How OSI Industries Started From An Immigrant’s American Dream

OSI Group has become one of America’s Top Companies with $6.1 billion in annual revenue.

This is a phenomena that just doesn’t happen overnight, in fact, it took over a hundred years to happen.

It began with humble beginnings with a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, arriving to the United States and changing the course of his and his future generations’ future forever by starting a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois.

However, his focus shifts from just owning a meat market to incorporating wholesale meat trade into another Chicago suburb, Maywood.

However, this didn’t become the final change that the business would make that would work in its favor.

Just eleven years later, 1928, the business was formed into Otto & Sons that had continue to delivering high-quality meat to its consumers.

McDonald’s As a Fledging Startup

It can be fairly easy to overlook OSI Group as just another food supplier company but this company carries a surprising fact in its origins: it made McDonald’s what it is today.

1955 was a much different time than today where McDonald’s wasn’t just an international conglomerate with restaurants that span all over the world but rather a startup that started its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Luckily and very fortunately, McDonald’s chose OSI Group as its suppler of fresh ground beef patties. The entire deal was made on an agreement between Ray Kroc and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky.

Over the years, Otto & Sons’s main line of revenue became just supplying meat to their favorite client, McDonald’s.

Supercharging OSI Group’s Sucesss

Markets change for the fast food industry when cryogenic food processing was to set to revolutionize the entire fast food industry.

This meant that McDonald’s was able to get high-quality meat supply from dedicated source of high-volume producers and distributors as opposed to relying on 150-200 varying fresh beef suppliers. The result would be that McDonald’s would be able to scale their business more quickly.

However, what about Otto & Sons?

Luckily, the company made the transition into being a high-volume meat supplier in West Chicago, utilizing the cryogenic preservation techniques that was changing the face of the entirely fast food industry.

Because of the foresight displayed by the Otto & Sons, in 1973, they started their very own high-volume meat supplier company using that very same cryogenic technology.

With the close relationship that Kroc had with the Otto & Sons had, they accepted the deal that they would be an exclusive supplier for Donald’s beef meat.

Because of this monumental breakthrough, Otto & Sons was able to grow in relative prosperity with McDonald’s throughout the decades.

Acquiring Other Assets

With the acquired supercharged success of OSI Group (formerly Otto & Sons), it would make superb sense for the company to be able to make acquisitions to strengthen its efforts of delivering meat to its clients.

Recently, it made a purchase for a former Tyson Foods plant in June 27, 2016 for just $7.4 million, saving 480 jobs in the process.

Much like how OSI Group was able to demonstrate quick thinking and foresight, OSI Group saw an undervalued property and was able to purchase the facility.

Going back to its roots of having foresight and implementing it, OSI Group was able to make its fortune to by being ahead of other businesses and staying close to the right business.

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Susan McGalla Continues To Raise The Bar On Women Leadership

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Consulting. In addition, she is the vice president in charge of business strategy and creative development at Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the years, she has achieved tremendous success as a leader and consultant. Susan McGalla has risen from a junior employee to an executive of different corporations. Over the years, she has engaged in different initiatives that seek to empower women. Today, many women are sitting in the boards of leading companies around the globe.

However, the number of women in leadership positions is not as high as expected. This situation can be improved through executive sponsorship where women leaders empower other women. Through sponsorship, women in positions of power collaborate with fellow women to create opportunities and help them work through important projects. Susan McGalla has been at the forefront of helping other women to succeed in their respective careers.

About Susan McGalla

With a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College, Susan McGalla has established a solid profile in executive consultancy and entrepreneurship. Susan rendered her services in different positions at Joseph Horne Company until 1994. Later, she joined the American Eagle Outfitters in the women’s clothing division. Here, the business leader rose through the ranks to serve as the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO). Susan is credited for launching 77 kids brands. In addition, she enhanced the profitability margins of the company.

In 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters to start her private consultancy practice, targeting investment industries. In 2009, she joined HFF, Inc. to serve on its board of directors. Susan McGalla established P3 Executive Consulting in 2012. She serves on the board of advisors of Mount Union College, the board of HFF and Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is also a former director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and University of Pittsburgh.

