How Avaaz Gives a Voice to These Causes

One organization that is focused on promoting civil issues such as human rights, climate change, activism, animal rights, and other social issues is Avaaz. In fact, it is considered to be the most powerful online network of activists by some. The name translates to voice or song.

For example, although they are against official ideology, of which they have none, they promote fighting climate change. During the Iranian elections, they helped protesters upload videos online by using proxy servers, which helped them bypass the regime’s restrictions. It supports a no-fly zone over Libya. It helps out protestors and activists in the Syrian civil war who are fighting the dictatorship. They were able to smuggle in medical equipment to help those who are suffering and injured who can not get help. They helped evacuate a British photographer who was wounded. They helped create a software that would enable people overseas to vote more easily.

Avaaz was founded by two well known organizations. and Res Publica both helped found Avaaz. It was also given help and support by Services Employees International Union. What about the people behind Avaaz? They are Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, who is a former congressman from Virginia, Eli Pariser of, David Madden, and others.

One of the things that make Avaaz unique is that they do not accept donations from large organization or corporations. This allows them not to be bound to any limitations. Instead, they accept all donations from concerned individuals who want to make a difference.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Reaches Millions

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the country’s leading wholesale documents processing company, serving retail lenders, mortgage companies, and similar organizations that deal in the mortgage markets. They have been in business since 1991 and are located in Palm Harbor, Florida near Tampa.


Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and lending companies have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for documents. The accuracy and timeliness of the delivery of documents are primary reasons why Nationwide stands out among the fierce competition in the industry.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rejection rate of only .78% which are statistics that are unheard of in the documents industry. These figures mean that Nationwide is spot on because they are delivering speedy and accurate documents nearly 100% of the time.


Nationwide has over 600 employees who are located in three different states. In Dallas, Texas there is a large Data Facility that serves as a backup just in case there is an emergency that would affect operations. This facility ensures that systems and delivery of documents will continue to clients no matter what happens in the way of a natural disaster or some other cataclysmic event.


A big factor in the success of Nationwide is the dedication and efforts of the employees. They are highly trained and effectively vetted from the very start, but it should be kept in mind that the mortgage business can be quite stressful, especially when standards at a company like Nationwide are very high. John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide continually gives high marks to the employees and how they always come through, even when the stress levels are high. Hillman goes on to say that the company plans for these stressful periods with planned backup personnel in the ready.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales at Nationwide points out another reason for the high performance at Nationwide. He states that the maintenance of a national abstractor network is a highly complex and demanding business, but if you have the right standards and the ability to audit your processes, it can be done. He goes on to say that if a system is totally transparent and you have processes in place to audit each and every step, it becomes a painless process, especially when it is digitally driven.


The investment commitment that Nationwide has made in the technological side of the business has been very big, but because of that step, the auditing and document transferring processes are the best in the world.




ClassDojo Brings Technology to The Classroom

Technology has become an important aspect of daily life in almost every area. People use technology for a wide range of activities both at work and at home. One of the areas where technology has become very important is education. In the K-12 and higher education sectors, technology is being used for a variety of purposes. The use of technology has changed the way many educators approach teaching in the classroom environment.


In the K-12 sector, there are several technology innovations that have helped to increase the use of technology in the classroom. One of the technology innovations that has helped to increase the use of technology is the smartphone. The use of the smartphone has allowed teachers to be able to use a technology device in the classroom that provides teachers with mobility. The smartphone can be used in various ways to connect to networks. The use of technology such as WiFi provides teachers with ways to use networks within the schools.


A technology company that is providing technology to schools is ClassDojo. The company provides an app called the ClassDojo app that many teachers use in the classroom on a regular basis to help with classroom related activities. The app allows teachers to be able to upload things such as homework and grades to a communication platform that is utilized by the app.


Parents and students can access this platform in the same manner as teachers. This allows parents and students to be able to retrieve or view uploaded material such as grades and homework. In addition, parents and students can also use the ClassDojo app to upload desired material to the communication platform such as video and photos to share with other people.


