are always busy. For example, if we take another angle, and look at the enormous number of client complaints that come in every day, it would simply chase away anyone who wants to assume that office anytime soon. Unfortunately, this is not going to stop any time soon since Wall Street is a house of visionary men and women, who look into ostentatious garb yelling trading all day and so, they will keep on bringing those complains. In addition, it is the mandate of such lawyers to not only tip the government in the event a recession is approaching but also develop frameworks to minimize the risks for such an overall economic relapse. For example, his office is responsible for setting standards on the amount of capital each bank or its branch should have before commencing business, and even though it might be set higher than in the past, it would make banks more resistant to such economic shocks. Without a talented and dedicated lawyer, Wall Street with its gigantic vortex of paperwork will simply fall apart.