James Dondero

James Dondero, co founder and President of Highland Capital Management, has over 30 years of experience and a passion working with credit and equity markets. Highland Capital was first founded by Mr. Dondero and Mark Okada, in Dallas, Texas, in 1993 and it is now one of the largest, most experienced, global alternative credit managers. Highland Capital is a SEC registered investment adviser. In other words, the company helps people and businesses by guiding and advising investments with different strategies. Some of these strategies are high yield bonds, collateralize d loan obligations, public and private equities, etc. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

James Dondero graduated in 1984 from the University of Virginia’s Mclntire School of Commerce. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and dual majors in Accounting and Finance with high honors. He has also received two certifications, while also earning the right to use the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation. He is certified as a Public Accountant, as well as, a Managerial Accountant. A year after graduating the University, Dondero began working at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analysis. After a few years of working for American Express, he became a Portfolio Manager for the company. In 1989, The Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary was founded. This same year, Dondero joined the subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer, helping it grow to $2 billion.


Today, Dondero is not only Co founder of Highland Capital Management, but is also the Chairman of the Board of NexBank, NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He is a dedicated philanthropist, being largely involved with charitable activities, supporting initiatives in education, veteran affairs and public policy. Some of the groups Dondero is a part of include Education of Freedom, Perot Museum of Natural Science, SMU’S Tower Scholars Program, etc, James Dondero is sometimes credited as one of the earliest explorers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. In 1989 he launched one of the first non bank CLOs. James Dondero has been a huge part to the development of the CLO market and has been working on advancing credit oriented solutions for investors all around the world, including retail and institutional clients. Visit to know more about James.

 Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin continues to push OSI company to higher heights. As Chairman and CEO Sheldon transformed OSI group from a small family business to a global franchise with over seventy facilities operating in seventeen different countries. OSI is a multi-billion dollar meat processing company that provides a variety of protein products to fast food chains and other retail services. OSI group started out as a meat packing company founded in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, the company was called Otto & Sons when Sheldon arrived on the scene.

With a degree in finance and accounting Sheldon got his start in the meat processing business back in 1970 when he became financial advisor for Otto Koloschowsky. It didn’t take Sheldon long to see the potential in the company, in 1975 he became a partner investing in company. It was during this time the company expanded throughout South America, parts of Asia and Europe. In 1980 Sheldon Lavin took control of OSI Group after inquring a large share of the company. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon has transformed the company into a global empire, providing quality products for companies such as McDonalds, expanding the company by acquiring Tyson, Baho foods and Flagship Europe. His vision, business savy persona has helped Sheldon created a multi-billion dollar company. For his leadership and safety, accomplishments Sheldon Lavin has received several awards, in 2016 he received the Global Visionary Award from Vision World Academy and the Globe of Honour awarded to OSI Food Solutions UK by the British Safety Council.

Sheldon Lavin prides himself on operating a company that is family-oriented, his vision is to continue to grow and expand OSI company. Sheldon vision, and entrepreneurial spirit continues to take OSI Food Group to higher heights. In addition to his success as CEO of OSI group he also believes in giving back to the community. He donates to various charities such as Inncer City Foundation, United Negro Fund, Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Sheldon is also serves as General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center.

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Achievement of Jorge molly in Healthcare

Jorge Moll is a citizen of Brazil. He graduated in 1994 from Medical school, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He attended the same university for neurology residency and graduated in 1997. He further his studies for Ph.D. at the University of Sao Paulo, Faculty of Medicine. He did his thesis in 2003 about moral sensitivity and judgment. Between 2004 and 2007 he did various post-doctorate research in Cognitive Neuroscience session, National Institute of Health and Bethesda in the USA. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll started his business in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro based business is a holding company that contains a group of hospitals and clinics. Jorge Moll and his family are the biggest shareholders of the business. The hospitals deals in general health services such as an emergency exam, diagnosis, and surgery. The oncology clinics deal with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The climax of Jorge Moll`s career as cardiologists started in 1997 when he started diagnostic imaging and proceeded to expand it. It is now the leading hospitals and lab operators across Brazil.