The ClassDojo app is utilized in thousands of schools. Many teachers use the app to help with classroom education.

Susan McGalla And A Great Sense Of Style

Susan McGalla does have an interest in style and a great work ethic. One thing that she understands that fashion is one way to be successful. For one thing, the right outfit can inspire the right mentality. Susan McGalla is aware of the different mentalities. This includes the different sports mentalities. For one thing, people have to be in the mood in order to do anything. The right type of clothes could bring forth the right mood. Susan McGalla wants to make sure that the fans are in the mood to support the Pittsburgh Steelers. The right clothing could bring help the fans get into their fun.


While it is commonly stated that people should not judge others by how they dress, it is important to know that a lot of people dress in a way that gives a hint to the mentality. For instance, athletic people may be more inclined to dress in active wear. Another thing is that people who are fans of sports tend to dress in clothes that are made for the sport that they are interested in. For instance, football fans tend to wear football jerseys and other related items. The same could be said for fans of basketball.


Often times, people wear the colors or the logos of the teams that they are fans of. Susan McGalla herself has put together a business that helps market the apparel of the Pittsburgh Steelers. When people wear these types of clothes, it puts them in the mood to be invested in the game that their favorite team. Steelers fans will be more into the game when they wear these clothes.


Susan McGalla herself is very aware of the effects that fashion has on the person. Therefore, she makes sure that there is enough clothing for fans to get into the mindset of the game. She herself makes sure that she is professionally dressed not only for her company and her image, but also for her mentality. One thing that Susan McGalla has shown that she is very thoughtful about a lot of things. This is one of the reasons that her company has turned out to be really successful.

So Bad, They’re Good: Best Movie Villains


Everyone loves a good movie villain, but the best are the ones with a little more substance. Here are four that meet those standards.



The Joker


The Joker has a few of incarnations on the silver screen, but the best is arguably Heath Ledger’s portrayal in “The Dark Knight.” Yes, he was a psychopath like the others, yes, he had green hair and yes, he had a dark sense of humor. But what made him different was his philosophical reasons for doing what he did. Also, his habit of inconsistently informing everyone about his “tragic” origins was icing on the psychotic cake.


Anton Chigurh


Speaking of philosophy, where the Joker waxed lyrical about his reasons for being bad, Anton Chigurh, of “No Country for Old Men,” lived them. Belonging on any list of villains, and more a force of nature than a man, this guy was the living embodiment of death. Indifferent about the people he came across, one of the most chilling things about Anton was how with a cryptic morality he chose his targets and, on occasion, with a coin their fates.


Darth Vader


Darth Vader of “Star Wars” is probably the most iconic villain in movie history. Dark, spectral, merciless and operatic, underneath the embodiment of this archetypal villain was an emotionally complex father who truly loved his son, in his own messed up sort of way.


Norman Bates


Talk about mommy issues. Norman Bates just may be the pattern bad guy for all of the slasher movies that followed 1960’s “Psycho.” But where their baddies are all intimidation and violence, there was a certain harmless vibe Norman gave off that wasn’t translated to most of his descendants. Of course that was before he put on his mother’s dress and stabbed a woman to death in a bathroom.

Clay Siegall, A Medical Researcher and Entrepreneur

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He is the company’s president and chair of the board of governors. He is responsible for overseeing the capital-raising activities of the company as the CEO. He led the company to a successful initial public offering when it secured public and private financing. He has also established partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, AbbVie, and Roche. These partnerships have generated millions of dollars in revenue for the companies that have worked with Seattle Genetics. Siegall has written nearly seventy scientific papers on cancer and its treatment to date. He also holds nine patents that he was awarded for his role in the development of innovative products.

