Wenger Winless Again Against Mourinho

Arsenal and Chelsea faced off this weekend in a London derby between first and third place, only to have it end in a scoreless draw. The result adds one more draw to the column of only draws and defeats that Arsene Wenger has suffered at the hands of Jose Mourinho squads during his two stints at Chelsea. Out of the thirteen matches between the two managers, Wenger has never come out on top. And a major reason for the continuing trend was on display yesterday during the match. Chelsea, being top of the table already, came to the Emirates looking to achieve one thing: not lose. And they didn’t, even if it was at the expense of not winning. They sat back and soaked up Arsenal’s pressure and possession in their respective offensive third, while looking to catch Arsenal on the break after winning the ball and having drawn Arsenal deep into the Chelsea half. Arsenal for their part were wary of this, and accumulated a handful of yellow cards for quickly stopping counterattacks, unlawfully albeit. And so, viewers were left with a nil-nil result, fair, although not particularly satisfying.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG said though, yet from the celebrations of the Chelsea players, a draw was exceptionally satisfying, and brought them just one step closer to claiming the title that they have had their eyes on since the first week of the season. Sometimes, a draw is just enough.

Chelsea Title Not Yet Secured

Jose Mourinho insisted that although Chelsea’s victory over Leicester City yesterday all but ensured their title for the season, they are not yet champions. Should Chelsea beat Crystal Palace over the weekend, then those three points would mathematically secure the title for them, but until then the manager has called for composed focus. He has praised his players for performing well during the month of April, in order to put themselves in prime position to take home the trophy early, and has asked for more of the same on the weekend. No doubt his words of understatement are a message to his players, reminding them to keep their eyes on the prize, and not to get carried away prematurely, and relax prior to actually winning the title.

Igor Cornelsen however feels that said, Mourinho’s Chelsea have been far and away the most consistent performers this season, changing their style of play when necessary, for the simple reason of getting results. The side have only lost twice in the league, and no other team has as many victories as the Blues. To say that the title is deserved is the bare minimum. However, fans and analysts alike have been somewhat disappointed with Chelsea, particularly following their exit from the Champions League at the hands of PSG. Next season the pressure will truly be on for them to not only defend their league title, but to assert themselves in Europe.

NFL Ends Tax-Exempt Status

The National Football League’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, has announced that it will no longer file with a tax exempt status. While this sounds great, it will not have a lot of impact on the NFL and zero impact on the teams themselves. NFL teams already pay taxes, however the central office has long had a tax-exempt status. This news comes shortly before the expectation of having it revoked, an effort led by former senator of Oklahoma, Tom Coburn.

This new taxation status will likely benefit the NFL more than IRS, however. FindTheBest said that having a tax-exempt status requires that you make your returns public as well as salaries. It also gives the government more leverage in the way a business handles cases such as the recent domestic abuse issues that the NFL has faced.

Goodell released a statement saying that the NFL was simply getting rid of a distraction. The impact to the office will be approximately 109 million dollars spread out over the next ten years or so.

This decision for a sports association is not the first. Major league baseball made the decision to forgo it’s tax-exempt status in 2007. The National Basketball Association never carried a tax-exempt status. The only major professional sports left carrying this status is the National Hockey League.

Baltimore Orioles Postpone Yet Another Game Amid Continuing Rioting

Amid continuous rioting throughout the city of Baltimore for the third straight day, the Baltimore Orioles have had the unpleasant choice but to postpone yet a second game. The team is concerned about fan safety, as Oriole Park At Camden Yards is near the famed Inner Harbor, a place where tourists and locals gather.

According to www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bal-as-turmoil-currently-envelops-the-city-together (2015), MLB Commissioner Rob”…Manfred said the decision to postpone the game was to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Many fans, such as CPA Ivan Ong, are disappointed at the unruly behavior and the cancellation of the games.The team mentioned it had consulted with the Baltimore City Police before making the decision, which was reached at 11:23 A.M. EST. Nationals Park in nearby Washington D. C. remains a possibility for the home stand to be played at.

The city has been mired in widespread protesting following the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the police last week. Unfortunately the protesting rose up to become rioting and widespread looting of stores and other businesses on Monday. Safety concerns for locals and visitors are still an ongoing issue as the city is still not in police control.

