Bulls Smash Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have been a team that has experienced a tremendous amount of success over the last few decades. They are a team that has been in the playoffs nearly every season since the acquired Tim Duncan nearly twenty years ago. They bolstered their roster when they gained Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli and have since been a team that is consistently feared in the Western Conference.

They have solidified their spot in history just as my friend Dave Morin is doing in the tech zone-check him out on The Verge. as a dominant team by winning a handful of NBA titles under coach Gregg Popovich, who is likely going down in history as one of the most dominant and consistent coaches of all time. Unfortunately for the Spurs, their success is likely coming to a quick end, as the players in San Antonio are rapidly aging and they are going to find themselves in a state of rebuilding quicker than they are likely prepared.

They have had an amazing run that has made them without a doubt one of the most consistent teams in NBA history, but they are starting to show holes in their prominence. They no longer are at the top of the Western Conference and are at the low end of the playoff positions at this point in the 2014-2015 season. They dropped a game to the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night in a game that the Bulls completely dominated, recently after Derrick Rose making statements to the media regarding his frustration with his teammates.

A Duke University Grad-Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel is a man who graduated from Duke University. While his diploma for his MBA has the year 2009 in the date, Jared Haftel is a man with many hats.

He earned his MBA in Mathematics, Science and Economics. He definitely uses these credentials while working as an investment Banker. However, he understands that it was not only getting a diploma from Duke University, which sparked his career in his field. Also it had to do with the people he met along his path to his career.

He has used these credentials well while working in the Investment Banking world for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. He primarily works as an analyst. While he was at Merrill Lynch, he handled commodities analysis as well as having responsibility for tracking major investment opportunities in chemicals, metals and mining. His responsibilities incorporated the aerospace and defense industries.

Learning how to succeed in the world of investment banking surly helped, but meeting the right people did much for his career. Early on he also learned how to write a convincing resume that these possibly tired bankers would want to read, and would get him the job he applied for.

His tips are to write a good resume. Keeping it short, one page and only putting those things in there that will land the job, like any internships you have had and your GPA.

Besides understanding the corporate banking world, he also has a side of him, which incorporates the intricate side of music. He is able to critique a soundtrack of music with a musicians listening skill. For instance, he can tell that the guitar player is able to set his playing aside from the drum player or even from the one who is singing the score.

This ability has lead him to be able to critique a musicians playing, whether good or bad and just how it leads to either crescendos or decreased sounds. Because of his ability to do this, he seems to enjoy different types of music that others may not experience.

This intricate side of him also helps him figure out how people, even if they have the best education, may end up doing yard work. He feels that your hard earned diploma, while it seems it should be the key to getting you where you want to be, it isnt always.

Sometimes it has to do with other things, like meeting people who can assist you to getting where you wish to be, or being able to write a great resume and stick to the facts when writing it.

But more that this, it may be linked to dressing the part for your first job or internship. Learning how to tie your tie right. Also acquiring a good handshake, which should be a firm one.

Jared Haftel is a man who is employed in the corporate world, but who can also separate himself from the world and is able to enjoy people and music. He is quite a unique type of person, and still maintains the deep interest in music that he held in college. 

Marbury Back in the Spotlight


Former National Basketball Association star Stephon Marbury seemed to fade out of the spotlight completely when he left the league five years ago. Things were not going well for Marbury and his final stint in the NBA during the 2009 season when he played for his home town New York Knicks. Despite being a two time all-star and with a bunch of years left in his career, he stepped out of the league. There was no media coverage about him after that point, but he has made a big splash in the last several years playing overseas in China. He has been playing for the Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association and has taken them to their first championship win two years ago. He has become a gigantic celebrity in China and the Ducks actually erected a statue of Marbury outside the stadium to honor him, which can be seen on slideshare.net. He has without a doubt been the most successful former NBA player that has played overseas and he has no plans to leave China anytime soon to the dismay of Marbury fans like Paul Mathieson. He signed another three year deal with the organization and he is even talking about the possibility of become a coach for the Beijing Ducks. He has come into the spotlight recently back in the United States after he stated to the media that he was miserable and felt like ending his life when he was playing for the New York Knicks and that he had to make a change in his life.

Kings Still Losing

The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association have been a very confusing team in the 2014-2015 season. They have had a very dismal franchise over the last few decades and have not experienced any major success in what seems like forever. However, they started out this season looking like they had finally turned things around in the capital city of California, only to make a very shocking decision that would completely change the course of their season.