Clay continues to participate in cancer research as a board member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute Alliance. Clay serves on the editorial board of several scientific journals and the board of scientific counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation. Siegall was awarded a Pierce award for his research in targeted toxins in 1995. Clay Siegall is the director of several companies including the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, Seattle Genetics, and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. He was interviewed by Engadget earlier this year where he gave his life story and how he rose to become the CEO of Seattle Genetics.

Siegall regularly posts to his WordPress blog. One of his recent posts talks about the health of a patient who has three genetic parents. The baby appears normal at the moment, but there are a few questions that have not been answered. This is because it is still early to tell if it will develop any serious complications in the future. Another one of his posts talks about the surprising explanation of why immigrants excel in the sciences. One of the reasons why they are very good at mathematics and the sciences is because they start school with a weaker knowledge of English. They decide to cover up their weaknesses in the subject by concentrating on other subjects including math and science most of the time.

A Look At The Potential Effects Of UK’s Exit From The EU

During the recently concluded referendum, Britain exited from the European Union (EU). Owing to this decision, there was a drastic fall of prices in stock markets across Europe. The Sterling Pound hit its lowest value since 1985. Recently, Flavio Maluf shared his thoughts about Brexit.

  1. British Economy

Previously, Britain had experienced high inflationary pressure. Maluf posits that their isolation will help in stabilizing the inflationary pressure, thus a reduction in investments from the outside world. This will help them to enhance their exports.

  1. UK’s foreign trade

Members of the EU are allowed to trade with each other without the application of tariffs. The UK will now have new custom rates for foreign trade, which is likely to harm the country’s balance of payment.

III. Brazilian imports and exports

Brazil will be able to sign bilateral agreements with the UK freely. Previously, these agreements were governed by the strict standards of the EU.

  1. The European Union

The UK was among the three economically sound economies in the EU. Maluf asserted that UK’S exit is a blow to the EU, given that France is now showing signs of instability.

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About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex Group, which is based in Brazil. The corporation has been in operation since 1987. Flavio is a graduate of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Sao Paulo where he studied Mechanical Engineering. Later, he moved to the United States where he enrolled in the esteemed New York University. Here, he pursued a degree in Business Administration while working part time. When he returned home, Flavio joined Eucatex Group. Over the years, Flavio Maluf has served the company in different capacities. Owing to his transformative leadership, he managed to rise through the ranks to become the president of Eucatex. Initially, he worked in the trading department of the company. Later, he moved to the industrial segment before being appointed to serve as an executive officer of the company.

In 1997, Flavio took over the leadership of the corporation. Since then, he has played an instrumental role in enhancing the company’s growth and profitability margins. Eucatex was established in 1951. The entity has been producing plates and panels using eucalyptus as the raw material. Under his leadership, the company launched a new factory in Salto and another in Botucatu. Through Eucatex, Flavio has been donating towards various charitable initiatives. In addition, the executive has been volunteering in community activities. Recently, he made significant contribution at Hospital Maternidade Idio Carli, the previous home of Santa Emilia Health.

All You To Know About Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard company was started in 2001, with the aim of making wine-tasting more relaxed, fun and less stuffy. The company recruits Wine Guides, who act as sales representatives in different states. They host wine tasting parties at their homes and get paid according to the volumes they sell.

When you resolve to become a wine guide, the company sends you a success kit which gives you all you all you need to be successful. The success kit and first two tasting sets currently cost $174. If you achieve $750 sales in the first 60 days, you get a bonus of $1,400 and a $50 rebate. Additionally, if you sign up a new wine guide in 60 days and you both make $750 in sales. If you sell $150 and get 3 orders, you get $75 credit, which you use on your next supplies.

Here is a look at the benefits of becoming a wine guide:

Low Start-up Capital
You do not require a lot of capital to become a Wine Guide. All you need is to pay for the success kit and two startup tasting kits. You receive payments thrice in a month via direct deposits.As you increase your sales, you also earn credits so yo do not pay for the next order.

No Strenuous Targets
Unlike most jobs, this one has no undue pressure to achieve certain set targets. You get to work as much or as little as you like. There are no pre-set monthly quotas.