The Link Between Kevin Love and J.R. Smith

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost Kevin Love in the first quarter of a playoff game when he was injured, and the shoulder injury now may keep him out for a long time. They then lost J.R. Smith later in the game, when he elbowed a Celtics player and got himself kicked out of the arena. While neither loss will cripple the Cavs, losing both players was still a pretty big blow.

One interesting thing about it is that the two incidents may have been linked. Kevin Love is on record as saying that he thought the Celtics were playing dirty, and he thinks they injured him purposefully. It is possible that Smith thought so too, so his dirty foul later in the game was just to get the team back. He felt like he was making the score even, so to speak.

That will become important, as the league has really cracked down on guys for retaliation. Anastasia Date said that they do not want players trying to get even on the court like that. If they decide that Smith was retaliating for the Love injury, he could face a harsher penalty than if he was just doing that for no reason. It will be hard to link the two; it’s not as if they happened twenty seconds apart and were clearly linked. Still, it is going to be interesting to see what the league decides and what it means for the Cavs.

Manny Pacquiao and Anderson Silva Want To Compete In The Olympic Games

Manny Pacquiao has announced that he would like to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. However, there is a serious problem with his desire. Professional boxers are not allowed to compete after they have 20 or more professional fights. Manny Pacquiao has over 60 pro fights, and he will compete in the near future against Floyd Mayweather.

Bernardo Chua says that the 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio De Janeiro, and many professional athletes are interested in competing in the event. Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva also requested to participate in the Olympic Games. However, Anderson Silva would like to compete in Taekwondo, but his request has not yet been answered.

Manny Pacquiao and Anderson Silva would greatly increase the popularity of the Olympic Games. As of right now, it looks like neither fighter will be allowed to compete in their respective sports. However, Anderson Silva and Manny Pacquiao would most likely dominate their competition anyways. It might be a good idea to keep the legendary fighters out of the Olympic Games. Furthermore, the Olympics Games are usually used for athletes to showcase their skills prior to transitioning into professional sports. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

NFL Suspends Greg Hardy for Ten games Without Pay

Newly signed Defensive End Greg Hardy received his punishment from NFL Commissioner Roger Godell today and it was delivered with terse words attached forbidding Hardy from any additional transgressions under penalty of banishment. For violation the NFL’s personal conduct policy, the NFL has suspended Hardy for 10 games at the start of the 2015 season. The suspension will be without pay. Hardy missed all of last season with the exception of the first game of the season when the Commission decided in week two to place Hardy on the Commissioner’s exempt list while his case was still pending through the court system. Hardy was accuse of assaulting his live in girlfriend and was initially found guilty by a North Carolina judge. Hardy appealed under North Carolina law and his case was dismissed when the witness failed to cooperate and testify. Hardy received his full salary during his time on the exempt list last year. Cowboy’s Hardy Suspended 10 Games By NFL

Comunicare2 tells us that the Dallas Cowboys signed Hardy last month after he became a free agent but knew that some form of punishment was pending. It is unclear as to whether Hardy will appeal his suspension but there is a chance that he could get his sentence at least reduced as Ray Rice was able to achieve when he appealed his sentence. If Hardy is not successful with his appeal, the earliest that he would be able to play would be the Thanksgiving Day game between his old team, the Carolina, Panthers.

2015 NFL Schedule Has Been Released

2015 NFL Schedule Has Been Released

It has been over two months since the Super Bowl was played and the official end of the 2014 NFL season along with it. The New England Patriots ended as the Super Bowl Champions this year.

In the months since then, little has really happened in the NFL as a whole. That dry period was made easier with the release of the schedules for the 2015 football season, and now each team knows who they will play on opening week and at what time. As tradition follows, the reigning champion Patriots will play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, September 10th on NBC Football Night. Gianfrancesco Genoso claims that the game heavily favors the Patriots, not just because its a home game but also because the Steelers won’t have star running back LeVeon Bell due to suspension.

Along with keeping up traditions, Monday Night Football on opening week will feature a double header, where the first game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons starts at 7:15pm and the second game between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers begins at 10:20pm.