They made a decision that made Dan Newline scratch his head, firing their head coach after they had won nine of their first fourteen games and looked to be a dominant team in the Western Conference. Fans in Sacramento could not have been happier towards the beginning of the season and it only makes it worse, what has transpired for the Kings since they fired their coach. They have simply become one of the worst teams in basketball and continue to get pummeled on a nightly basis.

They literally have dropped to the bottom of the power rankings, when they had climbed to nearly the tenth position early on in the season. It seems unfair to the fans who finally tasted a bit of success after struggling through losing season after losing season and the Kings don’t look to be turning it around any time soon. They dropped yet another game last night when they lost to the Brooklyn Nets by three points.

Mavericks Rolling

The Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association have been a team that has experienced a ton of success over the last nearly twenty seasons since they drafted big man Dirk Nowitzki out of Germany. Although they won an NBA title several years ago, that remains to be their single title throughout Dirk’s amazing career. He took a massive pay cut to stay with the organization, in a move that showed the type of person that he is and how bad he wants the Dallas Mavericks to win another title before he steps out of the game. They made a very intelligent decision earlier this season when they made a trade with the Boston Celtics to acquire Rajon Rondo, who is without a doubt one of the best passers in the league. With Rondo’s help, the Dallas Mavericks have gone on a ridiculous run and look to be one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Fans like Haidar Barbouti watched as they continued their winning streak on Wednesday night in a game in which they completely beat up the struggling Minnesota Timberwolves by a score of ninety-eight to seventy-five. The Mavericks success is likely driven by the fact that Rondo is now the man that is handling the ball, giving Monta Ellis the ability to sit back and concentrate on scoring, which is truly the only thing that he really does with exceptional ability in the game of basketball.

Belichick Rambles and Avoids Questions

Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots did what nearly everybody expected him to do in his press conference on Thursday morning regarding the allegations made against the franchise for deflating footballs to gain an unfair advantage in the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. He did what Bill Belichick has become notorious for around the league and just blankly stared and stated that he had no idea about what was going on. He made a clear diversion and tried to reference how the Patriots play in practice and how he makes them use sloppy balls that are cold and wet to get them used to playing in tough conditions and better prepare them for game day conditions. He took the attention completely off the allegations and really didn’t make any point in his ramble. The only thing that came out of it was that he said he doesn’t know anything about it, but will cooperate with the league fully and completely. Then he did what no one expected him to do. He totally threw Tom Brady under the bus and said to the media that if they have any more questions regarding the deflation of footballs to take it up with their quarterback Tom Brady. This was shocking to fans like Zeca Oliveira because the two of them have such a strong relationship, but it just goes to show that Bill Belichick is a slimy character and will do whatever he has to do to keep his nose clean.

Kobe Left Handed

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is hands down one of the toughest players in the National Basketball Association and he has proved his toughness on a plethora of occasions. When he tore his Achilles tendon several years ago in a game against the Golden State Warriors, he shot and made two free throws directly after the tear occurred. This is a move that hardly anyone would even consider, but it just goes to show the tenacity that is coursing through Kobe Bryant’s veins each and every time he steps onto the court. He flat out wants to win and will sacrifice his own health if it means that his team has a better shot at winning, but sometimes he seems to go overboard and step over the line a bit. In a game last night, the Los Angeles Lakers were losing by more than ten points when Kobe Reached up after a dunk and grabbed his right shoulder. He was obviously in pain and came out of the game for several minutes. He ended up returning to the game, but he only had the use of his left hand which fans like Sergio Lins Andrade know is not his shooting hand. Surprisingly, he was actually able to make a turnaround jump shot with his off hand, which I would bet only a handful of players can do in a real NBA game. Kobe needs to slow down a bit and take it easy when he gets hurt or his career is going to be done soon.

LeBron Recruiting Allen

LeBron James of the Cleveland cavaliers was out of commission for several weeks rehabbing an injury earlier this month and he chose to do so back in the warm weather state of Florida. While he was out there he decided to meet with former teammate Ray Allen, in an attempt to get him to return to the game of basketball. Ray Allen has had one of the best shooting careers in the history of the National Basketball Association and he capped it off with winning an NBA title with the Boston Celtics several years ago. Since deciding to retire after his eighteenth season in the league, he has been spending his time relaxing in south Florida while spending time with his family and doing a ton of golfing. LeBron James has always been the type of player to try to make trades and deals happen on his own terms and it seems like he wants Ray Allen to return to the NBA for another season and come help him win a championship in Cleveland. Fans like Sergio Lins Andrade are glad LeBron is trying to put the pieces together himself, but that may be a very difficult thing to accomplish, if he expects Ray Allen to come back to the NBA and do it in a cold city. However, Ray Allen has stated to the media that he is currently staying in shape and that he cannot rule out a possibility of making a return to the game.