Making Money is Easy
Americans love wine. This means demand will always be high and since it is a consumable product, you will always get reorders.If you form or join a wine club, the sales are automated, and this makes the job easier.

The company is Reputable
The Traveling Vineyard is highly regarded as a legitimate organization. It is a member of Direct Selling Association, which advocates for ethical business.Today, the company has more than 1,000 wine guides in over 40 states.

Traveling Vineyard has a strong online presence. It has an online training Centre called Tasting Room, which guides interested parties on how to conduct the business. The company commands a massive Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram following. The staff are always ready to respond to any queries and concerns. The company also has positive customer reviews due to their excellent services.

John Dondero Joins The Executive Board At Southern Methodist University Cox Business School

In Nov 2016, the media reported that James Dondero had been appointed to be a top executive at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox Business School. James is the President and co-owner of Highland Capital Management, L.P, a hedge fund management fund with substantial interests in offering scholarships to bright students. The Cox Business School got chosen ostensibly because it is situated in the same space Highland Capital operates: Dallas.


Highlands Active CSR Program


The move by Mr. Dondero can be interpreted to be a PR stunt, but in essence, the investment firm is genuinely devoted to making a positive impact in the nearby disadvantaged communities. The contributions to the school will surely go a long way towards ensuring no needy and deserving business luminary gets locked out of classes over unpaid tuition. In the long run, the strategy ends up conferring a profound positive impact on the surrounding locals. The graduates from the school eventually return home and reinvest their acquired skills to better the quality of lives of the residents of underprivileged neighborhoods in Dallas.



30 Year Experience


The board at SMU Cox campus contains a vibrant blend of professionals. Each of them plays a unique part in the continued growth and prosperity of the college and its students. The combined business acumen introduced by the staff Dondero brings along from Highland Capital ought to transform the institution into a world-class premier business school soon. Dondero’s vast experience has landed him positions in various other boards like at NexBank, MGM Studios, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare and at Jernigan Capital.


About James Dondero


Mr. James Dondero has spent over 30 years learning and investing in equities markets. His firm, Highland Capital, is now one of the most prestigious private collateralized loans obligations issuers. Their primary clientele is private individuals of high net worth and institutions in need of flexible and affordable credit line solutions. The company dabbles in equity and mutual funds, ETFs, REITs and hedge fund management services. Dondero is renowned for his charity projects involving veteran welfare and educational reforms in the nation. He received the highest award possible at the University of Virginia. At the University James undertook dual degree courses in Accounting and Finance.


Awesome 18th Birthday Party Ideas That Will Terrify the Birthday Boy or Girl


Cultivated after eighteen years of dealing with nose pickings, butt scratching, curse word guessing and unfunny long jokes, you can finally tell your dad to grow up and stop scratching his ass! Here are some ideas to throw yourself, or a friend, the best damn 18th birthday party ever, and also scare the bajesus out of them!


Kidnapping Party

Throwing a party for a friend? On a day they do not expect, have a group of friends abduct them in a safe yet startling manor. This could be via a van grab from the side of a road, or while they sleep, or from class. All kidnappers should be covered to guise their identity. Once abducted, take the birthday person to the location of the party. Keeping them in a pillowcase to be removed while screaming SURPRISE will be a fantastic photo opp!


Cannibal Camping

Gather a few of your friends together and go camping in the woods! They should all, or at least some, be in on this. Have another group of friends or actors, unbeknownst to the birthday group of campers, raid your camp site. They should be dressed as cannibals, zombies, hillbillies, or whatever. They should attack and drag away those who are in cahoots with the charade. The birthday person should also be abducted and brought to a second site where it is obvious they are about to be prepped for human consumption. At the right moment, reveal the hoax and break out the root-beer and cake!

A Look At Orthopedic Surgeon, Greg Finch

What Is An Orthopedic Surgeon?