For some other interesting surprises, the three games played on Thanksgiving this year will all feature teams from the NFC conference, including the Chicago Bears playing the Green Bay Packers for the night game.

The release of the schedule will likely make the long season easier.

San Diego Chargers Continue Training with Philip Rivers

The future of San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was the subject that dominated the first day of pre season for the NFL franchise, UT San Diego reports. The future of Rivers has become a major source of rumor and speculation within the NFL with many claiming the quarterback has lost faith in the ability of the franchise to challenge for the Super Bowl. Rivers has been linked with a move to the Tennessee Titans as they look to rebuild their franchise and find a quarterback capable of leading them to the playoffs and, they hop, much further.

Rivers arrived at the first day of pre season training for a voluntary strength and conditioning session attended by many, but not all of his teammates. A high profile no show was safety Eric Weddle, who is also entering a contract year and has asked for a contract extension. Unlike Weddle, Rivers according to Fersen Lambranho has remained quiet about his future as the Chargers have turned their attentions to working out Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota as they appear to be searching for a replacement for their current quarterback. Rivers did not take part in a press conference on the first day of pre season, but rumors are circulating of a huge trade being readied for April 30th 2015 that would see the quarterback depart San Diego.

The Return of the Technology TV Show “The Screen Savers”

Before shows like “Attack of the Show” and “X-Play” and other vapid offerings, the channel that used to be called TechTV had some good shows on it. One of the best was “The Screen Savers.” It was focused on technology. The host, Leo Laporte, along with the staff on the show talked about new developments in computers, the internet, and tech in general. Viewer questions were answered, and it was very interesting for anyone into computers and very helpful for those of us having trouble with ours. This was how it began. Then, toward the end of the shows run, it lost its technology focus and concentrated more on pop culture and gaming.

Television viewers interested in technology lost something when TechTV became G4, and soon after this name change quality, nuts and bolts shows like “The Screen Savers” were pushed aside for superficial, fluff type programming. Computer and technology aficionados will get a chance to warm up their TV remote fingers soon as Leo Laporte himself has announced the show is returning. Flavio Maluf is very excited, as it was one of his favorite shows. The video announcement did not include what channel it will be back on, but it will just be good to see it on TV at all again. The world is a pretty different place than it was ten years ago when they went off the air. For one thing, screen savers aren’t really necessary anymore as LCD’s don’t suffer from burn in like CRT monitors did.

Dana White And Brock Lesnar Cut Ties

Dana White is the president of the UFC, and he announces breaking news for the company. For the longest time, Dana White was trying to re-sign Brock Lesnar to the UFC. Lesnar made millions of dollars last year while performing in the WWE. However, it did seem like Brock Lesnar was actually going to return to the sport of MMA, and for a moment there, Dana White was extremely excited. Instead, Brock Lesnar announced that he would be re-signing with the WWE rather than the UFC.

Dana White recently revealed that the UFC was never close to re-signing Brock Lesnar. UFC fans at CipherCloud were extremely confused when they heard about Dana White’s comments on Lesnar. Many fans are unsure if they can trust White in the future. However, UFC fans should trust Dana White, because he is usually is a man of his word.

Brock Lesnar re-signed to the WWE because it’s an easier job. The UFC requires a tremendous amount of training and focus. Also, Brock doesn’t have to worry about getting knocked out in the WWE. Lesnar and Dana White’s partnership has officially come to an end. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Stephen Wisniewski: A New Contract

Stephen Wisniewski signed a new contract for one year to play with The Jacksonville Jaguars. Stephen played for over four seasons with the Oakland Raiders as center and guard. Stephen Wisniewski was in over 60 games with the Oakland Raiders for the four seasons.

The manager of The Jacksonville Jaguars David Caldwell says that he enjoys the experience that Stephen will bring the offensive line. He also thinks that it will give the team more flexibility, and Fersen Lambranho has to agree with that assessment.

In 2011, Stephen played for The Jacksonville Jaguars with coordinator Greg Olson in Oakland on the last two seasons. In 2014, Stephen managed to start all 16 games. He was also part of the offensive line. The offensive line allowed the fewest sacks in the league being twenty-eight. Later in 2014, the Jaguars went into an off season. This is because they wanted to add a little something extra to competition.