Currently, Rede D`Or have more than 30 hospitals in Brazil and approximately 4 000 beads. The hospitals and clinics receive more than 2 million patients annually. Jorge Moll sold part of subsidiary labs in 2019 to Labs D`Or. In the same year, Jorge Moll purchases Sao Luiz, hospital located in Sao Paulo. The deal of acquiring this hospital was funded by his colleague, Andrew Esteves. Andrew Esteves is a partner in BTG Pactual Bank, and the sale of Sao Luiz Hospital was through convertible debentures. Jorge Moll stepped down as chairmen of his company in 2014 and assume the position of Chairman of Board. As part of expanding his business, he borrowed loan from World Bank International Finance Corporation worth $255 million in 2014. Visit Jorge’s profile on

Cassio Audi Builds His Career As A Musican And Financial Expert

Cassio Audi has worked at some of the largest financial institutions in the world after completing an education taking him from Pontifical Catholic University to complete his BA and Sao Paulo University for his MBA. Now one of the leading financial figures in Brazil, Audi is developing his own projects designed to assist everyday people in creating their own investment portfolio; what few people know about Cassio Audi is his earlier career as a founding member of the iconic Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper. Read this article at

Before deciding the financial industry was his natural home the man credited with assisting in the opening of the Brazilian markets to international investors and traders he was one of the leading figures in the early years of Brazilian heavy metal music. Chasing fame in the heavy metal genre was the aim of Cassio Audi and his fellow members of the band, Viper as they forged a path followed by many others in Brazil as heavy metal began to grip the nation. In 1985, just a few months after forming Viper, Cassio Audi, and his bandmates began recording demo’s and touring as a band who would become one of the most famous in the history of Brazilian music. Watch this video on Youtube.

In the early years of Brazilian heavy metal, the focus of many fans was placed on drummers as this was the era of huge drumkits and long drum solos. Cassio Audi remains one of the iconic figures of 1980s Brazilian heavy metal and is remembered as a hall of fame worthy musician working towards building a fanbase for the future of the band. Before leaving the band in 1989, Cassio Audi appeared on the 1987 debut studio album, “Theatre of Fate” with Viper and will always be linked to the band by a legion of heavy metal fans.

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Agora Financial Helps People Gain Financial Balance

At some point in time everyone is going to be able to benefit from financial investment knowledge. This often comes in the form of written information because so many people invest without any knowledge. It behooves any investor to take heed to what subscription-based companies like Agora Financial can provide.

This is a company that has financial literature that people can subscribe to. Once they sign up for subscriptions they get connected to a pool of information resources from different financial experts. People that want to know how certain industries are performing in the stock market will benefit from this information.

What people may like the most about Agora Financial is that these experts are doing more than simply giving people information about present-day earnings. Agora Financial has analysts in place that are paying attention to the market. These analysts have decades of experience, and this allows them to make great predictions.

People that want to make investments on different companies and industries early before the stock price rises should consider Agora Financial. This company knows about the market trends, and it can provide information that can help people with early investment opportunities.

This allows people to really explore the options that come with diversification. When investors have more information from companies like Agora Financial they are able to make better decisions on what they are investing in. People that may not even know about certain companies in technology or healthcare may be able to get a glimpse of potential investment opportunities with Agora Financial.

Everyone can benefit from this type of help because there are a multitude of investment opportunities for people to engage in. it just takes time for people to get familiar with Agora Financial. There are bountiful publications available from this company for investors to read.

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Securus Technologies is preventing crime through the use of automation

High technology has found many uses in many industries over the last few decades. Even in low tech industries, such as the nation’s prison system, technology is quickly revolutionizing the ways in which employees interact with their environment. In the case of prisons, hi-Tech solutions are becoming one of the chief means of ensuring a high level of safety and operational efficiency.


One example of the ways in which technology is rapidly transforming the operations of prisons across the country is through the use of many of the communication technologies developed by Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications providers in the country. For instance, Securus Technologies is one of the main providers of video visitation systems throughout all of the nation’s prisons. These systems are enormously popular with both inmates and family members, allowing for inmates to maintain almost constant contact with their loved ones, using face-to-face communications that are very similar to an actual in-person visitation.