An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, diseases and disorders. The musculoskeletal system includes parts of the body such as bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

What Are Some Of The Procedures That An Orthopedic Surgeon Can Perform?

One of the most common procedures an orthopedic surgeon performs is a fusion procedure. This is when broken bones are welded together with the help of metal rods or bone grafts. The goal of this procedure is to fuse the broken bones back into one single bone as it was before.

Another common procedure that orthopedic surgeons often do is called internal fixation. This procedure is done when a person breaks a bone. Devices such as metal plates, pins or screws are used hold a broken bone in place until it is fully healed.

A third type of common procedure performed by orthopedic surgeons is called osteotomy. This procedure is done to correct bone deformities in people. In osteotomy, bones are cut and re-positioned to ensure proper alignment in the body.

Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who currently works at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. This is a public health agency that provides health services to the sunshine coast area of Queensland, Australia. Dr. Finch joined Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service in February of 2016 as an orthopedic surgeon.

Greg Finch originally hails from New Zealand, which is a neighboring island country to the east of Australia. He attended the University of Auckland in New Zealand where he majored in medicine. Mr. Finch holds a bachelor of medicine and a bachelor of surgery from the University of Auckland. His specialty is spinal surgery, including minimally invasive spinal surgery.


Yanni Hufnagel: College Basketball Coaching Star

Having coached at stops ranging from the University of Oklahoma to Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel is a rising star in the world of College Basketball Coaching. Exceedingly rare in the world of College Basketball in that he is Jewish, and never played College Basketball, Yanni Hufnagel is still an up and comer in the high stakes world of College Basketball. Hufnagel will no doubt be in charge of his own basketball program, sooner than later.


Currently an assistant coach at the University of Nevada at Reno under former NBA Head Coach Eric Musselman, Hufnagel is known for his recruiting acumen. One of the primary roles of an Assistant College Basketball Coach is to serve as a recruiter and lure top prospects to the university at which they are employed. While at Harvard, Hufnagel really thrived in this role as he was able to lure quality talent to Cambridge without being able to offer full athletic scholarships. In addition, the pool in which Hufnagel was able to recruit at Harvard was significantly smaller than at other colleges due to the universities stringent admissions requirements. While many lessor coaches would have folded in such as situation, Hufnagel thrived under the aforementioned circumstances while at Harvard due to his affable personality.


Hufnagel, a graduate of Cornell University, is going places in the world of College Basketball. While his rise has been somewhat unexpected due to his only playing experience in college sports being a year as a lacrosse player at Penn State, Hufnagel has proven time and time again that he is one of the brightest young minds in the game. It will be interesting what program takes a chance and hires Hufnagel as their Head Coach. He surely will not disappoint.

Dealing With The General And Specific Aspects of Business With The Help Of Marc Sparks

Every entrepreneur is going to need some kind of help in achieving their goals. The type of help depends on the type of goals they have for their careers. There are two aspects of business that have to be addressed. One aspect of the business is the general aspect of it.

When people are dealing with general business, they get to learn about the principles that apply to most if not all businesses. Among these general principles is knowing the audience, and going to where they are in order to reach out to them and build a brand. The specifics depend on the type of industry and business model that one is dealing with.

According to Wikipedia, one person that is qualified in handling both the general and specific aspects of businesses is Marc Sparks. He is highly experienced with starting and running successful businesses that he knows what to do and what not to do. He is available to give many aspiring entrepreneurs advice on what they can do. The first thing he does is go into the general aspects of business so that they will know what they need to do about their companies that they are trying to build.

When it comes to the specifics, this is where it can be intimidating. At the same time, it could also be very fun for those that are creative. For one thing, knowing where to go, how to advertise and how to reach out to an audience can be a really thrilling aspect of business.

Marc can also help with this as well. He could tell people when it is good to do the marketing alone or to find a company that can handle all of the advertising and other aspects of the marketing. These experts have a lot of experience and can make sure that the campaign they come up with is powerful.