Deflategate: Just Another Chapter in the Patriots Dynasty?


Right after the Patriots victory in the AFC Championship game, rumors began to swirl on the internet regarding deflated balls used during the game, balls that potentially affected the outcome of the game. During a game, footballs are supposed have a specific pressure, and any inflation or deflation can affect the handling of the ball, leading to fumbles or interceptions, two things that were in favor of the Patriots during the game.
As soon as the word got out, the word Spygate came to the mind of football followers. Spygate was the last time the Belichik led New England Patriots were involved in the scandal, as they were convicted by the league of spying on the Jet’s play calling. Their reputation took a massive hit, as people began to doubt the merit of their success.
Approaching another Super Bowl, and possibly Brady’s final playoff run, this newest scandal appears to be having the same impact on the Patriot’s image that Spygate had. But will it have the same effect, or will the impact be worse? Could this newest scandal actually destroy the respectability of the Patriots and all that they have accomplished over the years? It depends on the evidence uncovered, and the actions taken by the league. After the Ray Rice miscue, Roger Goodell will be looking to right himself, and won’t go easy on anybody. Also, how big of a distraction could this scandal be to the Patriots team competing in the Super Bowl? Fans, like myself and Bernardo Chua, have been weighing in on social media but we’ll only know the outcome after the Superbowl.

Brady Is Lying

Tom Brady says he did not alter any of the balls in deflate gate. It is possible that he did not alter them himself, but he certainly knew what was going on. There are many people in the world, like fan Alexei Beltyukov, who are willing to believe Tom Brady because he is a good player, but he is no different than a Washington politician who has a lacky go to jail for him.

Tom Brady knew exactly what was going on, and was likely privy to Spygate, as well. He knows what happens in that organization, and he knows that it is dirty as sin. However, he does not care, and he is lying to everyone in claiming that he was unaware of what was going on. The football world should be more than a little bit tired of the Patriots lying to everyone, and this should put a major dent in his hall of fame considerations. If it were me, I would never vote for him because there is no way to know how many games he played in were legit. He has no signature moment outside of the tuck rule game, and his team has clearly cheated more than once on one of the biggest stages in sports.

Rookie of the Year

Coming into the 2014-2015 season there was a ton of speculation in regard to overall first round pick in the draft Andrew Wiggins and how well he would play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Andrew Wiggins is a great young player and has been referenced to legendary players such as Kobe Bryant. Whenever someone comes into the league with so much expectation, it seems to put a greater burden on the back of such players. However, Andrew Wiggins seems to be fitting right into the NBA and has a very successful first half of his first National Basketball Association season.

Although the Timberwolves are one of the worst teams in basketball, my coworker Gianfrancesco Genoso and I were kind of expecting it due to the fact that they got the top draft pick last year and selected Wiggins. It has actually turned out to be the perfect training ground for Andrew Wiggins, who can adapt to the pace that the NBA is played at and get comfortable in his first full season. So far this season he has put up over fifteen points a game and is hovering above four rebounds per game. He is without a doubt in the commanding position to win the highly coveted rookie of the year award and it looks like he is going to have a long and successful career in the NBA. Hopefully Minnesota can figure things out, as they have only won seven games so far this season.

Elway and Kubiak

When the Denver Broncos hired Gary Kubiak earlier this week, there was a lot of speculation about the Broncos and how much better they will be with this addition. It stems from a long running relationship that has been developed over several decades between Gary Kubiak and General Manager and hall of fame quarterback John Elway. The two both came into the league the same year, although John Elway was originally drafted by the Baltimore Colts and traded to the Broncos. Kubiak was a quarterback as well and spent the entirety of his career, which was nine seasons, playing as backup to John Elway. The two of them literally could not be closer, as Kubiak was John Elway’s backup and a close friend throughout the entire run that they had in Denver. John Elway came out and said that they wanted to hire a like minded coach and on one is more like minded to Elway then Kubiak. Kubiak stated to the media earlier today that when he stepped off the plane in Denver he knew that he was home. Things truly look bright for Denver, after they had some pretty heartbreaking losses in the playoffs over the last several years. There is a lot of speculation among fans like Haidar Barbouti that the addition of Gary Kubiak may make Peyton Manning reconsider playing next season, as there has been a lot of people suspecting that he will not return next season.