But these systems have benefits of which the inmates are often not aware. Guards and administrators also love the system for its ability to automatically monitor all communications taking place over it. The system is able to automatically monitor calls, using artificial intelligence algorithms to the transcripts and detects any anomalous speech or conversations that may indicate risk of a criminal conspiracy.


These algorithms are so efficient that they can be used for the vast bulk of inmate communications monitoring, only alerting staff members to the most serious cases that represent the highest risk to the institution’s safety. New systems are also able to store complete transcripts of every conversation that takes place on the prison’s communication systems. These transcripts can then be used as evidence in court cases against inmates who are violating the rules or committing criminal acts while incarcerated.


Jeffry Schneider Embraces Challenges Personally and Professionally

Jeffry Schneider is no slouch when it comes to investing and financial advice. He has almost three decades of experience in the industry and is not slowing down in the near future. While his track record of accomplishments from being one of the major pioneers of the alternative investment community is impressive all on its own, many of his peers are even more astounded by Schneider’s zest for life and willing to try out new ways to live a balanced life.


Schneider has enjoyed traveling professionally, but he has gained an entirely new appreciation for it as a marathon runner. He has sought out and traversed some of the most stunning landscapes around the world to leave his mark on new trails. Running has been a passion of Schneider’s for decades now, and he finds new things to fall in love with the sport about all the time. He even trained and completed an Ironman triathlon and continues to train for other races to conquer. There is simply no holding Schneider back from whatever he sets out to tackle. This has been his path to success throughout his entire life, and he passes these important lessons down to his employees in the investment industry and his children.

One of the underlying themes throughout Schneider’s career and fitness journeys is that he loves to find new ways to help other people. Back in 2006, Schneider realized that there was an entire class of investors who did not have their needs met by the current market offerings and traditional investment vehicles. He scratched his head and spent a lot of time contemplating how to create an investment opportunity for high-net-worth individuals who were not willing to take on significant risk. This is how Onyx Capital was born. He relied on personal relationships that he established with various private equity ventures to connect clients with the appropriate range of investment options across a range of industries. Schneider’s ability to think outside the box and willingness to embrace new challenges has propelled him to a position of leadership in the finance industry, as proven by his success with Onyx Capital.

Why Osteo Relief Institute aids in Understanding and Treating Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a notably a joint disease that is least understood in the many spheres of medical practice. It is a disease that features several other conditions that affect the joints in a general perspective. Statistically, there are over 100 types of arthritis that affect over 50 million persons in the U.S who also have a kind of arthritis. In the severity of these cases, medical practitioners have profiled osteoarthritis as the deadliest type of arthritis in the universe.

Its Degenerative Nature

At Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey, the team of experts in this field has profiled it as a known degenerative joint disease. Through long years of research and tests, they have found out a feature of a slow, but a severe deterioration of the soft tissue found within the joints. Even as the cartilage (the soft tissues) degenerate, bones collide with each other that ends up hurting and even chronic. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at Crunchbase.

In addressing the problems that come with this condition, commands much influence on its acute medical services against osteoarthritis patients. They boast of a team of highly experienced medical practitioners combined with excellent equipment that ensures the patients’ go through the condition with minimal pains. It is also worth mentioning that the kind of technology used here is approved by the Federal Drug Authority making its credibility unquestionable.

Non-surgical Methods of Treatment

At Osteon Relief Institute, the priority remains clear; that no patient suffering from osteoarthritis undergoes surgery. In this regard, they help patients through services that are ideally safe and effective in the long run. At the facility, you can get an assurance of quality non-surgical procedures which also go a long way in ensuring there is a rapport with the therapist before any other method. They also address patients concern that emanates from questions surrounding insurance policies and plans that most facilities do not accept. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on

At Osteon Relief Institute, the management will only scrutinize your insurance plans after which the patient is accorded utmost care. Whenever the condition occurs, there exist several means through which the situation gets addressed through routine-based exercise, medical treatments, and other therapeutic advances. The medical practitioners at Osteo Relief Institute will look at the risk factors that exist with the disease which is mostly excessive and uncontrollable weights. A consultant will also advise on the genetic factors in one’s family line, age and any cases of past accidents.