Vinny Parascandola: The Financial Expert

Vinny Parascandola is a financial advisor with exceptional skills in the field of finance. He is the Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors. The firm offers financial direction to individuals and companies. These are the people who influence the financial decisions made by individuals and different institutional. People would make uninformed financial decisions in the past, and this would lead to losses. They would not be able to build wealth.

Financial advisors are in charge of studying the economy and creating viable solutions for people to invest. They come up with opportunities that match the financial capacity that a firm or a person can invest. These people study the economic atmosphere of different places and create possibilities for investors to choose from as their investment options. Financial advisors are outsourced by many financial institutions to advise their clients on what and where they can invest. Their opinion on investing opportunities matter because they are the ones who see the possible opportunities.

Parascandola is a financial advisor to over 225 professions. He creates strategies and initiative for people to invest so that they can create more wealth for themselves. Parascandola’s experience gives him the ability to know viable opportunities and also those that are not sustainable. He is behind most financial success stories of different companies and individuals. This makes him a leader of the skills in the field of finance.

Vinny Parascandola has served as the president of more than three financial companies. This has given him the exposure to different opportunities at a managerial level. These roles have sharpened his skills in understanding the economic factors that influence different economies in the short and long terms. The knowledge enables him to come up with the most probable financial advice that no everyone else can offer. He has served under the best financial advisors. This has given him the chance to master more skills. Parascandola is among the best minds in the field. He is excellent at giving advice concerning financial development. Parascandola provides insight on financial development in different media outlets. You can also reach him through Facebook.


At The Lung Institute, Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Technology Is Providing A New Option For COPD Patients

COPD kills millions of people each year in the United States; yet, there is no cure, only treatments to ease the symptoms. Inhalers, other medicines, exercise and oxygen will help people breathe easier, and often, people respond well to these supportive treatments. In the past, when individuals who find these treatments were no longer effective, a lung transplant was the only option. Today as Hawaii News Now reports, stem cell therapy is an option for some people who are out of traditional options, giving them a chance to lead a normal life again.

At the Lung Institute, their treatments for chronic lung diseases use cutting-edge stem cell technology to send healing stem cells to the lungs to repair the damaged tissue and slow down the progression of the disease. Since the treatment uses the patient’s own stem cells, there isn’t any chance of rejection. The Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy is a relatively simple outpatient process done at one of their five clinics in the U.S. Patients are encouraged to rest for a few weeks after the procedure and then either come back to the Lung Institute or visit their own pulmonologist three months after the treatment to see how they are progressing.

Currently, insurance companies will not cover stem cell therapy ( because it is not a conventional medical treatment. Nevertheless, the Lung Institute’s Facebook page has numerous testimonials and inquiries from people with COPD who want to know more about how stem cell therapy works. After three years and thousands of patients treated, the Lung Institute’s stem cell therapy can hardly be considered alternative medicine, nor do the people on Facebook ( see it that way; they see a new regenerative option that could improve the quality of their life.

For more info, visit


Progressive Movement

NexBank Capital is one of the leading community banking institutions in the nation. This financial center is located in the Dallas, Texas Area and it provides some of the most high quality of services in the industry overall. Unlike the larger national chain banks, this institution has some of the best rates to go along with it’s wide range of financial services such as treasury management, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, online banking, public funds, checking/saving accounts, credit services, agency services, and more. As of December 2016, NexBank had an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets, which is a 71% increase from 2015.

NexBank will also provide beneficial services for other financial centers. Though this is a competitive industry, this progressive way of doing business is what’s helping it to stand out from the pack. Large Corporations, Middle Market Companies, Individual, and Institutional services are being provided on a regular basis. Since it’s inception as “Heritage Bank,” growth has come fast and efficiently throughout the years. It specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking, but it has so much more to give if need be. Once a banking center has investors whom are confident in the organization’s capabilities, this creates reassurance, which turns into long term business. Sustainability isn’t easy for most especially in this demanding field of work, but NexBank seem to have all bases covered. Accretive capital is the name of the game and this exclusive financial institution uses it to the fullest.