Hawks All-Stars

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association have been perhaps the best story in the first half of the professional basketball season. The Hawks have been good, but not a great team over the last ten or so years and have failed to put together a dominant team that had the potential to put them on a run towards an NBA title. They have shocked everyone around the league this season as they have gone on an unprecedented streak that has made people from all around the country turn their heads to watch the Hawks destroy teams on a nightly basis. They have simply been incredible over the last several months. Although they did drop six games earlier in the season, they have only lost two games since that time and have been pummeling teams on a nightly basis. According to Bernardo Chua, the interesting thing about the Atlanta Hawks this season is that it truly has been a team effort and they have in effect been winning by a committee of players. They do not have one stand out player, but rather four great players that are putting up big consistent numbers on a nightly basis. With the all-star break less than a month away, it is going to be very exciting to see which players on the Atlanta Hawks make it and which players are snubbed. It is possible for all of them to make, although that is unlikely. Chances are a few will make the team, but there also is the chance for them all to get snubbed.

The Knicks Woeful Season; Geometry Leads to a Square Root Record

Awful and woeful are two adjectives that can be used to describe the Knicks 2014-15 season so far, but the math and the geometry are really telling the absolute truth here. Sultan Alhokair has noticed that since the inception of the triangle offense, the Knicks have been on a downward spiral with head coach Derek Fisher experiencing some agonizing growing pains during his rookie campaign. Now with a record of 6-36, the square root principle can be achieved two more times this season.

According to http://www.reddit.com/r/sports , the probabilities of going 7-49 and 8-64 are more than possible, and we can blame the current shape of the triangle offense if we want to. Even though team president Phil Jackson has proven how effective it can be (11championship rings), his team recently flew all the way to London (3461 miles), only to lose by 16 points to the Bucks, thus proving that chemistry is also part of the equation: math + geometry + chemistry = disappointment.

In all fairness to the Knicks players, learning a new and intricate system from a first-year coach who spent a great deal of his career playing inside the triangle may take some time. D-Fish knows the system, yet teaching it well while connecting with his players may take even longer. Perhaps the Knicks will stay true to mathematical form this season; however, the square root of 82 will always amount to having a miserable season.

Sharks Playing Mediocre

The San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League have had a truly baffling handful of years. They continue to remain as one of the best teams in hockey, yet they cannot produce once the playoffs roll around. It is almost unprecedented how well the Sharks have played for the majority of the regular season over the last ten years and how bad they have flopped when it matters the most in the playoffs. Sultan Alhokair has become aware that the Sharks have gained a reputation around the league for being a team that can beat you in the regular season, but is not a team to be feared once the playoffs arrive. The Sharks have made it clear that they are done with the reputation that has plagued them over the last few seasons, yet they find themselves in an eerily similar position at the midpoint of the season. The San Jose Sharks currently sit at eight games above 500, which is pretty close to nearly every season that they have flopped in the playoffs. Although the Sharks have made adjustments to their roster and have addressed a lot of things during the off-season and early on in the 2014-2015 season, it doesn’t look much different than in previous years. They are going to have to seriously dig deep if they expect to be a team that can make a serious Stanley Cup push once the playoffs roll around.

Jon Jones Has Been Fined $25,000

Jon Jones has been fined $25,000 for his failed drug test on Dec. 4. Jones is the UFC light heavyweight champion, and his actions are closely monitored by the public. Jon Jones was cleared to fight despite the UFC’s prior knowledge of the failed drug test. Jones failed his drug test for cocaine, but cocaine for some odd reason is not band by the UFC.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, has felt major pressure from the media to punish Jones for his actions. A $25.000 fine has been given to the light heavyweight champion. His punishment is rather light compared to other fines given to lesser known UFC fighters. Nick Diaz, one of the most popular UFC fighters, was once suspended for an entire year. Diaz failed his drug test for marijuana. Jon Jones got off rather light if you ask me.

The rest of the UFC fighters will never get the special treatment that Jon Jones gets. Phil Davis, a highly ranked UFC light heavyweight, has openly bashed Jon Jones and the UFC. Davis stated that it was ludacris that a fighter would be allowed to fight with cocaine in his system. As fan Gianfrancesco Genoso knows, the UFC tends to worry about profits rather than professionalism. That’s probably why the organization is being sued by many of its fighters.