Dr. Edward Honig is the Most Experienced and Top-rated Cardiologist in New York City

Cardiologists are doctors who have specialized in diagnosing treating and preventing problems in the heart, cardiovascular system, and blood vessels. They are also able to treat coronary heart disease, heart attacks, heart murmurs, and hypertension. Cardiology involves a full range of services that include consultations, non-invasive imaging, preventive care, invasive diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. It is important to note that if your doctor refers you to a cardiologist, ensure you have gone. If you have chest pain, do not determine its cause by yourself, rather, visit a cardiologist. If your family has a history of heart conditions, make regular visits to the cardiologist to determine if you have been predisposed. Diabetes and high blood pressure also should make you visit a cardiologist regularly.

The Best Cardiologist in New York

One of the longest-serving Cardiologists in New York City is Dr. Edward Honig. He is an internal medicine doctor who has been practicing in Glen Cove, NYC. The 90-year-old Doctor has been practicing for more than 66 years, making him possess wide and deep experience in the field. Dr. Edward possesses the ability to deal with all the special cases that his patients come with to his office. Many of the New York City residents with heart-related diseases have benefitted from the services of Dr. Edward Honig. Within NYC there are many cardiologists, but none of them possess the experience that Dr. Honig has. At 90 years of age, Dr. Edward keeps tabs with the latest research and innovation in the medical field. He also uses the latest medication and medical updates to treat his patients.

Dr. Edward Honig holds a Doctorate from Duke University’s School of Medicine. He received his doctor license in 1952. He also has an NYC cardiology license of practice. His impressive record of service delivery and Glen Cove Hospital in New York City is attributed to how he deals with his patients. Dr. Edward is never aggressive with treatments. He does enough and careful research of the symptoms present, medical records, family history and others for him to tell the kind of treatment to administer and the desired outcome. His treatment is simply thorough.

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Amicus Therapeutics Continues to Innovate in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on treating diseases that are generally called lysosomal storage disorders and that are categorized as very rare diseases. Their offering focuses on Chaperone Advanced Replacement Therapy, which is otherwise known as “CHART” and it is wholly centralized around the concept of a therapy to replace enzymes.

Amicus Therapies was created after several venture capital firms came together to launch the company, seeing an opening in the market for a biopharmaceutical company specializing in lysosomal storage disorders. These firms include big players such as New Enterprise Associates, Radius Ventures and Canaan Partners, among others. Amicus Therapies is a public company and they launched their IPO in 2007 with the trading firm FOLD. Know more on about Amicus Therapeutics.

Among its many accolades, Amicus Therapies has been named as having the pharmaceutical inudstry’s most broad portfolio of pharmacological chaperones.

While Amicus Therapies does not have the ability to actually manufacture medicine itself, it works with secondary companies that manufacture the products it receives patents on. Amicus Therapies even acquired another company called Callidus Biopharma. Through this acquisition the company then had the intellectual property rights to begin producing its own products in a nich capacity. It started out by creating an enzyme replacement treatment that worked exclusively on treating Pompe disease, a very rare disease that can cause severe damage it left untreated.


Amicus Therapies has a reputation for intellectual development and being on the cutting edge of science in its field. They have received multiple grants for their research and work. Among these grants was a prestigious $500,000 grant to work on studies conducted at UCLA that came from The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Amicus Therapies continues to expand and innovate in its field. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on

Features of the App Taking over the Classroom Experience

Technology has been integrated into the classroom through the use of Class Dojo which is an educational app. It connects teachers, students and parents. These three parties are able to share photos and messages among each other using this software. Students are excited to use this app because they can share the interesting activities they do while in school with their parents. The success of this application has been marked by awards in different categories. There is the education innovation award 2011, 35 most innovative awards of the year 2016 and 25 most disruptive companies-2017.

The Class Dojo App has been translated into over 35 languages hence increasing the number of users. It is used in over 180 countries. The classroom feature of the app is where the parties involved build on how they will be doing things; that is their classroom culture. They select skills and values that will make the learning experience more worthwhile. Some of these skills include teamwork and creativity. Individuals can send each other messages without having to exchange their numbers with each other. When teachers are held up in class sessions, the message feature of the app can be set to indicate that they are unavailable.