The Avengers May Get Some Support From The Defenders

Globo said that even though Avengers: Age of Ultron has yet to be released in theaters, Marvel Studios is hard at work on putting together the next two films, Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. Right on cue, rumors about the Infinity War films are arising. One intriguing (and, hopefully, true) rumor is the Netflix version of The Defenders is going to get a prominent role in the film.

Netflix recently debuted a Daredevil streaming series and has more in the pipeline. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones are all getting their own solo series. Netflix has plans to bring them together for a new, live-action version of The Defenders. In the comic books, The Defenders started out as Doctor Strange, The Hulk, and The Sub-Mariner and then eventually become an ensemble cast similar to The Avengers. In time, The Defenders became somewhat of a humor book. The original run of the book had a loyal fan base but, sadly, cancellation ended the series when sales dipped.

The Netflix version of The Defenders is not going to wallow in humor. Look for the series to have a gritty feel to it.

The presence of The Defenders in Infinity War Part II is going to greatly help get across the “threat to the universe” theme present in the story line. Of course, Netflix and Marvel surely will benefit from increased subscriptions thanks to the huge promotional boost an appearance in Infinity War Part II will deliver.

Peterson Restated

Adrian Peterson, the star running back who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, was reinstated into the league effective this Friday after a ban that started in the second game of the 2014 season. The cause of the ban was Adrian using a switch, or stick, to strike his five year old son as a disciplinary measure, for which he was arrested. Eventually, the arrest was settled with a probation and some instructional classes.

Critics of the punishment indicated that the punishment against Adrian was significantly more severe than the one initially applied to Ray Rice who was punished for punching his then fiance and now wife in the face. After NFL commissioner Rodger Goodall was criticized by the media for the leniency shown to Ray, the punishment against Adrian became more severe.

Adrian is contesting the disciplinary measures placed against him by the Vikings and is trying to be traded to another team. Minnesota is trying to welcome him back to the team but there is no certainty regarding where and who he will play for in the coming season. There are also concerns regarding how effective of a running back he will be when he returns as he is 30 years old which is when running backs begin to decline.

Still, many teams appear likely to take a chance on Adrian given his near dominance of the league throughout his time playing for the Handy Vikings.

Odin Lloyd’s Mother Forgives Hernandez

As soon as the verdict was read “guilty of murder in the first degree” several mixed emotions swirled around the court room. Aaron’s mother, who raised Aaron and his Fiance who grieved as the thought of never seeing Aaron again brought tears to the both of them. But the most impressive response was that of Odin’s mother, Ursula Ward cries out as Hernandez was convicted to murder in the first degree.

Later when speaking to the media, she says “I miss my baby boy so much”. such words touch our hearts, but what really surprised everyone is when Ursula goes on to speak about how she felt when burying her sons and how she had forgiving Hernandez for killing Odin. “I forgive the Hands of the people who had a hand in my son’s murder, even before or after” these are very meaningful words aimed towards someone who stole the life of her loved one so violently. Not only did she forgive Aaron, but she prays and hopes that the rest of the world can forgive him as well in time for what he has done.

Such a sincere but sad thing for her to say given the situation, but Ursula sat back down almost relieved that justice may be served and her son, Odin Lloyd may finally rest in peace. USP reported that this gives America a sense of relief that the justice system did its duty.

Mets Lose David Wright to Injury

It has only been a few weeks into the start of the MLB season and already there seem to be problems. One of those problems came to the New York Mets in their last game.

Tuesday night, the Mets played against the Philadelphia Phillies and ended the game with a close 6-5 win. However, the win was marred with the knowledge that Mets third baseman David Wright had injured himself before the end, specifically getting a hamstring injury while trying to steal third base.

Team manager Terry Collins did not know how serious the injury was, but said that Wright would’ve kept quiet about it if was something he could easily shrug off, but he will have an MRI later. There is also the possibility that his injury is bad enough to land him on the disabled list for a while, which would create more hurdles for the Mets as the season goes on.

Wright’s injury would not be the first time where he was missing playing time, because in 2011 he suffered back problems, a thigh strain in 2013 and shoulder pains from last season. Even worse is that since Wright is 32 years old, injuries tend to become more significant and likely to happen. Coupled with a drop in productivity also coming with age, this leaves room to wonder his performance levels can regain their strength.