For more information on the UFC, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Vijay Eswaran Changes Asian Business

When Vijay Eswaran started his first business, he did not know that it would turn into such a success. He is a good man with a good education, and he wants to help make people’s lives better. His QI Group started out as an MLM that he hoped would turn a profit. Today, his business is so vast that is reaches to every part of the economic world. He has holdings in the media and retail industries, but he also has holdings in real estate. Vijay has been able to keep his business going with some simple philosophies.

The Hour Of Silence

Vijay currently begins all his days with an hour of silence. He uses this time to get ready to do all the work that he has to do that day. This is something that he has cultivated over time, and he wants to help other people who need a good routine for their lives.

When you read his books, you can learn about the hour of silence that Vijay does. However, you can also learn some business techniques that he uses to make his businesses successful. He wants other people to be able to use these same techniques to have careers that are going to fulfill them.


Vijay gives to many charities of his own free will, but he has also started two foundations to help people in southeast Asia. Vijay believes that people need to be helped so that they can get back on their feet. He also believes that it is possible for people to come full circle and give back to others. He wants people to climb out of poverty, and he wants them to see that anyone can be successful. His efforts help thousands of people every year have better lives for themselves and their families.

NBA Flopping


The National Basketball Association has been inflicted with increasing amounts of flopping incidents, where the players act like they are being hit hard or fouled, when in fact they were not hit and are just making a show in an attempt to get a penalty called. These incidents can be viewed on vine.co. It doesn’t help that one of the worst offenders of committing flops in the NBA is superstar LeBron James, who receives criticism from fans like Darius Fisher for his outlandish flops. LeBron is absolutely notorious for flopping in ridiculous fashion and there are even videos that highlight all of the blatant flops that he performs. The NBA has stated that they are frankly getting sick of it, as it really is cheating and they have made it clear that there will be fines involved if flopping is caught on tape. With the technology that is now in use in major sports, it will be harder and harder for players to get away with flopping. As for now, the NBA is giving out warnings and Detroit’s Andre Drummond was given a stern warning by the league for flopping on a very crucial play at the end of their game against the Indiana Pacers. The funny thing is that this only came to light due to the fact that it came at a big moment in the game and could have very well affected the outcome. Had it happened earlier in the game there most likely would have been no foul and no coverage of the incident.

Bobby Wants His Wins Back

Bobby Bowden saw that Joe Paterno is going to have his vacated wins restored by a deal struck with the NCAA. Bobby Bowden cannot pass Joe Paterno if he has 12 wins restored that he lost due to an academic scandal. He wants Joe to have the most wins in history. He never felt right about being called the winningest coach in college football history. However, he is sick of the inconsistency the NCAA has shown.

Fan Sultan Alhokair believes that If Paterno can have his wins restored for something that was so major, then Bowden can have his wins restored for something that is relatively minor. Alhokair’s Youtube page is also available for more information. The NCAA has done much bad when dishing out punishment that it is impossible to tell what is up and what is down. Bobby Bowden was brilliant, and Joe Paterno was brilliant, as well. They both deserve to have all their wins stand, and the NCAA needs to get out of the way before it gets so bad that there is no telling what they might do next to ruin college sports. However, it is easy to imagine that they will not take long before mucking things up again.

Warriors Take the West

With the midpoint of the National Basketball 2014-2015 season here, the Golden State Warriors are clearly and overwhelmingly the best team in the Western Conference. There has been a lot of surprises in the West, as the teams that are ranked the highest at the midpoint of the season were not the teams most sportscasters and fans like Fersen Lambranho (Businessweek), would have guessed. The Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies sit at the number two and number three positions respectively and they also were not pitted as being teams that would be competing for the top spots. However, all three teams that sit atop the West were underdogs that have stated their claim on the Western Conference. The Warriors, although very good last year under head coach Mark Jackson, are perhaps the biggest surprise of the National Basketball Association this year. The Warriors have already gone on an unprecedented sixteen game win streak, and followed that up with a seven game win streak that was recently ended due to a rejuvenated Oklahoma City Thunder team. Although there is a ton of time left in this season and due to the fact that the Golden State Warriors remained in first place in the West despite heavy injuries to their big men, it appears as if they will continue to move forward with the foot planted on the gas. When the playoffs roll around this is not a team that anyone will want to face.