The stories feature is considered great for sharing videos as well as pictures. Each student has their own story which their parents get a chance to see. Stories can also be of the school or a particular class. Families that have the app and are connected to either the school or a particular class can be able to see what has been posted. Through this feature students can share what they have learned while in school. Students have access to original content which helps them grasp different concepts and life skills. A number of kids in the US have come across videos on growth mindset and empathy which have helpful information.

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Nick Vertucci’s Journey To Financial Freedom

Nick Vertucci believes that people have the ability to shape their own future regardless of their background. He believes that children from poor backgrounds have the ability to become successful. The real estate expert uses himself as an example. As a young boy, his family enjoyed stable income and he received love from his parents. However, life suddenly changed when his father died. At the time, Nick was only ten years old. The sole responsibility of looking after the family shifted to his mother. This weighed down on her; forcing her to do multiple jobs and return very later at home. Vertucci recalls that when his mother would return home, he was always asleep. As he grew up, the family’s situation continued to deteriorate. At 18 years old, he was homeless and living out of his van.

However, Nick Vertucci picked himself up and started to look at how he could earn handsome income. He noticed the booming computer industry and decided to venture in a computer parts business. This business gave him both good money and the freedom to be his own boss. Soon, Nick became stable enough to start a family. The couple was blessed with three daughters before the dot com crush of 2000 ruined his business. Nick was back to where he had started. This time round, the only difference was that he had a roof over his head since he had bought it for his family.

A year later, Nick Vertucci had dug himself deep into debt. The situation was worsening with the passage of every new month as he kept borrowing to provide for his family. One day, a friend invited him for a three-day real estate training seminar. Despite of Nick’s desire to go, he questioned if the idea was wise since it would mean wasting three days of his resources, which would otherwise help his family to lead a better life. However, his friend managed to convince him to attend.

Nick says that attending the workshop was the best decision that he made in his life. Right from day one of the seminar, he was convinced that it was the breakthrough that he had been looking for throughout his life. The former computer parts sales man continued to pay more attention to the speakers and sought for more information on the areas that he did not understand. Since then, Nick has never looked back. He continues to train, study, and absorb any information about the real estate industry. This approach has enabled him to gather skills and experience, which he passes to others through his training school, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy is a subsidiary of The Nick Vertucci Companies. It focuses on helping aspiring real estate investors to become prolific and successful investors.

The Genius of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Group

With the disruption brought about by young and visionary entrepreneurs, the modern business environment is fast changing. However, over 85 percent of the new businesses fail to see their fifth anniversary, and it is due to the lack of knowledge and expertise. These new and upcoming business leaders need to study and learn from the business experts. One such guru is Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of a food processing conglomerate. He is the recipient of the 2016 Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy.

OSI Group

Sheldon seats at the helm of OSI Group. It is an American holding company made up of meat processors, food services and the retail sections. It also has over seventy facilities spread out across seventeen countries. Sheldon has streamed lined operations at OSI. The company is responsible for producing hundreds of private label brand foods as well as co-packing for major brands in its retail and food service clientele.

Sheldon has a background in finance and accounting. His journey with OSI industries started when he was in charge of organizing for the financing of the first meat-processing plant built in West Chicago that would form the foundation of the OSI Group. From the start, Sheldon aimed at growing the company into a world-class food processing company. Despite the primary business being protein products, OSI Group produces various brands of vegetable items, sauces, and baked goods.

Unique Approach to Management

His primary responsibility is overseeing the large-scale financial operations of the group. This, in turn, ensures that the companies maintain complex food supply chains without fail. This involves tracking the number of factors such as technological changes in food processing, customer preferences, resource shortages, as well as employee motivation. Under Sheldon’s stewardship, the enterprise operates differently from most companies. His approach is aimed at creating strong professional relations with his staff. He has a soft spot for the people who report to him, and aims to foster strong family-like relationships.

Instead of micromanaging the company operations, Sheldon shares the responsibility with a highly skilled and experienced management team. Delegation is his secret. It allows him to put into consideration various factors without the need to do intensive research. This way, he can make informed decisions for the best interest of the company. He also invests company funds into environmental sustainability practices. The coming millennial can learn from his business acumen, grow their entrepreneurial habits, and leave a legacy in the world.