With multiple streams of revenue coming in, sustaining itself isn’t an issue in present time. With some of the finest of leadership capabilities, NexBank is looking to push the boundaries even further. In other words, NexBank Capital is the very definition of success and it leads by example on a daily basis.


The Top 5 Alpha Dogs in the NBA


The NBA is an assemblage of the best basketball players in the world. Over the years, there have been many Alpha dogs to occupy the top spots. But the big question is, who is the best player in the NBA?


“The Claw” Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs is widely considered the second best overall player in the league right now. His scoring prowess, defensive efficiency and ability to make his teammates better make him a force to be reckoned with.


Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is the best player on a stacked team of superstars. Durant’s ability to hit from deep has earned him a reputation of being a marksman from three. He is notoriously hard to score on because of his innate understanding of defensive angles and his amazing length.  Almost tall enough to be one of the better NBA centers, but still great.


Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is probably the most cutthroat player on this short list because he is so intent on making his mark however he has to. His insane speed and sometimes reckless play leaves many trying to guard him at his mercy. He is not a great shooter, but he is a great scorer. Westbrook is also a relentless defender. He just may become the first since the great Oscar Robertson back in 61-62 to actually average a triple-double for an entire season.


“The Brow” Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans has been a great player for a few years now. Because he plays in the obscurity of New Orleans, he is not as well-known as he should be. With a wingspan of a seven footer and the play of a guard, he has all the skills of everyone else on the court — meaning exactly that. He can shoot from deep, rebound and play defense with the best of them. He recently became the only player in league history to score 40 points, snag 20 rebounds AND drain 4 threes in one game.


“King James” LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been the greatest player in the league for almost a decade now. James has never been a great shooter (including free throws), but that’s the only thing he’s not great at. He has the court vision of a point guard, the scoring ability of a two-guard, the rebounding ability of a power forward and defensive ability of a lockdown specialist. It’s no coincidence that the teams he’s been a part of over the past six seasons have ALL gone to the finals.

Fabletics Keeps Trendy Garments In Stock Thanks To Customer Feedback.

An uncommonly prominent and highly prosperous online wholesaler for fashion aligned athletic wear, Fabletics, is esteemed for their online networked and physical depots that are a supplementary aspect of their main depot, JustFab. According to reports from the Internet Merchant’s top 500 the depot is listed a number 98. The famous Kate Hudson is the inventor of the establishment. They regularly set the direction within the fashion association for their astonishingly well produced, classy active attire. Many think of Fabletics to be a expeditiously developing trade that constructs high value and style setting attire known considered as “activewear”.


In 2015 Fabletics began to increase their brick and mortar clothing presence to a generous figure of fashionable malls in America. In roughly 12 months Fabletics had collected the interest of the beloved magazine, Forbes, who concludes that within five years time the corporation will be presenting roughly 100 physical depots for the “activewear” attire category from Fabletics.


Website based retail wholesaler Amazon attracted international fame by bringing in 20% of the website oriented retailer market. Equivalently, Fabletics has turned into a popular alternative depot globally by bringing in 250 million dollars from virtually three years of forming their business venture. Their clients use a participation plan. Fabletics uses the figures taken from their participation plan to establish a constructive, revolutionary and highly sought-after group of in style attire over their website based store attire to concur with their brick and mortar depot location’s products.


From the commencement of wholesaling, clients were often mislead that if clothes cost more funds to obtain, that it ought to be presented with amazing quality. This isn’t a rational aspect to make a worthwhile verdict. There was a recession in the market that led clients to look for attire with amazing reviews from customers, interesting items and for wholesalers that speak to their customers to determine their feelings about their purchase.