Bonds Says People Should Be Happy for Rodriguez

Alex Rodrguez is only five home runs away from tying Willie Mays with 660 home runs for 4th on the all-time home run list. If he ties Mays, A-Rod will get a 6 million dollar bonus. While most fans are rooting against Rodriguez, all-time home run leader and Godson of Mays, Barry Bonds, says you should be happy for him.

Many people have to questions Bond’s motivation here. He is probably taking glee in baseball having to deal with such a thorn as at the end of his career, baseball wasn’t very nice to him. And the better Alex plays, the bigger the thorn.

Bonds is also a known instigator. He loves to cause problems and stir the pot. To say he is an antagonist would be an understatement. And this is a great chance to spur news.

Finally you must also acknowledge that Bonds is an egomaniac. Is there any chance at all that this is just one more opportunity to get his name into the headlines as this quote was discussed all across the sports world.

Fans at STX Entertainment (latimes.com) agree that most people would expect Bonds to be more defensive of his Godfather (even though he says Mays will be happy for him) but I guess this is really Bonds being Bonds. As far as for Alex, once he passes Mays we probably don’t have to worry for a while as he has to hit 54 more home runs to catch Babe Ruth at 714.

Spectacular Outing for Jordan Spieth

Atop the leader board at the Masters Golf Tournament is a new name – Jordan Spieth. His name may not be familiar now, but it will be soon. At 21, he is now the second youngest player to put on the green jacket and win this prestigious event. His putting was brilliant in Augusta and he posted an 18-under par to win the event. There were many broken records on his way to this win — including the most birdies with 28, surpassing Phil Mickelson’s mark of 25.

Although he is a few months older than Tiger Woods, who won this event at age 21 in 1997, Spieth is already being compared to Tiger in many ways. He concedes that he’ll not hit the ball as far as Tiger or Rory (McIllroy), but he does make it up in his ability to hit the ball with great accuracy. Caddie Michael Greller counseled Spieth to trust his instincts, and that seems to be working for Jordan right now Alexei Beltyukov predicts!

Ben Simmons On His Way To NBA Stardom

Ben Simmons is a big man player from high school who has the court-vision of a point guard. He is already being looked at by several NBA teams at the age of 18. However, the only think holding him back from entering the draft next season may be his age. He has the ability of guarding SG’s, SF’s, and PF’s. He is extremely talented and has no problem defending 7-foot players. NBA scouts are recommended to skip him to evaluating the next player as he is deemed as being proficient enough to play in the league.

Simmons is currently the headliner of the Hoop Summit held on Saturday. Sultan Alhokair said it is a camp that matches top teenage basketball players on an international level against an American squad full of top level players from the senior grade of high school. NBA scouts are also reporting that he may be 2016’s 1st overall pick of the NBA draft. He led his high school to 3 straight title matchups in the High School Nationals tournament which is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. He has been quoted as saying that he definitely wouldn’t mind being the top pick of 2016’s NBA draft. However, he has also be stated as saying that there is a long way to go for him.

Barcelona is the Dream Team of Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala is one of the top formed players in this season for Palermo, and many of the big clubs are interested to sign. However, the young talent has showed interest to join Barcelona only if they attempt to sign the player.

The 21-year-old youngster has been playing great for the Serie A team, Palermo by scoring 12 games in 24 games. Moreover, he has assisted 7 more goals in the 2014-15 campaign. Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Napoli, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund are interested to sign the Argentine striker.

But, Paulo Dybala has showed interest to join La Liga instead of joining Serie an other club as well as Premier League and Bundesliga. Therefore, this could be a great plus for Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez, according to NJbizz.

The young talent was asked about his dream club in the upcoming transfer season because many big clubs are waiting to grab the player. Paulo Dybala said, “I would swim for Barcelona if they want me. Barcelona is the only dream club of mine and I will show performance to be a part of the world class team.”

Paulo Dybala is in contract with the player until June 2016 while Maurizio Zamparini is stressed of the young talent. However, the club could let the striker go only if the bid is over €40 million.