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Fabletics Innovates Fresh Activewear Under the Guidance of Don Ressler

Women have limited choices when it comes to buying athletic wear and a large number of them are forced to make their choices depending on two choices: cost or fashion sense. As a matter of fact, the market for women sportswear has for a long time suffered a huge gap in terms of functionality and fashion. In 2010, when the consumption for active wear was enjoying its all time high, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler read the trends well. The duo came to the realization that this market was not dying down anytime soon and established Fabletics. They embarked on an easy mission of ensuring that they provided active wear for women that was functional, fashionable and most importantly affordable.


Identifying the Problem and Offering a Solution


Don Ressler and his co-founder Adam came together and brought forth a revolutionary product in the active wear market for women. The duo did not focus on what the trends were back then but majored on the exact things that women yearned for. They identified the problems facing women in the active wear world and came about with a lasting solution. The available active wear back then was expensive, ill-fitting, garish and non-comfortable. The duo altered this by offering the market with an attractive, fitting and cost effective women’s active wear.


Partnering with Kate Hudson


Don Ressler’s partnership with Kate Hudson proved to be a game changer in as far as the brand’s growth was concerned. Branding in the industry of sports fashion was somewhat ubiquitous and only a handful of companies managed to attract specific women. Kate Hudson, a famous American actress, offered the brand an edge thanks to her appealing, confident and friendly face. She managed to create a great relationship with the customers and connected the brand to the masses. She values her work at Fabletics a lot and is always focused on making improvements to the presence of the brand both online and in person.


Overcoming Challenges


Don Ressler navigated a lot of challenges like funding at the start and managed to overcome complexity, a big enemy in the industry. It was no easy feat to make sports pants both fashionable and functional but they managed. His determination, focus and experience in the industry enabled Fabletics to come up with clothes of a higher quality and comfort. The company enjoyed a huge online presence and appealed to the grassroots. Fabletics also thrived well due to its unique style of discount pricing as opposed to selling products online in the conventional manner. Fabletics is aiming to start stocking fashionable active wear for plus-size ladies.


What Do Clients Say About White Shark Media-Objective Reviews

The advent of information technology has transformed the way business is done thoroughly. Nowadays, if you want any sensible results in marketing, you have to create a strong online presence and follow it up with endless campaigns to get more followers, and then convert them into customers. These are all concepts which are very new to most companies which have always done business the traditional way. White Shark Media came into existence six years ago, with the aim of assisting these companies that needed a strong online presence and converting followers into business. A few people who have used their services have reviewed them.

One of their dedicated customers said that the company found them when they were having their worst time trying to do digital marketing. They stated that the worst challenge for them was lead conversion. They had tried different agencies and packages, but the results left them feeling like SEO was some rip-off.

‘When White Shark Media got to our case, we immediately realized that we had been doing things all wrong. The company has helped us create new Landing pages, created fresh headlines for us, and assisted with our email marketing. The results have been a tremendous increase in our customer base and sales.”

Another company CEO confides that any time the IT department brought up the SEO issue; he always took it for granted. He somehow assumed that having the website was enough to get them the clients they needed. However, they realized that they needed assistance with their social media marketing and creation of meaningful content. White Shark Media came in and assisted the company to get the best keywords for their niche. They used White Hat SEO tactics to raise their rank from page 45 of Google to rank number 3. The CEO says that he now understands that SEO is a continuous process and does walking with White Shark Media is their secret for success.

The efficiency of OneLogin to the advantage of its users

OneLogin is a server used for cloud computing in offering services to customers and organizations using the internet. These resources are made available to the users according to their demand. Additionally, it just functions like any other cloud-based service provider such as Wikipedia.

It was founded in 2009 by Thomas Overgaard Pedersen and his brother Christian. They have bases of operations in countries such as California, The United States of America just to mention a few. Adding onto its background check, OneLogin is associated with some renowned personal and public business applications like Twitter, Facebook and Google Apps, NetSuite, and Yammer in that order.

Besides, they have a secure system free from hackers hence businesses can be run without any fear. They, therefore, make sure that their users enjoy safe browsing. Also by using this service provider, the users reduce the cost and can save up to significant amounts of money as compared to businesses which are not run online. These entrepreneurs, therefore, save on infrastructure and costs concerning their operations on the Cloud. Onelogin also helps reduce directory costs on their customers’ profile by saving up on maintenance, software, and even hardware.