There has been a massive amount of unforeseeable departures of a great many of the brick and mortar depots. This is for the most part because clients purchase items using a website that offers lower prices, but enter into the brick and mortar warehouses to browse the outfits. Fabletics has not had their clients react in such a manner because of how Fabletics approaches their business practice. Fabletics uses their participation plan’s data that they obtain from a clients’ orders and their comments to make certain that clients are obtaining the outfits they are wanting to buy, in stock at the brick and mortar warehouse locations. This is made possible from sharing the statistics from website browsing of their outfits and making use of it to remain up to date with outfits in their brick and mortar warehouses.



Client comments are evidence that Fabletics outfits are evocative, chic and have an easy system to study a range of outfit colors and styles. Their “how to fit” instructional is well-known among clients to aid them in obtaining fit clothes.

Maggie Gill: President and C.E.O of the Memorial Health Hospital

Maggie Gill joined the Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. In 2005, she was promoted to the post of Chief Operating Officer, and she held this position until 2011. Soon after, she became the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health.

She has been responsible for leading for all the senior vice presidents and physicians operating at the Medical University Medical Center. Before joining the hospital, she served as the Chief Financial Officer at the Tenet South Florida Health System for five years. During this period, she received the Tenet Outstanding Chief Financial Officer award three different times. Maggie Gill has also served at the Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables in Florida and North Shore Medical Centre in Miami.

Under her leadership, the hospital achieved great success and received different awards. In 2016, Memorial Health Hospital received seven awards presented by Georgia Medical Society. These are awards that are given as recognition of the medical personnel who are dedicated to their careers.

She also managed to participate in the discussion between the hospital and the Novant Health. After a dispute had ensued between the two parties, she handled it in a professional manner. It was for that reason why she received the ‘Vote of confidence from her peers.’

In July 2016, she launched the ‘Pathways to Excellence’ to help the hospital to save money. Before she joined the hospital, they have lost over $100 million. She, however, managed to turn that around. Through this program, they have managed to identify $12.6 million.

Despite her great success, she wants to leave the hospital. In February 2017, she announced that she was resigning from her position to pursue other professional interests. The management commented that her resignation would be a great loss for the hospital as she has been an exceptional leader. Even though she has not yet given a formal date, it has been reported that she will continue to hold the position during the transition. The Board has resumed the search for the new Chief Executive Officer, and they are expected to communicate about their progress in a few weeks.

Troy McQuagge Bags One Planet’s Gold Award in the CEO Category

Troy McQuagge bagged the 2016 gold award (CEO of the year category) from One Planet Awards. The USHEALTH Group Chief Executive Officer won the award thanks to his efforts in growing the health care company and expanding its operations in the United States.


McQuagge said that he was happy and deeply honored for the recognition because it showed that his work was noticed and respected by his industry and peers. He, however, explained that although he was the recipient of the award, it belonged to the active and supportive USHEALTH Group family. He added that without their support, he would not have accomplishment as much as they did as a group. He finished by stating that his company remains committed to ensuring that all its customers receive affordable health cover that grows as their needs grow.


One Planet Awards


The One Planet Awards are globally conferred to organizations from different parts of the world. They recognize and honor excellence in business, service delivery, and professionalism in various industries. The awards are open to any organization that wishes to take part in them and submits their nominations. These includes privately and publicly owned organizations that operate as startups, for-profit, and non-profit. The One Planet Awards come in different categories and sections including new products, public relations, corporate communications, marketing, executives, teams, and organizations.


Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is a career corporate executive and an avid entrepreneur who hails from Panama City, Florida. The University of Central Florida alumnus has accumulated 30 years of sales and marketing experience. McQuagge started his career working for Allstate Insurance Company back in 1983. In 1995, he left the insurance company to join the Student Insurance Division of UICI (United Insurance Companies Inc.). Two years later, he rose to become UGA’S President – an insurance agency of UICI.


In 2006, UICI changed its name to HealthMarkets after private equity investors purchased it. McQuagge led the company’s Agency Marketing Group (AMG) in achieving unprecedented annual premium sales exceeding $1 billion. In 2007, AMG was named the year’s best Insurance Sales Organization by the Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.