The more reason why users opt for this service provider is that it has skilled employees who ensure that their businesses run smoothly without breach of privacy. They also restructure the security system of the firms trusted to them and clustered the management of apps, users, and devices with their cloud Identity and Access Management, IAM.

The company also has a partnership programme where they have merged with many other different companies to ensure a better future for its stakeholders. Their partnership programmes include Channel Program which deals with separation of services run hence increasing the profits of the firm. By so doing, the security of its customers gets upheld hence increasing their productivity. OneLogin is the only IAM platform that makes it easy for its users to control their accounts because they have built reseller functionality directly into the platform.

Most importantly, it also offers customer training according to their users most felt needs. All these ensure the smooth running of businesses hence saving time.

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Tips to Have a Happy Retirement Life

David Giertz is an industry professional whose insights are directed towards the providence of equipped strategies to be utilized in the planning for retirement. David postulates that planning is a necessity to evade failure in the future. He thus offers informative insights on the tips to plan for a happy life throughout your retirement period. Firstly, David Giertz states the essentials of setting aside funds from your income that will cater for your future life. According to David, savings supplement an individual’s financial stability before they retire. Also, David Giertz considers investments as the primary factor for future financial freedom. However, it is necessary to evaluate market stands to determine the most suitable venture to make investments in and earn extra income. For people who intend to retire before they are fifty-five years old, David Giertz recommends the use of Substantially Equal Periodic Payments strategy.

David Giertz is operational in Dublin, Ohio at Nationwide Investments Corporation. His popularity as a financial advisor generates from his more than thirty-one years of exposure. Additionally, David’s expertise is attributed to his academic achievements entailing the attainment of success in four major academic examinations. Besides serving at the corporation, David’s activity is expanded and is productive in a variety of groups where he is registered. David Giertz maintains registrations in FINRA where he operates as the organization’s broker. As a broker, David Giertz is concerned with influencing large, sophisticated firms in purchasing bonds, stocks and mutual funds from the group. Also, David Giertz is recognized by the State Registrations which is often a necessity.

As a key personality in Nationwide, David Giertz has carried out various studies; with the most recent focusing on approximately 37% of retirees. According to the research, David Giertz noticed that for a happier retirement life, you need to put into consideration health issues. As such, health is the determinant of fruitful and fully-satisfied lives.

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Sentient AI – Advantages of Multi-variate Testing

Since the beginning of the internet internet marketers have been trying to get a leg up on the competition in order to deliver more consistent results for their businesses. The emergence of artificial intelligence has given internet marketers more tools to use to test out different marketing strategies and analyse the results.

The problem with testing different marketing strategies is testing the smallest component possible in order to be sure about which component should change in order to optimize a given advertisement. This limits the amount of testing one can do in a set period of time. Being able to test different combinations only in isolation and only over a long period of time means that the stakeholders of the business are less able to understand what on their site needs changing. This is a huge opportunity cost for business who use the traditional methods of testing. However with Multi-Variate Testing businesses can test many different possible combinations of a webpage and with far more speed because of the capability of the Sentient AI Multi-Variate testing platform.

Given all the different components of a website it becomes easier to see how thousands or even millions of permutations could exist for even a single webpage. Testing all these combinations would be unheard of using tradition A/B testing. However because of the efficient learning algorithms in the Sentient AI Multi Variate testing platform it is possible to test out all these permutations.

One such limitation of Multi variate testing is the need for traffic because the more tests that are performed the smaller the audience will be that will see a given permutation of a given web page. Another limitation is the need to develop different permutations of a given webpage. The Sentient AI – Multi Variate testing platform allows businesses to generate many different combinations of a given web page without the need for a human developer. Even analysing the results of the multi variate testing are automated using the Sentient AI platform thus cutting down on the need for human developers. With the inception of this new kind of testing platform marketers and business owners are given many new opportunities to discover versions of their website that will generate them the most profit. Using traditional testing methods would have meant never discovering the winning website that converts the best and would leave the business with a huge opportunity cost.